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Peace: 75 Years of Victory and Defeats


Peace: 75 Years of Victory and Defeats.

Which Security Council, which Democracy

and which Thinking are Required?

If they were powerless within 75 years before

the global ecocide/genocide nuclear catastrophe…


Leo Semashko, Johan Galtung, Mairead Maguire, Beatrice Fihn, Roger Kotila, Bernard Scott, Riane Eisler, Subhash Chandra, Susana Roberts, Ernesto Kahan, Théa Marie Robert, John Mecklin, Ayo Ayoola-Amale, Rick Wayman, Maria C. Azcona, Norman Kurland, Rudolph Siebert, Christopher Black, Lucas Pawlik, Michael D. Knox, Takis Ioannides, Matjaž Mulej, Pravat Dhal, Noor Larik, Habyarimana Heli, John Perkins, Vladislav Krasnov, Bishnu Pathak, Robert M. Weir, Daurenbek Aubakir, Vladimir o­noprienko, Vera Popovich, Vladimir Lepskiy, Stephen Lendman, Rene Wadlow, Adam Greenwell, Maitreyee Roy, Guy Crequie,



We invite all peacemakers, who agree with our question to the Security Council acting 75 years, to sign this Message as the World Civil Society Solidary Petition to it o­n May 9 with your amendments and additions to it.

About your signature from your country you could inform

by your “YES” to any co-author (you will find them with their addresses o­n our website:
https://peacefromharmony.org) or at this address: leo.semashko@gmail.com

All signatures will be published here.



The Message Meaning:

CALL for responsible citizens of the Earth to restore the humanity survival immunity in the 21st century at a new, scientific level!

Gandhian, nonviolent and societally equal varnas/spherons of humanity carry its antiwar genetic immunity. The anti-militaristic vaccine, restoring conscious immunity against wars, consists of statistical scientific researches of spherons (SSRS), tested for 15 years in the GHA.

Digitalization of SSRS technology in the smartphone applications in different languages ​​for different countries and ages in the next year or two will allow the population to gain anti-war spheral immunity, as “the greatest force of humanity non-violence”, overcoming the most destructive, nuclear weapons (Gandhi). We urge everyone to take possession of the 21st century SSRS peacemaking vaccine to prevent the catastrophe of nuclear war and ensure the survival of humanity!

The mass SSRS will become an intellectual revolution and a fundamental Victory of global peace of the 21st century, without which it will never take place!

Our Message is dedicated to this Victory in the context of the Victory over fascism 75th anniversary.



In English: https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=942

In Russian: https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=ru_c&key=838


The Gandhian Spherons Nonviolent Victory
over nuclear weapons, war and militarism is inevitable in the XXI century!

GHA, May 9, 2020

Victory and future


We, peacemakers are happy to congratulate all peoples

and each person with the Victory Day o­n May 9, 1945,

so that the new world war catastrophe does not happen again!


The Victory was given in WWII at the cost of the colossal victims of the population of 62 countries: 138 million, including 71 million killed, of which 27 million were of the USSR peoples, 38 million were wounded and 29 million were captured.

The world history knows almost everything about the Victory over fascism 75 years ago, o­n May 9, 1945, with all its proliferating politically motivated falsifications, including its gross distortions to the opposite modality of the resurgent Nazi groups in the Baltic states, Ukraine and several other countries. But they are insignificant and powerless against the Victory. Therefore, there is no need to repeat its well-known milestones and its world-wide historical significance for the survival of humankind, for the preservation of its humaneness and the establishment of a subsequent global peace. For this, the UN was created in 1945, and at the beginning of 1946 its Security Council (UNSC) of five permanent members with the right of veto each. It is the o­nly international body under the Charter responsible for global peace, adopting binding decisions for all governments designed to ensure it.

But what about the future after the great Victory and with its UNSC 75 years? The future freed in 75 years from the threat of a new world war? After all, the main aspiration of the surviving peoples was o­ne: “That there was no more war!” Has any guarantee been created in 75 years to prevent it in accordance with the main requirement of the dead and survivors? What about global peace over 75 years? Did humanity come close to it or walked away? Did it win or lose 75 years o­n the planet and in the Security Council? Because humanity, its new generations, do not live in the last Victory of 1945, but in the future. What is it prepared for 75 years? Here is the main thing.

The Victory knowledge is certainly necessary to prevent misanthropic Nazism anywhere and ever, whose bacilli are still very tenacious. But this knowledge is completely insufficient to establish global peace and eradicate any other militaristic attempts to achieve somewhere and ever world violent domination of any form and color. To do this, we need to know and learn from the experience of the global peace defeats during 75 years after the greatest Victory of humanity.




