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GHA "Committee of Reconciliation in Nagorno-Karabakh" (CRNK). Principled Solution Statement

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GHA "Committee of Reconciliation in Nagorno-Karabakh" (CRNK).

Solution Statement

The GHA 79th project

Started: October 3, 2020



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UN Charter

The first condition of peace: "equal rights … of nations large and small."

"To practice tolerance and live together in peace with o­ne another as good neighbours."

"To save succeeding generations from the scourge of war."

UNESCO Constitution

"A war made possible by the denial of the ...equality, and by the propagation of the doctrine of the inequality of men and races."


The GHA "Committee of Reconciliation in Nagorno-Karabakh" (CRNK)


Principled Solution for the Nagorno-Karabakh Conflict (draft)


More than a month of bloody conflict in Nagorno-Karabakh (NK) has passed. As a result, more than 5 thousand people died, most of whom are victims of civilians: children, women and old people o­n both sides.

Among the multitude proposals from both belligerent sides and from the side of international mediators, there is no principled, acceptable for both sides, beneficial to them and the whole world, solution of this conflict. The cessation of hostilities and peace negotiations do not begin due to the absence of the principled solution prospect, which satisfies both warring parties that leaves them the o­nly option for a military solution of the conflict, despite all their statements that it does not have such a solution. This is true, but it will o­nly make sense when principled solution appears and will be formulated that it will acceptable to both belligerents.

The GHA, from many years of experience in the development of similar projects, especially the project of a similar conflict in Kashmir (https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=899) knows a similar solution. It consists in a condominium (equal and equivalent management/ of both sides) o­n the disputed territory of NK. o­nly similar cardinal decision, which naturally requires a compromise and concessions o­n both sides o­n some particular issues, is able to reconcile their enmity and turn them into equal partners of positive cooperation for the benefit of the both peoples. This solution will undoubtedly be supported and approved by them in national referendums, because it turns the age-old zone of mutual destruction of the two peoples into a zone of their eternal mutual prosperity, peace, partnership and nonviolence. Such solution can o­nly be abandoned by the enemy of his people, the militarist, for whom the war is dearer then the life of his people. o­nly similar solution ensures the balance of interests of the both peoples. There is no other. Peace in NK can come o­nly with this solution based o­n equality. This is the o­nly just solution, any alternative to which is inequality, injustice and endless bloody war until mutual complete destruction.

This decision presupposes the formation of all governmental bodies according to the same principle of equality and balance starting with the NK legislative body. It is formed, for example, with 80 members of parliament, 40 o­n each side. Inside, for a harmonious solution of all arising disagreements, each part of the parliament is divided/structured into 4 parts, 10 representatives each, in gender parity, from each sphere: social, informational/cultural, organizational/governing and material/technical, regardless of the size employed in them, which is constantly changing in various directions. Both legislative and executive governing bodies at all levels of the NK are structured in a similar way. The condominium, as well as the spheral, equal and equitable structuring of the NK governing bodies, are enshrined in the unified NK Constitution, approved by both the NK population and the supreme legislative bodies and referendums of both countries.

Any party that will support and promote similar principled solution in the mutual interests of their peoples will, of course, be a peacemaker, deserving full-scale international support. o­n the contrary, any side that opposes similar principled solution will undoubtedly manifest itself as an aggressor, recognizing o­nly a military solution, which, in principle, does not exist for the NK. This side, if it manifests itself, will undoubtedly deserve international condemnation, isolation and sanctions, forcing it to abandon the military solution and recognize a parity, partnership agreement o­n the NK.

Naturally, similar principled solution can be made and agreed in detail by both sides o­nly with a complete cessation of hostilities within the framework of bilateral negotiations o­n this issue with the participation of international mediators, including the most authoritative civil peacemaking organizations, such as the GHA, initiating similar principled solutions to the conflict in NK.

On behalf of the GHA,

Dr. Ernesto Kahan, GHA Co-Chair of the NK Reconciliation Committee, GHA Vice President, Nobel Peace Laureate (NGO),

Dr. Takis Ioannidis, GHA Co-Chair of the NK Reconciliation Committee, GHA Vice-President,

Dr. Leo Semashko, GHA Founder and Honorary President,

Meirid Magura, GHA member, Nobel Peace Laureate,

Dr. John Avery, GHA member, Nobel Peace Laureate,

On behalf of the peacemaking organizations of Armenia:


On behalf of the peacemaking organizations of Azerbaijan:


November 1, 2020




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