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Gandhica Triumph for Gandhicracy


Gandhica: Intellectual Triumph

of Varnas/Spherons Equality.


The authors word to its readers


Approved by the GHA o­n April 7, 2020




In English: https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=938

In Russian: https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=ru_c&key=835


Dear Reader!


Let me briefly devote you into the Gandhica story and the value judgments about it, expressing its intellectual triumph and breakthrough of the socio-humanitarian science. After the publication of the GHA eighth book “Global Peace Science” in 2016 (https://peacefromharmony.org/docs/global-peace-science-2016.pdf), we started preparing for a new book, which eventually got the name Gandhica. We found in philosophy, science and practice of non-violence of the greatest peacemaker in human history, Mahatma Gandhi, a new fundamental thinking/consciousness for a new, peacemaking era that eliminates inequality and war, ensures the humanity survival and the prosperity of all nations o­n the basis of Gandhian equal varnas/spherons, covering the entire population. Hundreds of the GHA members and its peacemaking friends participated in the creation of this book, of which o­nly 82 people from 25 countries remained in its co-authors, including the President of India, four Nobel Peace Laureates and many peace leaders.

Over the three years of its preparation, reflection, writing of many versions, discussing them, choosing the best of them, editing them and publishing the final o­ne in four languages: English, Russian, French and Spanish, many critical and evaluative opinions were expressed about it. Almost all of them were published in the book or in the texts of the discussion, responses of its various parts and in the many supporting projects that accompanied it, from No. 52 to No. 70 inclusive (https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=472).

From the value judgments, we have chosen more than two dozen (from the 16 countries) of the most saturated with meaning, reflecting the most important facets of Gandhica, its meanings for different spheres and their application in them, first of all, naturally, in peacemaking and harmonizing saving direction. These judgments in unity characterize the unprecedented intellectual triumph of this book, first of all, its equally necessary and sufficient societal spheres and spherons, for the scientific breakthrough of social sciences into the “substantially new manner” (Einstein) of the holistic thinking of global peace. This thinking ensures the humanity survival in the 21st century that is not provided by the traditional partial and militaristic thinking, which 100% prepared the suicidal genocide/ecocide of humanity.

This thinking captures “the greatest force of non-violence of mankind, which is mightier than the mightiest weapon of destruction” (Gandhi). The “greatest force of nonviolence” of the equal varnas/spherons remained almost inaccessible to traditional thinking for almost a century after Gandhi began to write about it. Therefore, Gandhica, which provided the solution to the key intellectual challenges of humanity for two centuries, unconditionally deserves the assessment of “intellectual triumph and breakthrough” in its history. Its authors made a lot of mental efforts to realize and express it at least partially in the first approximation in their evaluative judgments quoted below. Naturally, they are incomplete and will be supplemented by new, deeper, fresher and more fundamental o­nes. This is just the beginning of the story of a “substantially new manner of thinking”. It is still ahead of the new generations, for which it was created in the first place. Its first, and today the most important destination is the intellectual introduction to the GHA tenth book - Gandhicracy 2020 (https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=907) as its practical, political embodiment.

Our selection is modeled o­n many of similar “Praises”, “Acknowledgements”, “Reviews”, “Recognitions”, “Endorsements” in many outstanding books, such as the “Praises” of the best-selling book by Riane Eisler “The Chalice and The Blade” o­n gender partnership: https://peacefromharmony.org/docs/Riane-Eisler-The-Chalice-and-The-Blade.pdf We have chosen the “triumph” to denote Gandhica. As far as this is adequate, judge the thinking and interested reader.

Dr. Leo Semashko,

GHA Founder and Honorary President, initiator, lead author, manager and editor-in-chief of Gandhica,

Personal page: https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=253




“The Queen wished to thank you for your book, called Gandhica, which has been written by several authors in commemoration of Mahatma Gandhi’s 150th anniversary” - Queen Elizabeth II of Great Britain


“The world needs a great vision of peace and prosperity of all the nations. Global Peace Science from harmony and its continuation in Gandhica are the dawn of a shinning, harmonious vision of peace and prosperity for all nations! Together with it, the enlightened citizens will emerge, able of building a harmonious civilization of peace and prosperity o­n the planet Earth.” - Abdul Kalam, President of India


“The challenges that the world faces today are serious, and we cannot succeed in overcoming the threats to human civilization and the biosphere without close cooperation. This is why the GHA holistic researches of global peace in its many books especially in Gandhica are so vitally important.” - John Avery, Nobel Peace Laureate, Danish Peace Academy Founder, "One of the greatest living intellectuals o­n Earth", GHA World Harmony Creator


“The Leo Semashko’s first key and fundamental systemic discovery was made by him more than 40 years ago – it is societally equal and srructurally constant but historically transient universal clusters of the population, covering all people in general from birth to death and differing o­n employment in o­ne of the four spheres of social production. Therefore, they were called by ‘spherons’. They are principally different from traditional classes in their peaceful genetic nature excluding war. They are still unknown to traditional social science due to their non-linear, thermodynamic statistical nature. In the GHA’s ninth book “Gandhica”, the concept of spherons received full empirical evidence from the world statistics of the 76 countries that turned it from a hypothesis into the first fundamental peace science.” - Mairead Maguire, Nobel Peace Laureate, North Ireland


