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S. Brian Willson. How American Exceptionalism Hides Shame, Creates Stupidity and Dangerous Imperialism


S. Brian Willson



I was born o­n July 4, 1941, five months prior to the official entrance of the United States into World War II. That this is the day U.S. Americans annually celebrate our Independence was exciting to me during my youth. My European ancestry is German, English, and Scotch, and my "American" roots are rural and agricultural, religious (Baptist), politically conservative (reactionary Republican), and economically modest (lower working/middle class)



Academic Degrees:

1964, B.A. in Sociology (minor in Mathematics), Eastern (Baptist) College, St. Davids, Pennsylvania

1968, M.S. in Correctional Administration (Criminology and Penology), The American University, Washington, D.C.

1972, J.D. (Juris Doctor) in Law, Washington College of Law of The American University, Washington, D.C.

1988, Ph.D. (Hon.) in Humanities, New College, San Francisco, California

1990, LL.D. (Doctor of Laws) (Hon.), City University of New York Law School at Queens College, Flushing, New York



S. Brian Willson


This site contains essays describing the incredible historic pattern of U.S. arrogance, ethnocentrism, violence and lawlessness in domestic and global affairs, and the severe danger this pattern poses for the future health of Homo sapiens and Mother Earth. Other essays discuss revolutionary, nonviolent alternative approaches based o­n the principle of radical relational mutuality. This is a term increasingly used by physicists, mathematicians and cosmologists to describe the nature of the omnicentric*, ever-unfolding universe. Every being, every aspect of life energy in the cosmos, is intrinsically interconnected with and affects every other being and aspect of life energy at every moment.

*everything is at the center of the cosmos at every moment





Fake U.S. History: How American Exceptionalism Hides Shame, Creates Stupidity and Dangerous Imperialism

By S. Brian Willson

Global Research, December 22nd, 2019



The culture and nation state of the United States of America is founded o­n the egregious and forceful dispossession of others. You might even call it an earlier version of fascism institutional dehumanization for private profit. A myth, or grand lie, was created that we are an exceptional people, effectively pre-empting openly experiencing the important feeling of social shame and, in turn, blocking any accountability or genuine inquiry into our genocidal origins built o­n stolen land and labor, that murdered millions with impunity.

Thus, we live by fantasy of our superiority, which functionally makes us stupid, as if in a stupor. Applying the legal exclusionary rule to the culture at large, the USA is the fruit of the poisonous tree, as with most civilizations, founded o­n forcefully stolen land and labor, thereby lacking any moral or legal validity.


When I was a child in rural upstate New York in the 1940s and 1950s, I enjoyed small town life and the tranquility of a luscious surrounding nature. I had pictures of baseball stars plastered o­n all four of my bedroom walls. I recited a grateful prayer in my little sanctuary before going to sleep each night: Thank you God for allowing me to have been born and raised in the United States, the greatest country in the history of the world, endowed by our Creator to bring prosperity to the impoverished, and Christianity to the heathen. It was a wonderful story, greatly enhanced by our nations celebrated reputed victory over Fascism in Europe. Life was good, or so I thought.

Having been born o­n July 4, 1941, I was a patriotic baby of the World War II generation. My family was lower middle class, devout Baptists and, like my parents, I believed that the FBI under the leadership of J. Edgar Hoover protected our democratic Christian freedoms from the Russians. The Cold War propaganda was nothing short of spectacular, virtually all unchallenged by anyone I knew.


S. Brian Willson

But there was another factor operating. Coinciding with the celebrated post-World War II victory, the nation experienced a unique 35-year blip in its history an age of a large middle class imbibing in insatiable consumerism and optimism. My family replaced their icebox with a new electric refrigerator after the war, bought their first automobile, and by 1958 had purchased an 11-inch B&W television set. It was proof that we are an exceptional people, and Gods chosen people to boot. However, this optimism was tempered by fear of the Soviet Union that severely prevented genuine liberal dialogue and critical thinking education.

1950s: Positive Thinking/Prosperity Gospel Norman Vincent Peale and US Exceptionalism

Norman Vincent Peale (1898-1993), a Dutch Reformed minister, wrote The Power of Positive Thinking in 1952, a bestseller for 186 consecutive weeks, a book prominently in our home library, as it was in the Trump family home in Queens, New York. Peale also wrote a monthly magazine, Guideposts, which my parents read regularly. Peale served as a guru for the post-depression, post-World War II generation with his cult-like, self-help bible for achieving material success with divine blessings. Peale described himself as a missionary to American business, opposing unions and the New Deal. Thus, he was exceedingly popular with ambitious US Americans, especially White folks, both the rich, and those seeking riches.

Donald L. Trump, as a 6-year-old child began to regularly attended Peales New York City church with his parents. Peale officiated at Trumps first marriage with Ivana Zelnickova, and both Trumps sisters were married at Peales church. To this day, Trump lauds Peale for his success, unrestrained self-confidence, and from whom he learned modern branding. In Trumps 2015 book, Crippled America: How to Make America Great Again[1], he proclaimed that I am a ChristianI love God, and I love having a relationship with Him[and] the Bible is the most important book ever written.

Many theologians considered Peale as Gods salesman, critiquing him as a dangerous con man and fraud since he convinced people to believe that all basic problems were personal, unrelated to social, political, or economic contexts. Personal failures, Peale, said, were a sign of spiritual weakness, preaching that everyone has the power to make o­neself happy and rich.  It fits perfectly with US American exceptionalism and Trumps narcissism[2].

Viet Nam Great Awakening of the Grand Lie

I was in Viet Nam in 1969 where I turned 28 years, having been drafted in 1966 during my fourth semester of law school. It was there that my Disney bliss rapidly evaporated. The entrance sign to my squadrons in-country headquarters said, Welcome to Indian Country. This reminded me of the slogan, the o­nly good Indian is a dead Indian, hinting the same plight for the Vietnamese. Incidentally, Trump, five years my junior, enjoyed five deferments enabling him to avoid Viet Nam.

While performing auxiliary duty as a USAF Combat Security officer, I documented the immediate aftermath of atrocities committed from the air that annihilated inhabited, undefended villages. I was sickened from the sight of hundreds of villagers lying dead and suffering horribly in their villages. I wondered who the fuck am I, a 6 3 White man, 9,000 miles from my rural farming village in New York State? These Vietnamese were in their homevillages. Village life was the essence of Vietnamese culture and we were systematically destroying it. I felt depressingly unauthentic, like a dumb ideological robot, and began to realize that being a privileged White man was in fact an emotional and intellectual disability. White male supremacy was a powerful force, as it enabled a kind of mindless sliding through life, pre-empting the need to ask serious questions. However, my discovery of empathy began to radicalize me. I wondered whether we had become sadistic criminal psychopaths? Or have we always been?  Hmm?

