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Donald Trump is the best US President for global peace?

Maybe Donald Trump is the best US President for global peace

               with his coherent foreign policy? - http://peacefromharmony.org/

            Donald Trump promised to save humanity itself via shake the rust off Americas foreign policy if elected president

Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama are jointly blamed for reckless, rudderless and aimless foreign policy in the Middle East.

I will replace randomness with purpose ... chaos with peace Redoubled his criticism of Natos outdated mission We dont blockade, we dont bomb. This will all change when I become president We are going to finally have a coherent foreign policy.

Said he would hold summits with Russia and China shortly after assuming power and seek to regain their respect by showing his strength

We desire to live peacefully and in friendship with Russia and China. We have serious differences with these two nations, and must regard them with open eyes, he said. But we are not bound to be adversaries. We should seek common ground based o­n shared interests.

In these summits, we will not o­nly discuss a rebalancing of financial commitments, but take a fresh look at how we can adopt new strategies for tackling our common challenges.

Read more: http://peacefromharmony.org/#USA-president-election


GHA Message To BRICS Leaders

GHA Message To BRICS Leaders:

Establish International Academy of Global Peace


BRICSs Priority:

"To Strengthen of International Peace and Security"


International Academy of Global Peace (IAGP):

Message to BRICS and other Peaceful States Leaders

From more than 130 Coauthors of Global Peace Science of 32 Countries: Establish IAGP to Achieve Peace through Science.

The GHA 52nd Project

Approved by the Coauthors o­n September 24, 2015



In Russian: http://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=ru_c&key=657

In English: http://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=632


Global Harmony Association, 2015

Leo M. Semashko, 2015



President of Russia - Vladimir Putin

Prime Minister of India - Narendra Modi

President of the People's Republic of China - Xi Jinping

President of Brazil - Dilma Rousseff

President of South Africa - Jacob Zuma

President of Kazakhstan - Nursultan Nazarbayev

Prime Minister of Malaysia - Najib Razak

And leaders of other peaceful states of the world.


The Global Harmony Association (GHA), which comprises more than 600 individual members from 65 countries and has created for 10 years of peacemaking work the first in history version of "Global Peace Science" (GPS), presented in same name book o­n the Russian (2015) and English (2016: http://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=585) languages by more than 130 coauthors including the former President of India, Abdul Kalam, Nobel Peace Laureate Mairead Corrigan, pioneer of peace studies Johan Galtung and many other distinguished scholars and peacemakers,



as joint bridge of world peace through science and cultural partnership

for the beginning of 20-25 experts and scholars, for example in Russia, Simferopol that will make Crimea by the BRICS scientific center and spiritual source of global peace.

The IAGP Purposes are development of Global Peace Science (GPS) as innovative transformation of peace thinking, training of the professional peacemakers with Bachelor, Master and Doctor Degrees of Peacemaking Science (as, for example, at the Institute of World Harmony, which was created in India, in IASE University o­n the GHA initiative - see 8.21.) and diffusion of GPS.

The Method of GPS development is democratic consolidation in IAGP the scientific groups from different countries with different scientific approaches to peace. The GPS option created in the GHA is initial and preliminary. The final version of GPS should be created in the IAGP, which catalogs the different research groups and scientific approaches to peace, organize their international Contest (8.20.), international Congresses o­n their discussion and ensures the synthesis of their constructive advantages in the final version of GPS. It is a huge and long-term work that can be done o­nly in IAGP. The IAGP Project and its broad scientific and cultural substantiation are presented in our GPS book: http://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=585.

IAGP Vision: Creating a new multipolar and harmonious/balanced world order excluding the war to ensure peace and prosperity to all nations.

IAGP Implementation: Joint projecting and investment (both: state and business) in construction of the IAGP building in Crimea and the joint formation of the IAGP staff.

Motivation: Planetary peace in the 21st century is achieved o­nly o­n the basis of peace science, which is created by the IAGP and guarantees the BRICS peace priority. (For more details about motivation see 8.4.).

This science integrates the spiritual potential of humanity peacefulness of all its nations, cultures and civilizations o­n the innovative theoretical foundation as shown in our book.

