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GGHA. 16th Anniversary, Fruits and Gandhian World Enlightenment

Gandhian Global Harmony Association (GGHA)

Harmonious Civilization Spiritual Culture

Citizens of Earth, Gandhian spherons of all countries!

Unite in harmony for nonviolence, love, peace, true, justice, freedom, equality, fraternity and happiness!

GGHA since February 15, 2005 is an international peacemaking NGO uniting more than 600 humanities scientists

in 65 countries and more than o­ne million participants from the GHA collective members.

Web: www.peacefromharmony.org

Board: 36 GGHA members from 14 countries


GHA headquarters: Office A 170, New Manglapuri, New Delhi 110045, India;

M. +91 9910241586; E-mail: schandra101@gmail.com

The GGHA Mission is:

To bring global peace from the Gandhian Spherons harmony and to pave a conscious way for nonviolent harmonious civilization o­n the ‘Global Peace Science of Spherons’ – Spheronics MegaScience base through universal education in Gandhian Spherons Holistic Thinking:




GGHA Message for the 16th Anniversary,

15 February 2021


The GHA paves to peace and harmonious existence16 years:

Through science and education from Tolstoy, Gandhi to spherons.

Ashok Chakravarthy Tholana. Indian Poet (below)




World Enlightenment in the Gandhian Spherons.



In English: https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=986

In Russian: https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=ru_c&key=869





Dear GHA members, friends,

We are happy to congratulate you today o­n the GGHA 16th birthday and express our heartfelt gratitude for its/our unprecedented achievements in the research, development and application of the fundamental scientific Gandhian discovery of spherons of nonviolence, ensuring social equality, which solves all problems without violence. We have developed this key Gandhian idea in 10 unique books and 78 peacemaking projects during 16 years. We revealed their deep spiritual meaning of Einstein’s “substantially new manner of thinking” through the prism of the genius thinkers of humanity o­n the 15th anniversary:


Over the past year, we, together with the ICAN, o­nly raised it to the highest level of global scientific and moral responsibility of the Gandhian “Anti-Nuclear Manifesto” by 46 co-authors, including 4 Nobel laureates, from 26 countries for the UN General Assembly. In it, we offer the o­nly way to save humanity from nuclear weapons through the Gandhian spherons nonviolence in the corresponding fundamental project "Global Security/Peace" (https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=908), for which we o­nly need 100 thousand dollars this year and 6 months of work.

This project has been prepared by the great intellectual contributions of its coauthors and predecessors, of whom over the past year six were awarded the GGHA Highest Honorary Title. They are: Théa Marie Robert, France; Dr. Bernard Scott, Britain; Dr. Pratibha Garg, India; Guy Crequie, France; Adam Greenwell, New Zealand and Dr. Robert J. Burrowes, Australia. All of them were approved without a single objection. The GGHA is happy to congratulate them o­n the highest peacemaking Gandhian Title of humanity: World Harmony Gandhian Creators. Their names and portraits are forever included in their worldwide Gallery: http://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=513

The GGHA 16th birthday becomes a turning point for us in several directions.

Firstly, for 16 years of dedicated research and persistent promotion of the unprecedented Gandhian heritage of nonviolence spherons, the GHA has deserved to be called the supreme Worthy Name of Humanity: "Gandhian Global Harmony Association" - GGHA. This question, according to our democratic tradition, is submitted for your discussion and approval until February 22 inclusively.

Secondly. The main thing. We cannot be indifferent to our unprecedented scientific and peacemaking fruits for 16 years. We have long, 5 years ago, after the publication of the "Gandhian Global Peace Science" (http://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=585) discussed the idea of ​​a worldwide Gandhian Enlightenment in the spherons of nonviolence. Now, for 16 years, we have relatively completed our historical cycle of their deep scientific research, which provided the spherons of nonviolence with a fundamental scientific foundation and a solid, unshakable empirical verification by world statistics in "Gandhica"(https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=848). If Gandhi provided his varnas/spherons of nonviolence with a historical foundation of ancient India and a practical confirmation of the political liberation of India from British colonialism, then in 16 years we raised them to the level of fundamental science of the indisputable “Newtonian law of gravity” (Gandhi) of the social universe. It is also determining in this universe as in the cosmic universe, without which both are impossible. In addition, in the GGHA for 16 years, o­n almost 3 thousand pages of its website "Peace from the Spherons Harmony " and in more than a million of its documents, a unique intellectual arsenal of humanitarians from more than 60 countries about Gandhian nonviolence has been accumulated.

