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Sunday, March 21st, 2021

1:00 PM to 8:00 PM - PST

Presented By:

Witness For Peace Southwest, Addicted To War & CODEPINK

Part 1     Roots of U.S. Anti-Communism and Cold War

Opening Remarks by Rachel Bruhnke, Witness For Peace Southwest and Frank Dorrel, Addicted To War

NAME - Time 1:00 PM PST                TESTIMONY THEME                                   TESTIMONY TYPE

Blase Bonpane,                                  The Cold War                                                 Written

Ramsey Clark,                           Plutocracy: Wealth Runs This Country                    Film clip

Jim Lafferty,           Why We Need This Truth Commission to Expose Cold War Lies               Live

Peter Kuznick,                Henry Wallace and the Cold Wars beginning                              Live

w/ Oliver Stone           FILM CLIP: The Untold History of the United States

Daniel Ellsberg,         The Role of the Military-Industrial-Congressional Complex in                    Live

                                Starting and Maintaining the Cold War

FDR Reading,        Excerpt From The Second Bill of Rights State of the Union Speech 1944       Written

Approx. 2:00 PM PST

Rossana Cambron,             Anti-Communism As a Weapon Against Progress                           Live

Gerald Horne,                 The U.S. Cold War As a Self-Inflicted Wound                           Written

Carolfrances Likens,           The Red-baiting of Abolitionists in 1850!                                  Taped                         

Rick Fellows,                   The Pro-Fascist Nature of U.S. Anti-Communism                         Live

Mike Feinstein,        Is the Fear of Communists a Big Deal in Europe? A Greens Perspective      Live

Jeremy Kuzmarov,            A Sequence of Lies, The U.S Cold War, and Today                      Live

Approx. 3:00 PM PST

Michael Novick,               The White Supremacist Nature of The U.S. Cold War                   Live

Alice Slater,                  Historical and Current U.S. Cold War Against Russia                     Live

Norman Solomon,      Why So Many Progressives Bought Into the Russiagate FrenzyLive

MUSIC VIDEO: Gil Scott Heron: Work For Peace (Military & The Monetary)

Part II    The Domestic U.S. Cold War

Mumia Abul-Jamal &          Citizens Commission to Investigate the FBI                               Written

Stephen Vittoria

Julia Scoville,         McCarthyism, Employment Fears, and the Vilification of Solidarity              Taped

Susan Gossman,                       What HUAC Did to My Father                                     Taped

Gregory Godels,        McCarthyisms Effect o­n American workers. Case Study: Pittsburgh, PA       Live

Richard Moser,        How The American People Lost The Cold War: U.S. Empire and the

                          Decline of American Democracy                                                    Taped                                  

Mickey Huff,          "Censoring of The Truth During The U.S. Cold War to Today"                    Live

Approx. 4:00 PM PST

Chris Venn,              The Housing Crisis, Land Accumulation and Cold War Ideology                 Live

Carley Towne,             The Cost of U.S. Militarism in The U.S. Cold War to Today                Live

Bruce Gagnon,                 "Weaponizing Space in The U.S. Cold War to Today"                      Live

David Vine,                    There Was Nothing COLD About The Cold War                        Live

Kathy Kelly,           War Resistance In the 1980s As Foundation for 1991 Iraq War Resistance    Live

David Swanson,                "Combatting The Lies of The U.S. Cold War Today"                      Live

Jeff Cohen,                   U.S. News Media: The Enduring Cold War Legacy                        Live

Ed Rampell,           HUAC, the Hollywood Blacklist and McCarthyism: Cold War Cancel Culture     Taped

Peter McLaren,               The U.S. Cold War Against Liberation Theology and The                  Live

                                 Ascendance Of The Religious Right                

Approx. 5:00 PM PST

Rev. Steve Wilson,   The Red-Baiting of Progressive Religious Values In the U.S. Cold War          Live

John Hankey,          The U.S. Cold War and The Murder of Communal Values                       Taped

Gerry Condon,                       Resist War! A Message to Todays Youth                          Live


Emily Dorrel                   Tic Toc Video: A Warning o­n American Hypocrisy                                  

Mary Miller                                   My Generation

Alma Bruhnke,                 The Pledge of Allegiance, God and The U.S. Cold War

*Open Mic for Youth                      2-minute Testimonies                   

Marcy Winograd,                     The Cold War in the U.S. Classroom                              Taped

Approx. 6:00 PM PST

Eric Mann,                    Combatting Anti-Communism in The 1960s                                 Live

Carl Boggs,          "The Environmental Catastrophe of Militarism and The U.S. Cold War"          Live

MUSIC VIDEO: Sara Thomsen: Is it for Freedom?

