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 Terence Barry


Terence Barry

Executive Director

Generation Hip Hop Global (GHHG)


No 9, 12th avenue, Houghton, Johannesburg, South Africa,  


+27 83 502 3920

Personal page:





Terence (DOB, December 27th, 1958 in Pitermaritzburg, South Africa) started his career in visual arts in the corporate arena. After five years as visual merchandising manager and subsequently National display manager for a major retailer, music production became a passion and focus.

After travelling, performing in live shows and learning management skills in Europe and the USA he returned to South Africa to establish M3 Multi Media (PTY) LTD.

In his position as managing director, Terence initiated cheerleading in National rugby and cricket and was involved in all aspects of sport development and the application of peripheral entertainment in national sports.

Universal Productions then offered a position as Director of Group Marketing and the full transition from sport to international music started.Since then, the cohesive development of cause related marketing within the corporate sector became the prevalent goal.

This combined with the o­ngoing passion for music, art and social development is what has culminated in the founding of Generation Hip Hop Global.

Education: National school of Arts.

In a relationship and o­ne daughter.

Hobbies: Art, music, travel and literature.


Leo Semashko: Great music creates new generations and societies.


Теренс (р. 27 декабря 1958, Pitermaritzburg, Южная Африка) начал свою карьеру в изобразительном искусстве на корпоративной арене. После пяти лет работы менеджером по визуальному мерчандайзингу, а затем и менеджером по национальной рекламе в крупной розничной сети, производство музыки стало страстью и фокусом.

После путешествий, выступлений на концертах и ​​обучения управленческим навыкам в Европе и США он вернулся в Южную Африку, чтобы основать M3 MultiMedia (PTY) LTD.

На своей должности управляющего директора Теренс инициировал черлидинг в национальном регби и крикете и принимал участие во всех аспектах развития спорта и применения дополнительных развлечений в национальных видах спорта.

Затем UniversalProductions предложили должность директора по маркетингу группы, и начался полный переход от спорта к международной музыке. С тех пор основной целью стало последовательное развитие тематического маркетинга в корпоративном секторе.

Это в сочетании с непрекращающейся страстью к музыке, искусству и социальному развитию - вот что привело к основанию GenerationHipHopGlobal.

Образование: Национальная школа искусств.

В отношениях и одна дочь.

Хобби: Искусство, музыка, путешествия и литература.





Abstract for the “Anti-Nuclear Manifesto XXI



Terence Barry,

Executive Director, Generation Hip-Hop Global (GHHG), South Africa,


GHH Anti-nuclear. As Generation Hip Hop we strive to progressively educate youth about what we have in common, not our political, socio economic or religious based differences. It is vital that we see the potential of the global village and humanity and inspire youth to not just imagine a peaceful society but to actively create it. Nuclear weapons have no place in a world dedicated to peace and are all but redundant in the predominant narrative of the global village. Ensuring that we educate the next voting generation accordingly is the priority of the GHH mandate.”


Теренс Бэрри,

Исполнительный директор, Глобальное Поколение Хип-Хоп, Южная Африка,


«Антиядерное поколение хип-хоп GHH. Как GHH мы стремимся постепенно информировать молодежь о том, что у нас общего, исключая наши политические, социально-экономические или религиозные различия. Жизненно важно, чтобы мы видели потенциал глобальной деревни и человечества и вдохновляли молодежь не просто представлять мирное общество, но и активно его создавать. Ядерному оружию нет места в мире, посвященном миру, и оно практически излишне в преобладающем нарративе глобальной деревни. Обеспечение соответствующего воспитания следующего поколения избирателей является приоритетным мандатом GHH.»





Dear Leo and honored associates,

I trust this communication finds you all well.

In addressing Leo's communication, I hope you will allow me to present my perspective in representing Ndaba Mandela and Generation Hip Hop Global. This is vital to the understanding of how GHH can play a significant role in our relationship.

GHH is an extremely progressive organisation with official representation and an extensive and credible reach in nearly seventy countries. The interest and intrigue in GHH is proportional and we are overwhelmed with proposals.

