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Global Security/Peace through the Paradigm of Einstein’s

Substantially New Manner of Thinking


Leo Semashko


Gandhian "Anti-Nuclear Manifesto" (100p) by

46 coauthors, including four Nobel Peace Laureates, from 26 countries for

Einstein's “substantially new manner of thinking” of the UN and world leaders.

The full text is attached and here:




- The key question. How can the urgently needed Global Security/Peace (GSP) system of consolidated humanity in the conditions of pandemic, ecological, economic and nuclear disasters become accessible and realizable for the UN and world leaders?

- The key answer. o­nly through the paradigm of Einstein's “substantially new manner of thinking” by the Gandhian spherons, substantiated and developed in our “Manifesto”.



Dear representatives of the 193 national UN Missions

in New York and Vienna!


We, the Gandhian "Anti-Nuclear Manifesto" coauthors, created jointly by the GHA and the ICAN within the Gandhian vision of nonviolence varnas/spherons and synergistically combining almost the entire range of opinions of world civil society, should ultimately answer the key pragmatic question: for what and to whom, in the first place, our "Manifesto" is needed?

It is necessary primarily for top global governance, for world institutions and leaders, first for the United Nations. Our "Manifesto" offers a "substantially new manner of thinking" by the Gandhian spherons, which makes accessible and realizable those fundamental goals of the UN that remain inaccessible and impossible for it during 75 years due to its traditional, fragmented, ideologically torn confrontational thinking and vision.

Our "Manifesto"is a Christmas and New Year gift to the UN and world leaders o­n the UN 75th anniversary urging you to change your thinking and vision to ensure that the UN Charter Goals are aligned with the Sustainable Development Goals and not delayed them for another 75 years.The "Manifesto" pragmatic resume for the UN is expressed in the following four theses.

1. The historical, obvious fact of the last 75 years of human evolution is that humanity in 2020 is farther from Global Security/Peace (GSP) and closer, just 100 seconds (Mecklin, 2020) to a nuclear, suicidal third world war than in 1945 year.

Now it is plunged into a catastrophic state of four global crises: pandemic, economic, environmental and nuclear. The most deadly of the four disasters/cruises viruses is not COVID, but nuclear war (John Pilger, December 15, 2020: https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=977). Their solution and overcoming remains impossible for the UN and world leaders within the framework of the traditional thinking/vision that created them. For 75 years, they did not approach but moved away from their holistic scientific understanding and resolution with all their partial and local achievements. The UN negative trend of moving away from their holistic/adequate solution is not compensated by its positive trend of partial successes over 75 years.

2. The Gandhian “Anti-Nuclear Manifesto” is necessary, first, for the UN to put o­n its agenda the permanent, constitutive and long-term issue of changing the global vision, thinking and governance through the mastery of a "substantially new manner of thinking" by scientific Gandhian spherons. o­nly such thinking will ensure the building by the joint efforts of all nations, united by their common sociogenetic denominator of the Gandhian spherons, the fundamental GSP system. o­n their basis, it will be able to solve all global problems and free humanity from all lethal disasters, crises and pandemics created by the traditional, essentially lethal, partial way of thinking. The Gandhian, scientifically understood and statistically verified spherons acquire their true voice and consciousness of global actors “for themselves”: “We know HOW to solve global, traditionally insoluble problems for 75 years and achieve all the UN goals in a single way.” o­nly in this case the UN will fulfill its historic mission before humanity and will not repeat the sad fate of the League of Nations, which was unable to prevent the WWII.

3. The GSP system becomes especially necessary in connection with the ratification o­n 23 October by the 50th UN member state of the UN Treaty Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons (TPNW), initiated by ICAN and approved in 2017 by the UN General Assembly, and its entry into force in January 2021 year. The TPNW emphasizes from the UN SDGs the most important, priority peacemaking goal of nuclear ban and disarmament. Its legal solution will also remain societally insoluble without a “substantially new manner of thinking” by sociogenetic and holistic Gandhian spherons and without building o­n their basis the GSP system, which excludes the very possibility of nuclear weapons.

4. The UN first practical decision. The "Manifesto" coauthors and supporters propose and invite the UN General Assembly to the first minimum step: to make a practical decision of the establishment o­n the official basis of o­ne of the UN Institute, from the GHA/ICAN members, the GSP International Research Laboratory (IRL), for a start from 8 scientists and specialists. That within 6 months they could prepare "The GSP Megascience, Architecture and Technology" principled project for the UN discussion with its funding at least $ 100 thousand for this period.

Similar decision can be taken o­n a proactive basis by the government of any country if the UN General Assembly will be unable to make it for any reason. The launch of this research trend and movement in it has long become an urgent need for the UN agenda, which meets the humanistic ethics of humanity and its survival.

Thinking traditionally, as all, it is impossible to achieve the intended transformation of the world and fulfill the SDGs and TPNW agenda. Therefore, there is a call for the UN: Change your worldview and thinking with the unknown for yours paradigm of the Gandhian spherons in order to transform the traditional approaches of statistics, finance/investment, geopolitics and ecology that hinder the UN SDGs implementation. o­nly knowing this unknown will you be able to achieve the impossible for the UN 75 years. This knowledge with an unknown worldview/thinking for the UN will be provided by the proposed "The GSP Megascience, Architecture and Technology" project.

Please start changing your vision/thinking with an elementary and short, in 2-4 hours, statistical research of the Gandhian spherons of your country, in order to be convinced by your own experience, together with their verification by world statistics in "Gandhica", in the truth of this global reality, which provides integrity/holism to humanity/noosphere but unknown still. A simple methodology for this research is presented in the "Manifesto": V.20.

More details of this Resume are deployed in the "Manifesto", in Section IX.


Best regards,

The Gandhian "Anti-Nuclear Manifesto" Coauthors.

On their behalf, Dr. Leo Semashko, the "Manifesto" Editor-in-Chief, GHA Founder and Honorary President.

All responses of the "Manifesto" 6-month discussion are published o­n its HTML page here:




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