The Victory over fascism in WWII in 1945 has a long, at 75 years, subsequent world history of continuous militaristic defeats of global peace, starting with the atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki 3 months later - in August 1945, which launched the world arms race for a new war, for WWIII. Now it is 100% prepared in 75 years. All of its scenarios of different options (Chossudovsky, 2017; Johnson, 2017), especially Barbarossa-II (Black, 2020), are already in secret safes of the Pentagon/NATO military headquarters. All the years after WWII became the “the long US war against humanity” (Chossudovsky, 2016), which initiated 37 wars together with NATO, with a total number of victims of 20-30 million (Lucas, 2018). This war is not o­nly “long”, but also comprehensive, “on multiple fronts” and in all spheres (Lendman, 2019). This year, the US government, as the UNSC first member, announced a new national program for updating nuclear weapons, with funding of a trillion dollars, which is fueling its race for the century rest. If the Nazis implemented the Holocaust for 6 million Jews, the United States prepared a 100% global nuclear Holocaust/genocide for humanity and the biosphere as a whole that is expressed by our banner. This is the most likely end to the “long US war against humanity,” which excludes the winners. John F. Kennedy warned about it almost 60 years ago: "Mankind must put an end to war before war puts an end to mankind" that cost him his life.

Over the years, all the restraints of international law for the world nuclear war have been virtually dismantled (Freeman, 2020), but the right to prevent nuclear strike has been usurped by o­ne country (Cartwright, Blairog W., 2016) that made the United States a “Rogue state” (Blum, 2005), and the century of its world domination “has plunged the world into crisis” (Hallinan and Woofsey, 2016). For 75 years, about 300 thousand American soldiers were deployed at more than 800 military bases in 172 countries (Reiman, 2017). Nuclear triggers cocked against all imaginary “enemies”, o­nly 100 seconds left (Mecklin, 2020) to find a reason to launch them. All these and many other defeats of global peace were carried out with the knowledge and consent of the UN Security Council, before his eyes or bypassing it. This is not surprising, because it is made up of the world's major arms manufacturers and traders, caring for it, not peace. For 75 years, the American militarist empire closed the road to global peace in the UNSC, closed its freedom, democracy, law, knowledge, thinking and progress, leaving them open o­nly to global war and the arms race. The American world order made it open to all wars, making it closed and hostile to global peace (Chossudovsky, 2017; Johnson, 2017 and many others).

As a result, over the 75 years since the end of WWII, an irrefutable fact of world history has been formed that is obvious to every sane person. During this time, humanity not o­nly did not achieve military security for its existence and survival, but it came as close as possible to the red line of existential disaster in full, 100% prepared for it militaristic suicide into the global nuclear ecocide / genocide (GNEG). The GNEG danger, from which even global quarantine/lockdown cannot save, is incomparably greater than the danger of COVID-19 and similar bacteriological and environmental threats to humanity. They require priority international cooperation, solidarity and co-financing, instead of priority military budget investments of nation-states in the GNEG.


Why the UNSC was unable to become peacemaking and remained military?


Traditional world institutions, primarily the UNSC, with all its partial achievements that did not change the dangerous militaristic status quo, for 75 years revealed their complete intellectual (partial and violent thinking) and organizational (militaristic nation-states opposing each other) inability to overcome the deadly trends of world history, starting with the nuclear bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. This is the two key reasons that prevented the UNSC from gaining political will, a long-term strategy and organizational tools for 75 years in order to find a solution to global security, primarily nuclear, which is acceptable to all peoples.

The determining reason is traditional, partial and violent thinking, devoid of integrity/holism, which, as they say, "does not see the forest behind the trees" and requires "each for himself, o­ne God for all", ensuring the priority of private and partial interests over general and integral/holistic. This is monistic thinking, which absolutizes the role and attaches the determining importance to o­ne part of society, proving its right to social domination over other parts, as less valuable and significant. It grows from the deep, structural inequality of the society parts, from thinking the strongest part to its dominance over the whole. All empires, dictatorships, totalitarianisms, regimes, juntas, like any power of any party, grows out of similar thinking and relies o­n it in asserting its monistic and supreme right to dominate over the whole society.

It protrudes, persecutes and ensures the dominance of the interests of the most powerful (economic, political, religious, military, etc.) parts of society, its groups, classes, elites, parties. They inevitably come into irreconcilable, antagonistic conflict with the interests of other parties, elites and groups of society. This leads to inevitable violent clashes, armed conflicts and wars, both internal, civil, and external, interethnic that inevitably makes partial, monistic thinking violent and militaristic. This is the thinking of war, violence and militarism. Ultimately, this kind of thinking leads humanity in its history to self-destruction, depriving it of survival in the deadly military battle of its most powerful militaristic units. History reached this state for 75 years after the Victory in WWII.

The critical limit of the humanity evolution with partial and violent thinking was brilliantly recognized and expressed by Albert Einstein (1955) almost 70 years ago. He wrote: “The significant problems we face cannot be solved at the same level of thinking we were at when we created them.” Therefore, "we shall require a substantially new [holistic and nonviolent, asymmetric] manner of thinking if mankind is to survive." Unfortunately, over 75 years, humanity and the UNSC were unable to find, define and practically use “substantially new thinking” in order to survive humanity in global peace. Therefore, the UNSC remained a military and not a peacemaking organ of humanity, for which adequate systemic, including political and economic organizational tools for this purpose were unknown and inaccessible.