The aim of GHH is to assist youth today to realise that they can be more effective through the solidarity in their belief in the principles of Hip Hop which are Peace, Unity and Love.

The misconception today is that Hip Hop is still "gangster" and nothing could be further from the truth. GHH came about because of our realisation that youth across the world were forming their own organisations to address issues in their neighborhoods.

There are two billion active Hip Hop participants across the world and at their disposal they have the incredible communication tools of Art, Music, Dance and technology.

This is who Ndaba represents and our determination and commitment to empower and uplift through GHH is unwavering.

Ndaba Mandela is our chairman and yes, he wields significant influence but because of his grandfathers wisdom, we built an organisation that represents influence by real numbers and intent. Therein lies the strength in this association.

This year GHH launched our "Humanity" initiative that will involve all member countries. Barcelona has initiated the first mural (see attached) and each country will follow suit. This is just a teaser campaign for GHH as we build toward a global and public launch of our streaming radio station.

What it will show though is how we can as an organisation, create real attention.

Our website shows the real time representation that GHH has at the highest levels. Our executive committee are all exceptionally qualified and committed and most importantly, the chapter management and representation have credible and influential members.

As briefly as I can, Ndaba is living out Nelson Mandela'a legacy to educate, uplift and empower youth to be able to effectively change our approach to humanity. This, by action rather than quote, establishes solidarity in everything you stand for.

Your efforts and determination to effectively address nuclear issues is admirable and humbling Leo and I believe you will be surprised in the future as to just how effective we will be in furthering your aims. I hope this will assist in letting you know that we take the association seriously.  As Ndaba said," GHH is not about him, it's about them"...they ARE the future.

Blessings and warm regards to all.

Terence Barry

Executive Director

Generation Hip Hop Global



Дорогой Теренс,

Большое спасибо за ваше оптимистичное и вдохновляющее письмо о GHH. Мыполностьюразделяемвашемнение, что «Ndaba is living out Nelson Mandela'a legacy to educate, uplift and empower youth to be able to effectively change our approach to humanity. This, by action rather than quote, establishes solidarity in everything you stand forНо добровольный отказ Нельсона Манделы от ядерного оружия это не цитата, а самая сильная практическая акция в мировом антиядерном движении за 75 его лет, достойная жить и повторяться, а не умирать в забвении, как сейчас это происходит. Могли бы вы вместе с Ндабой написать об этом ваш абстракт в 10-20 строчек в наш Манифест, чтобы антиядерное наследие Нельсона Манделы жило, а не умерло? Вы читали мое предложение на этот счет? Разум/наука и искусство/ GHH не исключают, а дополняют и усиливают друг друга в синергии. С другой стороны, их разрыв ослабляют их. Вы согласны с этим?

Могу ли я опубликовать ваше замечательное письмо на вашей персональной странице? Толькооднословосмущаетменяввашемписьме. Выпишите: «Your efforts and determination to effectively address nuclear issues is admirable and humbling Leo». Я не понимаю, как позитивные усилия могут одновременно «восхищать и унижать». Мне кажется это противоречием, подобным «круглому квадрату» или «жареному льду», если вы не вкладываете в термин «humbling» какой-то иной смысл, принятый в вашей стране. Чтовыскажетеобэтом?

Мывосхищаемсявашимэнтузиазмомиуверенностью, что «I believe you will be surprised in the future as to just how effective we will be in furthering your aims.»Да молодежи предстоит великая миссия и она действительно найдет решение всем проблемам в будущем. Для ГСГ молодежь и дети также являются приоритетом и двигателем социального прогресса, как и для вас. Но мы считаем необходимым вооружить ее прежде всего новой наукой, новым мышлением и новым миротворческим Гандианским сознанием, для чего ГСГ создал за 15 лет 10 уникальных книг-учебников, включая «Антиядерный Манифест». Поэтому он полностью поддерживает ваше великое движении GHH, но со стороны интеллекта и науки, усиливая вас. Вы понимаете это, что определяет глубокое основание нашего стратегического партнерства. В его рамках, все наши инновационные Гандианские учебники могут быть использованы в вашем замечательном «Университете Человечества Нельсона Манделы», в котором мы были бы счастливы участвовать, если вы пригласите нас.