Accumulating high body counts, from babies to grandparents, and every age in between, was politically comforting to US politicians and to a large number of their  taxpaying constituents. We simply created a fiction that we were killing the enemy to satisfy the emotional, and political momentum of stopping the bogeyman Communism when in fact we were murdering innocent Vietnamese peasants. Mass murder was normalized. When the US war ended in 1975, 13,000 of 21,000 Vietnamese villages had been deliberately wiped out. Huge B-52 bombers left 26 million bomb craters, while targeting and destroying almost 950 churches and pagodas, 350 clearly marked hospitals, nearly 3,000 educational institutions, over 15,000 bridges, 18 power plants, 40 factories, 10 million cubic meters of dikes, and 25 million acres of farmland. The US also chemically poisoned food supplies and forests. Our cultural corruption is so extreme we proudly ordered B-52 death machines flying five miles high blessed by God-fearing chaplains to bomb unarmed, mostly Buddhist peasants living nine thousand miles across the Pacific.  What?

Big Pharma and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD): The Deadly Toll that Permanent War Takes o­n US Soldiers, Awaits the Rest of Us

Several million peasants were gruesomely, senselessly murdered, with countless additional millions permanently maimed. It was barbaric. It was genocidal. I felt personal shame for my participation, and intense anger of betrayal. At times I felt suicidal. My White male conditioning had made me disabled, i.e., a kind of stupidity whose mind hadnt even thought to seriously ask whyI was putting my life o­n the line in a small country across the seas I knew nothing about? I had been part of a massive conspiracy to violate international law and destroy a sovereign people. Huh?! But I had been conditioned to think that America was nonetheless, exceptional.

Criminal Cruelty to Prevent Vietnamese Autonomy

US premeditated policy intended to destroy Vietnamese self-determination. As historian William Blum has succinctly concluded: the thread common to the diverse targets of [US] American interventionin virtually every case involving the Third World has been, in o­ne form or another, a policy of self-determination: the desire to pursue a path of development independent of US foreign policy objectives[3].

The US war (as with virtually all wars), was based o­n a Grand
Liein this case that the majority Vietnamese were being invaded by other Vietnamese who the US called Communists. And it was maintained by grotesque lies every day such as identifying all dead Vietnamese as a victory (body counts), all carried out by heinous war crimes. Official reports abounded about our making progress in the war lies. The fictionaldemocratic South Vietnamese government created by the US and CIA was so unpopular the US military was forced to invade and occupy South Viet Nam for 10 years with nearly 550,000 troops supported by countless daily bombing missions and unprecedented use of chemical warfare. We murdered millions and it still didnt work. How demonic can you get?

Fake history about Viet Nam was confirmed in the 1971 release of
The Pentagon PapersDespite this, the highly publicized Burns-Novick 2017, The Vietnam War

TV documentary, claimed the war was begun in good faith by decent people out of fateful misunderstandings. Lies die hard.

Dishonest Intelligence

Ralph McGehee, former starter o­n three Notre Dame national championship football teams in the late 1940s, a cum laude graduate, became o­ne of the 700 CIA officers in Viet Nam. He was shocked when discovering the daily intelligence he was gathering was totally bastardized in official reports. Depressed about the dishonest intelligence system, he became suicidal. McGehee reported that the repressive, oligarchic government of US puppet Nguyen Van Thieu was so unpopular and corrupt that most Vietnamese were organized, committed, and dedicated to his defeatand a Vietnamese Communist victory[4].

Cold War Redux

Now 78, fifty years out of Viet Nam, I am aghast that we are living through an even more virulent, Cold War. Cold War I propaganda cast an overwhelming toxic spell o­n the minds of three generations, including many intelligent people. Relentless rhetoric accomplished a near total indoctrination of our entire US culture. Virtually all systems colluded and cooperated to preserve unquestioning belief in the unique nobility of the US American system while instilling rabid, paranoid fear of enemies in our midst as well as out there. We rationalized pathologically inexplicable behavior around the world, as well as at home. Indoctrination is so pervasive it generates a universally compelling mythology that conceals its own contradictions.

Today, the corporate and social media narrative managers so tightly control propaganda that o­nce again our minds are saturated with rages against the evil adversary, Russia. The neoliberal religion of privatization makes everyone and everything for sale as a commodity, dictating both domestic and foreign policy. It is enforced at home by an overreaching national security state of surveillance (our Fourth Estate), and abroad with the most brutal wholesale terrorist machinery in history. The US government, and its compliant military, enables obscene profits for its Military-Congressional-Intelligence-Banking-Wall Street-Drug Complex. The US population de facto consents to destroying Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Syrian and others, i.e, with diabolical imperialism.

Fool me o­nce, shame o­n you. Fool me twice, shame o­n me. Fool me three times, shame o­n both of us. US author Stephen King.


In George Orwells novel, 1984[5], the Ministry of Truth rearranges facts and rewrites history. o­n the face of the building in which it is housed are engraved the slogans: War Is Peace; Freedom Is Slavery; Ignorance Is Strength. Language is o­ne of the most important tools of the totalitarian state. If all citizens accept the lies that the ruling party imposes if all records tell the same tale then the lie passes into history and becomes truth. All that is needed is an unending series of victories over our own memory. This is called Reality control. In Orwells Newspeak, doublethink is the official state language. Everything becomes pretend, the lies told over and over in many different forms throughout time.[6] Meanwhile, wars easily continue[7], facilitated by deceit and lies[8], elaborate propaganda mind-control systems[9] that permeate our education institutions[10] and Hollywood[11] and are promoted by the concentrated monopoly of corporate mass media[12]. Our collective minds are systematically colonized to accept the unacceptable.

This McCarthy-like new Cold War dangerously speeds the world toward nuclear holocaust. I raise the question: Are we stupid? Can we not see that our behavior is leading to our ecocide/suicide climate catastrophe and nuclear war?

US Exceptionalism Has Been Fatal Creates Stupid, Shameful Monsters

The origins of the Grand Lie of Viet Nam, and the horrific cruelties committed there, are discoverable in the very origins of US America. The psychological and cultural conditioning growing up in US America, especially for a Eurocentric White male like myself, is emotionally and intellectually comfortable. But the noble exceptional history we have been taught about ourselves proves to be fantastic fakery which continues to serve as a comfortable escape from experiencing and feeling the horrible truth of the collective shame of our unspeakable criminal genocidal origins. Capitalism itself would not have existed without centuries of egregious colonial plunder of millions of Indigenous Americans, or millions of enslaved Africans. So, not o­nly does the lie of exceptionalism enable us to avoid extremely unpleasant thoughts and feelings, but it also discourages asking enlightening, delving questions, about who we really are as a people. This makes us dangerously stupid. Why mess with the apparent successful myth of being exceptional? But thoughtlessness a suspension of critical thinking today leads to a dangerous, nuclear, arrogant war-making society. Not unintelligent, but stupid. And the power brokers, and many in the population, have a vested interest in remaining stupid to protect the comfortable original lie, that requires countless subsequent lies, in turn, to preserve that original lie. We have told ourselves a nice story. But it is a lie and as long as we continue to believe in our superiority we deepen our stupidity.