We all together with you see that peace in our time is as fragile as it was 100 years ago - in 1914, as 75 years ago - in 1939, before the two world wars of the most bloody 20th century. Humanity is o­nce again o­n the verge of world war but now nuclear, unprecedented in its victims, which will be calculated into billions if it will survive generally. War constantly wins peace because it has one absolute advantage - military science, science of killing by the most sophisticated weapons of mass destruction. This science was established more than two centuries ago and since then all governments cherish it with the fattest military budgets. Now the governments and nations do not know how to escape from it, released to freedom, military jinn. War begins with the head, with science. Put an end to them can also o­nly by reason and science that Einstein said else.

But in contrast to war, peace is still deprived of own science that does not allow to strengthen it with stable social consciousness, free from tearing subjectivity of many different approaches to peace. Scientific understanding of peace will free it from its historical weakness, raise it at the current level, strengthen spiritually and provide it with decent support and funding of all states.

Only with the help of this science humanity can be freed from the threat of new wars and ensure stable peace. All the tools of peace: Peace-building departments in governments, peace education, culture of peace, interfaith harmony, disarmament, Global Peace Constitution, international law, peaceful resolution of conflicts and the like can be effective o­nly in a single complex with GPS.

The first practical step towards global peace based o­n science is IAGP creating. It is the historical mission and task of the BRICS, which you are able to decide to bring humanity to peace and rid it from the new and catastrophic wars. This saving for peace cultural and humanitarian initiative can arrive o­nly from you as leaders of a peaceful global community. Another way to global peace does not exist. If there would another way, then peace would have reigned o­n the planet long ago. Therefore, it is necessary to fill the absence of this key condition for peace - the science by collective democratic efforts in the IAGP.

The IAGP project is inextricably linked with two earlier projects of GHA:

1. World Harmony/Peace Academy (WHPA, 2008): http://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=277 and

2. World Harmony Center (WHC, 2013) by Ukrainian architect Oleg Bodnar: http://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=ru_c&key=633 (11.4).

All three projects can find integral incarnation and the most convenient location in the Crimea, Simferopol as a university city, which will become the BRICS world academic center and symbol of global peace from harmony o­n the scientific foundation.



Global Peace Science coauthors, your confederates in peace:

(At the GHA suggestion the first twenty coauthors from 13 countries in the list below are the IAGP thinking tank whose composition can vary).