But the Gandhian "Newtonian law" of the spherons of society/humanity, which determines its integrity/wholeness both in history and o­n a global scale at all its levels from the individual and family to the noosphere as a whole, still remains unknown and unrecognized, like an elephant for various blind sages in a famous ancient Indian parable. The absence of the most important scientific knowledge about the society wholeness in its cybernetic spherons of nonviolence, which was first discovered by the brilliant intuition of Mahatma Gandhi and raised to the level of fundamental science in the GGHA for 16 years, makes the GANDIAN ENLIGHTENMENT OF HUMANITY IN KNOWLEDGE OF THE RESCUE SPHERONS OF NONVIOLENCE TODAY THE MOST TOPICAL ISSUE OF HIS SURVIVAL on the verge of nuclear military suicide/genocide.

Therefore, the main issue of its historical agenda, the GGHA can, must and is morally responsible to make the 80th Project of "Gandhian World Enlightenment" for all subsequent years as a logical continuation and development of the previous 16 years of active work. In 1-2-3 weeks, this project, together with the GGHA updated Board and the updated GGHA-India, as the GGHA naturally leading Department, will be presented, after numerous matching of its various candidates and aspects, for your discussion and approval. This is our great practical perspective in Gandhian peacemaking and global education, which naturally opened up to us as a result of 16 years of work.

Your numerous, warm and heartfelt congratulations, 25 from 14 countries, are published here: https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=986, and here: http://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=513. We express our heartfelt gratitude to everyone for them.

We wish all members of the GGHA and all our sincere friends good health, new creative successes and new unique partnership achievements o­n our new common path of Gandhian World Enlightenment,

On behalf of the GGHA,

Dr. Leo Semashko,

Founder and Honorary President,



Approved by the GGHA o­n February 24, 2021


1. In honor of the GGHA 16th anniversary o­n February 15, 2019, the GGHA recognizes the following 2 GGHA members from India and USA in the Highest Honorary Title “World Harmony Gandhian Creator” for their outstanding contribution to the establishment of global peace and nonviolence from the Gandhian spherons harmony.


2. Publish theirs names in the list of “World Harmony Gandhian Creators 2021” along with their portraits and addresses of personal pages in the GGHA Gallery in two languages, English and Russian.




- Dr. Ashok Chakravarthy Tholana, International Poet, Review, Writer, GGHA Vice-President, Peace Ambassador from Harmony, coauthor of almost all Gandhian books and GGHA projects since 2006 for his active promotion of the GGHA books at international forums, for his unique poems dedicated to Gandhi's nonviolence and global peace from Gandhian spherons harmony, published o­n his personal page: https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=286


- Dr. Vladislav Krasnov, GGHA Board member, President, RAGA - Russian-American Goodwill Association since 1990, outstanding Russian/American historian, humanist, peacemaker and biographer of the great Russian writer Alexander Solzhenitsyn, coauthor of the GGHA last three books since 2016. He is awarded the GGHA Highest Honorary Title for his first publication in America of the "Anti-Nuclear Manifesto" o­n the RAGA website, for his active support of the GGHA, for his outstanding contribution to the creation of global peace from the harmony of the Gandhian spherons and through the unique examples of the historical nonviolence of Leo Tolstoy, Mahatma Gandhi, Martin Luther King, Nelson Mandela and Alexander Solzhenitsyn in his books and numerous historical studies and literary essays, some of which are published or named o­n his personal page: https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=752. And also in connection with his 84th birthday o­n February 24th. The GGHA warmly congratulates Vladislav o­n this significant date and wishes him good health and long years of creativity for the benefit of global peace from the spherons harmony.


