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The COVID-19 Death Sentence to Militarism.

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Dear GHA members, friends,

The GHA is happy to congratulate all world Orthodox with Easter o­n April 19. At Catholic Easter there was a Message from Mairead Maguire, Nobel Peace Laureate (https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=901). We wish all and everyone to protect themselves from the pandemic by your good health, and humanity to survive in it with its immunity of the genetic varnas/spherons solidarity to begin the revival of the Golden Prehistoric Age, as written by the geniuses - Mahatma Gandhi and Riana Eisler.

COVID-19 signed, as you see, or as they say in the West now highly likely, the death sentence to the militaristic world order and its militaristic democracy, especially in the USA, whose government at the peak of the pandemic rejected quarantine in order to save not people/population, but its 60% militaristic budget (Michael Brenner: https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=922).

Another genius of our time, Johan Galtung predicted this USA collapse 20 years ago (https://www.peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=599).

Along with the Easter verdict/catharsis goes the Easter Revival at a new level of the prehistoric world order of equality, non-violence, peace and harmony - the Golden Age.

Mahatma Gandhi wrote about it this way. The division of society into four equal varnas / spherons according to their employment in the corresponding spheres of society (because they were later called spherons), which ensured peace and prosperity of ancient India for many millennia, is not a human invention, but an immutable law of naturethe statement of tendency that is ever present and at work like Newton's law of gravitation. Varna is no man-made institution but the law of life universally governing the human family. This law governs all of humanity. Fulfillment of this law would make life livable, would spread peace and consent, end all clashes and conflicts. All varnas are equal, for the community depends no less o­n o­ne than o­n another. The idea of ​​superiority [inequality] is alien to them. Today, nations are in ignorance, constantly violating this law [equality], and therefore suffer. The world can [by ignorance] ignore it today but it will have to acceptit in the time to come. Varna is the best guarantee of a happy [peaceful, non-violent] life. [Gandhi, M. My Religion, 1955: http://gandhisevagramashram.org/pdf-books/my-religion.pdf, p. 162-176].

This year is the year of the militaristic world order decline and the humanity catharsis - this is the time, when it will be forced to "recognize the justice" of the Gandhis equal varnas/spherons law. They are detailed and fundamentally substantiated by world statistics of 76 countries in the GHA unique book Gandhica. It is now published o­n the FB with the President of India and the Nobel Peace Laureate ratings, who nominated it for the 2020 Nobel Peace Prize: (https://www.facebook.com/OmniScriptum/photos/a.1423771784537324/2580595288854962/?type=3&theater).

We invite all friends of peace, love, non-violence and Gandhi to mark it with your likes and share it o­n your networks in order to bring Christian Resurrection closer to the new world order. See the Gandhica Nobel nomination here: https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=934.

Riana Eisler writes about it in her unprecedented work, The Chalice and The Blade, in the same Gandhian spirit: There is another, very different, side to our Judea-Christian her-itage that has been the basis for an often forlorn but still persistent hope that the spiritual evolution of humanity may still one day break free from a system that has kept us mired in barbarity and oppression. This, as we shall see in the chapter that follows, is the side that two thousand years ago might have brought about a second, or gylanic, transformation in Western norms. But which, without the corresponding science and pluralistic non-violent ideology, was unsuccessful [https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=932, p . 119].

Today, for the third time, the hope and reality of the revival at a new level of the prehistoric equality of humanity, both societal in Gandhi's varnas/spherons and gender in the Riane Eisler partnership model, is risen. Her "one day" happened today, in April 2020 as and Gandhian have to accept.

In order not to fall into chaos, despondency, hopelessness and new barbaric violence, we need to stand o­n the shoulders of the giants: Gandhi, Eisler, Galtung, Maguire and promote their new world order of equality, harmony and global peace of spherons, the philosophy and sociology of which are scientifically based in Gandhica. This is spiritual liberation and resurrection today! This is answer to Who inspires you? And who do you inspire? question of Rick Wayman, CEO, Nuclear Age Peace Foundation, which he sent to us (https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=913). Gandhica is the best scientific and holistic source for Peace Literacy or Gandhian Education in all educational institutions to heal the world from the root cause of militaristic pathology.

Christ is Risen, Truly Risen in Gandhi's Varna/Spherons and Eisler's Partnership!

On the GHA behalf, with peace and love from their harmony,

Dr. Leo Semashko,

GHA Founder and Honorary President,



Easter Message


Dear Dr. Leo,

Thank you for all your great work for peace during the year.Also to your family and son and his family.

I hope you have a happy Easter in spite of the visitation of Coronavirus o­n many people
whose families are grieving in their sad losses.


Mairead Maguire

Nobel Peace Laureate,

Woman, who stopped Belfast terror,

Global Peace Gandhian Creator GHA,

North Ireland






local and international co-operation and solidarity

By Mairead Maguire,

Nobel Peace Laureate,

(12th April, 2020)

(Underline is Leo Semashko)



Dear Friends,


We, as a human family, are living in extraordinary times, but we must not be afraid. Many people are traumatized as they face the shock and pain of a new virus called Corona Covid 19 which is spreading, rapidly, around the world, snatching the lives of loved o­nes.

The virus has forced scientists and health care experts in laboratories around the world to work for a life-saving vaccine. In the meantime, medical experts and political leaders are co-operating to face the challenges, both personally and collectively, to deal with this pandemic. The new virus has changed the world we live in literally overnight and even though it will pass in time, things will never be the same. We have been told by health officials, scientists, and government leaders, to stop shaking hands, self-isolate, stay at home, and in some cases whole cities are in lock-down in order to stop the spreading of this disease. To all those who have lost loved o­nes, I express my deepest sympathy and to those suffering sickness my prayers go out to you.

We are all inspired and give thanks to health workers putting their own lives at risk o­n the front lines, doing their duty with love, and taking care of the sick and dying in societies all over the world. We can NEVER thank enough the carers in the British National Health Service for their sacrifice (many have died) in the service of others.I am sure the best way to thank the carers and the NHS is for us all to demand that governments throughout the world put their citizens health care o­n top of government policies in Health Budgets.

If this virus has done anything, it has reminded us that we are o­nly human and very vulnerable; we need each other to survive and thrive.If anything, this virus hopefully will cement a greater sense of community and solidarity within the human race in addition to respect for each other, for nature and the universe. We will become more aware that we are interconnected, and interdependent, cooperation and solidarity being key to human and environmental survival.We have seen countries, which have shown great compassion towards others and a willingness to help other nations.This may be our greatest hope and foundation to build upon for more co-operation but it is with great sadness that we watch the build-up of military forces and increased isolation and destruction by some of International Treaties such as Nuclear Non-proliferation Treaty, Climate Change agreements, and Universal Declaration of Human Rights, etc.,

However, we can take inspiration and get hope from countries such as China, Russia, and United States, co-operating to fight Coved 19. This hopefully is a foundation where Superpowers can work closer together.It is o­nly with co-operation and solidarity that the human race will defeat the virus as we have many challenges ahead such as food shortages, global warming, pandemics, ethnic conflicts, but leaders, people, settling up structures to share information, resources, across the globe can work will achieve great things for humanity. There should be no enmity between nations but rather a spirit of generosity and magnanimity across the globe as not o­nly is this the right thing to do, but it is in all our interests that this virus is eradicated as soon as possible.Government policies of sanctions, militarism, nuclear weapons and war must be radically replaced by government policies which put their citizens health both physical and mental top of the policy agenda.Government policies, which are hampering their own and other countries ability to cope with Corona virus should be changed immediately.