Теплые пожелания,





Many thanks for your optimistic and inspiring letter about GHH. We fully share your opinion that “Ndaba is living out Nelson Mandela's legacy to educate, uplift and empower youth to be able to effectively change our approach to humanity. This, by action rather than quote, establishes solidarity in everything you stand for." But Nelson Mandela's voluntary renunciation from nuclear weapons is not a quote, it is the most powerful practical action in the world anti-nuclear movement in 75 years, worthy to live and repeat, and not to die in oblivion, as it is happening now. Could you, together with Ndaba, write your 10-20-line abstract about this in our Manifesto, so that Nelson Mandela's anti-nuclear legacy will live and not die? Have you read my proposal in this regard? Reason/science and art/GHH do not exclude, but complement and reinforce each other in their synergy. o­n the other hand, their break weakens them. Do you agree with this?

Could I publish your wonderful letter o­n your personal page? o­nly o­ne word confuses me in your letter. You write, "Your efforts and determination to effectively address nuclear issues is admirable and humbling Leo." I don’t see how positive effort can be both “delightful and humbling” at the same time. I think this is a contradiction, like a “round square” or “fried ice”, if you don’t put some other meaning in the term “humbling” that is accepted in your country. What do you say about this?

We admire your enthusiasm and confidence that "I believe you will be surprised in the future as to just how effective we will be in furthering your aims." Yes, young people have a great mission and they will really find the solutions to all problems in the future. For the GHA, youth and children are also a priority and engine of social progress, as well as for you. But we consider necessary to arm them, first of all, with new science, new thinking and new peacemaking Gandhian consciousness, for which the GHA has created 10 unique textbooks over 15 years, including the Anti-Nuclear Manifesto. Therefore, it fully supports your great GHH movement, but from the side of intellect and science, strengthening you. You understand this that defines the deep foundation of our strategic partnership. Within its framework, all of our innovative Gandhian textbooks can be used at your wonderful “Nelson Mandela Humanity University”, in which we would be happy to participate if you invite us.

Warm regards,




Greetings Leo,

Thank you for your mail.

Yes, I agree that the perceived break between art and science is something that should be addressed...Leonardo taught us that.

Unfortunately Ndaba is really swamped at the moment but have his thoughts below.

You are welcome to publish my letter and for clarity, what I meant by admirable and humbling is that we admire your work and at the same time it is humbling to witness. You can remove the humbling if it is confusing.

After speaking with Ndaba regarding his grandfathers contribution, I will try to relay his answer in a way that would suit your purposes.

Ndaba feels: Quote:

"The need to pave the way to a safe and fertile future for our next generations is critical. In order to have a solid foundation for this growth, we need to address major global issues with a communal "voice of reason" Nuclear power, not just weapons have become a major threat to humanity and the examples are clear in Chernobyl and Fukushima. The expenses incurred in all aspects of Nuclear power, let alone the constant threat, are a drain o­n society and not in our best interests. We have through history, as humanity, failed to address our fundamental obligations to protect the planet and establish sustainable ideals to create a safe world for all. Our obligation now, is to become effective, not just vocal in our denunciation and breathe new life into the protest though the introduction of strategic, cross sector partnerships. As Generation Hip Hop Global, creating safe and sustainable environments for youth is our priority. This translates to our global drive as well and our support for a nuclear free world is absolute. We look forward to working with other organisations to expedite these ambitions." Unquote

Leo, my brother, I hope this will suffice and please let me know if I have missed anything.

Peace and blessings.

Terence Barry,



Thank you Leo,

A very important part of our approach as GHH is to establish solidarity amongst youth across the world in what they have in common. Clearly a sustainable plan for the future is priority and the anti nuclear manifesto will be a part of the o­ngoing strategy and build. It cannot be seen as our key focus though. We are reliant in our support through prepared programs and initiatives that will ultimately give GHA more effective exposure through strategic planning and consensus. Being anti-nuclear in action and the messaging involved is something we would have to discuss amongst our executive committee.

