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Epilogue. "Gandhica" vs "Guernica"

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Epilogue. "Gandhica" vs "Guernica"

By "Gandhi book" authors

Approved by the GHA o­n July 10, 2019


We, the GHA “Gandhi book” authors, have found the lapidary term “Gandhica”, instead of stenciled "Gandhism", for it to express the spiritual wealth and key values of Gandhi's nonviolence for the survival and prosperity of humanity in the New Era.

“Gandhica” is the vision, thinking, methodology and the GHA design symbol for the Nonviolence Era of the XXI century, which Gandhi began to build more than 100 years ago in Africa and India. “Gandhica” unites and reveals in Gandhi’s nonviolence the ten key values ​​of the new Era, which he used to define its fundamental attributes: life, truth, peace, harmony, love, disarmament, freedom, equality, fraternity, real democracy. They are structurally modeled in four parts of the Gandhica: o­ntology, epistemology, sociology, and statistics of our book.

“Gandhica” is a constructive alternative, meaningful antipode, “hack” and negation of that monstrous destructive reality, captured in the genius picture of the Spanish painter Pablo Picasso “Guernica”, which became a symbol of the last century violence. It is a bright artistic expression of ten attributes of the bloodiest XX century of human history - the outgoing violence era pick: death, war, lie, Nazism, hatred, militarism, slavery, discrimination, hostility, pseudo-democracy.

Gandhi and Picasso are living human sources and symbols of the new Era of Nonviolence from the 20th century. The GHA is o­nly intellectually deciphering their ingenious intuitive symbols in “substantially new manner of thinking” (Einstein) - in nonviolent harmonious tetranet thinking. It is multidimensionally unfolded in the GHA new collective ninth “Gandhi book” - “Gandhica” - dedicated to the 150th anniversary of the Mahatma Gandhi birth and the GHA 15th anniversary.

The great and valuable scientific contributions of GHA members for almost 15 years, especially “The ABC of Harmony” and “Global Peace Science”, integrated with the powerful spiritual and practical potential of Gandhi's non-violence, allowed our team to receive the unique peacemaking fruit of the XXI century – “Gandhica”. It is the decisive intellectual resource and “Gandhian Hack of cybernetics” (Pawlik) creating a new way of steering together and effective instrument for achieving global peace in our century. It is embodying all the humanistic social power of non-violence as “the greatest force of humanity, which is mightier than the mightiest weapon of destruction” (Gandhi) and its generating source — militarism.

Gandhica as the new era worldview becomes the center of its public consciousness and the core of global harmonious peacemaking education starting from family, preschool up to academic and o­n all life. It is able to uproot the global status quo of the total threat to the survival of humanity from its 100% prepared nuclear hypersonic military suicide. There is no other way out except the o­ne proposed by Gandhica.

At the XXI century end, humanity will certainly reach global peace and shift from an era of violence into the Divine Harmonious Era of Gandhian Nonviolence with new, non-violent tetranet thinking, developed and proven in our Gandhica. It gives full faith and hope for this. The new Era spiritual and theoretically conscious platform was constitute by our Gandhica. This is the crown of the GHA colossal work for almost 15 years. We can justifiably be proud of it and congratulate our peacemaking team of hundreds of the GHA members and its friends from dozens of countries with this historical peaceloving achievement and unprecedented intellectual victory over war, militarism and violence!

Gandhica and its book is an invitation to all people, young people in the first place, to take part in its implementation through education to ensure life and “better future.” This will allow you, according to Gandhi, to “change the world becoming its change” by your person.



Non-violence: peace, harmony, truth, love, disarmament, freedom, equality, fraternity, real democracy, life





Violence: war, lies, Nazism, hatred, militarism, slavery, discrimination, hostility, pseudo-democracy, death




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