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Leo Semashko. Spherons: The Worldview and Thinking Substance of Spheronism-Harmonism


The Worldview and Thinking Substance of Spheronism-Harmonism in the XXI Century


Leo Semashko



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The historical discovery of spherons as equal four varnas of pre-Vedic ancient India belongs to Mahatma Gandhi, who first began writing about them since about 1923 until the end of his life. The most complete understanding of his doctrine of varnas/spherons received in his book "My Religion", published after his death in 1955 (see below). From it is known that Gandhi attached exceptional importance to varnas/spherons as actors of nonviolence not o­nly in ancient India, but also in contemporary India, relying o­n the nonviolence of which he ensured the bloodless liberation of India from British slavery.

Below are 10 detailed and systematized quotes from the Mahatma Gandhi named book, which constitute an introduction to the fundamental social science of spherons. This science was systematically substantiated and developed in 10 GGHA books over 16 years (2005-2020). In them, the spherons received empirical verification as real global societal substances of our time by world statistics in the GGHA book "Gandhica" (2019: https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=848). This science in its substantial integrity of spherons and their full-scale modern socio-political application and use can be called like this: Spheronism-Harmonism.

Necessary and sufficient spherons are fundamental social elements that make up the genetic societal structure and genome of every society and every part of it, from the individual and family to humanity as a whole in its entire history. The internal objectively natural harmony of interactions and the harmonization of relations between the spherons determine their living, dynamic and dialectical self-developing integrity within any social system.

The Spheronism-Harmonism terminology and language correspond to the linguistic spirit of our era, in which the essential socio-political attributes of society, its sources, content and its future are denoted by similar terms. Examples: Marxism-Leninism, Liberalism-Capitalism, Socialism-Communism, etc.

Spheronism-harmonism as the terms and language of a new era of nonviolence, supplant and replace the terms and language of the obsolete era of violence. This is the terminology and language of the third, nonviolent way of human sustainable development in the XXI century new era.

Spheronism-Harmonism as thinking, worldview, terms and language of a nonviolence new era, supplant and replace thinking, worldview, terms and language of an obsolete era of violence. This is the intellect and science of the third, nonviolent way of sustainable and harmonious conscious development of humanity in the XXI century new era.



Gandhian Fundamental Ideas of Nonviolence for World Enlightenment

in the 21st Century



1. Varna* [spherons**] is not a human invention, but an immutable law of nature – the statement of [genetic] tendency that is ever present and at work like Newton’s law of gravitation. Just as the law of gravitation existed even before it was discovered, so did the law of varna [spherons]. Varna is the law of life universally governing the human family.

- (Briefly. Spherons of nonviolence are actors, reality, the first law of humanity, its invariant sociogenetic substance in its endless historical forms.)

2. The Rishis [Vedic sages of ancient India about 4 thousand years ago] after incessant experiment and research arrived at this fourfold division [classes, estates, clusters by employment, they are the ancient four spherons], that of teaching, of defending, of wealth-producing, and of manual service.

- (Briefly. A society is divided into four spherons by employment in four spheres of social production; therefore, they are called "spherons",not varna.)


3. Nonviolence [of the varnas/spherons] is the greatest force at the disposal of mankind. It is mightier than the mightiest [nuclear] weapon of destruction. Nonviolence is not the inheritance of cowardice, it is always heroism.

- (Briefly. Nonviolence of spherons is stronger than any violence - it is the humanity heroism.)


4. Varna [spherons] reveals the law of o­ne's being and the idea of superiority or inferiority is wholly repugnant to it. All varnas [spherons] are equal, for the community depends no less o­n o­ne than o­n another. Varna [spherons] ordains that every o­ne shall fulfill the law of [equality] o­ne's being. The law of varna is the antithesis of competition [inequalities], which kills. It ensuresthefairest [equal] possibledistributionofwealth [between the spherons].

- (Briefly. The highest power of spherons is equality, excluding inequality, superiority.)


5. It was given to the Hindus to discover that law [of the varnas/spherons]. Hindus by their discovery of this irresistible social tendency have been able to achieve in the spiritual field what no other nation in the world has achieved. Varnashrama, as I interpret it, satisfies the religious, social and economic needs of a community. Observance of the law obviates social evils and entirely prevents the killing economic competition. Fulfillmentofthelaw wouldmakelifelivable, would spread peace and content, end all clashes and conflicts, put an end to starvationandpauperization,solvetheproblemof populationandevenend disease and suffering.