The USA could lift sanctions placed o­n Iran, North Korea, Cuba, etc., and all 54 countries where these sanctions bring death and destruction to citizens, leaving their governments with no money for medicine and food or to help them cope now with the corona virus. For too long governments have squandered tax payers money building military complexes and enforcing the Wests Colonial system o­nto the developing/underdeveloped world.The USA spends over 600 billion o­n the military every year, and have 700 military bases around the world.The U.K. recently ordered three new Nuclear submarines which are expected to cost around 60 billion pounds and yet we see the National Health service facing a 15% reduction in money over the last ten years.For too long the taxpayers footed the bill for too many wars that have o­nly served to enrich the elite at the top l% of our societies.We are told these wars are for our benefit but the poor get poorer and the rich get richer.Large corporations share the business, the assets and wealth seized in war and paid for by taxpayers who increasingly dont see a share of the worlds wealth.Increasingly the wealthy hold more and the poor get poorer.

Through violence, sanctions and war, we export a version of colonialism o­n poorer countries forcing mass migration and poverty (including famine and starvation in some countries) in the developing/underdeveloped world.It is time we hold governments to account and put to bed our colonial past.Our civil societies need to question where is our tax money going?People of all countries need to unite to demand better governance, transparency and accountability from our Political leaders and International organizations.Too long have we the people, been divided but we need to unite and create a better stronger human society that sees its neighbour not as a threat but a brother and sister.

          Another policy to be changed is to cancel third world debts, such as o­n Bangladesh, to help them protect their country as flooding, would cause millions to flee to safety.The Secretary General has called for a Global Ceasefire (meaning Governments and non-state fighters) to be observed in order to help governments to implement the UN developments goals to be reached.He has offered his Ambassadors, Diplomatic core to help mediate peace agreements, etc.

This Pandemic, and other causes, mean the world now faces recession.Government policies of putting the peoples tax money into bankers and the military industrial complexes, in many countries, has reached a tipping point and rightly people are demanding social equality and justice.It does not go unnoticed by the public everywhere that the bankers, corporations, and rich get the tax breaks and bail-outs while the majority of people are left with no or low paid jobs, (often two in a household working round the clock trying to survive increasingly without the basics of life).Capitalism does not work, the system is broken, and we are all challenged to build a system of real democracy, which works for everyone.

Many will not survive the Virus.There will be many families grieving for their loved o­nes, and it will take a long time to recover but a new consciousness has been borne out of this tragedy.We cannot go back to the old ways.We need a revolution of values from selfishness and greed, to values of kindness, economic justice, empathy, compassion, equality and taking care of each other.We need to construct non-killing, nonviolent societies built o­n forgiveness (which is the key to peace).Only by dedicating our lives to building such a world, can we build a monument of love to all those who have died and to all those o­n the front line of saving other peoples lives.

We are at a turning point in history of the human race.We can grasp this opportunity for change and build a civilization with a heart and give hope to millions.Lets join together, with the youth and make this quantum leap of faith and love for the future.Such a world is possible, there is hope for humanity, and in the words of the great English mystic, Julian of Norwich, let us believe All will be well, all manner of things will be well


Mairead Maguire, Nobel Peace Laureate:

Easter Message about Pandemic Catharsis


Dear Mairead, dear GHA members, friends,

Thank you very much, Mairead, for your high appreciation of the GHA peacemaking and anti-militarism during 15 years, for your warm congratulations to me, my family and my/our large international GHA family from over 60 countries o­n the occasion of Easter and for your great Easter Message!

In our crucial and difficult time, Christ is reborn as a symbol of the revival of the humanity Golden Age, in which equality reigned instead of domination, peace flourished instead of war, Gandhian nonviolence of harmonious varnas/spherons and gender partnership of Riana Eisler managed instead of wild android violence disclosed in the GHA Gandhica with your active participation.

The GHA is happy to congratulate you, a wise and courageous woman who stopped the Belfast terror and devoted her whole life to anti-militarism and with you all the GHA members, for whom you are as great a symbol as Gandhi and Eisler o­n the occasion of Happy Easter, o­n the resurrection of Christ, who announces today the dawn of a new Golden Age in our century.

We were happy to publish your inspired Easter Message o­n the catharsis of humanity and the revival of global Gandhian solidarity in the coronavirus pandemic, which requires replacing the priority of the military budget with the priority of the health budget that we all subscribe to o­n three pages:

1. https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=936

2. https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=ru_c&key=833 (in Russian)

3. https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=901

COVID-19 is a tragic, but necessary catharsis of modern militaristic humanity, which overcomes, under the sign of Christ o­n Easter, its internal fragmentation and hostility in national militarism by the revival of the equality of the Gandhian varnas/spherons and the gender partnership of Eisler (https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=932).

The Mairead fundamental conclusion, which brilliantly integrated all the GHA key conclusions presented in Gandhica is:

The pandemic has shown that humanity does not have to wait for 100 seconds of nuclear genocide/ecocide (https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=924) to understand that it cannot live further with militarism, that it must be free from it everywhere - in governance, in social relations, in politics, economics, in the budget, in order to direct the military budget funds to health care, education and well-being of the population, and not to endless wars for the sake of enriching the top 1% of the military-industrial complex. Capitalism does not work, the system is broken, and we are all challenged to build a system of real democracy, which works for everyone. This real 100% democracy is presented in the GHA Ganhicracy-2020 (https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=907).

Many scientists come to the same conclusion: Michael Brenner, Rudolf Siebert, all the Gandhica authors and the vast majority, 99% of the sane population, except 1% ​​of the top militaristic ruling elite.

The GHA wishes you, your family, all the GHA members and friends of courage and high Christian spirituality to outlive the COVID-19 catharsis, to get out of it by cleansed, with the firm intention and clear scientific consciousness of Gandhica, from the filth of militarism, calling into question the survival of a single humanity in similar tragic situations.

The Orthodox have Easter a week later, o­n April 19, but this is our common and united holiday of the revival and catharsis of the human family, with which we are happy to congratulate each other in a brotherly and sisterly manner.

With love and wishes of good health and true, Gandhian consciousness of global peace from harmony of varnas/spherons and gender partnership,

Dr. Leo Semashko,

GHA Founder and Honorary President,




Dear Mairead, Leo, and GHA follow peacemakers,

I send you my heart wishes and hopes, that this Easter will bring to our souls peace love and harmony.

Happy Ester to all of you!

With love,

Takis Ioannides


Dear Leo and GHA peacemakers,

Good day, peaceful and blessed.

Greek women o­nce again demonstrate solidarity with their free offer of 40,000 masks they made in 138 villages and towns,
and offer them for free to hospitals and the Red Cross, to protect citizens from the COVID-19.

This is o­ne more paradigm for women solidarity and contribution of women who contribute globally in the case of COVID-19,
and how clever to include the chapter of women in the Gandhicracy.

With love and peace

Takis D Ioannides

Dear Mairead, Dear Leo and Friends,

My best of regards and warm greetings to you.

I wish you and your family and friends a Happy Easter.

Thank you for your inspiring work.

I share with you my following Easter letter.

With loving regards

Sincerely Yours


My dear and respected friends,

Good morning. I wish you blessed Easter Sunday with our Risen Lord and the living co-presence of our Loving, Caring and Eternal Divine. This morning I woke up at 4 AM and listened to Easter vigil mass from a church in Ireland around sunrise. It was a moving experience. The priest told us to realize the living presence of the Risen Lord, which knows no social distancing. Whether we are Christians by birth or belief, the death and resurrection of Lord Jesus Christ has a deep meaning for all of us beyond our birth and religions. Let us realize this as the resurrection of Love and Life.

Sincerely Yours

Ananta Giri



Dear Leo, Mairead and GHA Family,

Thank you, Mairead, for your insightful and encouraging writing. May we all, as you have written, "grasp this opportunity for change and build a civilization with a heart and give hope to millions. Lets join together, with the youth and make this quantum leap of faith and love for the future."

Thank you, Leo, for providing such a wonderful forum and mechanism for uniting beautiful minds and souls from all over the world.

Wishing all of you a Happy Easter and a future of great promise and fulfilment.

Peace and blessings,

Adam Greenwell

New Zealand



Dearest Leo

I'm not fine yet after my skin cancer operation. I tried to write a poem because
this dangerous time we are all living.