“Gandhica is a treatise o­n the political and philosophical vision of Mahatma Gandhi and its application to society today. The book makes history, compiling articles, opinions, poems and pictorial expressions of renowned world intellectuals all of whom are committed to universal peace and human rights.” - Prof. Ernesto Kahan MD, Former Vice President of IPPNW: Association awarded the Nobel Peace Prize, Israel


Gandhica is the scientific foundation for peacebuilding Gandikratia-2020 - Gandhian nonviolent democracy of equal varnas/spherons as a reconciliatory political revolution of the XXI century.” - Subhash Chandra, Professor, GHA President, India


“Dreams of humankind always were the big challenge to achieve peace from harmony. The GHA first penetrates in Gandhica into the social foundation – into the deep structure of equal spherons' harmony as social actors of perpetual global peace. The peoples have long been waiting for this discovery. Right now, this science is the dawn of shining light in our era; it becomes a Copernican Revolution of the public conscience in the 21st century. Gandhica will be the joint spiritual ground of the peoples to establish humanity entirely exempt from war, militarism and violence for prosperity of every nation and peaceful life for all. Our scientific Gandhica is the o­nly spiritual hope for this freedom to deprogram violence o­n the planet through the peace education in structural modeling of the spheres and the spherons’ laws of societal harmony.” - Susana Roberts, poet and writer, Argentina


“The developed in Gandhica argumentation of spherons is quite satisfactory from a scientific point of view. The scientific conclusion about reality of spherons is fundamental and logically impeccable as all its premises are logical and factual flawless: Maturana, Parsons and others.” - Rudolf Siebert, Professor of Sociology and Religion, USA


“Global Peace Science is concentrated in the GHA Gandhica, which is a logical enlargement of Dr. L. Semashko’s tetrasociology. The author reformulates basic tenets of K. Marx’s social classes and the dimensions of sociologist Talcott Parsons’ theory about the functional prerequisites of socio-cultural systems. The ultimate goal of Dr. Semashko’s social philosophy is very lofty. It ensures the achievement of global peace from the harmony of structurally equal spherons. Their equality and harmony in peace determine the highest social value. ” – Reimon Bachika, Professor of Sociology, Japan


“I believe that the proposed Leo Semashko amendments to the Constitution of Russia o­n the basis of Gandhica are the most important of all amendments proposed by citizens. The future of our country depends o­n them in many respects. Therefore, these innovations deserve full support. ” - Andrey Smirnov, philosopher, Russia


"The GHA Gandhica great project of our century is making a networked world a collaborative enterprise. Awareness of interdependence of the holistic spherons is a valuable instrument for achieving high level of enlightened consciousness and global peace." - Michael Brenner, Professor Emeritus of International Affairs, University of Pittsburgh, USA


“The genius of Gandhi anticipated the revolution of non-violence, theoretically revealed in Gandhica. Therefore, it self became an intellectual revolution. Gandhi’s mental experience compressed in Gandhica allowed its initiator and editor-in-chief, GHA leader, Professor Leo Semashko responsibly to declare: “The war killed my father, and I killed the war intellectually.” Gandhica inspires confidence that in our time it is possible to achieve universal peace from the harmony of varnas/spherons following for Gandhi.” - Takis D. Ioannides, writer and historian, Greece


“Leo Semashko has joined a long list of Russian truth-seekers and visionaries: the holy elders of the Orthodox Church, Leo Tolstoy and Feodor Dostoevsky, Vladimir Soloviev, Nikolai Fedorov, Elena Blavatskaya, Nikolai and Helena Roerich, Boris Pasternak, Mikhail Bakhtin and Alexander Solzhenitsyn. They believed that the most reliable path to peace comes from a deep-based social harmony, which, according to Semashko scientific conviction, root in the equal spherons that are classes of the population engaged not in Marxist class struggle and war but in harmonious cooperation. Their structure is universal and eternal; it penetrates into the soul and character of a person, providing peace from harmony of humankind. Semashko has not o­nly challenged Marxist-Leninist "science" of the class struggle, but also inspired by his predecessors, especially Gandhi’s teachings o­n nonviolence of equal varnas/spherons, created the science of global peace, which is most fundamentally disclosed in Gandhica." - Vladislav Krasnov, historian, RAGA President, USA


“Since I first became acquainted with Leo Semashko’s tetrasociology (in 2002) his theorising has become more detailed and more complex. However, the underlying logic remains the same: it begins with the four spheres of social production of the young Karl Marx and the autopoiesis (self-production) of Humberto Maturana. Semashko’s four spherons/classes employed in them are: 1. Sociospheron, which produces humans. 2. Infospheron, which produces information. 3. Orgsferon, which produces organizations. 4. Technospheron, which produces things. Their equality and sociocybernetic harmony are found the sources in Gandhi’s teachings o­n equal ancient varnas/spherons of India, which at the present level are revealed in detail and empirically proved by world statistics in the GHA Gandhica. This book is a new fundamental step in social science.” - Bernard Scott, Doctor of Sociocybernetics, Britain


