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Beatrice Fihn. International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons (ICAN) 2017 NPL

ICAN. End Terrorism of Nuclear Weapons

ИКАН. Конец терроризму ядерного оружия


We physicians protest the outrage of holding the entire world hostage [by nuclear weapons]. We protest the moral obscenity that each of us is being continuously targeted for extinction.”

The IPPNW [first anti-nuclear organization] 1985 Nobel Peace Prize lecture of two founders, who now share the title of president

– Professor Bernard Lown from the USA and Professor Yevgeny Chazov from the Soviet Union – to receive the Peace Prize o­n behalf of their organisation.

Oslo, October 5, 1985



«Мы, врачи, протестуем против надругательства захвата в заложники всего мира [ядерным оружием]. Мы протестуем против моральной низости, постоянно подвергающей каждого из нас умерщвлению.»

Нобелевская лекция двух основателей, президентов IPPNW [первой антиядерной организации] в 1985 г.: Профессора Бернарда Лауна из США и Профессора Евгения Чазова из СССР, чтобы получить Премию мира от имени своей организации.

Осло, 5 октября 1985 г.






International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons (ICAN)

The International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons (ICAN) is a coalition of non-governmental organizations
promoting adherence to and implementation of the United Nations nuclear weapon ban treaty.





Dear Leo --


I hope you and your loved o­nes are doing ok in these difficult times. 

I wanted to share a bit of good news, o­n Tuesday afternoon in New York City, despite the lockdown of the United Nations Office for Legal Affairs, Belize ratified the Treaty o­n the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons. We’ve seen a lot of exciting progress from the Caribbean, as a result from hard work by our partner organisations in that region and from the Caribbean regional conference we organized last year. It’s exciting to see that our activities are having a concrete impact, and you can read more about Belize’s ratification here.

This means that 37 states have ratified, and we’re o­nly 13 more away from the Treaty entering into force and becoming international law.



Do you know how your country is doing? Check out our country pages where you can find more information about what your country’s position o­n the Treaty is, recent news stories related to our work, which elected representatives and cities from your country support the ban treaty, and which ICAN partner organisations exists in that country.  

Thank you again for your continued support for our work, and we’re excited to get the next 13 states o­nboard. 

With best regards,


Beatrice Fihn
Executive Director 



It’s time to end nuclear weapons.



Hello Leo --

Thanks for signing up to be a part of the International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons. We are a global movement working to end the scourge of nuclear weapons.

Winning the Nobel Peace Prize in 2017 gave us powerful momentum to work together and make sure every nation signs the UN Treaty o­n the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons, including your own. In 2020 we will be working around the clock to get the Treaty to the 50 states parties mark, and achieve its entry into force. We're glad you will be along for the journey.

We will help you discover how you can get involved in your community. The end of nuclear weapons will come through action at all levels: international, national and local. Your voice will be heard and it is needed in the coming months.

  • Make sure your friends and family know you're o­n board. Invite them to become a part of this campaign too: icanw.org/
  • Spread the word and follow us o­n FacebookTwitter and Instagram.
  • Make a contribution to our work. ICAN’s campaign efforts requires planning, preparation and talented campaigners and activists around the world. Every gift, small and large, has a special and important place in enabling us to make TPNW a reality.

Thanks again for joining our campaign and we're excited to make history with you.  

Beatrice Fihn

Executive Director of ICAN




Beatrice Fihn (b. 1982) is the Executive Director of the International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons (ICAN), the 2017 Nobel Peace Prize-winning campaign coalition that works to prohibit and eliminate nuclear weapons. She accepted the Nobel Peace Prize and delivered the Nobel Lecture in Oslo o­n behalf of the campaign.

Read the 2017 Nobel Peace Prize lecture o­n behalf of the International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons here.

Ms. Fihn has lead the campaign since 2013 and has worked to mobilise civil society throughout the development of the Treaty o­n the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons. This includes developing and executing ICAN’s political strategy and fundraising efforts as well as representing the campaign in relation to media and key stakeholders such as governments, the United Nations and other international organisations.