I hope you be fine and all this wonderful group be at home! in quarantine..

Love to all. Be safe.

Susana Roberts










Today is not a brilliant day,

it's neither gray nor a silver cloudy sky

it's an unforeseen image


a fatal time

It is the film that is postponed to the end

by thoroughly touching the silences

impregnated by the wise source of nature


Today the light goes out a little

in social distance

substantiated by the inaudible complicit voice of the wind

with the rolling of the stones in the storm surge

and the valley canals waiting for autumn,


Who knows what will become of life!

I know that life is the other human being, is my being

on their rompers and medical chinstraps mission

in healing, in perpetual spirit and shelter

we haveto wait the time for the truth

with hugs and kindness

it will come to swirl our souls

with traces o­n the nouns

and LOVE as a flag.


Copyright-Susana Roberts.





Solidarity of the GHA Gandhian Spherons:

Global Alternative to COVID-19


Gandhi: Nonviolence [of varnas/spherons] is the greatest force of mankind, [which] is mightier than the mightiest of destruction, mightier than COVID-19. Here is the saving truth with the LOVE flag, expressed by the great Gandhi almost a century ago and revealed for the first time in the GHA Gandhica: https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=848

It DOES NOT NEED TO WAIT, IT IS o­nLY NECESSARY TO PAY ATTENTION TO IT, TO STUDY AND USE! The post-industrial humanity that is selfish in its nations and their militaristic democracy, together with the disharmonious UN and the American crazy violent dictate STEADY IGNORE THIS TRUE FOR ALL CENTURY, along with the benevolent pacifists singing along to them. They prefer to spend trillions o­n militarism and not a single cent to study and use saving Gandhian truth of the spherons, which ensures survival through solidarity in global peace from harmony. The pacifists are not able to find at least $ 200 to buy Gandhica three copies ... To fight COVID-19, donations to Gandhica, its publication, study, education and use are no less important, maybe even paramount! Because, as the WHO Director emphasized, COVID-19 - this is more than a health crisis, it is acute humanitarian crisis (below). We would add - this is an intellectual crisis of thinking and democracy. This is also emphasized by Prof. Christopher Black from Canada (https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=930).

Even from the GHA there are o­nly two people, Dr. Pathak from Nepal and Dr. Dhal from India, were able to write a review o­n Gandhica and make an attempt to understand the greatest force of nonviolence in the spherons solidarity, who overcome not o­nly the war, but also the global KOVID pandemic19, an equally dangerous threat to the survival of mankind. What is lacking in others to try to comprehend this Gandhian truth in our book? Maybe we are all together in a century-old intellectual militaristic/pacifist quarantine?

Anyone who makes a lot of noise about the pandemic, spreading panic instead of the calm mind of Gandhian Truth, helps COVID-19, and not to those doctors who really oppose the pandemic. The doctors, together with China and Russia, which are the o­nly o­nes sending great help to the infected Italy and Spain, are the o­nes who today really show the powerful saving solidarity of the spherons. They need to sing songs and compose poems like Susana Roberts, and not spread a pandemic of fear and panic!

Maybe we have the intellect to support not the enemy of humankind to the COVID pandemic-19, but the "greatest force of humankind" against it - the Gandhian spherons? Or have we been wasting books o­n this for 15 years? Maybe God punishes us, depriving us of our mind and discoveries in order to destroy us? Why do we feast madness during the plague? Why do we miss the calm Gandhian mind of Gandhica in order to understand our true survival and salvation under the flag of LOVE, and not national egoism? Why are we silent about the truth, but breeding a panic pandemic?

These questions are posed by the wise poem of Susana Roberts. Many thanks to her and wishes for her speedy recovery. It is published here: https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=936, and will be printed in the new GHA book.

Best wishes for a saving true mind of solidarity,
Dr. Leo Semashko,




Deep Scan. Intellectual essay.

Publication o­n the site


Dear Michael,

Thank you very much for your in-depth analysis in your highly intellectual article revealing the reasons for the stalemate of the American government in the situation with Covid-19, which we were happy to publish in two places: https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=936 and

https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=922 . I read it with pleasure, admiring your intellect and courage of judgment!

You are fair, stressing that militaristic democracy, which spends 60% of the budget o­n militarism, has been virtually helpless in the face of a pandemic. This is your key quote:

In the present era, Americans exhibit a certain schizophrenia in their attitude toward big government. Their support for lavish funding of the military is unqualified. At more than $1 trillion annually (including Intelligence expenditures and long-term benefits), it represents roughly 60% of all discretionary spending budgeted by Washington. It puts the squeeze o­n health, education, environment protection and all other social needs. Yet, no candidate for elected office dares to say a word that conveys other than unwavering dedication to keeping these allocations in place.

Friendly, good health and new creative successes,

Dr. LeoSemashko





Friends & Colleagues

This commentary appeared earlier this week as an 'AP Insight' that is published by the Ambassadorial Partnership LLP  in Great Britain (www.ambassadorllp.com)



Michael Brenner




A crisis such as the COVID-19 epidemic serves as a stress test for the system a dye inserted and circulated to highlight its functioning in terms of efficiency and capacity. The relevant system is the national polity for that is where the locus for meaningful action resides. Of particular interest are the Western democracies. Serious questions already had been looming as to the degree to which the state retained the authority, as well as competence, to address effectively collective need and collective challenges. They are especially salient in the United States where the movement to reduce government, to privatize public institutions, and to free markets from regulation have reshaped the relationship between the institutionalized commonweal and its component parts.


The response to the COVID-29 crisis brings into sharp relief some of the practical consequences of this trend as deepened under the rule of the Trump presidency and his obedient Republican allies in the Congress.  First, a fair judgment as to overall performance comes from Dr. Anthony S Fauci, director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases who pronounced:


The system does not, is not really geared to what we need right now It is a failing. He explained that the nations public health system would have proven inadequate, and lagged in response, even if a responsible person who recognized the danger had been in the White House. That assessment refers to two shortcomings: 1) the availability of medical supplies and facilities which has been hurt by budgetary cuts going back to the 2008-2009 financial crisis (albeit not as extreme as those imposed in the United Kingdom); and 2) structural weaknesses.As to the latter, the fundamental truth is that the United States has no integrated, national public health system. That is due in part to the federal features of the American government. Public health responsibilities are spread among states, counties and municipalities with Washington playing a role as a financial underwriter and coordinator in times of emergency (in theory). That condition has been aggravated by the abolishment of some of those coordinating mechanisms and the appointment of unqualified, inept officials as political patronage.


It is essential that we bear in mind the larger context. Health care in the United States is organized as a private for-profit system supplemented by poorly funded public facilities. The same holds for health insurance with the twin exceptions of MEDICARE (for the aged) and MEDICAID (for the indigent). The Obama innovations did not change this reality a hodge-podge of organizations and programs. It o­nly put in place some new rules and some money to extend minimal coverages provided by private corporations.  These arrangements mean that the system is designed so as to respond to the needs of individuals rather than the needs of the public as a whole. In America, the word public as in public health, public education or public welfare means a sum total of individual needs, not the common good.* From this perspective, the operative norms of the American government have an affinity to the countrys underlying political philosophy.


Both dimensions of the countrys polity did shift significantly toward the collective/public interest end of the continuum with the New Deal. It can be reasonably argued that a consensus prevailed, indeed, took deeper root, over the next forty years. A right to a decent standard of living was declared to be inherent in o­nes citizenship not determined by social status, or the vagaries of capitalist markets.  Its reversal represents an abandonment of that principle. The turning-point was punctuated by the election of Ronald Reagan in 1980, an historic phenomenon which has received relatively little attention much less explanation. Its neglect in academic as well as political circles reveals the near totality of its success. With the United States serving as model, mentor and increasingly as agitator, the movement has spread across the Atlantic with Britain being the leading emulator thanks in good part to Margaret Thatcher. It is no coincidence that the response of the government in Westminster to the COVID-19 epidemic so closely resembles that in the United States this despite marked differences in political constitution and structure of public health institutions.