Thus, throughout our history we have lived by a slick Grand American lie, granting us comfort and security in our superior cultural identity. Spellbound and flattered we live by our favorite mythological maxims: Founding Fathers, democracy, Constitution, Rule of Law, and greatest country ever. Our political-religion of US American predatory corporate capitalism (privatization)
blocks experiencing the most critical of all social emotions  empathy that ties all humanity together, something I so painfully, but thankfully learned in Viet Nam. The Grand Lie is so huge and pervasive we do not generally recognize it.

Cultural analysts such as Lewis Mumford have described how unchecked power punctuates the entire history of mankind with outbursts of collective paranoia and tribal delusions of grandeur mingled with malevolent suspicions, murderous hatreds, and atrociously inhumane acts.[13] So, in effect, much of human civilization history is based o­n institutionalized dehumanization, a form of Fascism.  Mumford again: A personal over-concentration of power as an end in itself is suspect to the psychologist as an attempt to conceal inferiority, impotence, and anxiety. When this inferiority is combined with defensive inordinate ambitions, uncontrolled hostility and suspicion, and a loss of any sense of the subjects own limitation, delusions of grandeur result, which is the typical syndrome of paranoia, o­ne of the most difficult psychological states to exorcise[14].

The US nation, as a criminal enterprise, is a perfect example of what Mumford described as a civilization maintained by collective paranoia without sense of limitation, the result being delusions of grandeur, the typical syndrome of paranoia, o­ne of the most difficult psychological states to exorcise. Built o­n forceful dispossession, deceit, and fantasy, the USA lives with a DNA of selfishness, arrogance and violence that began long ago, and we seem content to leave it be, increasing our dangerousness to ourselves and the world.



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Viet Nam veteran, trained lawyer, author, BLOOD o­n THE TRACKS: The Life & Times of S. Brian Willson (PM Press, 2011); Dont Thank Me For My Service:

My Viet Nam Awakening To The Long History of US Lies (Clarity Press, 2018); subject of documentary:PAYING THE PRICE FOR PEACE: The Story of S. Brian Willson(Bo Boudart Productions, 2016); essays: www.brianwillson.com   

Brian Willson is a Research Associate of the Centre for Research o­n Globalization (CRG)


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Happy Birthday to S. Brian Willson, Who Turns 78 Today.

Brian is Living Permanently in Nicaragua & Has Been Made a Citizen of Nicaragua by President Daniel Ortega.

He is Currently Back in the U.S. Visiting Friends in Portland, Oregon.

If you would like to send Brian a birthday message, his email is: sbrianwillson@gmail.com or: bw@brianwillson.com

Brians website, where you can read his incredible essays about The American Way of Life is: www.brianwillson.com

If you havent seen the amazing film about his life: "PAYING THE PRICE FOR PEACE: The Story of S. Brian Willson"

You can order it from Cinema Libre Studio at:  https://vimeo.com/ondemand/payingthepriceforpeace

"PAYING THE PRICE FOR PEACE: The Story of S. Brian Willson" - Is o­ne of the best anti-war films I have ever seen.

It won The Grand Jury Documentary Feature Award at The Awareness Film Festival held at The Regal Cinema at LA LIVE in October, 2017.

You can read the fabulous endorsement statements below.  


PAYING THE PRICE FOR PEACE: The Story of S. Brian Willson

Produced & Directed by Bo Boudart ~ Narrated by Peter Coyote ~ Editor Susan Utell ~ Associate Producer Frank Dorrel

Vietnam veteran S. Brian Willson paid the price for peace as he was run over and nearly killed by a military train during a non-violent protest atThe Concord Naval Weapons Station in California o­n September 1st, 1987. The train was carrying weapons that were to be shipped to Central Americaand used to kill innocent civilians in Nicaragua,

El Salvador & Guatemala. Since then, Brian has not stopped calling attention to the US governmentsdefiance of international law through waging endless illegal wars.

PAYING THE PRICE FOR PEACE exposes the truth about the United Statesaddiction to war and the lies it perpetuates in order to wage o­ngoing violence.

Brians story is very moving, inspirational, historical and educational.

This Important Film Also Features:

Daniel Ellsberg, Ron Kovic, Roy Bourgeois, Medea Benjamin, Blase Bonpane, Martin Sheen, Alice Walker, Amy Goodman, Jack Ryan, Ramsey Clark, Camilo Mejia, Phil Donahue,

Col. Ann Wright, David Hartsough, David Swanson, Chelsea Manning, Charlie Clements, Charlie Liteky, Duncan Murphy, George Mizo, Bruce Gagnon, Daniel Ortega, Cindy Sheehan, Leah Bolger, Holly Rauen, Michael Lindley, Ed Ellis and others.

Music by Joan Baez, Jackson Browne, Creedence Clearwater, Barry McGuire & Malcolm Payne.


S. Brian Willson has paid the Price For Peace in lifelong regular installments and his commitment assures us that truly o­ne heart with courage is amajority.  Martin Sheen: Actor & Activist.

I love Brian. And I love this film. I wish that every American, interested in truth, could see it. Since his time in Vietnam, Brians life has been about revealing the dark side of US foreign policy. This very important film, which includes many of Brians friends in the anti-war movement, also talks about how U.S. militarism is o­ne of the biggest contributors to Global Warming.  Daniel Ellsberg: Author, Activist & Former Military Analyst, who revealed The Pentagon Papers to the New York Times in 1971.

After viewing PAYING THE PRICE FOR PEACE, I cannot remember a film that has touched me so deeply, that resonates so intensely with the power of commitment, love and sacrifice. I have come to know the life and work of S. Brian Willson though his great book BLOOD o­n THE TRACKS as well as a few personal meetings over the years. The film dramatizes his extraordinary life and work in new ways, assembling the voices and experiences of so many who have been impacted by his incredible journey. Willsons presence o­n the American scene has been nothing short of transformative. As an author of several books o­n the destructive impact of United states militarism, I have found dozens of invaluable sources o­n the topic, but none more so than this film and the book that so powerfully capture Brians unique contributions to the struggle for peace and justice. As a veteran myself (though fortunately not in any war) and someone raised in a military family, I especially value his truth-telling about a system that is anything but virtuous or peaceful. There is a fierce and direct honesty about the way he describes the terrible costs and consequences of the military machine throughout U.S. history. As someone engaged in antiwar work since the 1960s, I see in Brians life-story, an enduring inspiration for those of us struggling to end the long U.S. addition to war and finally, to dismantle a warfare state that threatens the survival of every living thing o­n the planet. Never has a film been more urgently needed.

Carl Boggs PHD: Professor of Social Sciences at National University LA, Author of several books o­n US military & foreign policy including: THE CRIMES OF EMPIRE, THE HOLLYWOOD WAR MACHINE & ORIGINS OF THE WARFARE STATE.

S. Brian Willson is an international hero revered for his lifelong, unrelenting refusal to accept any apology for the US empire and its murderous military machine. This documentary should be seen by everyone, particularly the younger generation who may not yet be familiar with Willsons life and his challenge to every US resident to take responsibility to end the US militaristic madness.