1. Dr. Leo Semashko, GHA President, GPS Editor, Philosopher and Sociologist, Russia

2. Julia Budnikova, Expert in Roerich creativity, President, GHA-Russia

3. Yuri Ztimbalist, Engineer and Writer, Russia

4. Dr. Subhash Chandra, Educator, GHA Secretary General, India

5. Dr. Surendra Pathak, Linguist, President, GHA-India

6. Dr. Narayanam N. Murthy, Environmentalists, India

7. Delasnieve Daspet, Peacemaker, Brazil

8. Mairead Maguire, Nobel Peace Prize (1976), Nobel Women's Initiative, Ireland

9. Dr. Stephen Mennell, Professor Emeritus, University College Dublin, Sociologist, Ireland

10. Dr. Johan Galtung, Professor of Peace Studies, Sociologist, Germany

11. Dr. Uraz Baimuratov, Academician, National Academy of Sciences, Economist, Kazakhstan

12. Dr. Roger Kotila, Psychologist, USA

13. Dr. Rudolf J. Siebert, Professor of Religion and Society, USA

14. Dr. Kurt Johnson, Biologist, USA

15. Dr. Francois Houtart, Professor Emeritus, Catholic University Louvain, Sociologist, Belgium

16. Ayo Ayoola-Amale, President GHA-Africa, Lawyer, Ghana

17. Heli Habyarimana, GHA Vice-president, Linguist, Rwanda

18. Dr. Robert J. Burrowes, Researcher of human violence, Sociologist, Australia

19. Dr. Gopala Krishnan, Historian, President, GHA-Malaysia

20. Dr. Bishnu Pathak, Political Scientist, Nepal

21. Dr. Charles Mercieca, President, Int. Ass. of Educators for World Peace, Historian, USA

22. Kanakmal Dugar, Chancellor, the IASE University of Gandhi, India

23. Dr. A.K. Merchant, National Trustee, Lotus Temple & Baha'i Community of India

24. Dr. Subhash Sharma, Director, Indus Business Academy, Economist, India

25. Dr. Norman Kurland, President, Center for Economic and Social Justice, Economist, USA

26. Dr. Justo Bolekia Boleka, Professor of French Studies, University of Salamanca, Spain

27. Reimon Bachika, Professor Emeritus, Bukkyo University, Sociologist, Japan

28. Dr. Ernesto Kahan, GHA Vice-President; Prof. Emeritus, Tel Aviv Un-ty, Physician, Israel

29. Takis Ioannides, GHA Vice President, Writer, Greece

30. Dr. Chinta M. Yogi, Founder, Society for Value Education, Teacher, Nepal

31. Adolf Shvedchikov, Chemist, Writer, Russia

32. Guy Crequie, Peacemaker, Writer, France

And other the GPS coauthors. The full list of more than 130 coauthors from 32 countries is here: http://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=585


GHA Message on June 21, 2014

GHA Message o­n June 21, 2014:

Global Harmony Day



In English: http://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=225

In Russian: http://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=ru_c&key=257


Dear Creators of Harmonious Civilization!


The GHA Message o­n June 21, 2014 in Global Harmony Day by the GHA Harmonious Era Calendar is dedicated to the historical project: Global Peace Science (GPS): www.peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=585. This project unites about 50 members of GHA from 17 countries. It is dedicated to the GHA 10th anniversary o­n February 15, 2015. We expect to publish the appropriate book in late 2014.

Now GHA created the first two, key, chapters of GPS:

The first chapter: Theory and Objective Logic of SPHERONS (spheral harmonious classes of the population) as eternal actors of global peace and

The second chapter: Statistical Proof of SPHERONS, which (proof) is minimal but enough to convince in them universal existence and reality as the eternal actors of global peace from harmony.

GPS as turning point of history divides it into two parts: the past, military history and the peaceful future history, revealing deep structural logic of war and peace in the history of humanity. Already these chapters show that scientific and conscious way to peace in each country begins with the definition of the fundamental social structure of SPHERONS in their statistics. The subsequent chapters will be opened the GPS prehistory, its most outstanding achievements, as well as social, spiritual, primarily religious, scientific, economic, political, legal and educational structures and mechanisms of conscious global peace.

GPS is a scientific revolution of peacemaking thinking, as it introduces the fundamentally new scientific concepts SOCIONOME (social genome of global harmony and peace) and SPHERONS - eternal harmonious spheral classes of the population as source and creators of global peace. But GPS retains all the previous private scientific and spiritual achievement of peace, consolidate them o­n a common platform of scientific theory of global harmony, raises them to a new level, and revives them, giving them a new practical meaning in the 21st century.




GHA announces summer holidays o­n July and August, as always, and wish all of you a pleasant rest to accumulate energy for the new steps towards global peace from harmony.


Dr. Leo Semashko

GHA President





For scientists, poets, painters and composers; for religious, political, women's, youth and other community leaders; for Heads of States and Governments; for employees of the UN, UNESCO, UNICEF and other international organizations; for Nobel Peace Laureates; for all who are known to be peace-loving with a firm commitment to peace.

The Global Harmony Association (GHA: www.peacefromharmony.org) is happy to invite you to participate in a unique o­n its world significance book: "Global Peace Science: The First Common Good for the 21st Century and every Human"(www.peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=585). We would be thrilled to include your art work or article up to 3 pages (at your request it may be more) to answer this subject: "What I imagine as the most effective pursuit of global peace science for the 21st Century o­n the basis of GHA sources and my own vision? Your art work or article will be featured in o­ne of the book chapters or a new chapter, proposed by you.

The book will be published in September 2014.

The deadline for articles is November 30, 2013; for the art works is April 30, 2014.

This can be modified at your request.

Your article or work would be sent, by e-mail in attached file WORLD.doc, to the GHA President, the book Editor in Chief Dr. Leo Semashko (leo.semashko@gmail.com) or another GHA leader at the address here: Contact Us (www.peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=574).

GHA will highly appreciate and publish your response to this invitation with any suggestions and comments. This invitation may be distributed freely.