Do these features of public life in the United States preclude, or at least strongly militate against, a more incisive, concerted strategy for managing natural crises? Obviously, the character of political leadership figures prominently in the equation. In the immediate aftermath of the San Francisco earthquake in 1906, President Teddy Roosevelt managed to get 100,000 blankets along with other supplies to the city within 4 days. An approximate performance might be beyond the capacity of todays Washington government, but it surely can do better than what weve seen over Katrina, Puerto Rico and now COVID-19. That said, current American conceptions of the federal government will have to change for there to be a marked shift in preparation for, and management of national crises. Unless the state is generally viewed as the custodian of the collective welfare, and the instrument for exercising the collective will, capabilities will continue to lag behind the needs of prudent contingence planning. 


In the present era, Americans exhibit a certain schizophrenia in their attitude toward big government. Their support for lavish funding of the military is unqualified. At more than $1 trillion annually (including Intelligence expenditures and long-term benefits), it represents roughly 60% of all discretionary spending budgeted by Washington. It puts the squeeze o­n health, education, environment protection and all other social needs. Yet, no candidate for elected office dares to say a word that conveys other than unwavering dedication to keeping these allocations in place. As to the federal governments role in bolstering big business, in particular the financial sector, there is similar equanimity toward the deployment of governmental powers and dollars to aid those in distress. Moreover, the Federal Reserve concerns itself with the well-being of the entire financial sector. Earlier this month, it poured $1.5 billion into financial markets to keep them o­n a steady keel while reverting to a drastic Quantitative Easing strategy that gave banks near unlimited access to funds at 0% interest. That has now risen to $4 billion as enabled by the just passed Stimulus package. These steps have evoked no protest from the characteristically reticent Democratic opposition or the mainstream media.


Will the COVID-19 crisis have lasting effects o­n the body politic of the United States or elsewhere in the West? Most likely, the net effect will be a strengthening of the status quo and those interests who are its principal beneficiaries. The calls for national unity, for solidarity, for working together, all carry the subliminal message that any conflict or contestation threatens the war against the virus. Democrats and neutrals have absorbed the message -  they are obeying a self-imposed injunction against laying blame for the feckless reaction, and consequent casualties, at the door of the deranged sociopath in the White House. Nor do they challenge frontally the reactionary ideology that has brought the United States into the cul-de-sac in which we are stuck.

Already, the American presidential campaign is losing its edge as it gets overlaid by the avalanche of COVID coverage. Trumps attempt to arouse xenophobic emotions, by labelling it the Chinese virus is a foretaste of what is to come as he seeks to obliterate his own gross failings with a new narrative. Meanwhile, he and Congressional allies are redoubling their campaign to press their reactionary agenda. Signs of a similar logic unfolding are evident in Great Britain, Italy, and less blatantly in France. They most likely will succeed in the short run. The X factor in the equation is the seemingly inescapable prolonged recession that is in the offing. That can o­nly aggravate the conditions that sparked the so-called populist political rebellions of recent vintage. Some expressions of populist sentiment were progressive, others reactionary. The former were stifled by the Democratic Party leadership in concert with the Establishment press. The latter were adopted by the Republicans. The pattern most probably would repeat itself; the fragile artifice of communalism produced by the Corona epidemic looks too thin to contain another assault by the turbo-charged Right.


Michael Brenner           





Dear Leo, Dear Takis, Dear all GHA members,

With a great hope for humanity in this time of great change of paradigms, where the consciousness of each o­ne and collective so, is questioned by COVID 19, I propose to you for my participation at collective edition GANDHICRACY the poem LA FORCE DE LAMOUR, THE FORCE OF LOVE, in French with translation in English.


Please tell me if well received and the FOLLOWING DECISION FOR EDITION.

Ill send another text FOR GANDHICRACY, my philosophic and intellectual reflection as a woman about gender:

Hello, I am a woman! I speak to you from France, I speak to you from the Universe

Our book is very important for new vision of our lives TOGETHER with and o­n the earth planet.

With respect for everyone, and love for Humanity and you, my dear brothers and sisters

Take care of you and your families and all people around

You are in my thoughts

Théa Marie ROBERT


Dr Théa Marie ROBERT:

Artist, Dance teacher and choreographer, cosmopoetic pedagogy, poet, and photograph

Alpinist and trekker: 3 summits for peace 

( Mont-Blanc Europe1994 - Qornet el Saouda Liban 1998 - Mont Fuji Japon 2010 )

Foundator of Art and Philosophy  Cosmopoétjque : 1989 

Ambassadress for water life and peace: 1999

Creator of Poets at the summits: Festival Chamonix Mont Blanc 2008

Messenger for the culture of peace nominated in 2000 at UNESCO

GHA Muse of Harmony

Dr WAAC World Academy for Arts and Culture - Golden Medal 2012

Golden Medal Arts Sciences Lettres Academy Paris 2017

GHA Highest Honorary Title "Gandhian Creator of World Harmony" o­n 12th March 2020 



Photographie: Théa Marie ROBERT, autoportrait

au sommet du MONT FUJI - JAPON

Action: Un SOMMET POUR LA PAIX le 22 Juillet 2010

Coordonnées: 1 rue du Champ Orain 35430 Saint Suliac - FRANCE theamarierobert@sfr.fr




Dr Thea Marie ROBERT - all rights reserved



La force de lamour


Devenir un guerrier,

serait-ce une extraordinaire destinée ?


pourquoi penser que vos valeurs s'affirment

dans la compétition, la rivalité,

la confrontation, la provocation,

par la division et la séparation,

avec dominations et soumissions ?

Pourquoi penser que, par la loi des plus forts,

vous pouvez dresser des frontières

et accaparer les richesses ?

Pourquoi cultiver la blessure, la rupture,

et vous battre sans fin en duel avec leurs déchirures

pour vous couper de la nature ?

Pourquoi mépriser la réalité,

le lien de votre dépendance

à la matrice, notre mère, la terre ?

Pourquoi semer désespérance ?

Car la terre est une espérance,

la mère est gardienne de la paix,

la matrice, la révélation de la création !


vous devrez renoncer à posséder le ventre,

à posséder la terre pour apprendre à l'aimer !

Car vous n'avez pas encore franchi les montagnes !

Vous avez gravi les pentes de vos ambitions personnelles

et vous êtes arrêtés aux sommets.

Vous y avez dressé des drapeaux nationalistes.

Car vous navez pas encore remercié la montagne !

Vous vous êtes surnommés  conquérants 

et avez monnayé votre image.

Mais chaque être est la nature pour la vivre,

et les sommets ne sont

que commencements de vision sans frontière !

Vous vous détacherez

de vos exploits et de vos performances

pour humblement comprendre

le grain de sable du Sahara,

l'arbre des forêts de l'Amazonie,

le cristal de neige de l'Everest,

la goutte d'eau insaisissable des Chutes du Niagara,

le champ de blé des plaines de Russie

comme étant la magnificence du Tout...

Car au bout du chemin,

les pas de l'aventurier et de l'explorateur

n'ont qu'un seul et même but,

découvrir la Force de l'Amour qui Crée

la Beauté de la Nature

et la Perfection des Mouvements !



Translation in English by the author Théa Marie ROBERT



The force of love


Would it be an extraordinary destiny

to become a warrior ?


why think your values ​​are affirmed

in competition, rivalry,

confrontation, provocation,

by division and separation,

with dominations and submissions?

Why think that, by the law of the strongest,

you can draw boundaries

and grab wealth ?

Why cultivate the wounds, ruptures,

and fight through endless duels with their tearing ?

And so, cut yourself from your nature ?

Why despise reality,

the link of your addiction

to the womb, our mother, the earth ?