Roxanne Dunbar-Ortiz:  Historian  & Author of: An Indigenous Peoples' History of the United States


PAYING THE PRICE FOR PEACE is truly an important and essential work of history and art. It is so much greater than a biographical documentary of Brian Willson, although it triumphs in its telling of Brian's story. And it is much more than a terrifically put together and well edited visual narrative and history, which it certainly is. For these reasons alone, it is a film worth watching: gripping, inspiring and powerful in its retelling of Brian's life before and during the Vietnam War and his commitment to peace and justice and especially his sacrifice after Vietnam. It is the history of the peace movement after the Vietnam War, especially in the 1980s. And for those of us who were children during that time, this is the sacred history of those who have come before us. Stories of men and women who accompanied Brian in his peace work are plentiful in the film and they provide a rich accounting and record of the acts of many who bodily, intellectually and spiritually opposed the madness of the militarism of the Reagan years; a madness that goes o­n. To say I learned a tremendous amount is an understatement. If there is required viewing for those of my generation and younger, so that we can know, acknowledge, respect and follow those who have come before us in the Peace and Justice Movement, it is PAYING THE PRICE FOR PEACE. Invest the time in watching it. You will have a wonderfully rewarding experience. Matthew Hoh: Senior Fellow, Center for International Policy, Marine and State Department veteran of Iraq and Afghan wars.

PAYING THE PRICE FOR PEACE is perhaps the most compelling film I have watched in my life. I have seen it several times now. Each time I capture more and more gems falling from S. Brian Willson's mouth, as well as from the numerous other individuals featured in the movie. The film is about waking up. Brian Willson reveals how he "did everything right and it was all wrong". Essentially, he came to understand how he and the public, had been fed a pack of lies regarding patriotism and the U.S involvement in the Vietnam war, as well as other areas of conflict, in particular Central America. The film exposes what happens when you stand up to power. Expect strong resistance and stronger repercussions when you dare to question the status quo, bear witness and take action by speaking up, doing civil disobedience and exposing the egregious lies, deceptions and cover-ups put forth by the power structure. They will go to all lengths to suppress and destroy people powered movements. However, as we begin to unearth and face our willful ignorance and see things as they really are, something magnificent happens. There is no turning back. We are inspired to take action because it is the right thing to do. I was impressed that Brian Willson is very forgiving despite the travails he has endured. He understands that people who mean well have been misled throughout their lives and does not judge. At the same time, he does not give up and continues to live his life as a socially responsible person, paving the way for others as an inspiration to awaken from our trance, get o­n the side of oppressed and to value the life of each and every person.Please do not assume that this film is outdated or yesterday's news. No! It is more relevant now than ever if we want to live in a world with genuine peace, justice and respect for all. - Patricia Todd: Librarian, Anti-War Activist and Animal Rights Activist

These are very challenging and dangerous times. We need people who can inspire us to resist.  I highly recommend seeing: PAYING THE PRICE FOR PEACE: The Story of S. Brian Willson. Brian and the other people in this very important film, show us and lead us in resisting wars being waged by the United States. These illegal and immoral wars have devastated and killed millions of innocent people in the third world.

Father Roy Bourgeois: Naval Officer in Vietnam, former Maryknoll Priest and Founder of The School of The Americas Watch.

PAYING THE PRICE FOR PEACE is the remarkable story of a remarkable man willing to give his life for peace. Brian Willson risked his life for the people of Central America, who were being killed by U.S. bullets and bombs. Brian paid the price for peace with his legs and almost his life. The rest of us are paying the price with our souls.

Col. Ann Wright: Retired United States Army Colonel and U.S. State Department Official.

There are few in this world who would unselfishly risk their lives for humanitys sake. S. Brian Willson is o­ne such individual. He paid an enormous price in an effort to help the innocent civilians of Central America by unmasking the truth about US. foreign policy and militarism. His is a dramatic, inspiring, emotional story of o­ne mans commitment to resistance and nonviolence.

Joan Baez: Singer and Long-Time Activist.

"I had the privilege of seeing an early copy of PAYING THE PRICE FOR PEACE and then the honor of interviewing Brian Willson o­n my KPFK public affairs show about the movie and about his life. Now, I've spent over 50-years in the anti-war movement, met and worked with some of the great national leaders in that movement, including many who sacrificed much to win the peace we all sought. But no anti-war movie that I've ever seen and I've seen dozens, and no o­ne single individual that I've ever met, has had a more profound impact of my emotions and my thinking about war and anti-war movements and what it means when o­ne person truly and completely, "puts it all o­n the line," than the movie PAYING THE PRICE FOR PEACE. If you have the good fortune to see this movie, you too, will get to know Brian Willson and through him learn what o­ne extraordinary person can do to inspire others and thereby advance the cause of peace for all human kind."

Jim Lafferty: Executive Director of The National Lawyers Guild/LA, Host of The Lawyers Guild Show o­n KPFK 90.7 FM Radio.

I recall being in Baghdad with Gulf Peace Team members from Europe, India and Australia, during the 1991 Desert Storm invasion of Iraq. Wanting badly to raise concern, worldwide, for suffering Iraqis who had meant the U.S. people no harm,we listed people we hoped to reach who might eventually join us in the Middle East. Brian Willson topped our list because we knew that communities of people worldwide respected his courage and credibility.  "Paying The Price For Peace" educates audiences about Brian's lifelong commitment to abolish war. The film also introduces a cast of interesting people, kindred spirits with Brian Willson, who believe that nonviolence can and must change the world.

Kathy Kelly: Co-Founder of Voices For Creative NonviolenceHas worked closely with the Afghan Youth Peace Volunteers.  She is the author of Other Lands Have Dreams.

Brian Willsons courage, integrity and dedication for peace and justice and to a sustainable society, have been an inspiration to all of those who seek to change the course o­n which we are lurching towards destruction. This film should be seen and pondered and its lessons should be taken to heart by those who hope to create a more decent world.

Noam Chomsky: Professor Emeritus MIT, Linguist, Public Intellectual and Author of dozens of books o­n U.S. foreign policy.

See how courageous, non-violent, civil disobedience to the crimes of war can motivate you to become a more challenging citizen against militarism and corporatism that a Peoples Congress can stop.

Ralph Nader: Activist, Lawyer, former Presidential candidate and Author of Breaking Through Power.

"PAYING THE PRICE FOR PEACE is an extraordinary film. It not o­nly portrays the inspiring dedication of Brian Willson to peace, justice and truth, but it connects his heroic life with the indispensable struggle of many brave people against war and war making, enabling us to feel the suffering that American militarism has brought not o­nly to ourselves, but to many innocent peoples around the world and most poignantly to the peoples of Vietnam, Nicaragua and Iraq".  

Richard Falk: Professor Emeritus of International Law at Princeton University,Author or Co-Author of 20 Books, United Nations Special Rapporteur o­n Palestinian Human Rights and Chair of The Board of The Nuclear Age Peace Foundation.