As a global organisation with such incredible prospects to empower and uplift, it is vital that our narrative does not threaten. We aim to bring about change through the recognition of GHH having a globally powerful voice by numbers and communication. I have amended the statement below accordingly and hope this is satisfactory.


"The international youth movement GHHG, created by us in South Africa and in line with the legacy of Nelson Mandela, intends to continually educate youth o­n the destructive and devastating effects of nuclear power and will develop a powerful slogan and campaign of solidarity with GHA. According to the legacy of Nelson Mandela: "Education is the most powerful weapon with which to change the world."

Leo, our demographic are between the ages of 16 and 25. This is the next voting generation and with our firmly established footprint and communication tools we will steadily align with you more effectively. I ask you to trust in our system of consensus first, then action. With this in place, you will establish a progressive and effective association. The three members I suggest for the layout are: Dr Richard Reeves: www.unionsettlement.org and the vice chairman of GHHG.

Dr Carol O'Connor: founder of www.rnrfoundation.org and manager of Generation Hip Hop Mississippi. David M Tavare (Minister Server). All three copied herein for their approval.

Blessings and warm regards.

Terence Barry,



Хелло, Терренсе,

Я думаю, вы также одобряете верхнюю обложку Манифеста, как и Хасина, потому что мы не видим ваших возражений. Спасибо вам за ваше утверждение!

Большое спасибо за ваши два обстоятельных письма с абстрактом Ндабы, видением вашего ГХХГ и другими важными идеями. Ваше отрицание ядерной энергии в целом отличается от нашего отрицания, которое ограничено только ядерным оружием. Но ваша позиция имеет право на жизнь, мы уважаем ваше мнение, поэтому ваши абстракты с вашей идеей полностью включены в Манифест. Однако, наш консенсус с вами может быть ограничен только ядерным оружием, которое представляет ПЕРВУЮ угрозу жизни человечества и природы и ее усиление привело вплотную до ядерной катастрофы, до которой осталось только 100 секунд: https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=924. Плиз, могли бы вы прочитать эту статью экспертов-атомщиков? В связи с этим, недаром 99% населения, кроме крайних милитаристов, которые получают триллионы долларов за производство ядерного оружия, категорически отвергают его как «абсолютное зло, ядерный террор, геноцид и экоцид, преступление против человечества» и подобные оценки ИКАН и более 40 соавторов Манифеста. Эти квалификации не могут быть отнесены к ядерной энергии в целом, потому что ее мирное использование приносит огромную пользу: в мире действует 440 ядерных реакторов на 190 АЭС в 45 странах (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_nuclear_reactors). Если их закрыть, то США, Япония и Европа лишатся большей части электричества.

Да, две катастрофы – в Чернобыле и Фукусиме ужасны. Но число подобных несчастий ограничено и не идет ни в какое сравнение со смертностью на дорогах. Кроме того, теперь созданы атомные реакторы, исключающие их повторение. Другие виды человеческой деятельности намного более опасны, например, транспорт, особенно автомобильный, который ежегодно уносит жизни около 1,5 миллиона людей*, но никто не отвергает его. Этот транспорт является также главной угрозой экологии, хотя с ней борются. Поэтому польза ядерной энергии несомненна, поэтому отвергать ее нельзя с нашей и общей точки зрения. Она не может быть квалифицирована как «абсолютное зло, геноцид, преступление против человечества» и подобными атрибутами ядерного оружия. Но, повторяю, ваша точка зрения также имеет право на жизнь, но наш консенсус заключается в отрицании ядерного оружия. Оно должно стать первым приоритетом для молодежи как первое условие ее выживания в нашем веке. Вы согласны с этим? Дискуссию по этому вопросу мы могли бы продолжить в более широкой аудитории наших совмещенных социальных сетей после публикации финальной версии Манифеста, в которой будут представлены обе точки зрения. Я думаю, моей краткой аргументации сейчас, для начала, достаточно, но я и мы (ГСГ и ИКАН) могли бы значительно расширить ее в будущем на широкой публичной площадке.

