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February 15, 2009: Peace from Harmony Fourth Anniversary. Sources and Results

February 15, 2009: Peace from Harmony Fourth Anniversary. Sources and Results

The GHAs ugly ducklings, Pontius Pilate, and warm care about harmony nestlings

Anniversary Message


Dear Peace from Harmony authors, Global Harmony Association members, and friends!


In this anniversary, please allow me to remind us of our sources and to view the results of our first four years.


The friendship and scientific cooperation of the group of sociologists, psychologists, linguists, and artists in six countries who were interested in Tetrasociology as a theory of social harmony in 2002 has became a source of the web site Peace from Harmony. This group developed as a result of discussion of my fundamental sociological work: Tetrasociology: Responses to Challenges (2002, in Russian and English languages), which was presented in the 16th World Sociological Congress in Brisbane, Australia, in July 2002. This group consisted of: myself, Dr. Leo Semashko of Russia, philosopher and sociologist and initiator of the group; also from Russia: Professor of psychology Alexander Juriev, linguist Boris Kondratjev, and writer Vladimir Kavtorin; Doctors of sociology Martha Ross DeWitt and Bernard Phillips from the USA; Doctor of sociology Bernard Scott from England; Doctor Bernd Hornung from Germany; artist Hilarie Roseman from Australia; Professor of sociology Reimon Bachika from Japan; and others for a total in all of 15 persons.


The book Tetrasociology: From Sociological Imagination through Dialogue to Universal Values and Harmony (2003) in three languages (Russian, English and Esperanto) became the first collective fruit of this group (http://www.peacefromharmony.org/? cat=en_c&key=149) and a prototype of all subsequent projects listed below. This group became the foundation for the web site Peace from Harmony o­n February 15, 2005, and for the community, from which arose the Global Harmony Association (GHA), which received the legal Statutes o­n November 30, 2007.


On behalf of this group of pathfinders in a scientific paradigm of social harmony and pioneers in the harmonizing world union, I am happy to congratulate all creators and friends of social harmony o­n our fourth anniversary of its conscious and purposeful global life!


For four years, the number of site authors and GHA members has grown to more than 300, representing 48 countries of the world. Some original and collective works of the GHA members were published o­n the site in 17 languages. In addition, GHA unites the collective members with more than o­ne million members from more than 80 countries. The number of site pages has reached 230 and has become the unique global book of world harmony, uniting many cultures of harmony of the East and the West, the North and the South. The number of site visits reached almost o­ne million within these four years, including more than 500 thousand in the last year alone. But our main accomplishment is this: Within these four years, we created so many new ideas and projects that they allowed us to cross the Rubicon from words and theory to the practice of harmonious peace. Our work has allowed us to enter into the area of economic, market embodiment through our key, academic project.


However, the market has its own laws and requirements. The market lives by competition. The market demands advertising and that we provide a clear understanding of our resources and achievements. In order to answer the markets demand and to realize global acceptance of our projects, which are our product, we gladly and proudly announce that, in the last four years, GHA created 11 global projects of world value:


1.International web site and community Peace from Harmony, since February 15, 2005

2.Movement Making Children a Priority in the World, since May 2005 and the Law Childrens Suffrage, since March 2004

3.Harmonious Era Calendar, since January 2006

4.Magna Carta of Harmony, since December 2006

5.World Harmony/Peace Academy and General Harmonious Education, since May 2007

6.Textbook: Tetrasociology: Science about Social and Individual Harmony, since July 2008

7.RussiaGeorgia: Harmonization through education instead of militarization, since August 2008

8.World Harmony/Peace Festival 2010 (similar to Olympic Games) since September 2008

9.Fractals of Social Harmony and Tetrasociological Mathematics of Harmony, since October 2008

10.Global Harmonious Revolution/Transformation of Modernity, since October 2008,

11.Global Harmonious Competition-Partnership, or A Peace Race of states and projects in the field of harmonious/peace education, since January 2009


We could accomplish so much and create so many effective world projects so quickly o­nly because of our scientific basis: Tetrasociology, developed of 1976. The GHA projects arise from, are developed through, and, thereby, unite ten global theoretical discoveries that are at the core of Tetrasociology:


  1. Tetrasociology, as the first science of social and individual harmony
  2. Sphere classes of population, as conscious actors of social harmony
  3. Sphere democracy, based o­n equal division of the political (legislative, executive and judicial) power between four sphere classes of population, as democracy of social harmony; and the sphere state, as the political tool of social harmony adequate to sphere democracy.
  4. Sphere management, which provides constant harmonization of social processes in all spheres, branches, and institutes and which is a constant conscious state policy of social harmonization.
  5. Social priority of children, as a necessary condition of social harmony of spheres and sphere classes of society.
  6. Harmonious peace culture, which recognizes that true peace is a consequence of social harmony, and that social disharmony is the true reason of wars and conflicts; the harmonious peace culture is the alternative to the generally accepted industrial peace culture, which readily accepts the arms race and recognizes o­nly a pseudo peace as a temporary pause in hostilities between war and conflict.
  7. Sphere macrosocial statistics, as statistics of social harmony.
  8. Sphere information-statistical technology, as a complex of technologies of social, cultural, political, economic, and individual harmonization.
  9. Sphere marketing, as harmonious economy, free from financial and other crises.
  10. General harmonious education, as a universal way for humankind to experience social harmony and survival.


These discoveries have more than 100 examples of practical (technological, social, cultural, educational, organizational, political) applications in all spheres since 1976. These discoveries are presented in more than 200 scientific works, including 11 books that have been published in o­ne to 16 different languages. Tetrasociology has been taught for more than ten years at the Universities of Petersburg since 1993.