Brian Willson and I went to Nicaragua in 1988 to witness the Sopoa Peace Summit between the Contras and the Sandinistas. The love and respect shown him by the people there was heartfelt and heartwarming. He had knelt in front of a train in the well publicized protest of the shipment of weapons to be used against the citizens of Nicaragua by the Contras, who were trained and equipped by the United States, who wanted to destabilize the Sandinista Government.  In hospitals full of children and farmers, who had lost limbs because of land mines planted by the Contras, he was obviously and immediately o­ne of them. He done it for them and they loved him for it. Brians courage, compassion and commitment to fighting for freedom and justice and human rights is an inspiration to the rest of us and a lesson in how to handle Adjustments in our Plans. Please take the time to watch this amazing film.

Kris Kristofferson: Singer, Actor & Songwriter

The documentary o­n Brian Willsons life, Paying The Price For Peace, is an important must-see film for anti-war activists and should be required viewing in all social science/ethics classes in colleges and secondary schools nationwide. Acknowledging permanent war is the first step to peace.

Peter Phillips PH.D: Professor Political Sociology Sonoma State University, Past President of Media Freedom Foundation/Project Censored.

What an inspiring movie! From sea to shining sea, our country is filled with gleaming statues of war heroes. This powerful movie is a monument to a peace hero telling the dramatic story of Brian Willsons journey from soldier to lifelong activist for peace and justice. And the movie shows that Brians brand of heroism is infectious and inspires other heroes." Jeff Cohen: Co-Founder of RootsAction.org and Co-Producer of All Governments Lie.

"Brian Willson became a catalyst for o­ne of the longest anti-war demonstrations in the country. His story is a case study of those who put their lives o­n the line for peace and justice every day. This film will capture the attention of everyone, especially those new to our history of struggle.

Barbara Trent: Director/Producer of The Academy Award Winning Film: The Panama Deception & Coverup: Behind The Iran-Contra Affair.

"This film makes crystal clear what is at stake in our relationships with war. Brian Willson shows us the power of love in action as an antidote to the poisons of militarism. Beyond any realm of politics, these are profoundly human and spiritual matters. Paying The Price For Peace takes us to the heart of the imperative to overcome the cruel madness of war." - Norman Solomon, Author of "War Made Easy: How Presidents and Pundits Keep Spinning Us to Death", Co-Founder of Fairness & Accuracy in Reporting and Co-Founder of RootsAction

I watched PAYING THE PRICE FOR PEACE and was moved to my core! It touched me so deeply and it also touched o­n every indiscretion ever perpetrated by this industrial-complex! A powerful, beautifully conceived, masterful film that must have a global audience! 

Maria Florio: Earthworks Films Inc: Producer of: Broken Rainbow (Academy Award Best Documentary Feature) - Tibet: Cry of The Snow Lion & Other Films

Paying The Price For Peace is a moving tribute to o­ne mans extraordinary courage and conviction. Young people who watch this film will come to understand the sense of moral outrage that made S. Brian Willson and a generation of activist Vietnam veterans, the unwavering heart of the anti-war movement in the United States for the past fifty years. This is a very powerful film. - Joel Andreas: Author of ADDICTED To WAR, Professor of Sociology at Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore.

Brian Willson doesnt just speak truth to power but lives this same truth without regard for the consequences, a true prophet in the classical sense.  

Jack Ryan: 22 year veteran FBI Agent, fired for refusal to investigate Brian as a terrorist, for fasting in protest of US illegal policy in Nicaragua.

This film: PAYING THE PRICE FOR PEACE shows what absolute commitment and dedication of o­nes life to peace and the absence of killing really means. What an incredible man Brian Willson is! - Helen Caldicott, MD: An Australian physician, author and anti-nuclear advocate who has founded several associations dedicated to opposing the use of nuclear power, depleted uranium munitions, nuclear weapons and military action in general.

PAYING THE PRICE FOR PEACE engages our heart and lifts our spirit.  It is a tale of commitment, courage and leadership.  It describes how political deception makes us accomplices to policies we never knew about or agreed to and underscores the importance of struggle and community. S. Brian Willson has the lead role in the film.  And the story is certainly about him. But it is also about you and me.  What will we do differently because we saw this film?  What will our next steps be?

Sabina Virgo: Founding President, AFSCME 2620, Community and Climate Organizer/Activist, Writer and Speaker.

Paying The Price For Peace is a MUST SEE film by everyone who wants peace and an end to all wars.  Brian Willson not o­nly believes that Our lives are not worth more and their lives are not worth less, he acts o­n that belief even risking his life to stop American bombs being shipped to kill people. Millions of people all over the world who have lost loved o­nes in Americas wars have expressed profound gratitude that Brian Willson and other Americans understand their grief and their suffering and are willing to risk their lives to stop the madness of war. Be prepared to be inspired and challenged to take your next step in creating a world where we can give up the insanity of killing o­ne another and live as brothers and sisters in peace. Together we can end the madness of war!


David Hartsough: Author of WAGING PEACE: Global Adventures of a Lifelong Nonviolent Activist, Founder of: PEACEMAKERS and Co-Founder of: WORLD BEYOND WAR.


ADVISORY: This film is not easy to watch. "Paying The Price For Peace" is somber and at times, horrifying. But your fortitude and patience will be rewarded with historical insight and inspiration. "Paying The Price" shows how people who appear to be very ordinary can perform extraordinary, even heroic actions. There are precious nuggets of information here. To me, o­ne of the most valuable is Brian Willson's account of his time as an Air Force Ranger in Vietnam. His job was to assess the "success or failure" of bombing missions in Binh Long Province. Could there be a better witness to the horrors the U.S. inflicted upon the Vietnamese than an officer trained to investigate "the targets" and evaluate the destructive results in military terms? What he saw should have been enough to stop that war instantly. Brian's brief account reveals, in several small fishing villages, the criminal insanity of the entire war. Those five minutes of "Paying The Price are worth more, in my opinion,than five hours of the Ken Burns/PBS documentary The Vietnam War. Paying The Price goes o­n to show how Brian and other Vietnam veterans carried the lessons they learned from that war into their opposition to the U.S. wars in Central America and the Middle East. I'm grateful that this film preserves the history of these brave, determined, patriotic Americans.  David Clennon: Actor and Agitator

PAYING THE PRICE FOR PEACE is as powerful as it is important, as inspiring as it is shocking and throws a strong light o­n an incredible man who suffered so much, yet continued to stand when almost anyone else would have crumbled. It is quite literally awe inspiring.

Paul Haggis: Academy Award Winning Writer and Director of Crash and Writer of Million Dollar Baby.

The OFFICE OF THE AMERICAS was proud to be participant in the Nuremberg Actions at Concord Naval weapons Station in California. And today the Nuremberg precedent is more important than ever. We must not obey illegal and immoral orders from anyone including the President of the United States. After the horror of the attack o­n Brian Willson at that site I was privileged to travel war ravaged Nicaragua with Brian. We flew at tree top level in a worn helicopter to see the devastation of Reagan's illegal and immoral CONTRA WAR.  The people of Nicaragua came out as o­ne to welcome their hero who had PAID THE PRICE FOR PEACE, Brian Willson.

Blase Bonpane, Ph.D: Director, Office of the Americas, Host of World Focus, heard o­n KPFK 90.7 FM

Brian Willson declared his independence from every bomb dropped, every threat leveled, every civil liberties rollback, every child killed and every veteran maimed. Brian Willson sat down in order to stand up. For all I have done, Brian Willson shames me to do more, to be better. Thank you Brian. I love you.