Gandhian Holistic Peacemaking Thinking


Fortunately, during this time and even earlier, sprouts of “substantially new”, holistic and system, non-violent and peacemaking, pluralistic and alternative thinking, asymmetrical to the traditional in all key attributes, but inseparable, began to sprout, while weak, incomprehensible and invisible to the naked eye from it as from its empirical soil, which it manages. The sprouts of this thinking received different names: holistic, pluralistic, system, cybernetic, spheral, non-violent, partnership etc. It goes in the opposite, asymmetric direction: from the whole as the structural harmony of its fundamental, equally necessary and sufficient parts/spheres, to the knowledge of these parts in their branch content and to their equal partnership, integrating and preserving in itself all the useful achievements of traditional, partial thinking. Holistic thinking provides it with humanistic governance, control and restraint, saving it from potential suicide. The thinking holism is expressed by the internal harmony of the fundamental societal parts - spheres and spherons. Their “inner harmony is the o­nly true objective reality” according to the outstanding mathematician Henri Poincare (1913). The disharmonious parts of the whole that endanger its survival are doomed to death (like fascism) or to evolutionary extinction and degradation - all empires, etc.

Mahatma Gandhi made the first in the history of humanity, a brilliant and fundamental scientific breakthrough to this holistic harmonious thinking. He, since 1927, began to write systematically about the spheres of society and the equally necessary and sufficient varnas/spherons occupied in them. Their equality provided prehistoric India with millennia of peace and prosperity. But their subsequent hierarchical transformation into unequal castes plunged the country for millennia into poverty, contention and degradation. Gandhian theory requires a more detailed analysis.

The starting point of Gandhian harmonious nonviolent thinking is the society wholeness. Then it deepens into its fundamental and constant, necessary and sufficient parts-spheres, after that to their historically transient, empirical composition of sectoral and branches activities of each sphere is investigated. He wrote: “the whole gamut of man's activities … [is] an indivisible whole”, which represents the indivisible unity of four equally necessary and sufficient spheres of society: “social, economic, political and purely religious” (Gandhi, 1955, 140). They are occupied by equally necessary and sufficient groups of the population – Varnas, which subsequently received the name "spherons" by their employment in the spheres of society. “All [four]varnas [spherons] are equal, for the community depends no less o­n o­ne than o­n another,” therefore varnas/spherons are equally necessary and sufficient together, determining the systems wholeness of every society. “Varna is not a human invention, but an immutable law of nature—the statement of tendency that is ever present and at work like Newton's law of gravitation. Just as the law of gravitation existed even before it was discovered so did the law of varna… Varna thus conceived is no man-made institution but the law of life universally governing the human family.Fulfillment of the law would make life livable, would spread peace and content, end all clashes and conflicts, put an end to starvation and pauperization… the idea of superiority or inferiority is wholly repugnant to it [varna]. ThoughthelawofvarnaisaspecialdiscoveryofsomeHinduseer,ithas universal application... Varna has nothing to do with caste. Down with the monster of caste that masquerades in the guise of varna… That is how I look at the law of varna. The world may ignore it today but it will have to accept it in the time to come. It ordains that everyone shall fulfil the law of o­ne's being... Today, nations are living in ignorance and breach of that law [of varnas’ equality] and they are suffering for it. The so-called civilized nations have by no means reached a state [of varnas development], which they can at all regard with equanimity… Without the abolition of the caste hierarchy, there can be no peace in society and the world ... When we revive universal human equality [of varnas/spherons]... When that day comes we shall have peace o­n earth and goodwill to men.” [Gandhi, 140-183]. From another source, Dr. Maitreyee Roy from India added another important thought of Gandhi: “Before the truth and non-violence of love, the atomic bomb is powerless.”

The universal Newtonian law of the Gandhian varnas / spherons defines its other most important universal law, “Ahimsa,” nonviolence. o­nly varnas / spherons provide “non-violence [harmony, peace, love] as the greatest force in the hands of mankind [which is] more powerful than the most powerful destructive weapon” [ibid.], i.e. more powerful than nuclear weapons. Gandhi, armed with knowledge of the “greatest force of non-violence”, was able to overcome the domination of the most powerful, British Empire without a single shot and without a single victim and ensure the independence of India in 1947. It was through 20 years later, as he began to theoretically master and apply the knowledge of the fundamental non-violent peaceful substance of varnas/spherons. What prevented the UNSC from arming itself with this “substantially new thinking” and knowledge for 75 years in order to use it for nuclear disarmament / prohibition and achieve global peace? Why has the UNSC been unable for 75 years to rise from traditional, partial and militaristic thinking to the level of Gandhian holistic and peacebuilding thinking in system spheres and spherons? Why was the UNSC armed with militaristic power, but deprived of its weapons by Gandhi's “greatest force of non-violence”?

The first answer to this question. Because the UNSC, for political reasons, did not want to abandon its partial, militaristic and dominant thinking, to which was inaccessible "the greatest force of non-violence, [which] is mightier than the mightiest weapon of destruction." Therefore, the global peace under the auspices of the UNSC lost 75 years to nuclear weapons and during this time did not find any way out of this humanity deadlock. The "greatest force of non-violence", overwhelming and excluding it, is available o­nly to a holistic, "substantially new manner of thinking." It knows and finds this force, following Gandhi, in the structural equality of spheres/spherons, equally necessary and sufficient for any society/nation, providing it and to humanity as a whole, structural non-violence and eternal Victory to global peace without defeats!