Gandhica was appeared o­n October 2, 2019 as a marvelous unique creation of 82 coauthors of the 25 countries. It is an innovative integrated means of scientific interpretation of social reality through “spherons” proceeded as “tetranet thinking” based o­n discovery of Karl Marx (4 spheres of social production), Maturana (autopoiesis), Parsons (societal communities) and long term experience of GHA. Spherons are the source ofhuman life, the foundation of all its higher and eternal values: harmony, peace, solidarity, nonviolence, justice, unity, freedom, equality, fraternity, love and happiness. They provide an adequate scientific understanding of the Gandhian movement of humanity from violence to nonviolence. The lifelong peacemaking dedication of the principal author, editor in chief, philosopher, social reformer, Professor Leo Semashko and his great inspiration and effort along with its coauthors’ contributions provide the project with triumphal success. Gandhica will certainly helpful for academia, peace aspirants, peace builders, conflict managers, researchers, and social reformers, as rich source of information and guide for creating New World Order of Global Peace.” - Pravat K. Dhal, Professor of Education, India


«Gandhica describes the fundamental scientific discovery of a new social reality of the spherons, spheral classes of the population employed in the spheres of social production. Spherons are the noospheral structure of humankind: the source of energy of nonviolence as the greatest force in the hands of mankind (Gandhi); able to end the war before the war ends humanity (John Kennedy) and shift the arms race into a peace race (Martin Luther King Jr.).

Gandhica develops the Einstein’s “substantially new manner of thinking” (or «nonviolent Tetranet Thinking”) by the holistic spheres and spherons, which constitute the fundamental societal platform of global peace. Spherons are the center of its sociocybernetic genome. Gandhica reveals innovative spheral statistics of spherons, arming their science with a mathematical statistical tool. This amazing book is a must-read for all: social scientists, politicians, public figures, researchers, and peacebuilders, who have a deep interest in conflict transformation by peaceful means. Therefore, Gandhica shall be the most powerful weapon to transform war politics into the politics of nonviolence and peace.” -Bishnu Pathak, Ph.D., director of the Conflict Study Center, Nepal


Gandhica is humanity's choice: a Gandhian nonviolent hack of militarism or dying in an escalation of violence. Through the advancement of AI and hypersonic weapons, Gandhi's Golden Rule of non-violence becomes humanity's most important survival principle in steering digitalization. We either non-violently hack humanity's digitally empowered circle of violence, endowed with digital technologies, or die from its escalation. We need a rebirth of cybernetics, not least to prevent the rebirth of a military cybernetics. We perpetuate war and compete for the increase and control of production, while humanity’s primary task is non-violent self-organization through the Gandhian holistic spheres and spherons. Our current delicate balance of terror of hypersonic nuclear weapons will leave no time for human to respond and find rescue solution from global genocide/ecocide. Humanity needs to unite now to solve the task we have inherited from the creators of digitalization: how to unite human and machine intelligence. Digitalization globalized Gandhi's golden rule of non-violence. We either imagine and act o­n a common non-violent solution, as Gandhica suggests, or soon any moment of humanity's digital transformation, even without human interference, could be our last.” - Lucas Pawlik, cybernetician and philosopher, Austria


“Analogy in the approaches of two humanists of nonviolence: Mahatma Gandhi and Léo Semashko. Leo Semashko is inventor of the tetrasociology and spherons as the center of Global Peace Science (2016) and Gandhica (2019). I am know since 2006 the scientific and humanistic approach of Leo Semashko, who has with Gandhi o­ne quality of perseverance!

Leo Semashko gradually built his system of thought in spite of its insertion lasting a long time in the ideological bath of the Communism whose center was the former USSR quite far away from the values that it propagates today. Without financial aid he confronts the dominant thinking of economic liberalism based as the prevailing standard of the American imperialism and its militarism. In spite of these difficulties, increasingly today many thinkers of the various continents join him, share and look further into his thought. The Gandhian scientific approach of Semashko joined dozens various authors and integrated almost all the diversity of the constructive peacemaking ideas of pacifism relieving it from fragmented impotence in front of the war and military science.

His science, like supreme scientific comprehension of peace, has all the reasons to become the intellectual and technological alternative most powerful to military science and all the wars, including the nuclear war prepared and matured in the new spirit of “Barbarossa”, which will be a catastrophe for humanity and planet. This science, concentrated in Gandhica, and its new technologies of peacebuilding open a new era of humanity - the age of peace and Gandhian nonviolence. This science and its modern approach, in my opinion, are aimed at a universal generalization of Gandhi’s non-violence and its principle of full equality of varnas/spherons as the basis for the equality of all nations, genders, races and social groups.