3. The named WORLD HARMONY GANDHIAN CREATORS are included in their chronological list since 2007:




4. They are included also o­n the page: GGHA. 16th Anniversary, Fruits and Gandhian World Enlightenment:

In English: https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=986

In Russian: https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=ru_c&key=869


5. o­n the personal pages of the GGHA Highest Honorary Title Laureates, include the following entry:

The GGHA Highest Honorary Title

“World Harmony Gandhian Creator”, 2021


In English: http://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=513

In Russian: http://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=ru_c&key=543

GGHA 16th Anniversary:

In English: https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=986

In Russian: https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=ru_c&key=869


The GHA members approved this Resolution o­n February 24, 2021

In honor of the GHA 16th anniversary




Congratulations o­n the GHA 16th anniversary,

15 February 2021


The GHA 16th anniversary, French Gandhica and nominations



Dear GHA members, friends,

February 15 is approaching - the GHA 16th anniversary, with which we are happy to congratulate all the GHA members and friends, thanks to the contributions, efforts and support of which we achieved outstanding peacemaking achievements last year, despite all its pandemics, crises, and our mistakes and omissions.

Our main and unprecedented achievement of the past year is the creation of the Gandhian "Anti-Nuclear Manifesto" jointly with ICAN by our 46 authors, including 4 Nobel laureates, from 26 countries, which we presented for discussion to 193 representative missions of the UN General Assembly in PDF format in New York and Vienna (https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=908)

Our second achievement is the translation and publication of “Gandhica” (https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=848) in Spanish and French. Just today I received from Paris three copies of the French "Gandhica", called "Gandhi et Depuis", which was published by the world famous publishing house "Hachette" with a global book network with a preface and edited by the world famous French philosopher, poet, writer and singer Mr. Guy Crequie, the GHA member since its foundation, since 2005 (https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=106). He wrote a wonderful preface for the French edition of "Gandhica" with a deep philosophical title: "From Leo Tolstoy ... Gandhi and to the Spherons."

In other words, he expressed the track of more than a century of world civilizational nonviolent progress: pre-revolutionary Russia - India - spherons of humanity/noosphere nonviolence in a wholedisclosed in the GHA! These are the turning points of world history, its moving towards nonviolence, in which the Gandhian spherons are the crowning global actors of a new era of nonviolence! The French national revolutionary spirit of Guy Crequie turned out to be the most perspicacious and consonant with the revolutionary, nonviolent spirit of the spherons discovery as a Copernican spiritual revolution of the 21st century, prepared by Tolstoy, Gandhi and GHA!

In "Gandhica", the crowning world actors of nonviolence - the spherons - receive fundamental scientific proof of their global objective truth by empirical verification by world statistics. Nothing better than it can scientifically confirm the universal social reality of spherons and their "greatest force of non-violence ... as the immutable Newtonian law of gravitation" as defined by Gandhi. If he proved the truth of their "greatest force of nonviolence" by the nonviolent liberation of India from British slavery, then Gandhica proved their truth of the fundamental societal "Newtonian law" by world statistical verification. Therefore, all world leaders, states, parties, democracies and authorities will have to reckon with this law and its objective truth, unknown to the backward for a century, traditional socio-humanitarian science, no matter how they like it. They will have to create fundamentally new Academies of Societal Spherons in order to master and control their "greatest force of nonviolence". At the same time, depressive traditional social science will have to radically rebuild to the spheral vector in all its fragmented disciplines, uniting o­n a common denominator of the spherons fundamental societal reality and rising from the level of pre-science to the level of fundamental natural sciences.

For Gandhi, "truth is God." In the 21st century, the spherons will make up the very truth that for it will become the saving God of survival o­n the nonviolent era third path of humanity / noosphere. No matter how crazy the idea of ​​spherons is, in 5-10-15 years, at modern rates of spreading new knowledge, it will become the same global truth as the multiplication table. As Kant said, "if the truth is clearly justified, it cannot fail to win." "Gandhica" gives the truth of the spherons more than a clear theoretical and empirical, statistical justification, albeit o­nly initial, but sufficient for its conscious practical application, primarily for the eradication of nuclear weapons.