A fundamental research and empirical justification by the world statistics of the Gandhian “substantially new [holistic, non-violent and peace-making] manner of thinking” by the structurally equal spheres/spherons is presented and deployed in the details in the GHA ninth joint book, briefly titled “Gandhica” by 82 coauthors of humanities from 25 countries (Semashko, ed. , 2019).

Another answer to this question. Most likely, Gandhian holistic peacemaking thinking was simply unknown to Western thinking, which ignored intellectual achievements of a different origin, including Indian.

But in the very western thinking, the sprouts of integral/holistic thinking began to break out from under the press of partial and dominant thinking at about the same time.


System and gender searches for holistic thinking of the “third way”


They are associated primarily with the evolution of systemic and cybernetic theories, claiming integrity/holism/wholeness. The Austrian biologist Ludwig Bertalanffy began developing in 1937 the “General Theory of Systems” with the widespread use of statistical researches of the equilibrium and harmony of fundamental parts in holistic systems. The American mathematician Norbert Wiener published in 1948 the fundamental book “Cybernetics, or Control and Communication in the Animal and Machine.” It laid the foundation for the new science “Cybernetics”, striving for a holistic description of systems and their internal harmony, based o­n probability theory and mathematical statistics. This science received a particularly important direction of evolution in Sociocybernetics, the search history of integrity in which was developed by Bernard Scott (2018) as an example of his own scientific growth in this discipline. Within its framework, the system approach was first combined with the sociological theory of spheres and spherons, forming first a system-spheral approach (Semashko, 1992), and then Tetrasociology (Semashko, 2002), which was supported by Bernard Scott (2002; 2017) and other sociocybernetics. Subsequently (Semashko, 2012) it was defined as “Sociocybernetics of the third order by spheres/spherons”. Even later, it was developed, although without taking into account spheres and spherons, another Russian scientist Vladimir Lepskiy (2018).

One of the fundamental social achievements of this weak but wide evolution of holistic systemic thinking was the theory of structural equality by Johan Galtung, in which he defined the achievement of peace and non-violence, o­n the o­ne hand, and, o­n the other hand, violence and the collapse of any imperial system was determined by structural inequality. Based o­n this theory, Galtung (2009) brilliantly predicted both the fall of the USSR in 1990 and the US empire fall in 2020 as the main obstacle to global peace, freed from which it will receive freedom and progress. It is likely that the COVID-19 pandemic, apparently, can be the external impetus that will lead this obstacle to its final collapse this year.

Another fundamental milestone in the intellectual evolution of holistic thinking is Riane Eisler’s theory of gender partnership. Based o­n archaeological excavations and anthropological generalizations of artifacts of the prehistoric civilization of Europe, especially the Minoan civilization in Crete, she created a holistic systemic theory of gender equality and partnership / harmony. Its philosophical support was the ideas of the Pythagorean harmony of natural and social spheres, which excludes societal inequality, domination, violence, militarism and war. This theory distinguishes between two integral social models: the "partnership model" of gender equality and the alternative androcratic "domination model" in all partial forms, including capitalism and communism. A holistic theory of gender order/harmony, along with a number of other scientific theories, including the Tetrasociology of spheres/spherons, opens up a “third way” for the further evolution of humanity (Eisler, 1994; Semashko, 2002; Kurland, Greaney, 2015; Siebert, 2020), which integrates all the constructive achievements of the past and is replacing all outmoded partial, party empires. The partnership model complements and develops the Gandhian teaching of non-violence of equal varnas/spherons from a gender perspective.

The approaches of Mahatma Gandhi, Riane Eisler and Johan Galtung, identical in their social essence of structural equality, harmony and non-violence, comprise three sides (gender, societal and peacemaking) of a single, holistic and pluralistic system approach of the genetic spheres/spherons of humanity, presented in the GHA Gandhica, 2019. These approaches, identical in their diversity and organic interconnection, ensure global peace from harmony in the new non-violent world order of the 21st century within the framework of a holistic and non-violence "substantially new manner" (Einstein) system sociocybernetic thinking by spheres and spherons humanity. Together, they make up the scientific pluralistic peacebuilding “third way postideology” (Semashko, 2002, 2012, 2016, 2019; Kurland, 2015; Siebert, 2020; and others) of holistic global humanity. It is alternative to all partial violent ideologies, including the ideologies of capitalism and communism, but it is open to synthesis, integration and partnership with all constructive ideas and approaches of equality, non-violence and peace within them.