If the principle of non-violence, which Mahatma Gandhi implemented, remains a world reference, the theoretical development of Leo Semashko and international researchers brought together in GHA is aimed at providing it with a fundamental scientific justification and equipping it with the mathematical apparatus of spheral statistics. Their conceptualization provides it with a global practical range of application that overcomes all national, cultural and civilizational boundaries. Léo is right that our scientific and humanistic approach of the Gandhica irrigates the world! I publish this treasure in France to revive the Gandhian Enlightenment in the new century.” - Guy Crequie, French philosopher and writer


“The spherons’ structure of humanity creates internally permanent/constant social genome (Socionome) at all its levels, safeguarding its (humanity) autonomy in biosphere, universal peace, holistic and sustainable development o­n the Earth ensuring a global harmonious society in 21st century. Spherons define in Gandhica "Sociology of the Future", which predicts a peaceful and harmonious human society.” - Ayo Ayoola-Amale, Law Professor, Ghana


“A new peace global process determined by the overarching law as described in the Gandhica in terms of the spherons’ harmony could be the answer to our current dangerous human predicament where out very survival as a species is at stake.” - Michael Ellis, Professor of Medicine, Australia


“The fundamental difference between the theory of the Gandhian varnas/spherons in Gandhica and the Marxist theory of classes is that it rejects the materialism of Marx, like any monism. It stands o­n the position of tetrarian (four-dimensional) pluralism of equal spherons engaged in four spheres of social production, which are equally necessary and sufficient for the life of every person and every society in history. Conscious construction of a spheral pluralistic society will ensure a harmonious ecology.” - Timi Ecimovic, Ecologist, Slovenia


From the Gandhica Epilogue. “We, the GHA “Gandhi book” authors, have found for it the lapidary term Gandhica. Gandhica is the vision, thinking, methodology and the GHA design symbol for the Nonviolence Era of the XXI century, which Gandhi began to build more than 100 years ago. Gandhica unites and reveals in Gandhi’s nonviolence the ten key values of the new Era, which he used to define its fundamental attributes: life, truth, peace, harmony, love, disarmament, freedom, equality, fraternity, real democracy. They are structurally substantiated by societally equal spherons and them base they are modeled in four parts of the Gandhica: o­ntology, epistemology, sociology, and statistics of our book.

Gandhica is a constructive alternative, meaningful antipode, “hack” and nonviolent negation of that monstrous destructive reality, captured in the genius picture of the Spanish painter Pablo Picasso “Guernica”, which became a symbol of the last century violence. It is a bright artistic expression of ten attributes of the bloodiest XX century of human history - the outgoing violence era pick: death, war, lie, Nazism, hatred, militarism, slavery, discrimination, hostility, pseudo-democracy.

Gandhi and Picasso are living human sources and symbols of the new Era of Nonviolence from the 20th century. The GHA is o­nly intellectually deciphering their ingenious intuitive symbols in “substantially new manner of thinking” (Einstein) - in nonviolent harmonious tetranet thinking by the equal spheres and spherons, which is multi-dimensionally deployed in Gandhica.

This “substantially new manner of thinking” by the spheres/spherons is embodying all the humanistic social power of non-violence as “the greatest force of humanity, which is mightier than the mightiest weapon of destruction” (Gandhi) and its generating source — militarism. Gandhica as the new era worldview becomes the center of its public consciousness and the core of global harmonious peacemaking education starting from family, preschool up to academic and o­n all life. It is able to uproot the global status quo of the total threat to the survival of humanity from its 100% prepared nuclear hypersonic military suicide. There is no other way out except the o­ne proposed by Gandhica.

At the XXI century end, humanity with new, non-violent tetranet thinking, developed and proven in our Gandhica, will certainly achieve global peace and provide a shift from the era of violence into the Divine Harmonious Era of Gandhian Non-Violence. Gandhica gives full faith and hope for this creating its spiritual and theoretically conscious platform, which was constitute by this book. This is the crown of the GHA colossal work for almost 15 years. We can justifiably be proud of it and congratulate our international peacemaking team of hundreds of the GHA members and its friends from dozens of countries with this historical peaceloving achievement and unprecedented intellectual victory over war, militarism and violence! Gandhica is an invitation to all people, young people in the first place, to take part in its implementation through education to ensure life and better future.” - The Gandhica Epilogue Authors




Gandhian Equal Varnas/Spherons:

Global Peace, Nonviolence and Humanity Survival

By Dr. Leo Semashko


This is about the book [1] dedicated to the Mahatma Gandhi 150th anniversary as research result
of the Global Harmony Association [2] peacemaking organization members last year.


Gandhi's Spheral Approach:

Four Spheres as Peace and Nonviolence Foundation

Gandhi was a forerunner of the spheral approach in social philosophy and societal (deep and holistic) thinking, although he never used similar terms.It is foundation of his theory and practice of nonviolence as he wrote in “My Religion” [3].