Therefore, the significance of "Gandhica" and its publication in different languages, as proof of the truth of nonviolent spherons and the beginning of the "Gandhian World Enlightenment" in it, cannot be overestimated.This new, historical age of Enlightenment XXI was not o­nly prepared by the Gandhian fruits of the GHA for 16 years: 10 books and 78 projects, but also launched by a small o­nline lecture course "Gandhian Spherons", the program and schedule of which can be found here: https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=ru_c&key=861

This effective result of 16 years of hard work of more than 600 GHA humanitarians from almost 60 countries deserves the best marks. In this regard, we nominate and offer to recognize in the GHA highest Honorary Title "Gandhian Creator of World Harmony", among which some presidents, prime ministers, Nobel laureates, world scientists, writers, philosophers, poets are noted (http://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=513) of the following GHA members for their outstanding contribution to our unique work.

- Dr. Pratibha Garg, Professor of o­ne of the Delhi Universities of Education, Co-Chair of the WGHA, for her brilliant statistical research of the university spherons dynamics since 2005 to 2018, published o­n her personal page: https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=826

- Guy Crequie, GHA honorary member, philosopher, writer, poet and lyric singer for his unique contribution to the editing and publication of "Gandhica" in French in France and for its active promotion in world networks. His preface to this book is published here:


- Adam Greenwell, multimedia producer, writer and social entrepreneur based in New Zealand, for his active participation in creating and promoting the Gandhian “Anti-Nuclear Manifesto” (https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=908), for its presentation at the UN Conference, for its publication o­n international sites and its presentation to the country government that is reflected o­n his personal page: https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=912

- Robert J. Burrowes, Australian humanities scholar and Gandhian nonviolence activist for his unique theoretical and practical contributions to the global nonviolent movement since 1966, widely featured in many of his books and articles, especially his world famous Declaration "Why Violence?" (http://tinyurl.com/whyviolence) o­n many pages of the GHA website "Peace from Harmony", starting from its personal page: https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=679

Their work is well known in the GHA, therefore we propose to approve the proposed nominees until February 14, in honor of the GHA 16th anniversary, if no objections are received before that day.

Heartfelt congratulations and deep gratitude to all GHA members and our sincere friends. Best wishes for peace, love and nonviolence from the Gandhian spherons harmony,

Dr. Leo Semashko,

GHA Founder and Honorary President,




Yes I approve nominations


Thea Marie Robert





Dear and respected members of GHA ,

congratulation for efforts made for peace in the world.

wish you all the best.

Larik Noor Muhammad,






Congratulations and all my love.

Bella Ventura





Hon. Members of GHA,

Congratulations and thanks for the great endeavors for making this planet safe for all. I believe our challenges are much bigger than our imagination. At the forefront we are baffled by the means to prevent NUCLEAR PROLIFERATION. o­n other hand many nations are rapidly developing nuclear weapons that would destroy this planet much more than our imaginations. WHY?

Now it is the time to consider, from last 15 years are we anywhere near about the root cause of the problems that failing the system dedicated to prevent the worldwide NUCLEAR PROLIFERATION? Though there are lots of organizations, including the United Nation addressing the lethal approaches that guiding this current human race to an unnatural end, but it is not making any impact in this regard. More than that, we have many premeditated spiritual and political theories to sustain the basis for peace and harmony worldwide among the people determined to obtain peace through prosperity; neglecting the prime wisdom of humanity that guides us to achieve prosperity through peace. Why?

In fact our efforts to strengthen the basis for peace are fragmented, thus let us look forward for an integrated action to approach the global community within o­ne notion. It is simple possibl.

If we do not end war, war will end us. H. G. Wells

You cannot say civilization do not advance... in every war they kill you in a new way. Will Rogers

I know not with what weapons World War III will be fought, but World War IV will be fought with sticks and stones. Albert Einstein

Thanks for the time, looking forward for your response to reach a unanimous conclusion in this regard.

With Greatest Regards

Ajay Singh

GHA Ambassador of Peace from Harmony/Nonviolence


Acting Chief Councilor of the Religion and Ethics Council (ELFO)

Vice-President (IELFO)

Peace Ambassador at Worldwide Peace Organization (wwpo.org)




Dear Léo, dear all,

Thank you for this honorary proposal! Admittedly, I am o­nly o­ne ordinary man but in spite of my age and my tiredness and our family preoccupations with a health = I am determined, persevering, courageous!

I tested my courage for the first time between 6 and 18 years or in spite of a catastrophic visual situation, and in spite of what I heard around me = it will be almost blind with life, poor boy… I believed in my combat and in the quality of a large ophthalmologist!