Consequences and conclusions of holistic thinking


1. The first step and the entry of each person responsible for the Earth’s life to the level of Gandhian holistic, non-violent and harmonious thinking is a statistical scientific research of spherons (SSRS) of any level from municipal to global according to the GHA methodology presented o­n 5 pages of Gandhica (2019: 32-37p.) In the near future (1-2 years), the digitalization of this technique in the appropriate smartphone application will allow everyone, starting with a schoolchild who has mastered arithmetic, to quickly and accurately make the SSRS of any enterprise, city, country and humanity as a whole. SSRS will allow everyone to be convinced of the objective truth of spherons, in their eternal societal and genetic peacemaking nature, as Mahatma Gandhi was convinced of this from his own experience. It will become the criterion of the 21st century peacemaker, ensuring its entry into the “substantially new manner of thinking” by the Gandhian spherons, possessing the “greatest force of non-violence”, overcoming the most powerful, nuclear weapon of destruction.

We urge every responsible citizen to conduct similar SSRS. They will become the most reliable, fundamental scientific and spiritual pillar of global peace and survival for the foreseeable future for enlightened humanity in them of the 21st century, excluding any threat of GNEG, war and militarism. o­nly in this way can we ensure global peace, life and prosperity for our children, grandchildren and all subsequent generations who will be grateful to us for similar enlightenment.

2. Partial violent thinking determines the partial and violent, militaristic character and structure of any traditional national power and democracy, as well as the international bodies of their states: the UN and its Security Council. The veto power in it is the o­nly effective organizational tool of this structure to counter the extreme militaristic threat of everyone. This right is inevitable for similar structures with all its undemocracy. The trouble with the partial structures of any government lies in their partial thinking, which is capable of any extreme and ignores social integrity. Therefore, such structures are irresponsible for it and its fate; they exclude its long-term scale, limiting it to the short-term nature and volatility of the current ruling party policy.

3. Peacemaking, Gandhian structures of democracy, power and state at all levels, including the level of the UN and its Security Council, can o­nly be built o­n the basis of holistic, pluralistic and non-violent Gandhian thinking.

4. If the Gandhian UN and the Gandhian Security Council cannot be created o­n their traditional organizational and intellectual platforms today, then they can and should be created o­n an alternative platform of holistic and non-violent Gandhian spheral thinking. Within the framework of the World Civil Society (WCS), primarily the WCSSC, like this GHA proposal in the relevant Project (GHA, 76 Project, 2020). The WCSSC could become an experimental platform for testing the “substantially new manner of thinking” in Gandhian spheres/spherons in all its aspects, but primarily for nuclear disarmament/prohibition and the creation of a long-term program to achieve global peace in the 21st century. Its first fundamental project is presented in the GHA “Global Peace Science” (2016) and Gandhica (2019).

5. The structures of the new democracy, adequate to holistic Gandhian thinking, are the quota division of power in its legislative, executive and presidential branches by equally between the four spherons. Other similar structures are: establishing a quota gender balance in power branches; ensuring the children suffrage executed by parents; growing budgetary funding for national and global peace through the reduction and, as a result, the elimination of the military budget; creation of a balancing Peace Department in each national government until the complete elimination of the War/Defense Departments, etc. The corresponding structure of a harmonious, Gandhian UN is considered in the corresponding GHA Project (2017).

6. o­n the basis of Gandhian holistic thinking, the peacemaking “Constitution of the Earth Federation” can and should be updated (Kotila, 2020). o­nly by becoming the fruit and instrument of “substantially new thinking” by the Gandhian spheres/spherons it can become the Constitution of the global democratic government that Einstein wrote about. He excluded it in the framework of traditional, partial and violent thinking, which created the problem of the humanity survival, which "cannot be solved at the same level at which we created it." Einstein required for its solution, as well as for the "global government", "substantially new", Gandhian, holistic thinking.

7. The first, adequate decision of the current UNSC could be its resolution o­n the creation of the “International Academy of Gandhian/Global Peace” (IAGP) with its full funding for the intensive development of holistic non-violent thinking and the preparation o­n its platform of a peacemaking “Earth Federation Constitution.” Together with it should be created a long-term plan disarmament for the 21st century with the primary, during 10 years, prohibition of nuclear weapons due to an agreed reduction in budget funds for it by 10% annually. However, if the UNSC has not been able to accept and even initiate similar agenda within 75 years, then this agenda can hardly be expected from it, at least in the near future, if COVID-19 does not move it off the ground.

8. The psychological aspect. Many psychiatrists are concerned about the sociopathy or psychopathy of many world leaders in need of professional psychotherapeutic assistance. “They are trapped in a geopolitical competitive war system, and don't know how to free themselves. Some like the excitement of having power over life, and the control they have over others, and don't really want to change the world for the better. This requires a global psychotherapy summit” (Kotila, 2020). Of course, such a need is long overdue, but not psychology determines social thinking, but vice versa. Pathological partial and violent thinking creates a pathological militaristic policy. Leaders can get rid of and cured of it o­nly through healthy, holistic and non-violent Gandhian thinking, which will create a healthy and honest Gandhian geopolitics and its healthy leaders.


The evolution of the holistic thinking achievements o­n the basis of Gandhian discoveries creates a truly scientific, “substantially new manner of thinking” by spheres/spherons, possessing “the greatest force of non-violence”, more powerful “than the mightiest weapon of destruction.” Therefore, o­nly it is able to forever free humanity from nuclear weapons and provide global peace through the conforming UNSC for all future human generations without defeats.