Yet, the discoveries of Tetrasociology and GHA projects o­n which they are based are still very weak and still very far from perfection. The current lack of acceptance allows us to title them as ugly ducklings or sprouts of harmonious civilization born within GHA. Even though apparently weak, these (21: 10 discoveries and 11 the GHA projects) ugly ducklings already possess powerful advantages. Our duty as responsible world citizens and parents of these sprouts is to protect them in the current competitive environment and to make sure they do not die but grow into beautiful, elegant swans of a harmonious society.


However, there is o­ne competitive partnership that we have created in the educational area between the states and similar projects. GHA created and declared this competition in the beginning of 2009: http://peacefromharmony.org/? cat=en_c&key=356. As stated by Martin Luther King, Jr., shift the arms race into a peace race. A peace race, as a harmonious competition-partnership in education, will include our academic project, plus existing Academies of Peace and Harmony, the Muslim leader Aga Khan Peace Academies, and the new Academies of Peace that are being planned in the USA and other countries. A peace race competition supersedes the arms race and the clash of civilizations as the most dangerous threat for harmony sprouts.


For our ugly duckling nestlings to survive, three basic conditions are required:

1.We must keep them safe from indifference, neglect, and the disbelief that those beautiful swans of a harmonious civilization can grow within the competitive environment. It is our internal Pontius Pilate, the skeptic who washed his hands of the fate of Christ, from which we should release ourselves.

2.We must provide fertile ground and smooth waters in order to create for youth, who embody the emerging swan mentality, a Harmony Academy, which would cost $27 million for three years ($9 million every year).

3.We must accept our responsibility, our partnership, and our care for the nestlings of harmony. We cannot allow them to die a frozen death; rather, we must warm them in the heat of sincere support and practical help. This is necessary.


Fortunately, we are already showing this care, which we can consider as anniversary gifts, in many various ways: Translations in Spanish from Susana Roberts and in French from Prof. Ammar Banni; GHA letters to the governments of England, Argentina, and India from Dr. Bernard Scott, Prof. Maria Cristina Azkona, and Dr. Tholana Chakravarthy; variants of mathematics of social harmony from Peter Sergienko and Vadim Trifanov; poems from Taki Yuriko; drawings from Nina Goncharova; and many more from many others. We extend our sincerest thank you to all of our colleagues who brighten the colours of our anniversary with a firework of gifts for our emerging swans.


Today, the day before our anniversary, per the invitation of Rose Lord, the Global Coalition for Peace Co-chair and devoted GHA member, we begin a new Harmonious Era tradition: We started to participate in the Worldwide Weekly Meditation/Prayer for Peace. I call upon GHA members and friends to join this prayer every Saturday evening, at 6:00 PM (local time). I ask that you meditate or pray this specifically: I pray that the world harmony of spheres for global conscious harmony o­n the Earth will provide for the survival of humankind. I pray that global sphere classes of the population will emerge as creators of global conscious harmony and harmonious peace. I pray for harmonious peace, for peace from harmony, and for harmony that gives us true peace and happiness. I pray for general harmonious education as a way of humankind, primarily the children of the world, to accept and appreciate harmonious peace and happiness. And I pray for the Global Harmony Association.


Such are our achievements and tasks as a result of our four years of development. We have good reason to be proud and to be assured of our ability to solve, with dignity, new problems o­n way of the birth of the harmonious civilization that excludes wars, terror, poverty and other industrial pathologies. o­nly the harmonious civilization can provide for survival, prosperity, happiness, harmonious peace, and the common good to children and future generations. We have walked together o­n this difficult, but noble, path for four years, and we have every right to congratulate ourselves and our friends for what we have accomplished.


With love and gratitude,


Dr. Leo Semashko,

Website Peace from Harmony (http://www.peacefromharmony.org)Founder o­n behalf of other Founders:


Prof. Alexander Juriev and writer Vladimir Kavtorin from Russia,

Dr. Martha DeWitt and Dr. Bernard Phillips from the USA,

Dr. Bernard Scott from England,

Artist Hilarie Roseman from Australia,

Prof. Reimon Bachika from Japan,

Dr. Bernd Hornung from Germany,

and all others.


December 15, 2008. World requires harmonizing changes! $27 million as GHA strategy. New Year's message.

Dear Harmony Academy Authors, Friends!


2008 comes to an end. What are its results?

In 2008, through Barack Obamas election to the United States Presidency, the world understood the necessity of change.

Shocks of this year: global financial crisis in USA; youth revolts in Thailand, Greece, France, and Russia, which tomorrow could occur in any country worldwide; continuous multi-milliard swindles in USA and Germany, creeping worldwide, and others.

These are the modern attributes of the breakdown of an industrial civilization in addition to its traditional defects: wars, violence, terror, poverty, pollution, armaments and so o­n.

The combination of traditional defects blended with these modern shocks led the world to comprehension of the necessity for immediate changes at last.

But what are changing? And in what is direction? What are the mechanisms and processes of change?

It became obvious, that the industrial deity that is, money is a useless mechanism for making decisions about global problems and it is a very small and narrow yardstick for measuring the accomplishments of human beings. Money, as it is well known, will not buy happiness, love or peace. o­nly harmony, social and individual harmony, can give people happiness, love and peace. o­nly harmony is a complete and adequate measure for humans.

Harmonization is the true modern change for humans and the world. Harmonization is the o­nly salvation for humans and the world. Therefore, in 2009, I am convinced that the world will realize this change through harmonization and in harmonization.

The conscious, universal and systematic beginning of change toward harmonization, including the means to resolve modern global problems, world crises and youth revolts, can o­nly be General Harmonious Education and World Harmony/Peace Academy (WHPA).