September 2013

World discovery of spheral harmonious classes of population as natural actors of Global Peace

Dear CSSS and GHA members,

I am pleased to inform you that we have discussed and approved unanimously (we have not received any objections), an updated version of the GHA invitation letter to joint CSSS
www.peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=579). We are becoming more and more clear its great peace value. CSSS is a world-wide scientific discovery and empirical evidence of spheral harmonious classes of the population as natural, but yet unknown science and humanity, universal actors of World Peace, to which is dedicated our GHA as and many other similar peace associations and organization in the world. CSSS is the first historic opportunity to discover the eternal and unconditional real source of Global Peace in deep social harmony of spheral classes of population. This will allow the CSSS participants and sponsors to be the first candidates for the Nobel Peace Prize in 2015, if we will complete it in 2014. This is important and prestigious for each of us as peacemakers. I thank you for all your comments and editing, especially Bruce. The updated letter will allow more efficient to look for sponsors for the CSSS to fund it at $60,000. Ultimately, we can say potential sponsors so: if you want to perpetuate your name by the world scientific discovery, unprecedented contribution to world peace and to receive the Nobel Peace Prize, then, please, finance it at $60,000 and you will be a participant and o­ne of its leaders. I invite each of you to take a close look at the famous you and wealthy people for similar invitation and contact with me. Thank you for your interest and participation in the unprecedented peace project.

Leo Semashko,
GHA President,


GHA Message: The UN World Interfaith Harmony Week, February 1-7

Invitation to Discuss the GHA Interfaith Harmony Project


Dear Global Harmony Association (GHA) Members and Friends around the World:


More than 40 members of the GHA participated during almost two months and completed an unprecedented peacemaking and educational project of World Interfaith Harmony, including participation of 27 authors from 14 confessions and 14 countries from all continents of the world. As of January 31, the project contains 32 authors articles, two poems and four Appendixes, including 13 paintings by Nicholas Roerich devoted to leaders of interfaith harmony. It has 122 pages in total.


Please, see the project in the attachment. It also is published here: www.peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=541.


This unique project embodies interfaith harmony not o­nly in its content and purpose, but also in its authors and their team work and solidary cooperation. This project is purposefully dedicated to the UN World Interfaith Harmony Week, February 1-7.


The UN World Interfaith Harmony Week is the second great intuitive step of humanity in our quest for global harmony and harmonious civilization after the Congress of World Religions in 1893, Chicago. The highest purpose and subject of the GHA Project of World Interfaith Harmony is to make this step from the intuitive into a scientifically-conscious approach and commit to a fundamentally new initiative for global harmonious education o­n the basis of the ABC of Harmony. The Project authors suggest holding the Third World Religions Congress "Global Interfaith Harmony Education" in 2015, under the UN aegis. 

The GHAs key proposal to Jordans King HM Abdullah II in our Project is: To organize the Third World Religions Congress "Global Interfaith Harmony Education" in 2015, in Amman, under the UN aegis. It will be a logical outgrowth of the HM World Interfaith Harmony Week initiative. It constitutes the intrinsic meaning of this project.


We are happy to present this project to the global civil society, and to invite peace and faith-based organizations, especially the Parliament of World Religions, as well as world citizens to discuss and approve it by your agreement or disagreement with it as a whole or some of its ideas for this week until February 7, inclusively, and afterwards without limit.

All of the reasoned opinions, both positive and negative, will be published in a special section of our project o­n our website. All authors of responses will be included as project coauthors if they wish. The project is open to new participants o­n the basis of ideas and articles of interfaith harmony, as well as o­n the basis of the ABC of Harmony and similar books, to join the authors, with whom we are most happy. We plan to publish this project in the future as a separate book in the six UN languages.


The discussion will proceed as in the GHA emails with this project, and within GHA two Forums: peace-from-harmony@yahoogroups.com and www.forum.peacefromharmony.org/viewtopic.php?f=2&t=2049, as well as: gha@freelists.org, in which you could include without problems.


Please, invite your friends and students to actively participate in the discussion of this unprecedented project!

Please, discuss it in your schools, colleges, universities, training centers, and your religious communities!

Please, publish the project address o­n your websites, social networks and your emails!

Please, spread it actively in the global civil society, especially among the believers of different faiths in the regions of inter-religious frictions and conflicts!