Spheral statistics, its technologies and SSRSs will be the first criterion for peacemaking literacy of the population and power of the 21st century. They will become a technological digital tool for the theoretical mastery and practical use of the Gandhian holistic peace thinking.



36 peacemakers and scientists from 20 countries


Leo Semashko, philosopher, GHA leader, Russia https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=ru_c&key=286

Johan Galtung, sociologist, Norway


Mairead Maguire, Nobel Prize, Ireland


Roger Kotila, psychologist, USA


Beatrice Fihn, Nobel Prize, Sweden https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=943

Bernard Scott, cybernetician, Britain


Riane Eisler, anthropologist, USA


Subhash Chandra, GHA leader, India 


Susana Roberts, poet, Argentina 


Ernesto Kahan, doctor, Israel 


Théa Marie Robert, poet, France  


John Mecklin, editor, USA


Ayo Ayoola-Amale, jurist, Ghana


Rick Wayman, NAPF President, USA


Maria C. Azcona, psychologist, Argentina 


Norman Kurland, economist, USA


Rudolph Siebert, sociologist, USA  


Christopher Black, jurist, Canada


Lucas Pawlik, cybernetician, Austria  


Michael D. Knox, psychologist, USA


Takis Ioannides, historian, Greece  


Matjaž Mulej, cybernetician, Slovenia  


Pravat Dhal, statistician, India   

Noor Larik, statistician, Pakistan


Habyarimana Heli, sociologist, Rwanda, 


Vladislav Krasnov, historian, USA 


Bishnu Pathak, peacemaker, Nepal 


Robert M. Weir, writer, USA


Vera Popovich, jurist, Russia


Vladimir o­noprienko, editor, Russia


Daurenbek Aubakir, philosopher, Kazakhstan


 Vladimir Lepskiy, cybernetician, Russia


Stephen Lendman, journalist, USA


Adam Greenwell, producer, New Zealand


Maitreyee Roy, Sociologist, India


Guy Crequie, philosopher, France





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In process


Congratulations o­n Double Victory Day!


Dear GHA members, friends,

We are happy to congratulate you o­n Double Victory Day (DVD): over fascism o­n May 9, 1945, and with the intellectual Nonviolent Victory of the Gandhian Spherons over nuclear weapons, war and militarism o­n May 9, 2020!

God dawned o­n us today with this inspiring and encouraging knowledge as a result of 15 years of our intellectual quest and peacemaking experience. Mahatma Gandhi knew and predicted this victory almost a century ago. We, the GHA, KNOW HOW it will happen and WHEN! Its consciousness is ahead of its reality and accomplishment. This is the law of spirituality and science!

Today we know how and when the Non-Violent Victory of the Gandhian Spherons over nuclear weapons, war and militarism will occur. We know that in our century o­nly Spherons are capable to incarnate this Victory - no o­ne else is capable of it. This is the Spherons societal peaceful nature law, discovered by Gandhi. Read more about it in the GHA Victory Message:


We congratulate everyone o­n the DVD and wish you good health to live up to the second, Gandhian Victory! It fulfills the dream of all the dead for the first: THAT THERE WAS NOT WAR! This is a deep, invisible connection between the times and victories of human history.

With love,

Dr. Leo Semashko, GHA founder



Dear Leo and GHA peacemakers,

I've published the GHA Victory Message via my Facebook.

With peace via nonviolence and harmony

Takis D Ioannides



I join hands o­n this celebration

Congrats to all

María Cristina Azcona



Indeed this was an important day, end suffering to many.

There has been many natural disasters.

We don’t need more man made disasters.



Lana Yang 楊幗蘭




Присоединяюсь к поздравлению с двойным праздником победы,

желаю всем крепкого здоровья, счастья и благополучия.

Вера Попович


9 мая 2020


Respected Leo Sir & All,

Congratulations for DVD!


Pravat Kumar Dhal, PhD




Всех поздравляю с великим Днем Победы!!!




Всех друзей поздравляю с великим праздником Победы над фашизмом.

Но главные битвы еще впереди.

Воины Духа! Не ждите награды –

Орденских ленточек, званий… Поверьте ,

В Царствии Божьем не будет парадов.

Будет Победа. Победа над Смертью!

Борис Режабек



Approved Message o­n Victory Day


Dear GHA members, friends,

The GHA is happy to congratulate everyone o­n the Victory 75th anniversary and wish everyone health and that the catastrophe of a new war does not happen again!

We are happy to present to you the Message o­n this significant date of 36 peacemaking leaders from 20 countries, which we have been considering and discussing during three days and which did not meet with any objection. The text of the Message can be found in the attachment. It is also published with all the responses o­n the GHA website "Peace from Harmony" here:


We invite each of you to send this Message to all networks available to you and put it o­n your pages in the FB, Contact, Twitter and the like. You could put it in abbreviated form, selecting from it the most important fragments from your point of view, but preserving the address of its full publication. You could also complement it with your thoughts.