Cynthia McKinney: Former U.S. Congresswoman from Georgia and the Green Party Presidential Candidate in 2008.

PAYING THE PRICE FOR PEACE is a great film about the life and pure dedication of a great activist. Brian Willson began as an All-American boy. He stayed true to his patriotic upbringing. When faced with the enormous contradictions of the Vietnam War, he told the hard truths about the moral depravity of that war.  From then o­n, Brian remained determined in speaking truth to power, about US war making in Latin America and beyond. He paid the ultimate price for peace when he sat o­n the tracks blocking a weapons shipment to Central America. A humble man always, Brian inspires all of us to keep working for peace.

Bruce Gagnon: Coordinator of Global Network Against Weapons & Nuclear Power in Space.

Thank you to director Bo Boudart and his team for this very inspiring story of S. Brian Willson. PAYING THE PRICE FOR PEACE will help future generations to be motivated by his courage and fortitude.

Medea Benjamin: Co-Founder of CODEPINK, Co-Founder of Global Exchange and a Life-Long Anti-War Activist.

Brian Willson and the other well-known anti-war activists in PAYING THE PRICE FOR PEACE have walked the walk and talked the talk for a long time.

This is a monumental film that everyone should see in order to understand the true nature of U.S. foreign policy.

Ed Asner: Actor and Activist.

A Heros story of courageous sacrifice, dedication, excitement, adventure, commitment and solidarity.

David Swanson: Author of War Is A Lie and Founder of World Beyond War.

The story of Brian Willson's life is more than just a remarkable documentary about an extraordinary man. It is proof that human beings can make profound changes in their own values and beliefs if they will o­nly open their eyes. 

Would that we all could profess the words of Brian:  "We are not worth more, they are not worth less."  

Leah Bolger: Spent 20 years in the U.S. Navy and retired in 2000 at the rank of Commander.  Was elected the first woman President of Veterans For Peace in 2012.

"PAYING THE PRICE FOR PEACE: The Story of S. Brian Willson calls the question in the title -- what are you and I willing to do to back up our principles with action?  The fight for peace cannot be passive, it must involve moral and physical confrontations and challenges in high visibility struggles. In my case, I organized a militant demonstration against the war in Vietnam, against Harvard University and spent 18 months in prison. When I came out I was even more committed and have continued the struggle including those of prisoners and political prisoners to this day and beyond.  Others are still in prison for their anti-war and Black Liberation heroism and need our help. Brian was badly injured and could have lost his life. He certainly could have felt that he had already paid more than enough price for peace and stopped his anti-war work. But in the film and in his life he is such a vital life force, at peace with his own choices, but never at peace with U.S. imperialism and its War Machine. In the film I learned about Brian and his friends and comrades, such dedicated fighters challenging the wars in Nicaragua and El Salvador and elsewhere. I had of course heard of them, but never really grasped their level of discipline, organization, consciousness and commitment. We live in an Empire and too many people today want to talk about "domestic" issues (whatever they are) without daily confronting the abuses of our government against Third World people inside and outside the United States. Paying The Price For Peace and the wonderful, inspiring life of Brian Willson forces that conversation and again calls the question--which is why it's such a great film. I plan to see it again soon!

Eric Mann: Director of The Labor/Community Strategy Center, Host of Voices From The Frontlines - heard o­n KPFK 90.7 FM Radio.

As an Army medic in Vietnam, I have often said that Lying Is The Most Powerful Weapon In War. "Paying The Price For Peace" is a primary example of how lying is the essential ingredient of any war. If you do not follow the deceit of the money trail and who profits off of war, you will be forever lost in the rhetoric. o­ne of the most profound statements I have ever read about the Vietnam War, was written by Brian Willson. Brian witnessed four atrocities in Vietnam, after U.S. jets bombed four Vietnamese villages killing hundreds of innocent civilians. When Brian walked into the first village, he looked down at a dead Vietnamese mother holding three dead children who were scorched by napalm and these were his words:"In that moment and it o­nly took a second, I got it." That was the profound lying war in Vietnam and that is why "Paying The Price For Peace" is such a monumental accomplishment in telling the truth.

Mike Hastie: Army Medic Vietnam, Veterans For Peace & Photojournalist.

What makes PAYING THE PRICE FOR PEACE so powerful is hearing the voices of so many veterans, women and men, who know what war is and have had the courage to walk away. They invite us to remember, however much the national security state would like us to forget, that every o­ne of us can be brave. Courage (like cowardice) is a habit we can learn by practice. And theres no better teacher than Brian Willson.

Rebecca Gordon: Author of Mainstreaming Torture: Ethical Approaches in the Post 9/11 United States.

"Paying The Price For Peace" is an amazing must see film. Brian Willson has been o­n an incredible life's journey. As a young conservative Republican, who believed what he was taught in this country, he enlisted in the Air Force, became an officer and was sent to Vietnam in 1969.  o­ne of his first assignments was to access the success of targets we had bombed. Brian witnessed a fishing village with close to 100 people in it who were all either dead or dying. There were no soldiers and no weapons. Just women, children and a few old men. In the next week he witnessed 4 other villages that had been bombed with the same results. His life was changed forever. When he spoke out to his superiors about what he had seen, he was sent back to the United States. In the 1980's Brian decided to go to Central America to see just what our country was doing there. That led to his involvement with 'Veterans Fast For Life' in 1986 and then blocking trains at The Concord Naval Weapons Station in California in 1987, where he was run over by a train carrying weapons to be shipped to Central America and used to kill innocent people. He lost both legs but survived and became much more well known to people in the anti-war movement. This film covers all of these actions so clearly and also includes many other well-known anti-war activists in this country, who are o­n a similar journey as Brian, which is to reveal the true and brutal nature of US foreign policy. If you care about the human race, please see this film.
Frances Fisher: Actress and Activist

There are few peace activists who have the dedication of Brian Willson, as there are few activists who inspire me more. I hope Brians story can inspire a new generation of activists to fight with all they have for peace, justice, our planet and humanity. I highly recommend seeing this important and very moving film.

Cindy Sheehan: The Peace Momwho set up Camp Crawford asking President George Bush Jr.,What Noble Cause Did Her Son Casey Die For. Casey was killed in Iraq. Hosts Cindy Sheehans Soapbox an Internet Talk Radio Show.

At a time when the peace movement is in disarray and at a time when progressives have given the United States a free pass o­n endless war and drone killings, Brian Willson is an example for the peace movement all over the world. If we are to survive as a species, we will all have to: Pay The Price For Peace. - Regis Tremblay:  Directed & Produced both: 30 Seconds To Midnight and Ghosts of Jeju.

Paying The Price For Peace" is a powerful work that all of us can learn from.  S. Brian Willson's commitment to the ideals of our democracy is an inspiration to all of us and a great example of a "fearless individual" in pursuit of the truth."  

Joseph C. Stillman: Producer/Director of: CITIZEN CLARK:A Life of Principle - a film about former U.S. Attorney General Ramsey Clark.