However, at present, even in a country like: France says that of the lights, the human rights, the publication of this book was a course filled with difficulties! But as the large French poet Victor Hugo said it “the dawn dares when it rises” = draw in lessons from courage!

But it is necessary to advance, to decipher, and I still asked the editor soon of the improvements as regards the presentation of this book.

I wish good luck with the other versions to come, in particular with that near in language Castilian.

Humor: Europe after having been more than even critical skeptical at the time of the announcement of the Russian vaccine Sputnik does not cease at present renting its recognized effectiveness = as what the universalism of the intelligence does not have an ideological border: we all belong and to mankind: gay the sapiens

Thank you for your encouragements and supports.



Poet, social observant writer and French lyric singer

PS. Before my total vocal withdrawal my the last 2 recordings will relate to the serenade of Toselli and Lolita song which was dedicated to the immortal tenor Enrico Caruso




The GHA 16th anniversary

By Ernesto Kahan

What historical fact

was the creation of it

sixteen years ago!

What a superb seminar

for the good of humankind!

Yeah! a philosophical waft,

to neutralize destruction

and war!



Disease and lie!

Yeah! the creation de GHA

for the survival of people,

against the evil,

to freedom…

Physical and

intellectual well-being.

Professor Ernesto Kahan






Dear Leo,

YES, I approve the nominations.

Takis D Ioannides





I approve

Maria Cristina Azcona




Dear Leo and colleagues,

Yes from my side.


Prof Bishnu Pathak





Dear Leo,

YES to the four nominated deserving candidates for the GHA highest

Honorary Title "Gandhian Creator of World Harmony."

My heartiest congratulations!

In Peace and Solidarity,

Ayo Ayoola-Amale,





I Approve.

Thank you.

Maitreyee Bardhan Roy





Hon. Members of GHA,

Yes all the four candidates who really deserve the GHA

Highest Honorary Title "Gandhian Creator of World Harmony."



Ajay Singh

GHA Ambassador of Peace from Harmony/Nonviolence


Acting Chief Councilor of the Religion and Ethics Council ( ELFO)

Vice-President (IELFO)

Peace Ambassador at Worldwide Peace Organization ( wwpo.org )




Уважаемые члены ГСГ, друзья!

Присоединяюсь к поздравлению со знаменательным событием 16-й годовщины образования ГСГ!

За 16 лет работы ГСГ создал 10 уникальных книг и 78 миротворческих проектов на основе Гандианских сферонов ненасилия как самой «сумасшедшей», следовательно, наиболее плодотворной гуманистической идеи нашего времени. Наиболее важными достижениями явились создание Гандианского «Антиядерного манифеста» и широкая публикация «Гандики» на четырех языках с фундаментальным научным обоснованием сферонов, эмпирической верификацией их истинности мировой статистикой.

Очень порадовала «Гандика», опубликованная на французском и испанском языках. Теперь эта работа будет доступна для изучения испанцам и французам. Это замечательный пример для мира из России. Я полностью поддерживаю номинацию четырех членов ГСГ в высшем Почетном Звании «Гандианский Творец Мировой Гармонии».

С уважением,

Вера Попович,





The GHA 16th anniversary!

Sixteen years age, hard work, visions, thoughts, actions, books,

projects, etc., started with the idea and vision of Dr Leo Semashko.

The collective effort of the members of GHA was based o­n the personal synthetic

impulse of each member, and all these years it faced the immediate demands of our times.

The main factor of our success was the conscious and responsible participation

and utilization of the qualifications of each o­ne of us.

I wish health to all of you.

With respect to all of you

Panagiotis (Takis) D. Ioannides

Co-founder and Vice President of GHA





Greetings Leo and esteemed GHA family members,

I am honored and delighted to be a recipient of the GHA highest Honorary Title

"Gandhian Creator of World Harmony", at this momentous time in the history of GHA.

Furthermore, it is my pleasure and honour to share my attached Letter of Appointment from the Sultan of Oman,
to further advance and continue my late mother's legacy.

Peace and blessings,

Adam Greenwell


New Zealand



CONGRATULATIONS, Adam, o­n this honorable and very challenging appointment!

I am sure the Sultan of Oman knows how to harness you for Peace that is

so needed in the Middle East and the World!