The most important meaning of this Message is the call for statistical scientific research of spherons (SSRS) as a universal peacemaking tool for the theoretical mastery and practical use of Gandhian holistic non-violent thinking, providing a deep scientific understanding of global peace and how to achieve it. As you know, our book Gandhica is devoted to the theory, methodology and examples of SSRS of 76 countries:


This is our unique peace experience over 15 years of work, which is becoming public domain and acquires decisive intellectual and practical importance in achieving global peace in the 21st century, which excludes all wars, especially nuclear.

With thanks and best wishes for health and peace,

Dr. Leo Semashko,



Message to the Victory 75th Anniversary.

Coauthors discussion and approval up to May 7


Dear friends-peacemakers,

We are happy to invite you as co-authors of our “Message to the Victory 75th Anniversary o­n May 9”, because your ideas are somehow used in it. We can’t get past this historic event, leaving without our assessment of the history 75 years after the WWII, which turned out to be disastrous defeats for global peace. It was reduced to 100 seconds from the disaster of the "global nuclear ecocide / genocide" (GNEG). This Message is addressed as a call for full support of the ICAN (International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons): https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=943.

We should send this Message o­n May 8th through our networks. Therefore, we invite you to edit this text, first of all, reducing it and supplementing it with your key ideas o­n this subject and clarifying / supplementing your sources in the bibliography within two days, until May 7, inclusively.

This will allow me to send you the Message final text o­n May 8 in the morning so that you can send it o­n your networks that day.

Thank you very much for your support and editing of this very important peacemaking and anti-nuclear document.

We wish you strong immunity against the pandemic and solidary protest against nuclear weapons o­n Victory Day, friendly,

Dr. Leo Semashko

GHA Founder and Honorary President






Dear Leo:

The Victory Message is perfect as it is.

Iapprove and support theVictory Message fully.

Best wishes,

your Rudi, from the House of Mir

Prof. Rudolf Siebert,

Michigan University, USA



Dear Leo, this message is great and very important. Obviously, I support it.

However, since it have be ready in 2 days, and the English is not good

(syntaxes and grammatical problems), I suggest to ask to an English specialist for corrections.

In my opinion, I prefer not to mixt the corona virus epidemic in this issue. But, it is up to you.

Ernesto Kahan,




Dear Leo and All,

Though my name is not included in your article: “Peace: 75 Years of Victory and Defeats. Which Security Council, which Democracy and which Thinking are Required? If they were powerless within 75 years before the global ecocide/genocide nuclear catastrophe,” I was really astonished , why my name is deleted from the list, in which it was included earlier, then I discovered the suspected cause of exclusion of my name from the article. I discovered all your mails are lying in the Trash, where you asked for our opinion within 30th April. Hence if it is the reason for not including my name, then I want to say that my non-participation to the article making is not intentional. Hence the decision is your.

However, I was going through the article, which has been presented in a very nice fashion. o­nly o­ne thing I want to include here is that Indian culture is not o­nly against any form of violence, it also is the promote love. To Gandhi purification of the mind of the people is o­nly possible through love and unconditional love. Ethically we follow the principle of love and the purification of the human mind through love. So Mahatma Gandhi, not o­nly fought against the nuclear policies, but he also propagated against any form of a deadly weapon that is destructive for the civilized society. I would prefer to add the gist of Gandhi`s reaction and his expression of agony while he learnt about the discovery of the nuclear weapon:

“There have been cataclysmic changes in the world. Do I still adhere to my faith in truth and nonviolence? Has not the atom exploded that faith? Not o­nly has it not done so but it has clearly demonstrated to me that the twins constitute the mightiest force in the world. Before it the atom bomb is of no effect. The two opposing forces are wholly different in kind the o­ne moral and spiritual, the other physical and material. The o­ne is infinitely superior to the other, which by its very nature has an end. The force of the spirit is very progressive and endless. Its full expression makes it unconquerable in the world. In saying this I know that I have said nothing new. I merely bear witness to the fact. What is more, that force resides in everybody, man woman, and child, irrespective of the color of the skin. o­nly in many it lies dormant, but it is capable of being awakened by judicious training. It is further observed that without the recognition of this truth and due effort to realise it, there is no escape from self-destruction. The remedy lies in every individual training himself for self-expression in every walk of life, irrespective of response by the neighbours.... You cannot successfully fight them with their own weapons. After all, you cannot go beyond the atom bomb. Unless we can have a new way of fighting imperialism of all brands in place of the outworn o­ne of a violent rising, there is no hope for the oppressed races of the earth.” Source: Mine Life (?); Metal Workers, Gandhi Jayanti, 1998

His other concern was the oppressed, class which may be described by the use of the word Varna, but oppressed class indicate those laid-off group not o­nly economically backward but backward in all spheres of life. (In the words of Gandhi those who are Patit (lying in the lower stratum of the society. For which he was talking of God as the Patit Pawan (in the Hindu religion the God is referred to as the protector of Oppressed Patit Pawan. Thank you.

Dr. Maitreyee Bardhan Roy




Dr. Leo Semashko: GHA Founder (2005) and Honorary President (2016)

Greetings from India

YES! I support & approve

Message to the Victory 75th Anniversary. Coauthors discussion and approval up to May 7th

I also give myfull support forthe ICAN (International Campaign

to Abolish Nuclear Weapons) https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=943.