Why sow despair ?

Because the earth is a whole and hope,

the mother is a peacekeeper,

the matrix, the revelation of creation !


you will have to give up owning the belly,

to own the land for learning to love it !

Because you have not yet crossed the mountains !

You have climbed the slopes of your personal ambitions

and you stopped at the summits

to plant nationalist flags there.

Because you haven't thanked the mountain yet !

You call yourself "conquerors"

and cash in o­n your image.

But each being is nature for experimenting it,

and the summits are places

where begins the vision without border !

You will come off

of your exploits and your performances,

And you humbly will understand

the grain of sand of the Sahara,

the tree of the Amazon forests,

the Everest snow crystal,

the elusive drop of Niagara Falls,

the wheat field of the plains of Russia

as the magnificence of the Whole ...

Because at the end of the road,

the footsteps of the adventurer and the explorer

have o­nly o­ne goal,

the discovering of the Force of Love that Creates

nature's beauty

and the Perfection of Movements!











Spherons Love Force of Gandhicracy

Dear Maria,

Thank you very much for your inspired poem dedicated to The Force of Love creating the beauty of nature and the life of society. It was proposed by you for the GHA new book Gandhicracy (https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=907), in which you caught the fundamental force of social love - the mutual love of spherons, without the product of each of which the life of society and every person is impossible, as well as without sun, air, water and earth. Therefore, we, people and societies, can live o­nly in this mutual social love of the spherons, which Mahatma Gandhi ingeniously expressed in his teaching and practice of non-violence of varnas/spherons.

But this love is opposed by the egoism and militarism of nation-states, their enmity and mutual sanctions, their weapons and mutual suspicion, which undermines them, destroys their alliances during periods of trials, as a new pandemic destroyed the European Union, instead of rallying it in solidarity. But it is inaccessible to the traditional militaristic democracy of selfish nation-states, which can be overcome and replaced o­nly by the joint solidarity of the spherons love in Gandhicracy.

You, after Gandhi, felt with deep feminine intuition this greatest force of the spherons of mankind, which is seized by Gandhicracy. o­nly it is able to overcome all the threats to human life, including Covid-19.

Of course, your poem will be published in a new book, but we are also waiting for your promised article o­n the status of women in Europe and gender balance as the Gandhicracy first attribute. We are also waiting for all the other promised articles o­n this topic to move o­n to a new, children's topic next month.

I was also happy to include your letter, photographs and poem in the selection of the most diverse encouraging thoughts and poems of the GHA members during the Covid-19 pandemic: Susana Roberts, Ernesto Kahan, Takis Ioannidis, Subhash Chandra, Ashok Chakravarthy, Julian Karpovich, Ammar Banni and the WHO Director General.All of them are published o­n a special page here: https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=936.

We thank yours and are waiting from you and other co-authors of the Gandhicracy new contributions to it. As it is a spiritual, philosophical, intellectual and political tool not o­nly against the pandemic, but also against any threat of global genocide and ecocide.

I wish you and all good health; protect yourself from a pandemic,
with love,



Dear friends,

First, I wish you, all the best in these difficult days.

As I wrote as medical epidemiologist, at the beginning of the present pandemia, everything what I predicted, happened. However, we have not yet reached the maximum level, from which the incidence curve, will begin to descend. Obviously, the world will suffer serious health and economic consequences.

To add some hope in poetry, I attach the following photo and a short poem,

which I did today:



This morning

A drop of spring

Painted my garden

A drop of love

A drop of hope

In the middle

Of uncertainty

Of quarantine...

Esta mañana

una gota de primavera

pintó en mi jardín

una gota de amor,

y de esperanza,

en medio

de la incertidumbre,

de la cuarentena...


Ernesto Kahan

27/03/ 2020




Dear friends,


the virus crisis has swept

the global financial system

down to the cliff.

The major survival

theme appeared globally.

Swissair fired 300 in Greece.

All companies globally

meet serious problems of survival.

Our world is changing vastly.

I wish health to all of you.

With love

Takis D Ioannides









How to treat Coronavirus?

by Prof. W. Julian Korab-Karpowicz


The best protection against coronavirus is to improve our immune system (in addition to washing hands, avoiding unnecessary contacts and so o­n).


In different countries there are different traditional ways to improve immunity of our bodies. 

Few examples: Garlic -- o­ne should now eat three pieces of Garlic per day (a Garlic bulb contains about six pieces). Garlic has been used for thousand years as a traditional medicine. Also, Ginger can be used. Also, we can use vitamin C (1000mg per day, if possible as a natural extract) plus Zinc (daily doses).


If o­ne gets ill, Activated Carbon (preferably powder) should be used first, before any aggressive treatment -- a large spoon every five hours added to a glass of water. The drugs that have been proven effective in South Korea are: Chloroquine (500mg 7-10 days) and Hydroxychloroquine (400mg first four days and then 200mg four days). 

On why coronavirus has become a global psychosis, please read below.


About Coronavirus

by Prof. W. Julian Korab-Karpowicz


Whoever reads this, the want to share with you information that Coronavirus is a global psychosis. It dangers have been largely exagerated. It is possible to cure it. Please read the explanation below. 


Viruses are nothing new. There are over two hundred species of viruses that can infect humans. Epidemics occur every year. According to data from the World Health Organization around 330-390 million people suffer from influenza every year in the world, of which 290-650,000 die. Thus, mortality per group is around 0.1-0.2%. In comparison, the statistical mortality from COVID-19, i.e. the disease caused by coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2) is much higher, i.e. about 1-2.5%. This can be seen as a threat. However, there are many viruses that are much more dangerous. The Ebola virus, which attacks people mainly in West Africa, leads to over 50% mortality.

Compared to other viruses, coronavirus, which acts o­n our immune system, is quite mild. The victims are mainly weak and elderly people who have suffered from illnesses or other health complications. Unfortunately, statistics transmitted to us by the media do not tell us this. For example, the vast majority of people who have died of COVID-19 in Italy were elderly people. In the case of children and young and resistant people, and interestingly, pregnant women, the disease caused by coronavirus can be almost asymptomatic. Therefore, suppositions that it will contribute to the extinction of the human species or of a specific race are completely groundless.

The appearance of coronavirus and the development of associated psychosis can be explained as follows. SARS-CoV-2 belongs to the same large family of coronaviruses as SARS-CoV, which appeared in Guangdong Province in southern China in 2002, spreaded to 26 countries and resulted in a total of 770 deaths and then stopped be active. The Wuhan region is o­ne of the most economically, technologically and scientifically developed areas of China. It is home to many global corporations and good universities. It was in a medical laboratory in Wuhan that a new virus was identified in December 2019, which was then named SARS-CoV-2. Chinese authorities as well as research centers abroad were quickly informed about this discovery and about the potential threats related to the virus. This is where psychosis starts. Based o­n incomplete information, a political decision was made in China to employ radical protective measures. Peoples movement was restricted. People were locked up at homes. While this radicalism can be explained by the authoritarian character of the Chinese political regime, it has become contagious. Following China, in many countries, also in Europe, similar radical measures have been used. The whole world now looks like a global prison.

However, using publicly available information, we can obtain a correct picture of what is going o­n. Let us summarize this. First of all, coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2) is no more dangerous than other viruses that infect humans, so there is no justification for using such radical measures, as have already been employed. Their use can in a short time lead us to a real global tragedy, which is the bankruptcy of many small and medium-sized companies and economic collapse at a world scale. Secondly, we already know which groups in society are at risk. These are those who are less resistant to illnesses and elderly. So special precautions should be taken primarily for these people. In the face of a pandemic, older teachers may be o­n leave, but schools should still remain open, similarly universities and other institutions. Thirdly, we already know that COVID-19 is a treatable disease. The drugs identified and proven o­n a limited number of patients are Chloroquine and Hydroxychloroquine. They have been successfully used to treat patients in South Korea, which has the most successful record of dealing with coronavirus.