- (Briefly. Spherons exclude social evil; provide prosperity, peace and a solution to all problems of humanity.)


6. Varna [spherons] is no man-made institution but the law of life universally governing the human family.Thoughthelawofvarna [spherons] isaspecialdiscoveryofsomeHinduseer,ithas universal application. It ought to have universal application. That is how I look at the law of varna [spherons]. The world may ignore it today [out of ignorance] but it will have to accept it in the time to come. This is the law of our being.

- (Briefly. The law of spherons is the defining law of humanity throughout its history, knowing which it recognizes its fundamental role in the development of all its life.)


7. Varna [spherons] has nothing to do with caste. Down with the monster of caste that masquerades in the guise of varna [spherons]. It is this [caste] travesty of varna [spherons] that has degraded Hinduism and India. Our failure to follow the law of varna [spherons] is largely responsible both for our economic and spiritual ruin. It is o­ne cause of unemployment and impoverishment, and it is responsible for untouchability and defections from our faith. Today varna means gradation of high and low. It is a hideous travesty of the original. We have distorted it today and have made ourselves the laughing-stock of the world. Therefore, when people in disregard of the [varnas/spherons] law it leads to confusion of varna and ultimate disruption of society. Today, nations are living in ignorance and breach of that law and they are suffering for it.

- (Briefly. The equal varnas/spherons have nothing to do with unequal castes, although they historically arose as a distortion of varnas, a denial of their equality that plunged India into millennia of poverty, backwardness and decline up to now.)


8.If we Hindus sincerely reject the [caste] division into higher and lower, then we will heal from mutual envy and mistrust of other communities and at the same time heal them.

- (Briefly. The healing of India and all humanity from violence and all the misfortunes of its generating inequality is ensured by the deep equality of the nonviolence spherons.)


9. There is no other God than Truth and the o­nly means for the realization of Truth is Ahimsa [nonviolence of varnas/spherons]. My strivings after Ahimsa have still been imperfect and inadequate. The little fleeting glimpses, therefore, that I have been able to have of Truth can hardly convey an idea of the indescribable lustre of Truth, a million times more intense than that of the sun we daily see with our eyes. In fact what I have caught is o­nly the faintest glimmer of that mighty effulgence [of the varnas/spherons nonviolence]. But this much I can say with assurance, as a result of all my experiments, that a perfect vision of Truth can o­nly follow a complete realization of Ahimsa [nonviolence of varnas/spherons]. God [varnas/spherons] can never be realized by o­ne who is not pure of heart. Self-purificationthereforemustmeanpurificationinallthewalksoflife [in all spheres of life and all the spherons employed in them].

- (Briefly. Nonviolence of spherons is a God, a Truth, the knowledge of which is endless and requires moral purity and complete devotion to nonviolence. The true social existence in nonviolence is provided o­nly by conscious, enlightened spherons who scientifically cognized the fullness of their nonviolence and morally cleansed in this knowledge from the dirt of violence and blindness of ignorance.)


10. Varna is the best form of insurance for happiness.

- (Briefly. o­nly enlightened spherons are able to guarantee humanity and all the peoples a happy life in nonviolence, inaccessible to anyone else in history.)


* Varnas are equal groups, clusters of the population of ancient India, employed in four spheres of its social production, therefore constituting its historical spherons.

** Spherons are invariant equal groups/clusters/classes of people covering the entire population of any society in history and differing in employment in o­ne of the four spheres of social production. The social universality of spherons is proved by world statistics in the GHA book "Gandhica" (see below.) Therefore, the varnas are spherons of ancient India, and the spherons are varnas of humanity as a whole that was emphasized by Mahatma Gandhi (above).

The key ideas of the nonviolence/ahimsa Gandhian doctrine of the varnas/spherons are cited from the source: Gandhi M. My Religion. 1955, 141-187 pp, and others here:



Summary. The listed fundamental Gandhian ideas about the spherons of nonviolence are necessary and more than sufficient for the development of an alternative Gandhian World Enlightenment, an alternative Gandhian education, an alternative Gandhian Humanities and an alternative, "substantially new manner of thinking" by the Gandhian spherons in the 21st century.


"No a single problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it [therefore] a substantially new [alternative] manner of thinking [by the Gandhian spherons] is needed if humanity wants to survive."

Albert Einstein


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