On behalf o­n all associates of the Russia & America Goodwill Association,



W George Krasnow (http://wiki-org.ru/wiki/Краснов,_Владислав_Георгиевич)

President, RAGA





Dear Leo and all,

Congratulationson the achievement of the Gandhian "Anti-Nuclear Manifesto"

with ICAN by our 46 authors, including 4 Nobel laureates, from 26 countries.

Also heartfelt congratulations to the Gandhian Creators of World Harmony",

Dr. Pratibha Garg, Guy Crequie, Adam Greenwell and Robert J. Burrowes.

Warm Wishes

Michael Ellis, MD, BA (Hons)

GHA Ambassador of Peace and Disarmament from Harmony in Australia


Fellow -of the Advisory Board 2020 - 2024

(International Executive Secretariat)

International Association of Educators for World Peace


Founder Club of Budapest Australia https://www.clubofbudapestaustralia.com/

Founder Global Peace Centre, https://www.globalpeacecentre.org/




Dear All!

Great we made it!

Thank you, Leo!

Thank you, friends!

Lucas Pawlik,




Dear All,

Thanks and Approved.

Pravat Kumar Dhal,





Dear Leo, GHA members and friends,

Many congratulations to the GHA for completing 16 highly fruitful years!

Our congratulations and best wishes for all books, projects, initiatives and peacemaking achievements of the GHA!

Congratulations o­n the creation of the Gandhian "Anti-Nuclear Manifesto"!

Congratulations o­n the translation and publication of "Gandhica" in Spanish and French.

Anam and I are very happy with all four nominations -- Dr. Pratibha Garg, Guy Crequie, Adam Greenwell and Robert J. Burrowes -- for the GHA's highest Honorary Title "Gandhian Creator of World Harmony".

We approve all four names.

Heartiest congratulations, Dr. Pratibha Garg, Guy Crequie, Adam Greenwell and Robert J. Burrowes!

We look forward to be a part of the peacemaking process in the world, and watch and support everyone else who is dedicatedly trying to create a better world for all.

Warm Regards,

Hasina Parvin,

GGHA-India President,

Chief Executive Officer and Editor-in-Chief,

World Growth Forums for Nation Builders


Anam Kumar,

GGHA-India First Vice-President, CEO and Publishing Director

Managing Director,

World Growth Forums for Nation Builders





Dear Leo, GHA members and friends,

Many congratulations and best wishes for all the unique projects,

initiatives and peacemaking achievements for its16 highly fruitful years of journey.

As a promoter of world peace and a member of GHA, I take the occasion

to contribute a poem ATTACHED to commemorate this delight-filled occasion.

Heartiest congratulations and best wishes to o­ne and all,

Dr. Ashok Chakravarthy Tholana

International Poet – Review Writer Universal Peace Ambassador,

Vice-Chair, Global Harmony Association,

tacvarthy@gmail.com | worldpeacepoetry@gmail.com

Address: Hyderabad – 500 059 [TS] INDIA

Website: https://worldpeacepoetry.com/





Dear Leo

Congratulations for the successful completion of 16 years of our association

Thank you.

Maitreyee Bardhan Roy





Поздравляю с Вашим 16-ым годом совершеннолетия и желаю

Вам и членам ГСГ энергичного продолжения!


W George Krasnow (http://wiki-org.ru/wiki/Краснов,_Владислав_Георгиевич)

President, RAGA, USA




Dear Dr Leo,

I am back from my surgery and in healthy state.

Hope to interact, contribute and share my load of writing peace poems.

Regards and happy 2021.

Brig Kartar Singh

President, IESL





Dear Leo and esteemed members of GHA,

My heartiest congratulations to all GHA members o­n the 16th

anniversary of Global Harmony Association!

Wishing you all strength and courage as we continue to explore ways to

address crucial legitimate concerns of all humanity through our

collective concrete actions for global peace.Peace as we all know is

humanity’s highest values. Our human right to peace is being peace!

In Peace and Solidarity,

Ayo Ayoola-Amale




Dear Leo

I write to congratulate you your family and friends around the world o­n this

the 16th anniversary of the GGHA. Your work is so important for the

Human family as non-violence is the way to not o­nly live but to solve the

problems we face as a United family. Thank you dear Leo you are an

inspiration. May the years ahead bring much joy and fruits of peace.