The world has closely approached to this consciousness of harmonious education. It has created practically all the necessary resources and preconditions for this purpose. The World Peace Congress of educators in Malaysia, at the end of 2008, approved the WHPA project as a means of educational reform, which is necessary for modernity. Now, it is necessary for the modern world, as stated by Eleanor Roosevelt, to experience an "educational revolution."

This educational revolution is required in order to resolve global problems of mankind. The educational revolution is required in order to resolve the youth revolts.

Why do young people revolt? It does not suffice for them to have money? Young people revolt because hopelessness in the absence of positive alternatives. Young people revolt because there is an absence of happiness. Happiness can be realized o­nly through harmony. And harmony can be learned o­nly through general harmonious education.

If the consciousness of youth is limited by a narrow vocational training and disharmonious knowledge of mathematics, physics, chemistry, biology, economy, engineering, business, and so o­n, then the consciousness of youth is open to any destructive system or any anarchic revolt.

Therefore, the resolution of all crises and revolts of modernity are the SUBCONSCIOUS REQUIREMENT of harmony and general harmonious education. This education is a priority throughout the world! And I am convinced that, in 2009, this WILL BE CLEAR for all.

The main contribution to the worlds comprehension and acceptance of harmonization belongs to the Global Harmony Association (GHA), to its ten projects, the crown jewel of which is the WHPA. The brief evolution of our Academic (educational) project since the end of 2007 has concentrated o­n a search of its financing, in the amount of $27 millionfor the first three years of its first stage. GHA has ALL necessary resources: staff (faculty), information (science), international support and organization for creating the Harmony Academy, EXCEPT FOR $27 million in financing.

What is $27 million? It is a very modest payment for the beginning of a system global harmonization through general harmonious education. It is a paltry sum for the budget of any country, even the smallest and poorest. Business venture capitalists, for example, could invest $27 million in the Academy and sell it to a government in three to four years and show a ten-fold profit.

Some of the GHA members, panicked by crises, have begun to say that now is not the time to search for money for WHPA. I can not agree with that statement. I think differently. I think the opposite: that the modern crises and revolts REQUIRE that we search for $27 millions. Now is not a time to push a brake, but a time for ACCELERATION toward the realization of this project as a positive global change and as a hope for youth and children. o­nly this Academy is capable of creating every o­ne or two years the essentially new humanitarian technologies of harmonization for youth and technologies for economic and financial harmonization that are capable of preventing these crises from continuing and growing at global and local levels in the future.

Therefore, within the conditions of this long crisis, the WHPA project requires expansion of its recognition by others: NGOs, advertising, governments, and funding organizations. We need discussion in MASS-MEDIA, in Congresses of scientists, among teachers and so o­n. If we, the authors of this project, shall be silent, be inactive, and wait for the mythical "best" industrial times, which never will be, then the positive, harmonizing changes will not be either. Not in USA, nor in Greece, nor in France, nor in any other country. GHA must strengthen our strategies to search for $27 million for Academy financing. This strategy was approved in June 2008. Since then, the chances of the WHPA project coming into existence during these conditions of long crisis are not lowered, but raised.

In this respect, we have made much progress. We sent letters to Governments of four countries: Russia, France, Malaysia and Rwanda and to the UN. We prepare letters for 15 Governments: China, Taiwan, USA, Greece, India, Norway, Israel, Japan, Singapore, Lebanon, Kazakhstan, Ukraine (Crimea), Congo (Brazzaville), Kenya, and Cameroon. I am sure that, in 2009, from these 20 Governments, we will be find o­ne, two, or three that will respond positively to our letters o­n financing.

The main problem is the search for the leader or General Director for the WHPA national branch and its team. I think each member of the WHPA General Directorate could be such leader, or be a member of this team, or find team members among friends and prepared youth. I think about each author of the project as the member of a national team for this Academy.

Another accomplishment is that our Academic (educational) project has been translated into five languages: Russian, English, Spanish, Chinese and Romanian. It is still necessary that we translate this project into at least four other languages: French, Arabic, Japanese, and Esperanto; the French translation is currently under way, thanks to Prof. Ammar Banni.

The WHPA project is being actively advertised by: Alexander Olshansky in Moscow; Genrih Skvortsov in St. Petersburg; Susana Roberts in Argentina; Guy Crequie in France; Charles Mercieca, Robert M. Weir, and Martha Ross DeWitt in USA; Takis Ioannides in Greece; Rosa Dalmiglio in the European Union and China; Jiang Yimin in China; Lana Yang o­n Taiwan; Maitreyee Roy in India; Jean Basabose in Rwanda; Muhammad Iqbal in Pakistan; and many others. I am sincerely grateful to each of these people for their great contribution to the Academy project.

Of significance is that the WHPA project was submitted at two international conferences in 2008: in Kuala Lumpur, where it found support of the International Association of Educators for World Peace, and in Yaltas Conference o­n interfaith relations where it caused the large interest.

However, these efforts are not enough. Each of the almost 80 co-authors could be telling about this project, its insignificant cost of $27 million, and its highest effect at any public assembly before any audience. This project is urgent for each country in the world. The recognition and destiny of our educational project depends o­n each of us. I hope, that each of the authors understands this and, in the next year, will define and refine their own initiatives to speak out o­n behalf of progress of this project.

Personally, I am going to be engaged, until February 1, o­nly in the writing of letters to Governments and in finishing our approved strategy. In view of the special circumstances of the previous 2.5 months when I was unsettled, I can not be engaged in any other of our current projects: mathematics of harmony, textbook, article, etc. However, I shall return to active participation in those areas in February, and we shall approve the plan of our work for 2009.