Gandhi discovered this approach in 1927, almost 100 years ago [3, Ch. 29]. In the society spheral system he assigns a key role to religion, which “permeates all [four] spheres of society ... as an invisible whole … social, economic, political and purely religious”. Based o­n this, he makes universal conclusion about nonviolence/ahimsa: “If it cannot be practised in all departments [spheres], it has no practical value.” [3, 141].


Social Equality of People through Social Spheres Equality

Gandhi approves “all men are equal” in society, because each of its spheres in which people are engaged is equally necessary for it. Gandhi reiterates this principal idea of ​​ people equality in terms of employment many times: “it is because I believe in this inherent equality of all men … it is unmanly for any person to claim superiority over a fellow-being.” [3, 142].


Gandhian Varnas/Spherons Equality Defined by Spheres Equality:

"Newtonian Law of Gravitation"

Gandhi explained social equality of people by four equal varnas/classes, which cover the entire population and are employed in four equal spheres. Therefore, they later received the name “spherons”. It gains the theoretical justification in his doctrine of "Varna and Caste, Law of Varna." “Varna means pre-determination of the choice of man's profession [spheral employment]”. Varna – “It is not a human invention, but an immutable law of nature—the statement of tendency that is ever present and at work like Newton's law of gravitation… It was given to the Hindus to discover that law.” [3, 169].

“All varnas are equal, for the community depends no less o­n o­ne than o­n another.” Varnas ensured peace and prosperity of India "several thousand years, during which the law of varnashrama worked without interruption."[3, 170-172].


Varnas/Spherons as Humanity’s Sources of

Nonviolence, Peace, Harmony, Truth, Love…

The Varnas/Spherons “Newton's law” is universal, global law of humanity in all its history. “Varna…is no man-made institution but the law of life universally governing the human familyFulfillmentofthislaw wouldmakelifelivable, would spread peace and consent, end all clashes and conflicts, put an end to starvationandpauperization,solvetheproblemof populationandevenend disease and suffering.... ThoughthelawofvarnaisaspecialdiscoveryofsomeHinduseer, ithas universal application … The world may ignore it today but it will have to accept it in the time to come.” [3, 170].

Gandhi constantly denied any justification for the unequal, hierarchical castes, which rejected the varnas/spherons equality and thereby plunged India into millennia of wars, poverty and depression. He was firmly convinced in the global revival of equal nonviolent varnas/spherons providing global peace, prosperity and survival of humanity that is disclosed in the "Gandhica".


1.Semashko L. (Ed.) Mahatma Gandhi. Nonviolence Starting Point. Spherons’ Genetics and Statistics. Gandhica. Delhi, 2019, https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=848

2.Global Harmony Association: https://peacefromharmony.org

3.Gandhi, M. My Religion, 1955.: http://gandhisevagramashram.org/pdf-books/my-religion.pdf


Published in the IPRA Newsletter [Volume 10 No. 1 Edition, January-March 2020]:





“Gandhica Triumph” approved


Dear GHA members, friends,

We are glad to inform you that after five days of discussion of the “Gandhica Triumph” in English and Russian-language networks, it was approved without any objection. We received 25 responses from 12 countries, which are published together with the corrected “Triumph” here:


The GHA is happy to congratulate all members o­n this important axiological document and to thank everyone who responded for its active support.

Best wishes for your health and global peace,
Dr. Leo Semashko,


Global Peace Gandhian Science (GPGS)

instead of fairing pacifist cannons o­n militaristic sparrows:



Dear peace friends Roy and Chris, Dear IPRA members,

          Many thanks for your wonderful publication of my review of the GHA unprecedented peacemaking book “Gandhica” in the IPRA Newsletter (https://docs.google.com/document/d/1Y9bFdpn83cDpR8SlsVK52W7jBHG09WLE5NOdmntQ5tQ/edit). More than 20 high ratings of this book by outstanding intellectuals and peacemakers of our century from 16 countries determine its peacebuilding “Intellectual triumph”, which is published here: https://www.peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=938

Gandhica can be o­ne common philosophical and scientific platform to unite all the constructive peacemaking achievements of pacifism over more than a century, which have always been fragmented and helpless before militarism, into the “Global Peace Gandhian Science” (GPGS). Its first world version was created by 174 co-authors (including the President of India and four Nobel Peace Laureates) from 34 countries during 11 years of the GHA work and published in 2016 here: https://www.peacefromharmony.org/docs/global-peace-science-2016.pdf

GPGS can become the o­nly intellectual non-violent weapon that will ensure the victory of global peace in the 21st century and put an end to all wars along with the endless and useless shelling of pacifist cannons of militaristic sparrows, which has o­nly fueled sharks of militarism and imperialism for more than a century. It does not interfere to all endless wars and bring humanity closer to nuclear genocide/ecocide, which is o­nly 100 seconds away: https://www.peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=924.

In connection with the new fundamental scientific possibilities of a “substantially new manner of thinking” (Einstein) by Gandhian equal varnas/spherons, studied in detail and empirically grounded by world statistics in Gandhica,

GHA CALLS o­n IPRA MEMBERS TO UNITE for the scientific development of “Global Peace Gandhian Science” (GPGS) in an updated version. This will give IPRA real peacemaking meaning instead the scattered and useless firing of pacifist cannons at militaristic sparrows, which does not bring closer, but alienates humanity from global peace, distracting intellectual forces, energy and time from it.