Therefore, we need a rational attitude to coronavirus. By using some traditional medicines we can make our bodies more immune. And if some of us get ill, they can be cured. This is important to know. 




Everything is in the hands of Man

Vision by:

Ammar Banni -Algeria

Retired Professor of Education: Author and Researcher

-Member of the International Diplomatic Commission International Association of Educators for World Peace (IAEWP) - Africa 

We are living more than a global health crisis. The countries are at a standstill and the anguished populations are confined. Oil markets and prices are collapsing. Political governance, the WHO and the medical profession are in difficulty. It is imperative to support them, to act quickly, to ensure respect for good citizenship, measures for social distancing and strict confinement. Basically, there is reason to think about this historic moment, to reduce uncertainty.



The plague of the coronavirus marks the exhaustion of an unjust system born about three centuries ago. It is added to the catastrophes, which accumulated: market dictatorship, wild liberalism, containment of the world, law of the strongest, decline in law and multilateralism, climate change, extremism and loss of ethical meaning. It is a destruction of civilization.

We are living in an earthquake: the dominant system is collapsing. He did not know how to forge an egalitarian and protective civilization. It is not o­nly a risk for the environment, employment, population growth, economic development. A context where the highest price will be paid by the most fragile and the poorest.

On the immediate level what is in question concerns the balance of power, national security, because of the dependence linked to technology and supplies, a strategic problem. On the level of the project of society, the question of the place of the human, the purposes of existence, the dignity of humanity, its future and its survival arises.

It is the end of a world, which wanted to impose its conception o­n all peoples. Its hegemony cannot function, even if its ups and downs make us believe that it is perennial and irresistible.

The ambition to become master and owner of the infinite world and to do without a higher standard is falling apart. Societies traumatized by religious dogmatism, theocracy and religious wars are the first in history to want to live without relation to spiritual transcendence. This option out of the spirituality of life, disenchantment, of unconscious civilization as that has not filled the need for meaning. It resulted in disorientation.


Neither the world  market , nor commercial interests, nor the proliferation of sects have succeeded in meeting ethical needs, social and emotional ties , because they have marginalized  the legitimate and vital passion for the arts and sciences . In addition, modernity remains imbued with theological conceptions. Material progress, reason, merchandise, history, the self-centered individual are his idols.

This situation has weakened the human being. He became so poorly immune. Unable to control his destiny. Despite prodigious advances, by dint of excess, marginalization of the sacred and the designation of an enemy as a diversion, imbalances and excesses have arisen.

Rare are those who know that the situation is not brilliant, but by common sense, know that they are heirs of a civilization, which aims at the totality of life. The problem is that the promises of freedom have not been kept. What is lacking is the building of a knowledge society, which takes care of the common good, health and soul. Globalization imposes a mode of being incompatible with human values.

Despite so much effort to promote the dialogue of civilizations, cultures, reform international institutions and forge a common destiny, to correct injustices and aberrations, the world order does not want to change the model of society.
However, the shock of the exponential mortality caused by the virus and the scale of the economic crisis which will follow impose an awareness. It will be impossible to continue living as before.

Unlimited financial profit, the instrumentalization of techno - science, enjoyment at all costs, cannot constitute a reason for being. The essential is missing: justice and a sense of the world.

It is the result of forgetting ethics and limits. The containment of the world, neo- liberalism , acts against nature and the materialist dogma ruin humanity. The world is addicted to consumerism and the flattery of low instincts, instead of learning to live the essentials, to control o­ne's impulses and to realize o­neself in order to flourish.

With determination and courage, it is a question of going from an infernal circle to a virtuous circle. The message of the virus, those who created  in the true sense of humanity : follow the laws of existence, otherwise the disorders will intensify. There is no freedom without law, no science without conscience.



Now that everything is frozen, change is not impossible. The technical answers to the questions are insufficient. The right way to meet challenges is to come to your senses . Let us remain ourselves and give priority to the education of the golden mean, which combines tradition and modernity.

In terms of political thought, it is confirmed that there is a need to guarantee the rule of law, the sovereignty of citizens and individual freedoms , ramparts against dangers. The citizens of the world must contribute by ending the reaction s extremists , blind and productive against fundamentalism, practicing vigilance and by resourcing  culture of moderation, justice and dignity .

The future e of the civilization requires to create a new set. Wild capitalism, materialist collectivism and religious fundamentalism are disqualified.

It is possible to combine market economy and ethics, science and ethics. An enlightened society knows that the problems, risks and difficulties are inherent in life, but it remains to anticipate them, to share the consequences fairly, to work, to fight to solve them.

There is not us and them, there is humanity put to the test. The citizens of the world  must know each other and impose themselves to build a new, just and meaningful order. This break is beneficial if we discuss the substance. The elites must not be helpless spectators. Collective intelligence will eventually find solutions.

We must beware of extremes, those who blindly imitate the bankrupt modernist, merchant and libertarian model and those who betray spirituality and impose obscurantist conduct. The middle road is sorely lacking in humanity. Articulating modernity and authenticity, globality and specificity, freedom and ethics, is the future.

The virus is the dramatic expression of the common in danger. As stated in 1945 in the preamble to the Constitution of Unesco "wars begin in the minds of Men, it is in the minds of men that the defenses of peace must be raised".

Rethinking living together, the development model and international relations through dialogue and solidarity are the civilized means for facing challenges. Each nation must preserve its sovereignty, its security and its heritage by opening other communities. " We are  sisters and brothers in humanity. "

We can find a balanced society, committed to national and universal solidarity . The questions of political thought and the law are at stake. The powerful in this world will not realize the obvious, but a just cause always triumphs, unity is strength.

The place of the values ​​of the mind is gaping. It is possible to avoid vacuum or overflow. The spark of thoughtful humanism and reasonable reason must not die out. Hope is allowed. Humanity must become responsible again, without losing the sense of transcendence, as guidance. Giving meaning to life and death remains a high mission.

Neither superhuman, transhuman , nor subhuman, man must know himself and get involved. Humanism is revealed to help confront what is not given in advance: a balanced man and a just city. Without confusion, scientific spirit and spiritual spirit must combine : This is not  the end of the world .




The Covid-19 Challenges & Crisis: Social Distancing

Indias Prime Minister Orders lockdown of country of 1.3 billion people for 21 days to save India
and every Indian- How to face the Global Crisis?


With the advent of year 2020 we have entered into new decade, we are involved in the most crucial and most difficult threats of humanity poverty & economic , conflicts, violence crisis , threat of nuclear warand now emergingnew COVID-19 Outbreak in the world.

At present we are living in culture of materialism,violence & hatred, whichhas created division of humanity, tremendous injustices and inequities thrive in our society, Negative thoughts & emotionsproducing the virus which is lowering our vibrationsand increasing thevirusdue to increasing Culture of greed,materialism & corruption. As our vibrations lower, more and more of the virus is entering into our reality, and spreading across the country and in the world.

COVID-19, which was first detected in China in late 2019 and has since been declared a pandemic, poses both a serious threat to vulnerable populations and a daunting challenge to the global economy, according to the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development. As confirmed cases of COVID-19 spread, it has the potential to take lives, overwhelm health systems, deplete the value of assets, and trigger geopolitical change. Around the world, desperate efforts are underway to contain what has become a profoundly disruptive outbreak

What is COVID-19 Coronavirus disease (COVID-19)is an infectious disease caused by a newly discovered Coronavirus.

The virus is also causing great fear, anxiety, worry and panic in the mind due to decreasing human values and increasing greed, selfishness and corruption.

The South Asian nation, which has so far reported 126 infections and three deaths, is trying to contain the virus by closing its borders, testing incoming travellers and contact tracing from those who tested positive society is reacting with panic to Coronavirus.

Indias Prime Minister Orders lockdown of country of 1.3 billion people for 21 days to save India and every Indian.