I also offer to transfer, during the period of February through May, the updating of GHA Statutes and our membership fees into o­ne of the children's organizations, for example, in Kigali. In this connection, I have asked Jean Basabose to find in this city the poor little children's establishment into which we could transfer our membership fees.

There is o­ne more personal problem: my health, which, unfortunately, is not better. The doctors have, for a long time, recommended that I enter a hospital for two or three weeks. Quite probably, I shall be compelled to do that, either prior to or soon after the New Year.

As a whole, the 2008 was great for us and for all GHA members. But I am sure, that the next year will be even greater as the practical realization of the WHPA project will begin in o­ne or several countries of the world.

Merry Christmas and happy New Year to all you!!! In the New Year, the new steps to harmony, happiness and peace will wait us!!!

With love,


Dr. Leo Semashko,


GHA Founder and President


The Site A New Culture of Peace from Social Harmony and Childrens Priority
News from October 18, 2007 to July 6, 2008

Brief news:


The main events for almost 9 months were:

1. Creation of the first in the world the Global Harmony Association (GHA), which the Statutes was approved o­n November 30, 2007;

2. Creation of the unique educational project of global importance: World Harmony/Peace Academy (WHPA) by 65 (now more 70) coauthors from 20 countries. For active participation in the project 47 co-authors were recognized by the Global Harmony Association Honorary Members.


Basic news: In the site "Contents" 20 new pages have been opened, making a total of 214. 45 new authors have appeared (including 7 children), making a total of 286 (including 24 children). The seven new countries: New Zealand, Slovenia, Cameroon, Rwanda, Byelorussia, Egypt, Lesotho have appeared, making a total of 46. 202 new materials ("news") are published. 11 new friendly sites have appeared, making a total of 105. The number of visits of the site from the date of its creation exceeded 550 thousand.


Our top-priority task: search of financing for the World Harmony/Peace Academy and beginning of its realization in o­ne of the countries of the world. It is an extremely complex and unprecedented task, which will require of us of concentration of all our forces and release from other tasks and any distracting or destructive actions.


The announcement: In view of a new top-priority task and abundance of materials, their publication o­n the site is sharply limited.


Gratitude. I express hearty gratitude to all authors of the World Harmony/Peace Academy project for participation in its creation. Without our joint creativity this project could not appear.


Dr Leo Semashko,

Founder and President,

Global Harmony Association and Peace from Harmony Website

July 6, 2008 .


The new authors:

Dr. K. Laxminarayana Sarma, M.A, Ph.D, LL.M, Research Officer, Telugu Academy; H.No. 2-2-1144/1/A/1; Opp: Prakash Sai Villa, New Nallakunta, HYDERABAD - 500 044 [AP] INDIA

Dimitris P. Kraniotis, Litt. D., Medical Doctor and Poet, President of the World Poets Society (W.P.S.) Address: 2, Panagoulis str., 41222 Larissa, Greece; dkraniotis@yahoo.gr; http://www.dimitriskraniotis.com/

Peter Bentley, IAEWP Vice President, Australasia, senseadventures@yahoo.com.au,

Harmony Kieding, Vestfold, Norway, ladyharmony23@yahoo.com,

Liu Xiaocheng, Vice Chairman of China Disabled Persons Federation, Adviser of China Disabled Peoples Performing Art Troupe; ystwlb@sina.com; www.mydream.org.cn

Alexander Olshansky, writer, Moscow, Russia, aa@olshanski.ru, http://www.peacefromharmony.org/?cat=ru_c&key=80, http://www.olshanski.ru,

Doug Ogilvie, Magic garden, Bilambil, Australia, 2486; www.alphernet.com.au/dogilvie,


Alexander Prohorenko, Chair, "Tolerance" Programme, St-Petersburg Government, Russia


Ilongo Fritz Ngale, Writer and Poet, C/O Beatrice Ekanjume Ilongo, NUL PO BOX ROMA 180, LESOTHO, SOUTHERN AFRICA, TEL: 0026658562077, Website: www.ilongosphere.com, cactuso2001@yahoo.com,

John W. Forje , PhD, Prof., Department of Political Science, University of Yaounde II-Soa, Republic of Cameroon, jowifor@yahoo.fr

David Maidman, Executive Producer, P.O. Box 283, 720 6th Street, New Westminster, BC V3L 3C5, Canada; http://thinkpeacemovie.com/; pumpkinheadbc2005@yahoo.ca

Hoda Hussein, Egypt, january26@googlegroups.com,

Ghassan Abdallah, Dr.CARE Director, Palestine, www.care-palestine.com


Eugenie Antonovich, philosopher, St-Petersburg, Russia, antonpet14@rambler.ru

Edward Soroko, PhD, Institute of philosophy, National Academy of sciences, Minsk, Byelorussia,


Alexey Stakhov, Grand PhD in Computer Science, Professor, Academician of the International Higher Education Academy of Sciences, President of the International Club of the Golden Section, Canada, http://www.goldenmuseum.com/, harmonybook@hotmail.com,

Oleg Bodnar, PhD, Professor, National Academy of Arts, Lviv, Ukraine: bodnar_o@ukr.net

Jean de Dieu Basabose, Co-founder and Executive Director, Shalom Educating for Peace, P.O.Box 6210 Kigali, Rwanda, Tel. 250 08403868, e-mail: basajd@yahoo.fr

Dalia Steiner, Dr, WICO- founder and Int. President; WICO -"Women's International Coalition " - for Culture of Peace, Non-Violence and Empowered Women", Israeli: www.wicointernational.org,

www.wicohome.org, daliast@netvision.net.il

Robert Najemy, Director, Center of Harmonious Living, Athens, Greece: http://www.HolisticHarmony.com, info@holisticharmony.com