IPRA took the first step in this direction by creating a new ingenious section “Comments” within the “Newsletter”, which provides a harmonious dialogue of various peacemaking ideas and organizations for combining them with their criticism and mutual complement, enrichment and synthesis. Similar lively dialogue of ideas is the most productive way of developing peacemaking and creation of GPGS.

This science can be the o­nly development of the Gandhian science of the “greatest force of non-violence” of EQUAL varnas/spherons, which provided ancient India with prosperity and peace. The global peace of the 21st century and subsequent millennia can also be built o­nly o­n the social equality of the genetic Gandhian varnas/spherons, which is described in the shortest way (500 words, 1 page) in my review (above).

The prehistoric, millennial civilizations of the equal varnas/spherons of India, which Gandhi's nonviolence relies o­n, as well as the prehistoric Mycenaean civilization in Crete, built o­n a gender partnership, uncovered by Riane Eisler (https://www.peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=932) it was proved that their peace and prosperity, excluding war and weapons, was based o­n o­ne fundamental quality - o­n the EQUALITY of the socio-forming groups covering the entire population as a whole.

For our and future centuries and millennia, there is no other way to build global peace and exclude war, how to revive the social equality of spherons and genders, to make it a systemic principle of self-organization of society at all levels, which is disclosed in Gandhica.

On behalf of the GHA,

Dr. Leo Semashko, GHA Founder and Honorary President, initiator, lead author, manager and editor-in-chief of Gandhica,

Personal page: https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=253

Email: leo.semashko@gmail.com



Gandhica Triumph:

Discussion and Approval until April 7


Dear GHA members, friends,

We are happy to propose for your discussion and approval by your YES or NO during three days until April 7, inclusively, a selection of more than 20 of Gandhica’s value judgmentsin the attached file "Gandhica: Intellectual Triumph" and o­n the website here: https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=938

Gandhica, as you know, is an intellectual and worldview “Introduction” to our new tenth book, “Gandhicracy,” so its understanding, appreciation, and appropriate use in the new book have key importance to it.

We invite all authors of the value judgments selected from your various published texts and responses to carefully read them in my editing (I selected them from your long texts with their inevitable change) and, if necessary, shorten or slightly expand them, edit them in your own way, etc. Others may offer additional value judgments, maybe someone will find and formulate a new original value pearl. It is also possible that I missed someone or something. This feeling does not leave me. Therefore, I will be very grateful for any reminder and your active discussion. Silence will be your consent.

Best wishes for you health and peace,






Yes! Gandhika deserves the highest praise. Indeed, Gandhika is a triumph, a breakthrough, a masterpiece with its unprecedented intellectual content. This is a triumph for intellectual people who allowed themselves the labor to delve into its contents, at least a little. For all natural difficulty of its understanding today, I’m sure in its undeniable future. I believe in it and hope so.

Vera Popovich



Dr. Leo Semashko:GHA Founder (2005) and Honorary President (2016)

& All GHA Global Peace Leaders,

Greetings from India


I support and approve the project “Gandhika Intellectual Triumph of Varnas/Spheron’s Equality”:

Gandhika is the scientific foundation for peacebuilding Gandhicracy-2020 - Gandhian nonviolent
democracy of equal varnas/Spheron’s as a reconciliatory political revolution of the XXI century
.” – It is my words -
Subhash Chandra, GHA President, India

With Peace & Unity of Harmony for all.

Dr. Subhash Chandra, GHA President & Chairman Board,

GHA Ambassador of Peace and Disarmament from Harmony


Gandhica Book (2019): https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=848

Its presentations: https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=689

Vice-Chair of the International Jubilee Gandhi Committee (GC)


M-+91 9910241586 ; E-mail schandra101@gmail.com




I approve!

María Cristina AZCONA



Dear Leo and Colleagues;

Greetings from Nepal!

Yes, from my side too.

Bishnu Pathak


Dear Leo:

Yes, I approve Gandhica Triumgh.

Best wishes,

your Rudi,

Professor Rudolf Siebert

from the House of Mir







YES Re: Gandhica Triumph.

Thanks for everything!

Adam Greenwell

New Zealand


YES, I approve.

Takis Ioannides



Yes sir,

It is approved.


Pravatji Dhal,



Dear Leo.

I shall be sending my details to you and all. Please give me o­ne-day time for that.

I have given my approval to the “Gandhika Intellectual Triumph of Varnas/Spheron’s Equality.”
Thank you.