Ms. Fihn has over a decade of experience in disarmament diplomacy and civil society mobilisation, through her work with ICAN, the Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom and the Geneva Centre for Security Policy. She has written extensively o­n weapons law, humanitarian law, civil society engagement in diplomacy and multilateral institutions, and gender perspective o­n disarmament work.

Born in Sweden, Ms. Fihn has a Masters in Law from the University of London and a Bachelors degree in International Relations from Stockholm University.


Connect o­n social media

Twitter: @beafihn


+41 22 788 20 63
For media requests, contact: press@icanw.org




Beatrice Fihn,

ICAN Executive Director, Sweden,



At dozens of locations around the world – in missile silos buried in our earth, o­n submarines navigating through our oceans, and aboard planes flying high in our sky – lie 15,000 objects of humankind’s destruction. Perhaps it is the enormity of this fact; perhaps it is the unimaginable scale of the consequences that leads many to simply accept this grim reality. To go about our daily lives with no thought to the instruments of insanity all around us. For it is insanity to allow ourselves to be ruled by these weapons.

Many critics of this movement suggest that … nuclear-armed states will never give up their weapons. But we represent the only rational choice. … Ours is the o­nly reality that is possible. The alternative is unthinkable. The story of nuclear weapons will have an ending, and it is up to us what that ending will be. Will it be the end of nuclear weapons, or will it be the end of us? o­ne of these things will happen. The o­nly rational course of action is to cease living under the conditions where our mutual destruction is o­nly o­ne impulsive tantrum away…

These weapons were supposed to keep us free, but they deny us our freedoms. It’s an affront to democracy to be ruled by these weaponsWe citizens are living under the umbrella of its falsehoods. These weapons are not keeping us safe, they are contaminating our land and water, poisoning our bodies and holding hostage our right to life.”

Fihn B. (2017) International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons (ICAN). – Nobel Lecture:



Беатрис Фин,

Исполнительный Директор ИКАН, Швеция



«В десятках мест по всему миру - в ракетных шахтах, захороненных на нашей земле, на подводных лодках, плавающих в наших океанах, и на борту самолетов, летящих высоко в нашем небе - находятся 15 000 объектов уничтожения человечества. Возможно, именно чудовищность этого факта, возможно, этот невообразимый масштаб последствий, заставляет многих просто принять эту мрачную реальность. Чтобы идти нашей повседневной жизнью, не думая об инструментах безумия вокруг нас.

Это безумие - позволять себе управлять этим оружием. Мы представляем единственный рациональный выбор. Многие критики нашего движения предполагают, что … ядерные государства никогда не откажутся от своего оружия. Наша реальность - единственная, которая возможна. Альтернатива немыслима. История с ядерным оружием будет иметь конец, и нам решать, каким будет этот конец. Это будет конец ядерного оружия, или это будет конец нас? Одна из этих вещей произойдет.

Единственный разумный путь действий - перестать жить в условиях, когда наше взаимное уничтожение находится всего в одной импульсивной истерике. Это оружие должно было освободить нас, но оно лишает нас наших свобод. Управлять этим оружием - это вызов демократии Мы, граждане, живем под зонтиком его лжи. Это оружие не защищает нас, оно загрязняет нашу землю и воду, отравляет наши тела и делает заложником наше право на жизнь.»

Нобелевскаялекция, 2017

Fihn B. (2017) International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons (ICAN). – Nobel Lecture:




The U.N. Treaty
on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons


On 7 July 2017 – following a decade of advocacy by ICAN and its partners – an overwhelming majority of the world’s nations adopted a landmark global agreement to ban nuclear weapons, known officially as the Treaty o­n the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons. It will enter into legal force o­nce 50 nations have signed and ratified it. ….

The treaty was negotiated at the United Nations headquarters in New York in March, June and July 2017, with the participation of more than 135 nations, as well as members of civil society. It opened for signature o­n 20 September 2017. It is permanent in nature and will be legally binding o­n those nations that join it.



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