This is the peacemaking meaning of the UN World Interfaith Harmony Week! This is the meaning of peace organizations and world citizens!


Best wishes in interfaith harmony,


On behalf of the authors,


Dr. Leo Semashko,

Project Editor,

GHA President,

January 31, 2013,


Discussion ended, the World Peace Movement Project is approved

Dear peacemakers,


I am happy to report that after a long and difficult discussion, the GHA unprecedented Project: Peace and Disarmament from Harmony (PDH) is completed and approved by the GHA 87 members from 26 countries: www.peacefromHarmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=532


We included in it and the approved disarmament project as there is no peace without disarmament. The disarmament project is open to sign it and the second project (PDH) is open for new ideas and amendments.


I congratulate you o­n the GHA new peaceful achievement. October 5, 2012 marks the GHAs new World Peace Movement for the 21st century: Peace and Disarmament from Harmony. This movement will ensure world peace from Harmony and prevent all wars.


I received many ideas and amendments to the project, which greatly enriched it. The project could not be developed without your involvement. Thank you for your contributions.


But o­nly 10 of the 23 invited peace organizations responded:

1.Global Harmony Association, President, Leo Semashko, Russia

2.International Association of Educators for World Peace, President, Charles Mercieca, USA

3.IASE Deemed University, Gandhi Vidya Mandir, Chancellor, Kanakmal Dugar, Sardarshahar, India

4.Academy of Universal Global Peace, President, Madhu Krishan, India

5.World Constitution and Parliament Association, Secretary General, Glen Martin, USA

6.Physicians for Prevention of Nuclear War, Board Member, Ernesto Kahan, Israel

7.Peace and Conflict Studies Center, Director, Bishnu Pathak, Nepal

8.New World Community of Love and Peace, President, Jeffrey Peters, USA

9.The Universal Alliance, Coordinator, David Stringer, Great Britain

10.IFLAC South America andArgentine and Bilingual MCA, President, Maria Cristina Azcona, Argentina


These organizations form the core of a new World Peace Movement: Peace and Disarmament from Harmony (PDH). However, we need at least 30-40 peacemaking organizations from all continents for this movement to begin to work. Therefore, the first task of the GHA and the movement Coordinators is to find 30-40 peace organizations within 2 months (or sooner in view of the threat of World War). For the PDH organizations, the first practical common goal is to organize them to sign a Petition of Disarmament to the UN at: www.peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=529


The GHA must work with peace organizations and persuade them to join a new World Peace Movement o­n the common scientific and spiritual platform of Harmony of this project. For this purpose, GHA needs 3-7 PDH Coordinators that may help identify 30-40 peacemaking organizations to join to this movement in 2-3 months. They will elect the PDH World Council and work its Charter.


In this regard, I invite anyone who wants to be a PDH Coordinator to respond within two days to. It is a great work. Of course, I will also work with you as a team. The more the Coordinators, the better.


The Peace Movement o­n the basis of harmony will overcome the UN and peacemaking crisis in the 21st century.


With love, best Harmony wishes,


Dr. Leo Semashko.

GHA President


SIGN the Petition about Total Disarmament! HERE!

Dear peacemakers and peace lovers:

For every of us to sign the Petition to the UN about Total Disarmament is the matter of honor.
It is here:


Many thanks!

Dr. Leo Semashko,

GHA President


Congratulations on Independence Day of India

Dear Indian friends!

Global Harmony Association is happy to congratulate you, and through you to all the people of India, with a great date of Independence!

August 15, 1947, India gained Independence from the British Empire as a result of non-violent actions under the leadership of great leader Mahatma Gandhi.

This is the greatest event of social harmony in modern history. It made India the world's leader of non-violence from social harmony.

The second such event, which develops Gandhis harmonious spirituality of nonviolence is the presentation in February of this year in Delhi, at International Seminar of teachers, which was organized by IASE Deemed Gandhi University under leadership of his Chancellor Kanakmal Dugar, the first in history global textbook the ABC of harmony.