Mairead Maguire,

Nobel Peace Laureate,

North Ireland,





Dear Leo

It is very kind of the GHA to appoint me a 'World Harmony Gandhian

Creator': a great honour indeed, for which I am grateful.

Would you please pass o­n my thanks to all concerned and also my

congratulations to Dr. Pratibha Garg, Guy Crequie and Adam Greenwell for

their recent appointments also.

And my congratulations to the GHA o­n the 16th anniversary of its

foundation, thus marking 16 years of many fine achievements.

I also note with interest the proposal to revise the name of the GHA to

the GGHA to acknowledge Gandhi's legacy and its contribution to the GHA.

In sincerest appreciation;

Robert J. Burrowes,

Author of ‘Why Violence?’







Final congratulations and starting Gandhian World Enlightenment

Dear Mairead, Robert and Ashok,

Thank you very much for your final strong congratulations o­n the GGHA 16th anniversary, for your greetings to the new Gandhian Creators of World Harmony that you asked to pass to them and for supporting the renewal of the GHA name as the GHA Gandhian in order “to acknowledge Gandhi's legacy” and the GGHA contribution to it.

On the personal page of each laureate of the GGHA Highest Honorary Title it is now noted:

The GGHA Highest Honorary Title

World Harmony Gandhian Creator”, 2021


In English: http://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=513

In Russian: http://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=ru_c&key=543

GGHA 16th Anniversary:

In English: https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=986

In Russian: https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=ru_c&key=869


For another 30 Gandhian laureates since 2007, this unique honorary certification will be posted o­n their personal pages in the coming week.

We express special gratitude and recognition to our international Indian poet, Dr. literature, to the GHA Vice-President Ashok Chakravarthy Tholana for his programmatic, historical poem in the highest Homeric, epic style dedicated to 16 years of the GHA peacemaking Gandhian work!

Every birthday of the GGHA, as well as many of its events related to the publication of unique Gandhian books of the GGHA, he celebrates with his poetic masterpieces, which are published not o­nly o­n his personal page: https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=286 but also o­n all relevant pages including those mentioned. Ashok's poems will be included as poetic pearls in the Gandhian textbooks for schools, colleges, universities and academies, which the GGHA will republish within the framework of its “Gandhian World Enlightenment Project” from its 10 Gandhian books, as well as from dozens of other great Gandhian books published in the world of other authors.

We hope that Ashok and all Gandhian and Nobel laureates, all GGHA coauthors will actively support and participate in this most urgent project for humanity to enlighten it in the saving science of nonviolence of the Gandhian spherons, to find o­n their basis a common sociogenetic denominator for the entire diversity of national cultures and civilizations and put an end to global confrontation and the suicidal violence that flourishes o­n its basis.

With love, gratitude and best wishes,





Dear Leo,


The same to all friends.

I wish you and all friends all the best in our journey with GHA o­n our founding day.

Let us strive to take it to greater heights and depth.

With regards

Sincerely Yours


Mr. Ananta Kumar Giri, PhD


Madras Institute of Development Studies

79, Second Main Road, Gandhi Nagar, Adyar,

Chennai, Adyar-600 020,




Dear Leo - GHA Members

It is indeed a great honour to be associated with GHA for the past

16 years by sharing and contributing our best for Universal Peace

with unprecedented achievements through collective peacekeeping projects

for establishing a non-violent and fundamentally scientific foundation.

That apart, the proposal to revise the name of the GHA to the GGHA to

acknowledge Gandhi's legacy is MOST WELCOME.

Regards and best wishes to o­ne and all

Dr. Ashok Chakravarthy Tholana,






Лев Михайлович, добрый вечер!

Поздравляю Вас с 16-летием Вашего детища ГСГ и желаю ему и Вам всяческих успехов в этом праведном деле. Горжусь, что знаком с Вами столько лет! У нас только что закончился двухнедельный модуль.
Он был проблемным, а эти проблемы необходимо перевести в задачи. и начать их решать...

До свидания. Ещё раз поздравляю с 16-летним юбилеем. Всех благ и здоровья.

С уважением.

Смирнов Андрей,

Россия, Великий Новгород,






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