Maitreyee Bardhan Roy




Michael ELLIS




Лев Михайлович, если это тот текст, который Вы рекомендовали прочесть, то мое мнение прежнее. От восторженных слов мне бы хотелось перейти к механизмам, которые позволяют поддерживать мирное сосуществование сферонов, их обмен деятельностью без угнетения других сфер. Пока понятно, что 21 век открывает новые возможности и востребованность для информационной и социальной сфер. Однако финансовая сфера не упускает возможности их подчинить при помощи гос финансирования программ. Нужно выстраивать новые институты и инструменты, стимулирующие, поддерживающие и развивающие инициативы на местах. Для этого нужно быстрое и эффективное взаимодействие всех сферонов, но механизмы и заинтересованность в таких взаимоотношениях пока не понятны.

Это мое мнение.

С уважением

Ольга Кашина




Триумф Гандики versus триумфа застойного, ложного сознания


Дорогая Ольга Николаевна!

Большое спасибо за Ваш развернутый отклик и практические предложения, которые требуют эмпирических исследований и социальных экспериментов. Несомненно, они будут, когда общество дорастет до того уровня мышления и интеллекта, который предложен в "Гандике" и который опережает традиционное застойное мышление и зомбированное отживающими и милитаристскими идеологиями марксизма/либерализма ложного сознания. На это нужны многие годы, если не десятилетия, с учетом подавления всех новых идей прессом этого господствующего общественного сознания и его институтов: мертвых академий/институтов социальных наук, полумертвоготрадиционного социального образования и таких же СМИ.

Наша традиционная косность и застойность мышления держит нас всегда в хвосте интеллектуального прогресса, в вечных догоняющих уж более века... Новые, смелые и опережающие идеи для нас всегда "сумасшедшие, глупые, наивные, вредные, опасные" и т.п. Их носителей как гнобили раньше тысячами, стреляли, топили, пароходами дарили западу, выталкивали за кордон, так и продолжают это любимое российское занятие до сих пор.

Что делать в этом интеллектуальном социальном мраке? Только по-христиански терпеть и делать свое дело, чтобы мракобесие и официальная умственная лень не говорили. Какой им "триумф" Гандики, превосходящей триумф генетики, кибернетики, информатики, радостно подавленных давно, отбросивших нас на десятилетия и приведших к краху СССР? Подавили их, подавим и "Гандику", не читая ее и не удосуживаясь обратить на нее внимание! Подавление "Гандики" обернется тем же результатом, но только для России, с ее развалом и тем же отставанием, пусть и с гиперзвуковым оружием... Известно, что когда Бог хочет покарать кого-то, то он сначала лишает разума через подавление и пренебрежение новым мышлением, которое сегодня предложено в нашей "Гандике".

Ее реальному, научному триумфу, признанному единицами современных мыслителей, вникших в нее, противостоит косная масса инертного, мелкого, поверхностного и ложного, но властно господствующего традиционного мышления зомбированных масс, неспособных вместе со своей властью вникнуть в новое и по достоинству оценить его. Триумфу интеллекта, как всегда, противостоит и подавляет его триумф господствующей массовой косности. На костер всякий триумф интеллекта! А публика будет подбрасывать в него свои мелкие хворостинки... Даже ближайшие прошлые "друзья", предательски и втихую, с черного хода, побрасывают хворост молчания и безучастности... Не комфортна для них «Гандика», уж очень много хлопот с ней бесплатных…

Такие печальные, но не новые мысли подогрел Ваш отклик. Спасибо и за него. Жаль, что Вы не послали его всем. Я делаю это за Вас и публикую со всеми откликами здесь:


С уважением и огромным вкладом в «Гандику», которого Вы, кажется, стесняетесь, не понимая его до конца... Каждому свое. Караван прогресса идет и ничто его не остановит.

Лев Семашко,

ГСГ Основатель и Почетный Президент, инициатор, основной автор и главный редактор "Гандики" - триумфа русской интеллектуальной мысли 21 века как его ближайшего будущего.

Персональная страница: https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=ru_c&key=286



Dear Leo,

This is my “praise”:

“Gandhica is a treatise o­n the political and philosophical vision of Mahatma Gandhi and its application to society today. The book makes history, compiling articles, opinions, poems and pictorial expressions of renowned world intellectuals all of whom are committed to universal peace and human rights.” - Prof. Ernesto Kahan MD, Former Vice President of IPPNW: Association awarded the Nobel Peace Prize, Israel


The Corona-Virus is taken as an excuse for many hideous acts, which in many cases, like in this o­ne, constitute a crime against the democratic institutions. How to regain democracy? This will be our global next great task. Thus, I have thought about how I could contribute to the Gandhica Triumph, which I approve of!!

If we want to regain democracy, we meet a major shift from a healthcare system focusing o­n fighting sickness to a healthcare system promoting and empowering health and natural immunity!

Best Regards,

Lucas Pawlik,




Лучшие пожелания всем здоровья и мира!!!

ПОДДЕРЖИВАЮ «Триумф Гандики»!

Нина Новикова,





Горячо поддерживаю философию Гандики. Гандика опережает своё время

и в то же время приближает нас к будущему всемирному триумфу мира и ненасилия.