Part III   The U.S. Global Cold War, Then and Now

Roy Bourgeois,        School of Assassins: Resistance to Cold War Training at Fort. Benning, GA    Film Clip

Barbara Trent,        Cover-Up: Behind The Iran-Contra Affair and The Panama Deception       Film Links

Medea Benjamin,               The U.S. Cold War vs. African Liberation Struggles                     Live

Danny Sjursen,           Cold War In The Heartland: Patriotic Dissent In The Cold War              Live

Ret. Maj. Army

Approx. 7:00 PM PST

Nuri Ronaghy,   Origins of U.S.-Iranian Tension: The 1953 CIA-Orchestrated Coup Against Iran   Live

Peter Phillips,         "The NSA and CIA Protects Concentrated Global Capitalism"                      Live  

Gail Walker,           Lucius Walker: The Legacy of a Visionary Pastor for Peace                      Live

Matthew Hoh,                 "Afghanistan as a Pawn in the U.S. Cold War"                              Live

Ann Wright,                   Inside and Outside the Military Industrial Complex                       Live

Jodie Evans,                   Historical and Current U.S. Cold War Against China                     Live

Approx. 8:00 PM PST

John Parker,                  The Cold War and Continued Conflict With Syria                         Live

Miguel Angel,          The o­ngoing U.S. Cold War Against Honduras: Perspective From An Exile      Live

Alicia Rivera,          The U.S. Cold War Against El Salvador and Its Aftermath                      Live

Alicia Jrapko,         The Dirty War in Argentina, Operation Condor and the U.S. Cold War         Written

S. Brian Willson,        U.S. Involvement in Creating and Sustaining the Cold War Against Korea    Written

Joel Andreas,         The Rise of Aerial Bombardment Throughout the Cold War                      Taped

Nadya Williams,      CIA Intrigue, the 1965 Coup Against Indonesia and Its Aftermath             Taped   

Closing Remarks by Rachel Bruhnke, Witness For Peace Southwest and Frank Dorrel, Addicted To War

                INVITATION TO WATCH: What Ive Learned About U.S. Foreign Policy: The War

                                               Against the Third World - Produced by Frank Dorrel

                LINK: www.youtube.com/watch?v=0gMGhrkoncA

                Public Open Mic and Chat Testimonies

Scholars & Citizen Testimonials Will Help Us Learn The History of The Cold War & Its Relevance To U.S. Political Corruption & To Todays Global Chaos.


IN-PERSON or PRE-RECORDED TESTIMONY o­n: CIA-backed Global Interventions of The Cold War; McCarthyism and the crushing of labor and the left in the U.S.; the Cold War Nuclear Legacy; Hollywood and the Blacklist; the Red Scare of the 1930s; and the red-baiting of social activists as far back as 1850!


I think its a great idea! Ideologically, it's right o­n. Oliver Stone o­n The Cold War Truth Commission


Hosted by Rachel Bruhnke of Witness For Peace Southwest and Frank Dorrel of ADDICTED To WAR


Endorsed by: CODEPINK, WORLD BEYOND WAR, ROOTSACTION, KPFK 90.7 FM Radio, Veterans For Peace, CovertAction Magazine, Media Freedom Foundation, Project Censored, PeaceWorkers, Global Network Against Weapons and Nuclear Power In Space, School of The Americas Watch, Harriet Tubman Center For Social Justice, Anti-Racist Action, COVID-19 Global Solidarity Coalition and ADDICTED To WAR

+++ Gandhian Global Harmony Association (GGHA)




Sunday, March 21st, 1:00 PM to 7:00 PM (PST)


Register Here:  www.codepink.org/03212021

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Here Is The Entire: COLD WAR TRUTH COMMISSION - o­n YouTube.

https://youtu.be/Nq92c4Y-MoQ   - 9 Hours: 56 Minutes - Unedited

Feel Free To Forward It To Anyone and Everyone You Want To.

Cold War Hysteria

by S. Brian Willson

We are willing to help people who believe the way we do.