With Peace, Love & Unity for all.

Dr. Subhash Chandra

GHA President & Chairman Board

Global Harmony Association, India

GHA Ambassador of Peace and Disarmament from Harmony in India,


M-099102415 E-mail: schandra101@gmail.com


Dear Leo and all peacemakers,


In Solidarity against nuclear weapons!

May Peace prevail o­n earth!

With the intelligence of LOVE

Dr Théa Marie Robert



Dear Dr. Leo,

I am most honoured and delighted to support this wonderful and

timely initiative for peace and good.

In solidarity,

Adam Greenwell

New Zeland


Dear Leo,

I consider it's my personal responsibility to take participate in every effort to denuclearize the countries, and to permanently neutralize nuclear weapons in all countries of our world, as it's published in GPS of GHA (https://peacefromharmony.org/docs/global-peace-science-2016.pdf).

I also consider nuclear weapons and all factories that use nuclear energy, as they are dangerous.

Tragic examples are, a) the nuclear accident in Chernobyl, Ukraine, o­n April 26, 1986, and b) the Fukushima nuclear accident in Japan in the spring of 2011.

Other minor accidents are known, such as at the Santa Susanna Field Laboratory (SSFL) in Los Angeles, USA, o­n July 13, 1959, at the Siberian Chemical Consortium o­n April 6, 1993, at the Aveda Factory, in the Rocky Field in USA. o­n September 11, 1957, the Kasivazaki-Kariva Nuclear Power Plant in the province of Nigata in Japan after 1997, etc.

With Hope for a future better and safer Planet Earth without nucliar weapons and factories.

Dr Takis D Ioannides





«О Победе над фашизмом 75 лет назад, 9 мая 1945 года мировая история знает почти

все, при всех ее расплодившихся политически мотивированных фальсификациях, включая

ее грубейшие извращения до противоположной модальности возрождающихся

нацистских групп Прибалтики, Украины и ряда других стран.»

Лев - полностью НЕ согласна с этой фразой.

НАОБОРОТ - НИКТО НИЧЕГО НЕ ЗНАЕТ, посему и танцевать надо от моего мнения:

сначала просвещать, а потом бороться за какие-то идеи.

Нина Новикова,





Я поддерживаю это послание.
Может быть не все знают о победе над фашизмом, но мы должны ориентироваться на реальную ситуацию глобальной ядерной катастрофы, о которой знают все, но умалчивают по той, или иной причине.
Эта проблема не исчезнет, даже, если мы закроем на нее глаза.

Вера Попович,



Edit? Who! When?


Dear Ernesto,

Thank you very much for your strong and unaltenative support of our peacemaking message o­n May 9, with the unanimous demand of the INAC, GHA and the entire civil society “TO ABOLISH NUCLEAR WEAPONS”, i.e. exclude the global Holocaust, the humanity genocide!We greatly appreciate your unconditional support as an outstanding global peacemaker, as o­ne of the founders and leaders of the great anti-nuclear organization of doctors: IPPNW, which became the first anti-nuclear Nobel Laureate in 1985. You received it together with Founding co-presidents Bernard Lown of the United States and Yevgeniy Chazov of the Soviet Union (Wikipedia).

We repeat, together with ICAN (if they support us realistically, not in silence), an attempt to ban nuclear weapons after 35 years. Whether it remains as unsuccessful as IPPNW 35 years ago, or ICAN 3 years ago? It is depends o­n our civic responsibility and peacemaking activity. It does not depend from our total silence no matter how it is understood, which actually turns into a betrayal of world peace (https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=806) and into the militaristic support of the nuclear global Auschwitz for the biosphere and humanity, which we wrote about many times (https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=613).

In this semantic context, I am ashamed to answer your completely fair remark about the need to edit our Message o­n May 9 by a native English speaker. You are right, and I have long and many times emphasized the imperfection (to put it mildly) of my English language due to my complete absence of live communication in it. Before, the GHA and I found a response at many Western colleagues. Now, they stubbornly remain silent, refusing this for various real reasons: age, work, health, etc. I am ashamed that we do not have new, young helpers in this regard and that I don’t even have 100 dollars to pay any of them for editing. The question remains hanging in the air ...

But tonight, I will send this Message as it is with a little proposed additions. True peacemakers, without racist arrogance, will forgive my bad English and will find in our Message a saving rational kernel in spite of all militaristic resistance, both overt, governmental, and secret, silent. As the saying goes, "God is their judge."

Along with this response to your support, I send BELOW all the responses received, which are published with yours o­n the Message page here: https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=942. We thank everyone for their support, which is absolute in the fact that we have not yet received ANY OBJECTION AGAINST IT that would be encouraging that many recognize silence as the consent sign as in our rules. We will come from it. We will leave in his co-authors all the invitees and include in its co-authors all those who responded.





You are right dear Leo. We need to fine young people including native English speakers for our GHA.

Long live victory over Nazi Germany and its fascist associates!!!!!

Ernesto Kahan



In process

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