Наш консенсус в приоритете ядерного разоружения для молодежи требует выработки нашей общей стратегии в будущем, что вы хорошо понимаете и предлагаете и что мы полностью разделяем. Из нашего многолетнего опыта, первое, что мы могли бы предложить – это развитие и распространение культуры молодежного Рэпа в синтезе/синергии с другим молодежным искусством. Особенно важным является РЭП, посвященный духовным диссидентам насильственной эры/общества – Махатме Ганди и Нельсона Манделы. Вы, наверное, знаете о мощной волне фальсификации их жизненного пути, извращении их облика (Ганди в некоторых военных молодежных играх, например в «Цивилизация», десятки лет предстает чудовищем «ядерного Ганди», страшнее Гитлера и т.п.) и даже варварского в невежестве разрушения их памятников, прежде всего Ганди по ложным обвинениям в расизме. Все это выгодно профессиональным убийцам/милитаристам государственного и корпоративного ранга, которые щедро оплачивают тихую фейковую войну против духовных лидеров ненасилия – против Ганди и Манделы. На чью сторону встанет молодежное движение? Оно встанет на защиту духовных диссидентов Ганди/Манделы, или пойдет в мейнстримовском милитаристском русле медиа и некоторых правительств? Вот в чем главный, Гамлетовский вопрос «быть или не быть» современного молодежного движения, подкупом которого усиленно занимается современная милитаристская система. Мы считаем, что стержнем ГХХГ духовного нарратива с молодежью и обществом могло бы стать возрождение ненасильственного наследия Ганди/Манделы, остающегося диссидентским, но критически определяющим для выживания человечества и молодежи. Позвольте нам обсудить это после публикации Манифеста.

Короче, вы могли бы посмотреть мой РЭП, посвященный Ганди здесь вместе с моим «графити», если его можно так назвать, здесь: https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=855. Я и мои друзья по миру – выдающие поэты из многих стран и континентов, могли бы предложить другие РЭПы, посвященные Ганди и Манделе и свои «графити» и баннеры, которые вы могли бы трансформировать/переписать для своих целей и мероприятий. Мы предложим вам также большие публичные мировые площадки, но это в будущем.

Что касается публикации книги Манифеста (76 страниц), то нужна его первая, наиболее значительная публикация в Нью Йорке, 200 копий для национальных членов Генеральной Ассамблеи ООН в этом городе. Могли бы вы, или ваши лидеры из этого города рекомендовать надёжного, ответственного издателя для этой цели. Мы гарантируем оплату всех расходов по Контракту, который мы готовы выслать немедленно для его обсуждения. Эта рекомендация возможна для вас? Последующие, коммерческие его публикации для школ, колледжей и университетов по всему миру мы могли бы обсудить позже.

Дружески, лучшие пожелания мира из ненасилия Ганди/Манделы,




Hello, Terrence,

I think you approve of the “Manifesto” top cover as well as Hasina, because we see no objections from you. Thank you for your approval! I also happy to propose for your approval the “Manifesto” updated back cover attached.

Thank you very much for your two in-depth letters with Ndaba abstract, your GHHG vision and other important ideas. Your denial of nuclear energy is generally different from our denial, which is limited o­nly by nuclear weapons. But your position has the right to life, we respect your opinion, therefore your abstracts with your idea are fully included in theManifesto”.

However, our consensus with you can be limited o­nly by nuclear weapons, which pose the FIRST threat to the life of humankind and nature and its intensification has led right up to a nuclear catastrophe, to which there are o­nly 100 seconds left: https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=924. Please, could you read this brief articleby nuclear experts? In this regard, it is not for nothing that 99% of the population, except for the extreme militarists who receive trillions of dollars for the production of nuclear weapons, categorically reject it as "absolute evil, nuclear terror, genocide and ecocide, a crime against humanity" and similar assessments of ICAN/GHA and more than 40 co-authors “Manifesto”. These qualifications cannot be attributed to nuclear energy in general, because its peaceful use brings enormous benefits: there are 440 nuclear reactors operating around 190 nuclear power plants in 45 countries in the world (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_nuclear_reactors). If they will be closed, the United States, Japan and Europe will lose most of their electricity.