 -  Dean Acheson, Trumans Secretary of State, 1947


I cannot stress enough the overwhelming toxic spell that Cold War propaganda cast o­n the minds of three generations, including some of the most intelligent people, and its influence continues today. Relentless Cold War rhetoric accomplished a near total indoctrination of our entire US culture. Religious institutions, academic and educational institutions from kindergarten through graduate school, professional associations, political associations from local to national, scientific community, economic system, entertainment industry from radio and TV to Hollywood and sports, fraternal organizations, boy scouts, etc.all systematically colluded and cooperated to preserve unquestioning belief in the unique nobility of the US American system while instilling pathological, rabid, paranoid fear of enemies in our midst as well as out therein order to rationalize otherwise pathologically inexplicable behavior around the world as well as at home. The atrocities committed in the name of defeating communist bogeymen are nearly beyond belief. As this example shows, our cultural schooling is so pervasive as to generate a universally compelling mythology powerful enough to conceal its own contradictions.

Our cultural corruption was so complete we proudly utilized B-52s blessed by God-fearing chaplains flying five miles high to bomb unarmed, mostly Buddhist peasants living nine thousand miles across the Pacific. It is very difficult to recognize in ourselves what would be considered criminally insane behavior if carried out by others.

Forty years of fanatical good us versus evil them leads directly from the 1917 Russian Revolution, the authentic beginning of the Cold War, leading to Korea and Viet Nam. Prior to 1917, Russia has been a semi-colonial possession of European capital that had settled into typical "Third World" patterns, supplying raw materials to industrial countries while primarily internally developing with foreign capital while experiencing dramatic escalation of debt and impoverishment. The Russian Revolution was a radical break from western-dominated exploitation, very unacceptable to the capitalist west, the so-called "advanced" industrial countries. It was, in effect, a radical alternative to the way things had been settling in among "moderns" around the non-indigenous global capitalist world.

During Russias 19181920 Civil War, a number of the allied nations and Japan invaded Russia in efforts to crush socialism. Winston Churchill, Englands Minister for War and Air (19191921), sought desperately to strangle at its birth the Bolshevik state.[1] A determined effort by 11 Western nations and Japan to nip the revolution in the bud formed expeditionary forces that invaded Russia in 1918 with nearly nine hundred thousand troops in three regions. Archangel in northern Russia, including five thousand US troops; the Odessa region and Crimea in Southern Russia; and Vladivostok in eastern Russia, including seven thousand US troops who remained there until 1920. US casualties during the occupation in northern Russia were nearly 2,900. The State Department told Congress: All these operations were to offset effects of the Bolshevik revolution in Russia.

This US intervention into Russia occurred o­n President Wilsons orders without a Congressional declaration of war. It also occurred during peace negotiations that had gotten underway o­n January 4, 1919 in Versailles, France, to formally end the First World War. The Versailles Treaty was signed June 28, 1919, by Germany and Britain, France, Italy, and Russia, but not by the US.  The intervention into Russia illustrates how terrified the US and the West were of the ideological alternative to capitalism that the Bolsheviks represented. High level US planning documents identify the primary threat as radical and nationalistic regimes that are responsive to popular pressures for immediate improvement in the low living standards of the masses and development for domestic needs, tendencies that conflict with the demand for a political and economic climate conducive to private investment, with adequate repatriation of profits and protection of our raw materials. In essence, the Soviet Union was considered a gigantic rotten apple, a challenge . . . to the very survival of the capitalist order. As Europe was beginning to self-destruct, the US was for the first time becoming a decisive world influence. The Bolshevik revolution, i.e., Communism, was seen as a global enemy that had to be crushed.

Truman Doctrine Ushers in a National Security State

Trumans March 12, 1947 containment speech, often described as the formal declaration of the Cold War between the Free World and the forces of Communism, helped entrench the idea that the entire world is the specific business of the United States. Expressing fear of an international Communist threat and marking the beginning of US containment policy, his appeal to congress officially launched the first of thousands of US covert and overt interventions around the world. Despite Trumans focus o­n Greece and Turkey in this speech, internal documents reveal that South Korea was as important, if not more important in terms of needing to be contained. This was made clear in 1949, when both Secretary of State Acheson and the head of States policy planning, George Kennan, concluded that successful suppression by Syngman Rhee of a Korean peoples independence movement would be a key litmus test of the USs emerging policy of global containment of Communism, despite the Koreans passion for self-determination.

Quelling popular self-determination aspirations (autonomy, democracy) around the world became critical for the assurance of continued global Western hegemony. Thus, the Cold War really was a series of hundreds of smaller, but brutal hot wars against popular and revolutionary movements in the "Third World" seeking liberation from historic colonialism (the essential lessons of the Russian Revolution), movements that were essentially supported by the alternative represented by the Soviet Union, in addition to the major post-WWII Third World revolutions in Korea and Viet Nam. In the first, we were stalemated in 1953; the second we lost militarily/politically in 1973, though in each case we decimated and destroyed each culture's infrastructure while murdering a combined 10 million plus people.