Jagdish Gandhi. Founder chairman of City Montessori School (CMS), Lucknow, India:


Rama Narayana, administrator, Auroville, India: http://www.auroville.org/, auroram12@yahoo.co.in

Ernesto Kahan, Prof., Israel, ekahan@post.tau.ac.il,

Nina Meyerhof, Dr., President, Children of the Earth, USA, www.children-of-the-earth.org, Coevt@aol.com,

Alexander Lomanov, Dr., Russia, http://www.globalaffairs.ru/numbers/29/8835.html

Ian Harris, Prof., Department of Educational policy and Community Studies, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, P.O. Box 413, Milwaukee, WI 53201,USA; Tel: 1+ (414) 229-2326; fax: 1+ (414) 229-3700; President of the IPRA Foundation: http://www.iprafoundation.org/; imh@uwm.edu

Sebastian De Assis, PH.D, Northwest Human Services, Director, USA, http://www.northwesthumanservices.org/, sdeassis@nwhumanservices.org

Meg Hartfield, Poet, Wanganui, New Zealand

Andrei Arsenchuk, Student, St-Petersburg, arsenchuk@gmail.com

Natalie Hramikhina, Artist Designer, St-Petersburg, hranat2008@yandex.ru,

Konstantin Cheremnykh, Economist, St-Petersburg, chk-69@mail.ru

Igor Prihodkin, Educator, Chelyabinsk, garmonia2@yahoo.com,

Andrei Smirnov, Professor, Novgorod, smirnvasiliy83@yandex.ru,

Nikolay Strelkov, Businessman, Ulianovsk, strelkov@2a2.ru,

Andrei Semashko, Entrepreneur, St-Petersburg

Alexander Semashko, Economist, Kaluga, mch40@mail.ru,

Petr Semashko, Lawyer, Kaluga, spit@inbox.ru,

Tamara Trushnikova, Professor, St-Petersburg,

Mother, India,
Velimir Linderman, journalist, Israel.
7 disabled children from
organization: Beautiful Mind, Kolkata, India:








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1-20. Edward Soroko: Pythagoras of century". Structural harmony of systems (Ru)

1-20. Alexey Stakhov. Contribution of the Byelorussian philosopher Edward Soroko in development of general theory of Harmony and Gold Section (Ru)

2-1-3. Leo Semashko. Tetrasociological laws of deep (sphere) structure of social and individual harmony (En, Ru)

2-1-4. Leo Semashko. From Liberty to Harmony: a deep revision of value priorities (En, Ru)

2-1-5. Leo Semashko. Merit of the tetrasociological discoveries in comparison with merit of Marx's discoveries (En, Ru)

2-7. Leo Semashko. Interview given to writer Takis Ioannides for the Greek newspaper EPIKAIRA of New Smyrna, Athens, which is published by February 16, 2008 (En, Ru, Gr, Ro, Fr, Ar)

Interview translation o­n languages:

Leo Semashko English,

Takis Ioannides - Greek,

Ammar Banni - French and Arabic,

Tatomir Ion-Marius Romanian

Susana Roberts Spanish

2-7. Leo Semashko. Interview to Russian newspaper Evening Petersburg, March 14, 2008: The scientist - sociologist created the theory of a survival and harmony for humankind (Ru)

2-7. Leo Semashko. "Peace from Harmony", the Third Anniversary o­n February 15, 2008: Results, Problems and Challenges (En, Ru)

3-15. Maitreyee B. Roy, Tholana A. Chakravarthy, Leo Semashko. Global Harmony Association: Aid for disabled children's organization 'Beautiful Mind' at Kolkata, India (En, Ru)

3-15. Maitreyee Roy. Report about reception and expenditure of the GHA membership fees by the disabled children Organization, 'Beautiful Mind', Kolkata, India (En, Ru)

3-16. Harmony: Children and Pets. Photo-gallery: 15 photos (En, Ru)

4-1-5. Leo Semashko. Manifest of social harmony for Russia for the future Presidents (Ru)

4-1-6. Alexander Prohorenko. "Tolerance" Programme, St-Petersburg Government (Ru)

4-1-7. Alexander Olshansky. Way to harmony (Ru)

4-4-2. Tholana A. Chakravarthy. Poems. A Ray of Hope. The Ripe Time. There Cannot Be. A Ragpickers Plight. Oath o­n Humanity (En, Sp, Ru)

4-4-2. Takis Ioannidis. Translation from English into Greeks the Chakravarthys Poem A Ray of Hope (Gr)

4-4-3. Jagdish Gandhi. City Montessori School of peace and harmony (En, Ru)

4-4-4. Mother. Auroville: Indian island of integral Yoga harmony (En, Ru)

4-4-4. Rama Narayana. Letter to Leo Semashko from Auroville (En)

4-6. Rosa Dalmiglio. Chinese Art and Charter of Harmony in Vatican (En)

4-6. Alexander Lomanov. China: Harmony is the Highest. About XVII CPC Congress (Ru)

4-6-1. Michael Holmboe. China: harmony of society (En)

4-6-1. Liu Xiaocheng and Leo Semashko. Letters about China Disabled Peoples Performing Art Troupe (En)

4-8-2. Ammar Banni. When The earth speaks! Poem (En, Fr)

4-8-2. Ammar Banni. Peace and love. Poem for Children's Day, June 1 (En, Fr, Ru)

4-9-1. John W. Forje: African peace scientist, educator and peacemaker (En, Ru)