Key Points: The 21-day lockdown was set to begin at midnight o­n Mar 24 2020

To save India and every Indian.

Indian health officials have reported 469 actives cases of COVID-19, the disease caused by the virus, and 10 deaths.

To save India and every Indian, there will be a total ban o­n venturing out of your homes, Modi said, adding that if the county failed to manage the next 21 days, it would be set back by 21 years.

Five steps to kicking out Coronavirus: WHO, FIFA launch joint campaign to equip football community to tackle COVID-19

23rd March 2020News release FIFA, the international governing body of football, and the World Health Organization (WHO) have teamed up to combat the Coronavirus (COVID-19) by launching a new awareness campaign led by world-renowned footballers, who are calling o­n all people around the world to follow five key steps to stop the spread of the disease.

The Pass the message to kick out Coronavirus campaign promotes five key steps for people to follow to protect their health in line with WHO guidance, focused o­n following five steps; 1) Hand washing, 2) Coughing etiquette, 3) Not touching your face, 4) Social distancing i.e. Physical distance minimum o­ne Meter and 5) Staying home if feeling unwell for saving all the human being all over the world. https://www.who.int/news-room/detail/23-03-2020-pass-the-message-five-steps-to-kicking-out-coronavirus

Our lesson from the viral infectionhas always been and will always remain the same to move from Fear to Love, from Violence to Peace , From Greed to Giving , From Corruption to Cooperation and moving towards Global Peace & Harmony for Unity ofhumanity and creating a Peaceful & HarmoniousWorld in 21st century.

With Peace, Love & Unity of Harmony for all.

Dr. Subhash Chandra, GHA President & Chairman Board, India

GHA Ambassador of Peace and Disarmament from Harmony
Gandhica Book (2019)
of the International Jubilee Gandhi Committee (GC)
M-+91 9910241586 ; E-mail schandra101@gmail.com


March 25, 2020



WHO Director-General's opening remarks

at the media briefing o­n COVID-19

25 March 2020






Good morning, good afternoon and good evening, wherever you are.


The pandemic continues to take a massive toll not just o­n health, but o­n so many parts of life.


Yesterday, the Government of Japan and the International Olympic Committee took a difficult but wise decision to postpone this years Olympic and Paralympic Games.


I thank Prime Minister Abe and the members of the IOC for making this sacrifice to protect the health of athletes, spectators and officials.


We look forward to next year's Olympics and Paralympics, which we hope will be an even bigger and better celebration of our shared humanity and I look forward to joining.


We have overcome many pandemics and crises before. We will overcome this o­ne too.


The question is how large a price we will pay.


Already we have lost more than 16,000 lives. We know we will lose more how many more will be determined by the decisions we make and the actions we take now.


To slow the spread of COVID-19, many countries have introduced unprecedented measures, at significant social and economic cost closing schools and businesses, cancelling sporting events and asking people to stay home and stay safe.


We understand that these countries are now trying to assess when and how they will be able to ease these measures.


The answer depends o­n what countries do while these population-wide measures are in place.


Asking people to stay at home and shutting down population movement is buying time and reducing the pressure o­n health systems.


But o­n their own, these measures will not extinguish epidemics.


The point of these actions is to enable the more precise and targeted measures that are needed to stop transmission and save lives.


We call o­n all countries who have introduced so-called lockdown measures to use this time to attack the virus.


You have created a second window of opportunity. The question is, how will you use it?


There are six key actions that we recommend.


First, expand, train and deploy your health care and public health workforce;


Second, implement a system to find every suspected case at community level;


Third, ramp up the production, capacity and availability of testing;


Fourth, identify, adapt and equip facilities you will use to treat and isolate patients;


Fifth, develop a clear plan and process to quarantine contacts;


And sixth, refocus the whole of government o­n suppressing and controlling COVID-19.


These measures are the best way to suppress and stop transmission, so that when restrictions are lifted, the virus doesnt resurge.


The last thing any country needs is to open schools and businesses, o­nly to be forced to close them again because of a resurgence.


Aggressive measures to find, isolate, test, treat and trace are not o­nly the best and fastest way out of extreme social and economic restrictions theyre also the best way to prevent them.


More than 150 countries and territories still have fewer than 100 cases.


By taking the same aggressive actions now, these countries have the chance to prevent community transmission and avoid some of the more severe social and economic costs seen in other countries.


This is especially relevant for many vulnerable countries whose health systems may collapse under the weight of the numbers of patients we've seen in some countries with community transmission.


Today I joined United Nations Secretary-General Antonio Guterres, Under-Secretary General for UNOCHA Mark Lowcock and UNICEF Executive Director Henrietta Fore to launch the Global Humanitarian appeal, to support the most fragile countries who have already suffered years of acute humanitarian crises.


This is much more than a health crisis, and were committed to working as o­ne UN to protect the worlds most vulnerable people from the virus, and its consequences.


We also welcome the Secretary-Generals call for a global ceasefire. We are all facing a common threat, and the o­nly way to defeat it is by coming together as o­ne humanity, because were o­ne human race.


Were grateful to the more than 200,000 individuals and organizations who have contributed to the COVID-19 Solidarity Response Fund. Since we launched it less than two weeks ago, the fund has raised more than US$95 million. I would like to offer my deep thanks to GSK for its generous contribution of US$10 million today.


Although we are especially concerned about vulnerable countries, all countries have vulnerable populations, including older people.


Older people carry the collective wisdom of our societies. They are valued and valuable members of our families and communities.


But they are at higher risk of the more serious complications of COVID-19.


We are listening to older people and those who work with and for them, to identify how best we can support them.


We need to work together to protect older people from the virus, and to ensure their needs are being met for food, fuel, prescription medication and human interaction.


Physical distance doesnt mean social distance.


We all need to check in regularly o­n older parents, neighbours, friends or relatives who live alone or in care homes in whatever way is possible, so they know how much they are loved and valued.


All of these things are important at any time, but they are even more important during a crisis.


Finally, the COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted the need for compelling and creative communications about public health.


Last year, WHO announced our first Health for All Film Festival. The volume, quality and diversity of entries far surpassed our expectations.


We received more than 1,300 entries from 110 countries, and today we are announcing a short list of 45 excellent short films about vital health topics.


We are also announcing a distinguished panel of jurors who will judge the short list, with the winners to be announced in May.


We will be showing all the short-listed films in the coming weeks o­n our website and social media channels.


In these difficult times, film and other media are a powerful way not o­nly of communicating important health messages, but of administering o­ne of the most powerful medicines hope.


I thank you.






Greetings to GHA o­n its 15th anniversary

Our institute is providing health department of the government, 125 beds in its hospital for quarantine of suspected Coronavirus cases. Our doctors and medical staff will take full care of the patients. Within three days, we will be prepared to extend this service in the hostels to increase the bed to 500 at a notice of 24 hours. In view of his area being desert and economically backward these service are free and all expenses will be borne by Gandhi Vidya Mandir.

Best wishes to all GHA members in this hour of International crises.

Kanak Mal Dugar

Gandhi Vidya Mandir President and

IASE University Chancellor





Thanks my dear friend Dr Leo,

New activitiesstarted by Gandhi Vidya Mandir in last two weeks .

●From last week GVM has started fumigation of deprived people'shomes and community centers in nearby villages. Eight villages are fully covered, More is going o­n.

●Some people cannot affordfeeding their cows, for them o­ne lorry of fodder is distributed in the town daily .

●As stated before Our hospital is converted in to a 125 bed Quentin for suspected Corona cases. All arrangements are from GVM including care and treatment.

●These days , because of bad weather , cough and cold is spreadingso o­ne Ayurvedic decoction is cooked in our pharmacy and distributed free amongst needy. Up till today more then190000 (one hundredninety thousand ) persons have got it . It is still going o­n.

● For daily wages runners who cannot earn because of Lockdown , 200 packets of o­ne month'sration is distributed free . More of this is planed.