Yes, two disasters - in Chernobyl and Fukushima - are terrible. But the number of similar accidents is limited and cannot be compared with deaths o­n the roads. In addition, atomic reactors have now been created that preclude their repetition. Other human activities are much more dangerous, such as transport, especially road transport, which kills about 1.5 million people every year *, but no o­ne rejects it. This transport is also a major environmental threat, although it is being addressed. Therefore, the benefits of nuclear energy are undeniable, therefore, it cannot be rejected from our and general point of view. It cannot be qualified as "an absolute evil, genocide, a crime against humanity" and similar attributes of nuclear weapons. But, I repeat, your point of view also has a right to life, but our consensus is the denial of nuclear weapons. It should become the first priority for young people as the first condition for their survival in our century. Do you agree with this? We could continue the discussion o­n this issue in a wider audience of our co-located/joined social networks after the “Manifesto” final version publication, which will present our both points of view. I think my brief argumentation above, for a start, is enough, but I and we (GHA and ICAN) could significantly expand it in the future o­n a wide public audiences.

Our consensus o­n the priority of nuclear disarmament for young people requires the development of our common strategy for the future, which you understand and propose well and which we fully share. From our many years of experience, the first thing we could offer is the development and dissemination of the culture of youth Rap in synthesis/synergy with other youth art. Of particular importance is the Rap, dedicated to the spiritual dissidents of a violent era/society - Mahatma Gandhi and Nelson Mandela. You probably know about the powerful wave of falsification of their life path, perversion of their image (Gandhi in some military youth games, for example in "Civilization", for decades appears as a monster of "nuclear Gandhi", more terrible than Hitler, etc.) and even barbaric in the ignorance the destruction of their monuments, especially Gandhi o­n false accusations of racism etc. All this is beneficial to professional murderers/militarists of state and corporate rank, who generously pay for a quiet fake war against spiritual leaders of non-violence - against Gandhi and Mandela. Which side will the youth movement take? Will it stand up for the spiritual dissidents of Gandhi/Mandela, or will it follow the mainstream militaristic channel of the media and some governments? This is the main Hamlet issue of "to be or not to be" of the modern youth movement, which the modern military system is intensively engaged in bribery of. We believe that the revival of the nonviolent legacy of Gandhi/Mandela, which remains dissident, but critical for the survival of humankind and youth, could become the core of the CHHG spiritual narrative with youth and society. Please let we will discuss this after the “Manifesto” publication.

In short, you could watch my Rap dedicated to Gandhi along with my "graffiti", if you can call it that, here: https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=855. Me and my friends all over the world - outstanding poets from many countries and continents, could offer other Raps dedicated to Gandhi and Mandela and their "graffiti" and banners that you could transform/rewrite for your purposes and events. We will also will offer you large public world platforms, but this is in the future.

As for the “Manifesto” book (76 pages) publication, it needs its first, most significant publication in New York, 200 copies for the national members of the UN General Assembly in this city. Could you, or your leaders in this city, recommend a reliable, responsible publisher for this purpose. We guarantee payment of all costs under the Contract, which we are ready to send immediately for its discussion. Is this recommendation possible for you? Subsequent, wide commercial publications of it for the schools, colleges and universities around the world could be discussed later.

Friendly, best wishes for peace from Gandhi/Mandela nonviolence/harmony,

Leo, 11-10-20

*According to the World Health Organization, road traffic injuries caused an estimated 1.35 million deaths worldwide in the year 2016. That is, o­ne person is killed every 25 seconds. The average rate was 17.4 per 100,000 people. Low-income countries now have the highest annual road traffic fatality rates, at 24.1 per 100,000, while the rate in high-income countries is lowest, at 9.2 per 100,000. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_countries_by_traffic-related_death_rate


Greetings Leo,

Thank you for your mail.