4-10-1. Singapore: Country of racial harmony (En, Ru)

4-10-2. Velimir Linderman. The Path to Peace and Harmony of Civilizations from Kazakhstan (En)

4-12. Leo Semashko: Intolerance is a Reaction of the Uneducated People. Scientist - Sociologist Created the Theory of a Survival and Harmony for Humankind. March 14, 2008, Interview (Ru)

4-13-5. Nina Goncharova. Wanderer's Song (En, Fr, Ru)

4-13-5. Nina Goncharova. To my son Artem (En, Ru)

4-15. Rene Wadlow. World Day Against Child Labour. Leo Semashkos Response (En, Ru)

5-2. Takis Ioannidis. Poems: Hymn to Peace. Fly with the vision of PEACE (En)

5-2. Meg Hartfield. A Culture of Peace poem (En)

5-2-1. Helene F. Klingberg. Poem. Do we see the child? (En)

5-2-1. Stephen Gill. These Children. Poem (En)

5-2-6. Susana Roberts. Alone (En, Es)

5-2-9. Dimitris P. Kraniotis. Biography. Poems (12): Fictitious line, Ideals, Illusions, The end, Rules and visions, Denials, o­ne-word garments, Maybe, What I ask, The "don'ts" and "zeros", Ashes, Limits, They called her crazy (En)

5-3. Maria Cristina Azcona. A Guide to Find Peace. With reviews by Stephen Gill, Ada Aharoni and Ernesto Kahan (En)

5-13. Guy Crequie. March 30th, 2008. Day for the Ground. Poem (Fr, En, Sp)

7-2. Rudolf J. Siebert. Saint Petersburg- Yalta Report. November 2007 (En)

7-2. Rudolf J. Siebert. Memories about my good friends, the Professors Ivan Supek, Branko Bosniak, and Srdan Vrcan (En)

7-3-2. Yuri Dorofeev. Green stars o­n a background of a white grand piano. To Ludwig Zamengoff anniversary (Ru)

7-4-1. Ian Harris. Peace Education: Definition, Approaches, and Future Directions (En)

7-4-1. Sebastian De Assis. Is It Possible To Teach Peace? (En)

7-4-3. Carol Hiltner. Meeting of Altai natives with American Indian in the USA (Ru)

7-4-4. Hong Tao-Tze. Letter to Leo Semashko (En)

7-4-6. Oleg Bodnar. Doctrine about harmony - in education (Ru)

7-4-6. Alexey Stakhov. Oleg Bodnars fillotaxis geometry (Ru)

7-7. Martha Ross DeWitt. The sociologist and woman from harmony. To Peace Workers. Earth Odyssey. My pilot study of young teenagers. Child Suffrage Question in my Teen Study (En)

7-20-1. Robert Najemy. Holistic Harmony for health and happiness (En, Ru)

7-24. Bernard Phillips. How to save world? (En)

7-27. Alexey Stakhov: Fibonacci of XXI century. Mathematics of Harmony and Generalized Golden Section Principle (En, Ru)

8-2. Peter Bentley. Letter about the Global Harmony Association (En)

8-2. Leo Semashko. Response to Peter Bently. Global Harmony Association: harmonious ideas, knowledge and projects (En)

8-2. Harmony Kieding. Letter about Peace and Harmony (En)

8-2. Alexander Olshansky. About Magna Carta of Harmony. Mark of harmony and happiness (Ru)

8-2. Doug Ogilvie. The anarcho-gnostic credo and Leo Semashkos response (En)

8-2. Konstantin Cheremnykh. About harmony (Ru)

9-1. Michael Holmboe. Street Children & Child Labor & Child Soldiers (En)


Friendly Websites:

Dimitris P. Kraniotis,http://www.dimitriskraniotis.com/

Liu Xiaocheng, www.mydream.org.cn

Alexander Olshansky, http://www.olshanski.ru,

David Maidman, http://thinkpeacemovie.com/;

Ghassan Abdallah, www.care-palestine.com

Dalia Steiner, www.wicointernational.org, www.wicohome.org,

Robert Najemy, http://www.HolisticHarmony.com

Jagdish Gandhi. http://www.jagdishgandhi.org/index.html

Rama Narayana, http://www.auroville.org/,

Nina Meyerhof, www.children-of-the-earth.org,

Ian Harris, http://www.iprafoundation.org/;


Dr Leo Semashko,

Founder and President,

Global Harmony Association and Peace from Harmony Website

July 6, 2008

"Peace from Harmony", the Third Anniversary on February 15, 2008: Results, Problems and Challenges

Dear Peace from Harmony Authors, Global Harmony Association Members, Friends!


I am happy to send you this message with my deep gratitude for your fidelity to the world harmony and with my heart congratulations concerning the THIRD anniversary of our site "A New Culture of Peace from Social Harmony and Childrens Priority" (briefly: "Peace from harmony": www.peacefromharmony.org), which was open o­n February 15, 2005.


Let briefly to tell about our achievements for this year in comparison with two last (http://www.peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=253), and also about problems and challenges, with which we confronted.




In past year we continued to carry out our mission "peace from harmony", i.e. creation of the global peace o­n the world harmony basis. It was expressed in three our major achievements of world importance.


First, it is creation of the Magna Carta of Harmony for an information civilization" by 43 authors from 16 countries, which is the first world document by scientific (tetrasociological) comprehension of social and individual harmony, ways of their achievement and construction o­n their basis of the global harmonious peace and appropriate culture.


Secondly, it is creation of the Global Harmony Association Statutes, as the first world organizational document for the conscious movement to world harmony.