This event divided human history into two parts: the past, totally ignorant in social harmony, and therefore totally violent, with rare exceptions, and the future, the Age of Harmonious Enlightenment/Education and conscious use of scientific knowledge of social harmony for non-violent, harmonious solutions to all problems of humanity at all levels from local to global, and for the conscious building a new, harmonious, civilization free of social pathologies of industrial civilization. This event pushed India into the world leaders of global harmony if the 21st century.

GHA hopes that India, with honor to fulfill this mission leadership that lifts Gandhis spirituality of nonviolence to a new historical level.

GHA wishes to the people of India, prosperity, peace and brotherhood from conscious harmony based o­n the scientific ABC of Harmony, first presented in your great country with your ancient culture of harmony!

Dr. Leo Semashko,
GHA President,

June 21, 2012: Third Global Harmony Day of Harmonious Civilization

June 21, 2012:

Third Global Harmony Day of Harmonious Civilization


Dear Creators of Harmonious Civilization!


The GHA Message o­n June 21, 2012 at the Global Harmony Day by the GHA Harmonious Era Calendar is dedicated to the single most important event: the opening history first Age of Harmonious Enlightenment o­n February 11 this year by presentation of world textbook "The ABC of Harmony" at the International Seminar of teachers in New Delhi, India: http://www.peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=511.


The opening of the new Age of humanity by the ABC of harmony is a shift in its spiritual culture and conscious demarcation line in it between its entire past history as a total ignorance in the understanding of social harmony, which, however, does not excluded its intuitive masterpieces, and its scientific and theoretical vision, first presented in this book. The ABC of harmony is the first in the world and history the global textbook o­n social harmony for the all nations, presidents and the UN.


Like any new global historical process, Harmonious Enlightenment is maturing long and hard to overcome resistance and inertia of the total ignorance of harmony. A core of this process is harmonious education in ABC harmony that is its conscious study in all educational institutions: schools, colleges, universities and academies. However, in contact with them, it turns out that in them reigns the same total ignorance of harmony, which prevents by all the forces to learning the ABC of harmony under the plausible pretext of dozens of different reasons.


The modern system of industrial education in content and organization is fundamentally disharmonious so it reproduces social disharmony in the new generations mind, turning wars, with rare exceptions. It is hostile to innovative harmonious global education, embodied in the ABC of harmony. Rare teachers are aware of disharmonic mental defectiveness of the modern industrial education and even fewer are able to be interested in the ABC of harmony to teach children and youth in it. Therefore, the Age of Harmonious Enlightenment will take many decades if not centuries.


The GHA, within its modest capabilities, initiate this process primarily in the most favorable by the cultural traditions regions: in India, China, Latin America and the Caribbean - LAC, overcoming many obstacles of different nature. However, despite these, we find dozens of the conscious supporters and enthusiasts from various fields, deeply interested in the harmonious education. The process started with the publication of the ABC of harmony. Now we can not name any successes in this direction, but we are confident that within a year they come and we will be happy to show them to the world.


Without the harmonious enlightenment and education can not be harmonious civilization. They arm it by harmonious mind, providing each society with scientific mutual proportionality (conscious harmony or coherency) of all its parts, for all and in all. o­nly a totally conscious social harmony precludes any form of violence in solving any social problems, which makes a harmonious civilization free from all wars and pathologies, the cardinal distinguishing it from the violent, militaristic industrial civilization.


Acute social need for harmonious education as the sole way from violence and poverty to the total peace and prosperity of all nations becomes clear not o­nly for the GHA, but also for many other organizations and thinkers of global civil society. A number of them, unaware of the new era, work o­n it, making in it a significant contribution, as Brahma Kumaris by "Universal Harmony" (1996 - the first book devoted to social harmony - a masterpiece of intuition!), Alexei Stakhov by "Mathematics of Harmony" (2009), Prince of Wales by "Harmony" (2010) and others. All of these works (they are presented o­n the GHA website), together with the GHA projects and books, especially with the ABC of harmony, significantly increase the potential of the new age and its harmonious education. The modern cultural history is slowly but surely forming its new spiritual resources. This is an irreversible process. It is just beginning. It will rapidly increase. - All this was characteristic for the third year of a harmonious civilization and enhances its prospects for next year.




GHA announces summer holidays o­n July and August, as always, and wish all a pleasant rest to accumulate energy for the new steps towards global harmony.

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