NSC-68: The US, Not the Soviets, Possessed a Global Monolithic Plan

On April 14, 1950, President Truman approved a comprehensive National Security Council study known as NSC 68 (1949-1950). The most fundamental document of the US Cold War, its recommendations began to be implemented o­n the eve of our hot war in Korea. NSC-68 asserted that the US had the unique right and responsibility to impose our chosen order among nations so that our free society can flourish. . . . Our policy and action . . . must be such to foster a fundamental change in the nature of the Soviet system and foster the seeds of destruction within the Soviet system that will hasten its decay. It added, The Soviet Union, unlike previous aspirants to hegemony, is animated by a new fanatic faith, antithetical to our own, and seeks to impose its absolute authority over the rest of the world. The foundation of the strategy was a view to fomenting and supporting unrest and revolt in selected satellite countries and to reduce the power and influence of the Kremlin inside the Soviet Union. Any less global imperial policy would have drastic effects o­n our belief in ourselves and in our way of life. US ability to act had apocalyptic ramifications: fulfillment or destruction not o­nly of this Republic but of civilization. NSC-68 concluded that the assault o­n free institutions is world-wide and imposes o­n us, in our own interests, the responsibility of world leadership such that we must seek to foster a world environment in which the American system can survive and flourish. Any measures, covert or overt, violent or nonviolent will be called upon as necessary for frustrating the Kremlin design, which included overt psychological warfare as well as various kinds of economic warfare. Utmost care must be taken to avoid permanently impairing our economy and the fundamental values and institutions inherent in our way of life.

NSC-68 went o­n to claim that even if there were no Soviet Union we would face the great problem of the free society . . of reconciling order, security . . . with the requirement of freedom. The subsequent Korean War was the first time the CIA operated in a hot war. Its arguments became the foundation for tripling the Defense budget, stationing troops in Europe, and significantly boosting US conventional and nuclear weapons systems, thus further escalating the arms race.

NSC-68 reveals this incredible irony: Throughout the Cold War years, we were taught to fear the evil Soviets, while our government spent literally trillions of dollars defending our real monolithic plan from their fictional o­ne. Further, the Cold War and its consequent expensive arms race o­nly ensured preservation of an obsessively consumptive Western way of life that is literally destroying life o­n the planet as we face eco- catastrophe due to global warming. Industrial civilization is an intense heat engine.

Staggering Soviet Losses in WWII Ignored by the West

The US government knew that the Soviet Union was so devastated from the war that it had no capacity or will to imagine or carry out a monolithic plan to control the West. Yet, post -World War II hostility toward the Soviet Union resumed anti-Bolshevik and anti-Communist hatred that had begun in 1917-1918. This, despite the fact, as mentioned earlier in this chapter, that the Soviet armies essentially were responsible for the final defeat of the Nazis in World War II, a war in which the Soviets suffered incredible losses.

A 1994 study published by the Russian Academy of Science estimated USSR casualties at 26.6 million, or 13.5 percent, of its pre WWII war population of 196.7 million. Before their defeat in 1945, the Nazis had leveled or crippled 15 large Soviet cities, more than 1,700 towns, 70,000 villages, and nearly 100,000 collective farms, while devastating most of its factories, railroads, highways, bridges, and electric power stations. In contrast, the US suffered less than 420,000 deaths, or o­nly three-tenths of a percent of itspopulation, and did not lose any infrastructure.

US Naval Intelligence reported in January 1946 that the USSR was exhausted . not expected to take any action during the next five years which might develop into hostilities with Anglo-Americans. Its policies were determined to be defensive in nature, designed o­nly to establish a Soviet Monroe Doctrine for the area under her shadow, primarily and urgently for security. Honest historians, academicians, and political leaders knew the basis of Stalins insistence o­n having friendly neighbors and secure borders o­n its west flank. Unlike the US, the Soviet Union had no oceans to protect it from external aggression. In 1812, Napoleonic France invaded Russia through Germany. Imperial Japan invaded Siberia in 1906. Germany invaded Russia in 1914 and again in 1941. And Poland invaded Russia in 1920 over an old territorial dispute and new ideological fears of Bolshevism. Thus, Russias Western border had been invaded at least four times. George Kennan, architect of the US containment policy, ultimately concluded that the image of a Stalinist Russia poised and yearning to attack the West was largely a fiction of the Western imagination. He reminded US Americans that the Russian people believed profoundly in decency, honesty, kindness and loyalty in the relations between individuals, in fact that the Russians are human beings after all.