Thirdly, it is creation of the Global Harmony Association (GHA) as the first world organization of conscious evolutionary movement to world harmony. GHA is, as a matter of fact, a seed and beginning of the new International of Harmony and Peace (or) Peace from Harmony, which essentially differs from the traditional Internationals of an industrial society: they divided the people o­n hostile camps but not united them for global peace and harmony. GHA creates the scientific and most effective, through harmonious education, way to achieve global harmonious peace for all peacemaking organizations of the world. I am happy to inform, that the first organization o­n February 10 joining to GHA, is the oldest (with 1969) and o­ne of most powerful NGO: International Association of Educators for World Peace (IAEWP). It is the GHA first collective member. IAEWP has branches in 80 countries of the world and unites more than 50 thousand members. The world famous teacher and scientist Professor Charles Mercieca, the GHA Board member and our of harmony and peace bell, is the IAEWP Founder and President. The Agreement about IAEWP joining to GHA is published at the address:http://www.peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=316. It can serve a sample for the other organizations, which we call to join GHA.


We continued to collect o­n the site the ideas and persons of harmony from all world and to unite them in the different projects of a harmonious peace culture, which (projects) now are totaled more than 40.


The most significant of them is the World Harmony Academy (WHA) project, which practically unites almost all others our projects and gives them a way for realization through harmonious education of children, youth and new generations as world citizens. It is a long but the most effective way for achievement of indestructible harmonious peace and its culture. Spreading WHA and harmonious education worldwide is capable for 15-20 years not o­nly to stop all modern wars but also to prevent all wars in the future. It is the most effective way of the fight for peace. (This project was discussed by 20 Russian co-authors about 3 months. Now it - 25 pages - is translated o­n the English language and in 2-3 weeks will be submitted for discussion of its foreign co-authors).


We begun the new project of a Hymn to Harmony, called to create a poetic and musical masterpiece of modernity inspiring all peoples of the world o­n creation of global harmony as source of true peace. Since January 19 we received 6 poems: http://www.peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=315.


Our past projects developed also. So, for example, a number of the Harmonious Era Calendar authors increased up to 42 with 27, and number of its dates up to 53 with 27. The project For Social Harmony in the World in Support of China found wide reflection o­n the site separate page and appropriate photo-gallery. The Childrens Priority project found a new support in annual transfer of the GHA membership fees in o­ne of children's organizations of developing countries. In this connection let o­nce again to remind you kindly, that the membership fees and donations transfer to disabled children organization, Kolkata, India proceeds up to February 28. (Organization Chief: Dr Maitreyee Bardhan Roy: maitreyee25@rediffmail.com).


The site continues to unite cultures of the East and West, North and South. o­n it all the basic religions and local civilizations of the Earth are submitted. It synthesizes the Western structural idea of spheres and the East value idea of harmony. It overcomes polarization "of two cultures": technical and humanitarian and creates creative unity for science and art.


For o­ne year the number of our site authors, who write the wonderful book Peace from Harmony together, increased with 190 up to 254 persons. Each author has brought the unique contribution to our site as a treasury of world harmony by the information of the first-rate quality. Each author deserves the warmest and sincere gratitude all of us. The countries representation o­n the site has grown with 33 up to 41 countries from all continents of the world. The publications of the site has grown with 15 up to 17 languages.


Subjects of our site have extended considerably. o­nly number of the site "Contents" pages has grown with 158 up to 202, though some of them still wait the authors and appropriate information. The friendly sites number has increased with 80 up to 100.


In October - November 2007 the GHA Board was created, which includes 8 authors from 7 countries, and also Honorary Advisory Committee, including 23 author from 10 countries. For our site the new place was led. Now it is defined in the GHA Statutes (clause 1) as "the centre of the Global Harmony Association communication space and also its main information body and resource".


The site appearance and its Main page changed considerably also, o­n which the site new emblem in a line of three female symbols of harmony, replacing each other appeared. The merit of the site technical updating belongs to my young colleague, student Ivan Ivanov, to who I am very grateful for it. The site and its forum number of visits for o­ne year increased with 60 thousand up to about 360 thousand. The number of daily visits reached about 1000 and it is not a limit.


So, for o­ne year the site authors made the significant contribution to development of a harmonious peace culture. We have all bases highly to estimate this contribution and to congratulate each other with excellent work and productive cooperation. However, for three years the internal problems and external challenges have ripened and aggravated.




From many our problems I want to name two.

1. The financial problem has become aggravated up to a limit: I am shame to ask tens time of tens people to carry out laborious works for translation, editing etc. without any of material compensation. The problem of translation o­n the site is sharpest. More than 2500 texts published o­n it, wait for translation o­n its 17 languages. Here I want to express general gratitude and high appreciation to our voluntary translators, who translated and edited for the site tens pages of the different texts: Tholana Chakravarthy, Martha Ross DeWitt, Claude Veziau, Maria Cristina Azcona, Bernard Scott, Reimon Bachika, Susana Roberts, Renato Corsetti, Jan Faullimmel, Takis Ioannidis, Guy Crequie, Nina Goncharova, Robert Weir, Alexander Verbitsky, Tatomir Ion Marius, Muhammad Iqbal and others. All active translators received (or will receive) the Honorary Tittles of our site and GHA.

2. The GHA and site tasks were considerably complicated in connection with their quantitative growth and quality of the new projects. They conduct to an aggravation of the attitudes between us. As all of us are come from an internally hostile industrial society and are still very far from internal harmony, at us (at me including) not always gets the skills and tact of harmony for the harmonious decision of the conflicts. Some our members are not capable to understand and accept a scientific novelty of our projects, therefore they leave organization or remain passive. But o­n their place the new and young people come, with new energy of harmony, which freshens and updates our Union. All of us learn in harmony, all of us are its pupils but not all and not always we are its excellent student. It is natural process. It should be perceived with understanding, calmness and without a forcing of negative emotions concerning our separate disharmonious trivialities and reactions. The harmony supposes tolerance, forgiveness and magnanimity.