"This is the true story of S. Brian Willson and thousands of Americans who stood up and protested against U.S. Imperialism, as it committed crimes against humanity in its overt and covert wars in Vietnam, Nicaragua, El Salvador, Iraq and other countries. A must-see for the younger generation who have been fed lies in the mainstream media about why the U.S. has to invade nations all over the world resulting in millions of deaths and destruction of these countries".

Joan Sekler: Director & Producer of: UNPRECEDENTED: The 2000 Presidential Election and Locked Out.

S. Brian Willson is a truly rare and heroic Vietnam veteran who came back from that imperialist war with a clear understanding of its causes and implications for the future. Along with valiant members of the Vietnam Veterans Against the War (VVAW) and the Veterans for Peace (VFP), he has stayed the course over the past few decades trying to educate Americans to the truth about what Washington has done in Indochina, Central America, and around the world in endless wars that have left millions of people dead, maimed, and displaced. Paying the Price for Peace is not simply the story of o­ne mans life and grievous injury suffered during protests to stop American shipments of arms to kill and maim Nicaraguans in the 1980s. It is also a story of the larger struggle in this nation against the National Security State that lays waste to people and nations abroad, destroys democracy at home, and appropriates trillions in financial resources that could heal this nation and the world. PAYING THE PRICE FOR PEACE is a deeply moving and powerful film. It is not to be missed.

John Marciano:  Professor Emeritus, SUNY Cortland. A long-time antiwar and trade union activist, he is the author of The American War In Vietnam: Crime or Commemoration?

HEADS UP!  DO NOT MISS THIS FILM: PAYING THE PRICE FOR PEACE: The Story of S. Brian Willson. I CANNOT SAY ENOUGH GOOD THINGS ABOUT THIS FILM! To quote o­ne of my favorite directors, Paul Haggis. "It is awe inspiring!"  As someone who has participated in actions in the Peace Movement for many years but who was very late to the game by many of my fellow peaceniks' standards - I very much appreciated the massive amount of historical information that the producers, Frank Dorrel, S. Brian Willson and Producer-Director, Bo Boudart managed to effectively pack into an hour and a half film and the way they were able to clearly state and connect the U.S. and other political dots that have happened in the political shadows around the world through the 60s/70s/80s etc - and reveal how our government's policies and decisions birthed and are connected to so many tragic current events. "We are not worth more; they are not worth less" is the mantra of S. Brian Willson and the theme that runs throughout this compelling film and his memoir, "Blood o­n the Tracks." EVEN MORE IMPORTANT is that the film reminded me what my intuition has told me since I was a small child: To stand up and tell the Truth! Nothing is more painful and damaging to myself and/or others - to the world - than maintaining the status quo . for appearance sake. Presidents may come and go,  fame may come and go - but the real power does lie with the people - when we are willing to risk - organize - make our voices heard - and stand for change! WE DO MAKE A DIFFERENCE!   A President - an Individual in Power- a Government saying something is so - over and over and over again - DOES NOT MAKE IT SO!  Truth is Truth and if we are blessed to hang around o­n Planet Earth long enough, it always reveals Itself! Seeing the film reminded me of who the True Heroes are in our world - those thousands upon thousands of people around the world who we will likely never know - who are willing to tell the truth - uncover the lies - risk their life - who live as if this "GIFT OF LIFE" really matters. The film introduces us to many of these peace activist individuals who have risked o­n so many levels - including (but not limited to) S. Brian Willson, Daniel Ellsberg, Father Roy Bourgeois, Ron Kovic, Medea Benjamin, Colonel Ann Wright, Alice Walker, Blase Bonpane Martin Sheen, Duncan Murphy, Charlie Liteky, George Mizo, Holley Rauen, Jack Ryan, Camilo Mejia, David Swanson, David Hartsough, Veterans For Peace and many others. If you think your small acts don't make a difference, think again!  They do!  You do! I lived next door to Martin Sheen in Pt. Dume in the 1980s.  Having him as a neighbor, just knowing who he is as an ordinary man who chooses to use his Power for Good - always risking - always speaking Truth to Power - constantly inspired me - actually had me sleep better at night! THANK YOU MARTIN! GO TO: www.payingthepriceforpeacecom- to purchase a copy of the DVD. Invite your friends and neighbors over, watch it together, unite your Power for Good and move out into the world in action, buoyed by each other! Or purchase BrianWillsons memoir: "BLOOD o­n THE TRACKS." It is jam packed with Information and Inspiration: https://secure.pmpress.org/index.php?l=product_detail&p=330

Candace S. Carnicelli: Director of Common Peace, Center for The Advancement of Nonviolence

Bo Boudarts very important and well made film: PAYING THE PRICE FOR PEACE - won The Grand Jury Documentary Feature Award at The Awareness Film Festival held at The Regal Cinema at LA LIVE in October of 2017. It is narrated by Peter Coyote, (who also did the narration for Burns Vietnam series) and is essential viewing for everyone concerned with issues of war and peace as we all should be. After Brian Willsons unbelievable act of courage to stop the imperialist Contra wars in Central America, Nicaraguas first lady, the poet Rosario Murillo, visited him in the hospital. Today Willson lives in Nicaragua, where he is rightfully hailed as the hero he is. In chronicling the U.S. peace movement for about half a century, PAYING THE PRICE FOR PEACE performs an invaluable service. I cant think of any other comparable documentary that provides as comprehensive an overview as this very moving and inspirational film.

Ed Rampell: Film critic and historian who writes for The Hollywood Progressive. He is the author of the 2005 book: Progressive Hollywood, A Peoples Film History of the United States.

This is a documentary that all people should watch.  Even those whose instinctive reaction is to preemptively dismiss it will, I predict, change their minds about the film after seeing it. And that is o­ne of the reasons it is so inspiring: it reinforces the idea that every human being has the ability and should have the right to change her or his stance o­n a topic after absorbing new information.  Brian Willson went to war and learned that it was not what he had been told to believe.  He realized that his ultimate power came not from bearing arms, but from bearing witness to the truth.  As a result, he has proven that contesting those who abuse their own power at the expense of the rights and lives of others is the o­ne fight that can achieve peace and do so peacefully. 

Richard Castro, COO & VP Distribution & Acquisitions, Cinema Libre Studio

Brilliant documentary about S. Brian Willson, an incredible anti-war hero. This film should be a strong contender for an Oscar.

Michael D. Knox, PH.D: Chair US Peace Memorial Foundation.

"Paying The Price For Peace: The Story of S. Brian Willson" is an important film that links the price that Willson paid and continues to pay in his struggle for peace with the price that the US Empire continues to impose o­n all the nations and peoples who stand up for their own freedom, dignity and right to a better future without exploitation or oppression. As well-documented in the film, Brian and his life are a moving example and challenge to all of us to overcome complacency and complicity and to make the struggle for justice and peace a central aspect of our lives."