Yes, what I certainly do acknowledge is the variety of expertise and passion that we all seem to share. In our case it is about youth and their educational development.

Both front and back covers of the Manifesto look great and aesthetically powerful…great job. https://www.hachettebookgroup.com/ is the group responsible for the distribution of Ndaba's book. That would be a good place to enquire.

I must point out that the central theme fir Generation Hip Hop is Peace, Unity and Love and is directly aligned with you we just have different priorities at present. Ours is addressing dire need in poverty, hunger, displacement and so much more.

Please excuse my brief reply but this week is critical to our development abd I have a huge workload.

Yours in solidarity.

Terence Barry


Dear Terence,

I hope, the last week, which was very important to you, as you wrote, turned out to be successful for your GHHG and I did not bother you.

Now I want to sincerely thank you and Ndaba for praising our Manifesto, its covers and others as “aesthetically powerful… great job” and for your significant contribution to it.

We fully share your “the central theme fir Generation Hip Hop is Peace, Unity and Love”, which determines our consensus, although our priorities may be different at different times that is natural. Our cooperation can make a significant contribution to solving the African continent problems about which you write: poverty, hunger, displacement and much more. I want to talk about the first steps in this direction further.

First. I have published, as promised, all your wonderful letters with my answers o­n your personal page, as well as in the "Discussions" section of the Manifesto here: https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=908

Second. Over the past week we have completed revisions of our Manifesto, the final version of which with its formula “Gandhian peace spherons tetrad replacing genocidal nuclear triad” is published here: https://peacefromharmony.org/docs/Anti-Nuclear-Manifesto-XXI.pdf. We are now talking with various publishers about publishing it. Unfortunately, the "Hachette book" you recommended did not respond.

Third. The GHA publishes all its books by donations from their co-authors, if they are possible for them. For the publication of this 10th book of the GHA - "Manifesto", we have already collected $ 800 for it, but this is clearly not enough for its wide distribution. In this regard, could you kindly donate $ 200-300 for its publication, or how much can you, if it is possible for you? If this is not possible for you for any reason, do not hesitate to say NO, we will always understand you.

Fourth. You, as a producer, designer and artist, could work together with Ndaba to create your version of the Manifesto with your graffiti, raps and other GHHG attributes expanding this book from 75 to 100 pages to publish it in large circulation for libraries of schools, colleges and universities in Africa and other countries by requesting funding for this from o­ne of the American funds, as well as from the government of your country. In this case, you would become, along with me, the editor of this version. This publication could be the starting point for your GHHG's educational book business. I would be glad to be your consultant and assistant here and we could discuss the details of this issue if it is of interest to you and Ndaba.

Fifth. Based o­n your version of the Manifesto, you could create your educational (for schools and universities) or documentary video for the general public using the personal pages of the most prominent co-authors of the Manifesto, especially the Nobel laureates o­n our website. The creation of these films could also be financed, at your request, by the rich American foundations or raised money for them through Fundraising. Both the publication of new school books and the creation of educational videos in your Hip-Hop manner would elevate GHHG's educational mission in line with Nelson Mandela's famous behest to the highest level, especially for the “Mandela Institute” under Ndaba.

As you can see, the possibilities and perspectives for the publication of our "Manifesto" are very wide and varied, in the financing of which a variety of governmental and private organizations and foundations from all over the world could accept. The benefit here will be mutual and for everyone.

You are a creative and talented person who could offer new, original forms of promoting our "Manifesto" in new artistic forms. o­nly as a result of such a broad promotion of our "Manifesto" can humanity hope for the earliest possible prohibition of lethal genocidal nuclear weapons, so as not to wait another 75 years until a new, global tragedy of Hiroshima/Nagasaki breaks out. You understand this well. Therefore, I hope for your positive response. Thanks.
         Best wishes for peace from the harmony of science and art for youth,


In process



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