It has been our delusions and arrogance under "God" ever since our own cultural origins in forceful dispossession of hundreds of "strange" Indigenous cultures, both in the Western Hemisphere stealing land and in Africa stealing chattel labor, that we have possessed the cultural DNA of selfishness and narcissism at the expense of others and the Planet Earth. Our Age of stupid and ecocide/suicide is not recognized, as we have depended upon the techniques of denial and the comforting trick of basking in the arrogance of exceptionalism.

S. Brian Willson

Author, Activist, Viet Nam Veteran

Email: bw@brianwillson.com

Website: www.brianwillson.com   


Every Essay and Article o­n Brians Website is Well Worth Reading.

Frank Dorrel







: https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=989

ZOOM : www.codepink.org/03212021

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Dr. Leo Semashko,

GGHA Founder and Honorary President



Hi Leo,

          Thanks so much for sending this out. I have never seen any event with all of these great truth-tellers like we have in this o­ne. I hope you will be able to watch it. And it will be o­n YouTube after this Sunday to watch forever, unless they take they links down. Im sure Ive told you before that my grandmother Luba Koslinkoff (spelling?) came from Odessa sometime around 1920 or before. In all, there were 10 brothers and sisters, her mother and father and even her grandmother. They all came to Philadelphia at different times. Some years later Luba came to Los Angeles. Her Russian husband died before my mother, Meta, was born. Meta will turn 94 in April.

She has more friends than anyone I have ever known. Everyone loves my mom. She is good to everyone. I was so very close to my Grandma when I was growing up. She was almost like a second mother to me. When I was growing up, we were told how bad the Russians were. How dangerous they were. I didnt believe it, because I knew how good my grandmother was. I was almost 30 years old before I began discovering just how terrible U.S. foreign policy was.

I ended up making my film: What Ive Learned About U.S. Foreign Policy: www.youtube.com/watch?v=0gMGhrkoncA in 2000, then publishing ADDICTED To WAR in 2002. And Ive done everything I could to try to get Americans to see the horrible truth about what our country has done to innocent people all over the world. But sadly, most people in this country dont know about this and dont want to know. But the speakers at this event do know and they have been speaking out for many years. And we will have so many of them at our event o­n Sunday. At least some of us have been trying, Leo.

In Peace,
Frank Dorrel,
PO Box 3261,
Culver City, CA 90231, USA,


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Solidarity against militarism and Russophobian Racism

Dear friend Frank,

Thank you very much for your exciting story of Russian family roots, your family immunity against Russophobia, your persistent peacemaking since 30 years old and your many years of inspiring attempts to get Americans to see the horrible truth about what our country has done to innocent people all over the world. But sadly, most people in this country dont know about this and dont want to know." Therefore, we highly appreciate the CODEPINK and yours action as heroic for modern America. Therefore, we were happy to send a message about it in our networks to more than 5 thousand people and publish it together with your letter in two languages ​​on a special page of our site here: https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=989. Of course, we will try to attend your action or watch it o­n YouTube, if time zones, American censorship and technical capabilities allow. We will be happy to publish your information about this unique promotion. We are in solidarity with you and support you in every possible way.

For this purpose, to strengthen your action, for its emphasis o­n a positive alternative direction of nonviolent Gandhian Enlightenment and education, we are sending you our latest project o­n this topic (10 pages) in the attachment so that you can send it to all your speakers and maybe be, show o­nline. Could you do it? Could you publish it o­n the CODEPINK website? Could you publicly and in solidarity with us support it as do we publicly and in solidarity support your heroic action? Is it affordable and possible for you? Ultimately, to the US militarism is not dangerous for its endless criticism for decades, but a constructive positive alternative of nonviolence, which Mahatma Gandhi recognized as the greatest force of humanity, which mightier than the mightiest [nuclear] weapon of destruction, which the GGHA promotes through education and enlightenment in the proposed project.

So why don't you join our efforts in this direction? Why don't you publish this project, support it and join it? I hope that American Russophobia will not hinder you in your anti-militarist solidarity. Or are we wrong? I would like to make sure o­n the facts of your support that we are not mistaken in your anti-militarist solidarity, which will o­nly strengthen us many times over, and the absence of which will weaken us and make us powerless against the eternal and suicidal American militarism.

With hope for your understanding and solidarity, friendly,

Dr. Leo Semashko,
GGHA Founder and Honorary President,


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