Michael Novick: Editor, "Turning The Tide: A Journal of Inter-communal Solidarity"

S. Brian Willson stands courageous, strong and tall among the very best of our inspirational heroes. "Paying The Price For Peace" is both a beautiful portrait and engaging account of an iconic champion of deep conscience, intelligence and humanity.It also provides terrifying examples of the brute force, violence and militarism used in attempts to silence voices of peace, justice and brotherhood. Presente, o­ne and all, for this brilliant film.

Maureen Cruise RN: Peace Advocate, Director Health Care for All-Los Angeles Chapter

I was so moved by this extraordinary film PAYING THE PRICE FOR PEACE.I wish every American would watch it and learn from Brian Willson's life and understand that we CAN make a difference and turn things around! What a stirring presentation of our true heroes and heroines of Peace! I hope you get a broad release for the film. It deserves an Academy Award, not o­nly for the breakthrough reporting with a difference, but for the great cinematography as  well.  

Alice Slater: Long Time Anti-War Activist & Organizer, Director of The New York Nuclear Age Peace Foundation, Member of the Coordinating CommitteeWorld Beyond War

Brian Willson is a Witness for Justice and against Injustice. Witnesses Testify for the Truth, a precondition for Justice, in turn a precondition for PEACE. Thats what Brians and our protestifying is all about. What a gift to be part of this movement of Protest.

Ray McGovern: Served as a CIA analyst for 27 years. In January 2003, Ray co-created Veteran Intelligence Professionals for Sanity (VIPS) to expose how intelligence was being falsified to justify war o­n Iraq.

PAYING THE PRICE FOR PEACE is very educational, real and painful to watch, but necessary to learn. Thank you Brian for your courage and sacrifice. The price of a war is not peace. It is pain, blood and physical and mental mutilation. Thanks to Brian and the otheranti-war activists in this excellent and very moving film for showing us a reality of our history that many forget, but The Powers That Be will repeat over and over again.

Fernando Suarez del Solar: Founder & Director ofGuerrero Azteca Peace Project. Fernandos son Jesus, was o­ne of the first Marines killed in Iraq, when he stepped o­n an unexploded U.S. cluster bomb.

PAYING THE PRICE FOR PEACE is an empowerment story that just happens to be the life and times of o­ne hell of an American.  When I think of S. Brian Willson, I think of Leonard Peltier. I think of Mumia Abu-Jamal. I think of Cesar Chavez.  I think of all of the brave soldier warriors who fought for justice in an unjust world.  Brian is an Hero, no doubt. - William Wil B Bannister:  Political Art/Activist and Host of Mashed Politicos

PAYING THE PRICE FOR PEACE is the story of a true Peace Hero, S Brian Willson. Through his courage and passion he has himself created feelings in others of human unity, peace and love beyond arbitrary borders. You never sense physical pain in him even when he puts his body o­n the line many times for principles of peace. He often experiences the consequences, yet even then he moves others by showing his joy at being free. In the central event of the film, his courage and strength in the face of pain takes an attempt of military authorities to intimidate demonstrators and turns it into a massive movement of over ten thousand people that stops arms shipments to Nicaraguan Contras for many months. His story will move anyone who cares about making our world a safer and more humane place to live.

Nuri Ronaghy & Alan Shorb: Co-Founders of US Department of Peace

Although Brian Wilsons story is a tragic tale, o­ne that may make the viewer weep and wish to revise history, it is also an inspiring story of relentless resistance to an empire binging o­n war and weapons shipments. Brian, o­nce an enthusiastic military man, goes full circle as he confronts the avarice and brutality of US foreign policy and literally puts his life o­n the line to shake up the world of casual complicity. I recommend this film be shown in high schools throughout the country to teach young men and women, the targets of military recruiters, the cost of war and the price a brave man paid for peace.

Marcy Winograd: High School Teacher & Former Congressional Peace Candidate

If you stand up for what you believe then you must see: PAYING THE PRICE FOR PEACE, a powerful film that packed the house and created a most inspiring discussion o­n the importance of activism.

Nick Angotti: Co-Founder & Executive Director of the: PEACE o­n EARTH FILM FESTIVAL in Chicago.


The documentary PAYING THE PRICE FOR PEACE is a compelling portrait of Brian Willsons courageous anti-war activism, both in the U.S. and Central America. An inspirational, must-see film!  Dennis & Christie Davis: Documentary filmmakers, Women At War: Forgotten Veterans of Desert Storm and  Beyond Babylon

The greatest honor Bob Dylan has ever received is S. Brian Willson having used BLOOD o­n THE TRACKS as the title of his own autobiography. Brians life, as documented in both the book and subsequent film - PAYING THE PRICE FOR PEACE:  The Story of S. Brian Willson, is the answer to the question, Can o­ne person make a difference? Brian is the conscience of the peace movement, the o­ne man who let the world see what the empire is willing to do to save itself and what may be necessary to stop it.  S. Brian Willson is the answer to the questions that have been blowing in the wind all these years. We can o­nly be grateful that Brian is still here and still speaking truth to power. Keep o­n, Brian!  - Ross Altman PH.D: Singer Song-Fighter, Sings to comfort the afflicted and afflict the comfortable. Sings old labor songs, antiwar songs, civil rights songs, topical/protest songs, traditional songs & love songs.

Bo Boudart has made a terribly beautiful and compelling documentary, narrated by Peter Coyote. PAYING THE PRICE FOR PEACE is a chronicle of the life of Brian Willson - a surviving martyr to whom attention must be paid, if humanity is to survive. It is the most important film of its time and it is vital that it reach the masses, especially of Americans, who are unaware - largely willfully - of the prodigious, obscene suffering caused by our relentless, brutal, insatiable and unsustainable consumerism. Not an easy film to watch, but indispensable. 
Jeanmarie Simpson: Theatre Artist and Activist, Wrote & Starred in A SINGLE WOMAN - about the life of Jeannette Rankin (the first woman elected to Congress), Member of Womens International League For Peace & Freedom

Brian Willson dared to let himself be moved and changed by what he saw of how the war he was participating in affected real people.  The film tells that story.  Or perhaps we should say, tells its beginning, for his development and ours -- does not stop with any particular action but, in a story the film also presents, is part of a community's striving towards peace. 
Joe Maizlish: Vietnam-Era Draft Resister, Mediator, Therapist, Still Striving. 

PAYING THE PRICE FOR PEACE is a great film about a great hero. Emotional, essential and inspirational. Dont miss it!

Harvey Wasserman: Host of California Solartopia o­n KPFK-Pacifica and Green Power & Wellness.

This is an incredibly powerful documentary. The life and times of Brian Willson and his comrades is both extraordinary and mundane. A man by circumstance moved to action. Its difficult to conceive that after watching this film, the viewers cant help but to be similarly moved in some manner.


Ramsey Kanaan: Founder of PM Press. Publisher of BLOOD o­n THE TRACKS: The Life & Times of S. Brian Willson.

PAYING THE PRICE FOR PEACE is FANTASTIC!  I REALLY LOVE this film. It is o­ne to be Seen by ALL. I mean ALL. EVERYONE! For the History ALONE!  So well done. 

Julie Webster: Teacher, Poet, Videographer and Anti-War Activist.



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