C уважением

Александр Трубачёв



Лев, коллеги, приятно читать идеализированные словесные конструкции, дающие представление о желательности гармоничного, благожелательно устроенного социума. Остается один вопрос - как это превратить в жизнь. Слово "Халва" хорошее, но наесться им нельзя, простите за грубость. Существуют ли рецепты, идеи и предложения как реализовать гармоничный социум на практике. Куда деть тысячи, миллионы и миллиарды человеческих слабостей - от тщеславия и до элементарной жадности? Да ещё и без насилия. Кто будет тем ИДЕАЛЬНЫМ субъектом который без насилия и без малейшего намека на личные "человеческие" слабости возьмется за реализацию идей Гандики и других идеальных (раньше их относили к "утопическим") построений?

С уважением,

Вячеслав Львович Калмыков



Яркий пример русского застойного господствующего менталитета правящего класса и его отживающей официальной социальной «науки» в натянуто корректной форме, из которой лезут уши любимого неувядающего и лелеемого НАСИЛИЯ! Без него – НИКАК! Ничто не решить! Это Абсолют! Этот менталитет не привык читать новое, отличное от Абсолюта, перегружать себя «идеальными, утопическими, ложными построениями». Поэтому, не читая, не вникая, он априорно судит, осуждает и отвергает КАК ВСЕГДА весь век с 1917. Г-н Калмыков, когда вы удосужитесь прочитать «Гандику», написать о ней отзыв и если он будет отвечать требованиям науки, а не вашей зомбирующей пропаганды, тогда можем начать обсуждение, вместо пустой болтовни в вашем бессмысленном отклике.

Тогда у вас появится моральное право что-то говорить о ней. А сейчас его у вас НЕТ! Читайте ваш, с позволения сказать «отклик» вместе с другими (https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=ru_c&key=835) и сравнивайте! Учитесь!

С уважением,

Лев Семашко


Горячо поддерживаю Триумф Гандики! ДА!!!

Владимир Оноприенко



Дорогие друзья, Лев Михайлович!

Книга "Гандика" - это прорыв мировой гуманитарной мысли!

Это необходимая часть философского мышления будущего, которое

уже наступает. Первые ростки сферонов были заложены и опробованы

Львом Михайловичем еще в "Демиурге" - философском студенческом клубе, в 1976-1980.

Модель работает и развивается, усиленная множеством умов из разных стран Мира,

выросла в целую науку, изложенную в новой книге.

Огромное спасибо всем авторам, людям неравнодушным к судьбам МИРА!

С уважением и пожеланием Мира и Здравомыслия на Земле.

Светлана Ветрова




Ирина Курис



          Уважаемый Лев, коллеги. Большая просьба ко Льву Семашко после представленных негативных предположений все-таки ответить положительно прочитав мой вопрос о том, как предполагается реализовать замечательные предложения Гандики с учетом неготовности современных людей к отказу от собственных недостатков. И да, я спрашивал именно как ненасильственно это реализовать. В присланном документе и в дискуссии на форуме пояснения на свой простой вопрос я не нашел.Вы предполагаете реализовать "ненасильственный слом милитаризма". Пожалуйста поясните как Вы намерены этого добиться. Задача серьёзная, важная и пути её реализации нужно искать серьезно и спокойно.

С уважением,

Вячеслав Львович Калмыков




          Уважаемый г-н Калмыков. На ваш вопрос о «ненасильственном сломе милитаризма» отвечает почти на 100% наша книга «Гандика» и восемь ей предшествующих, особенно «Наука Глобального Мира» (2016: https://www.peacefromharmony.org/docs/global-peace-science-2016.pdf) созданных за 15 лет «серьезной и спокойной» работы сотен членов (включая Президента Индии, Нобелевских лауреатов и лидеров миротворческих организаций) ГСГ из десятков стран (https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=ru_c&key=827). Мы не можем идти на поводу вашего ленивого невежества и начинать для вас индивидуальный ликбез. Мы не обязаны повторять то, что написано нами. Потрудитесь прочитать САМИ «серьезно и спокойно» указанные книги, в которых вы найдете ответ на ваш вопрос, написать на них рецензию и сформулировать оставшиеся вопросы. (А про «неготовность людей» - не смешите их своей наивностью, как будто вы «готовы отказаться от своих недостатков».) Желаем успехов в этом интеллектуальном труде, если вы способны на него. Только после этого вы создадите возможность «спокойно и серьезно» воспринимать вас и обсуждать ваши оставшиеся вопросы. Хорошо бы узнать кто вы – по образованию и профессии? Почему вы делаете из этого тайну?

Лев Семашко





Dear friends,

Congratulations to us all! Everyone almost gave more than possible!

In no other time, forgiving is more important than in a crisis.Perseverance furthers.

Perseverance without forgivingness exhausts itself.


Lucas Pawlik



PLEASE note my YES though belated for “Gandhica Triumph”.

I am very happy it was approved.

Best harmony wishes,

Ayo Ayoola-Amale




Поздравляю с Триумфом. Наверно я из тех, кто не возражал!


W George Krasnow (http://wiki-org.ru/wiki/Краснов,_Владислав_Георгиевич)

President, RAGA, USA







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