With goodwill of all my friends in GHA, GVM will prove itself very helpful in this hour of international crises.

We are constrained because of our very limited financial resources so curtailing other activities o­nly to this much is possible.

Your friend,






In France, it misses masks = they are o­nly these last days that the government wants to massively diffuse it for the medical staff and the pensioners of the old people's homes but not for everyone!

The official services indicate that it can be dangerous to put it if it is put it badly, or if o­ne touches it while being infected!

Those which defend the mask for all = indicate that in the Asian countries the people carries it with results.

Also, they indicate that without mask, an individual carrying the virus but not patient, can diffuse it with other individuals if it does not put a mask!

G20 and the European Council met this day to inject hundred billion to help the economy, but to date, since the end of January the absence of European common policy weighed!

Certain disgruntled doctors to be badly protected carry felt sorry for against the government!

What I regret personally, has been that for 20 years the public hospital lack of means.It was removed beds, of staff, it missed investment for material of high technology, the Chiefs of medical institution were supposed to direct their hospital like a profitable company.

For o­ne year, the emergency department has been in strike for lack of means and day before yesterday, the French President indicated that it would be necessary to invest massively in health after this crisis, and it asked to pour with medical staff = a bonus! But how it is late!

Still a few months ago, the medical staff of the urgencies which expressed in the streets of Paris for more means was bludgeoned by the police o­n order of the prefect of police!

Léo is right, it is urgent that our scientific and humanistic approach of the GANDHICA irrigates the world! I get busy there with my modest means for the edition in France of the GANDHICA! The French editor and the diffuser HATCHET will have a treasure between their hands.











Sometimes there are events in our life

That affect our solid inner countryside.


Tempests start to destroy the stillness of our internal world

Rationality is momentarily faint,

In circling twisters of emotion and complaint.


An unexpected violence arises into the soul like an earthquake,

converting our usual peace of mind, into bloody rage.


How can we find self control, again,

When it is gone somewhere, very far away?


How can we possibly get leadership of that internal horse

Which is in a rush, and finally may guide us to strike our head

Against dangerous sandstone that lies ahead?


If each o­ne dedicates a bit of will to overpass the situation

and take control over ournew emotions , worldwide


we will certainlyfindthe way out of Coronavirus crisis

The condition that will allow us to reach serenity and calm down


we will be able to communicate with others through Internet

in a good mood, in a positive way


we will be able to continue our work for International Peace

and finally understand that Covid 19 is apity but also a good chance

to change Humanityroute and find a newway to change our mind


Covid-19 will change Humanity route, which was wrong,

to a new o­ne, in the better care, full of more rationality and good values.


María Cristina Azcona





Coronavirus -- Some useful hints for a rational mind

Viruses are nothing new. There are over two hundred species of viruses that can infect humans. Epidemics occur every year. According to data from the World Health Organization around 330-390 million people suffer from influenza every year in the world, of which 290-650,000 die. Thus, mortality is around 0.1-0.2%. In comparison, the statistical mortality for COVID-19, i.e. the disease caused by coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2), is much higher, i.e. about 1-2.5%. This can be seen as a threat. However, there are many viruses that are much more dangerous. The Ebola virus, which attacks people mainly in West Africa, leads to over 50% mortality.

Compared to other viruses, coronavirus, which acts o­n our immune system, is quite mild. The victims are mainly weak and elderly people who have suffered from illnesses or other health complications. In the case of children and young and resistant people, and interestingly, pregnant women, the disease caused by coronavirus can be almost asymptomatic. Therefore, suppositions that it will contribute to the extinction of the human species or of a specific race are completely groundless.

How to treat Coronavirus? The best protection against coronavirus is to improve our immune system (in addition to washing hands, avoiding unnecessary contacts and so o­n). In different countries there are different traditional ways to improve our immunity.Few examples: Garlic -- o­ne should now eat three pieces of garlic per day (a garlic bulb contains about six pieces). Garlic has been used for thousand years as a traditional medicine. Ginger can also be used. Also, we can use Vitamin C (1000mg per day, if possible as a natural extract) plus Zinc (daily doses). But if o­ne gets ill, Activated Carbon (preferably powder) should be used first, before any aggressive treatment -- a large spoon every five hours added to a glass of water. The drugs that have been proven to be effective in South Korea are: Chloroquine (500mg 7-10 days) and Hydroxychloroquine (400mg first four days and then 200mg four days).

"Prof. W. Julian Korab-Karpowicz"




Dear GHA Fellows,

          In these difficult times with the coronavirus pandemic growing worldwide, you will surely take extreme protective measures. Global harmony is now needed more than ever! Unfortunately, we are not there yet. While the news kept us busy, Rescue Our Future Foundation has discussed the enormous challenges that will come in the next phase in the form of global food shortages and how to respond to it. This is why we have just launched the global project Plant for Life. Enhancing Food Sovereignty. The enormous impact of the coronavirus pandemic o­n the food supply chain demands creative global solutions, particularly in countries that are structurally dependent o­n imported food.

           These are testing times that require a response to extraordinary challenges of feeding humanity, coping with food shortages and preventing malnutrition and famine. Increased food sovereignty is the answer, as you will see elaborated in the link. Global awareness of the difficult problems that await us is indispensable if we are to avoid another impending catastrophe caused by the coronavirus pandemic. I am sure you will spread the word o­n Planting for Life, because food sovereignty in these difficult times is so much in line with our efforts to achieve global harmony.

         In the meantime, you will take extraordinary security measures.

Warm regards,


Plant for Life


Glenn Sankatsing

Member of the Executive Board of Rescue Our Future Foundation - Member of WorldWide Peace Organization

Member of Global Harmony Association - Director of Caribbean Reality Studies Center



Humanitys existential crisis - Anatomy of the solution

What do we need to accomplish? Rescue our future.

What is the most urgent task? Rehumanization of a dehumanized humanity.

Who can do this? The moral reserves of humanity.

Where do we start? By turning an I into a We to take command of our destiny.

What do we do next? Take a deep breath today to start tomorrow.

Why? Action is the best prediction!

Quest to Rescue Our Future, 2016, 555 p. - www.rescueourfuture.org - Al rescate de nuestro futuro, 2019, 564 p.


Dear Leo and GHA friends peacemakers.

In Greece we are all closed in our homes. We use an SMS or a paper form to complete with the reason we want to get out.

There are 6 codes. 1 pharmacy and Doctor. 2 Super market et.c. 3 bank, 4 Assistance to people with problems, 5 ceremonies, cemeteries et.c. 6 athletics & dogs walking.

We write, code, full name, home address. if you use SMS, the system returns you back the acknowledgement. 

As of yesterday, in Greece we had 1415 pensioners (90 intubated in hospitals), 51 deaths. 

The problems started from a group of Greek tourists who travelled to Israel - Palestine, Italy, Germany, England. Our Government took immediately the proper actions to prevent and stop the problem. 

The message I sent via Facebook was. The COVID-19 have us the opportunity , after being locked in our homes, to intercept them. We found a lot of junk and years of used items. We donated some of them to friends. We also dumped the rest in the recycling bin. 

COVID19 gave us also the opportunity to intercept ourselves. To evaluate our souls - thoughts actions, to dialogue with our families. To come closer. This is too important o­n my opinion.

I have so many things to do every day for the family, even if I cannot visit my children and parents houses.

For the moment, my family, relatives, friends, known people are all healthy.

I would like to Thank Ernesto, Lana, and all who inform us about the COVID-19.

With love, health and respect to all of you.

Takis D Ioannides



Dear Leo and GHA peacemakers,

please accept my below maxim for COVID19 global crisis.

Dignity is the answer to COVID19

Dignity leads man to personal freedom safely, to the ideal state of loneliness, benevolent to his fellow man,
excludes  betrayal, establishes a methephysical vision of his soul, and stregthnes his thirst for GOD.
Takis D Ioannides

with love health and respect
Takis D Ioannides




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