The external challenges go from the aggravating political conditions in the world, from a new coil of arm race, from crisis of traditional peace culture and fight for peace (I have devoted to this crisis special work: A New Quality of the Fight for Peace: http://www.peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=301). GHA is non political organization; we do not intervene in the modern political conflicts strengthening enmity instead of harmony. But we can not be outside of them. Traditional peace culture and fight, at all their high moral status, shown the practical powerlessness and full inefficiency. The world movement for peace, all the numerous peacemaking organizations of the last and new century did not know the reasons of peace, therefore they could not stop any war. Efficiency of traditional culture and fight for peace are close to zero. They have o­nly moral importance and are in this respect very important. They are not capable to counteract war in another way. Therefore they are mistrustful to the GHAs ways and projects and resist to them. And the modern society, which remains in a majority industrial, in general is hostile to harmony and its projects.


Our GHA for the first time in the world scientifically, o­n a basis of tetrasociology, showed a way of an establishment of global peace: harmony of social spheres and sphere classes of humankind and each society. They are a single reason and ground for the global harmonious peace, which we opened in our documents and projects having no analogues in the world. Traditional culture and the fight for peace do not know this reason, therefore they are powerless and are inefficient. The reasons of wars are the private interests of groups and separate countries, which (reasons) are eliminated o­nly by harmony of the universal sphere classes. Therefore movement for peace can be effective not by struggle AGAINST the private militarist interests, but FOR universal sphere harmony. Unfortunately, last is unknown to social science, except for tetrasociology, and to traditional peacemaking organizations, except for GHA. We are in opposition to each other. We throw each other challenge. Our challenge consists that we invite a social science to rise o­n a level of tetrasociology and the organizations aspiring to the effective fight for peace and peacebuilding to join GHA.


Absence of scientific understanding of the reason and source of peace as social harmony and constant arms race are the most powerful challenges for GHA and our worldview. Variant of a temporary defeat of our projects and even of the GHA disintegration therefore is not excluded. But a bit later they will be claimed with necessity, as the objective global harmony tendency, which we see and understand, grows simultaneously. This gives us strong hope for a survival.


We fulfil a mission of pioneers for conscious world harmony, harmonious peace and its new culture. This mission is extremely complex; it contradicts to a traditional society and traditional peacebuilding but o­nly it is perspective for humankind. The history of our GHA is a small part of the new, difficult, but inevitable history of a harmonious civilization going o­n change of an industrial disharmonious civilization. This history includes the European Union with its motto of harmony; Singapore with its Declaration of racial harmony and creation of "the race harmonious nation"; Russia with its sobornost as harmony; China with its "building society of social harmony" and culture of harmony going from Confucius; Kazakhstan with its idea of harmony of Europe and Asia; USA with them 14 schools of harmony arisen with 2000 in the states of Texas and Louisiana and other tendencies of an objective harmonization unknown for us. Our merit consists that we consciously and scientifically begun a new history of harmony. Let's congratulate each other with it in day of our third anniversary! Let's wish each other so fruitful movement in the future.


With love, gratitude and best harmony wishes,


Dr Leo Semashko,

The Site and GHA Founder and President




The Site A New Culture of Peace from Social Harmony and Childrens Priority (briefly: Peace from Harmony)
News from May 21 to October 17, 2007

Brief news:

The main events for 5 months became: publication of the Magna Carta of Harmony by 43 authors from 16 countries in 7 languages (plus the Romanian translation) as the separate book; its presentation o­n the Cultural forum in Beijing, China in July and o­n the Poetry Festival in Paris in September; spread more than 300 copies of the Magna Carta of Harmony between schools, universities and citizens of 22 countries of the world; beginning of integration of two international organizations "Peace from harmony" and "IFLAC" in "Global Harmony Association".

Basic news: In the site "Contents" 21 new pages have been opened, making a total of 194. 34 new authors have appeared, making a total of 241 (including 17 children), from them the organization members are 176. The three new countries: Ethiopia, Holland and Liberia have appeared, making a total of 39. 369 new materials ("news") are published, making a total more than 4000. 9 new friendly sites have appeared, making a total of 94. o­ne new language has appeared o­n the site: Telugu, making a total of 17.

Our nearest the most important events are: December 16 as the first publication anniversary of the Magna Carta of Harmony o­n December 16, 2006 o­n our site. February 15, 2008 as the third anniversary of the International site "Peace from harmony", which was open o­n February 15, 2005.

The announcement: From an abundance of materials, sent o­n the site, their publication temporarily stops since 17 October o­n some months until introduction of the new order and criteria of their publication.

Our top-priority tasks: Formation of the Association bodies (Semashko, Aharoni, Chakravarti, Holmboe); Discussion and approval of the Association Statute (Semashko, Aharoni, Chakravarti, Holmboe); Discussion and approval of the Honorary Titles recognition (Semashko, Aharoni, Chakravarti, Holmboe); Creation and approval the publication order o­n the site (Ivanov, Semashko); Search of financing (Semashko and others); Registration of the Association Statute in the UN (Chakravarti, Mercieca, Ion- Marius  and others); Development of the new variant of the Magna Carta of Harmony (Martha DeWitt and others); Creation of videofilm "Way to peace from harmony" (Semashko, Holmboe); Creation of harmonious peace TV (Aharoni and others); Harmonizing information technology for children and youth (Semashko and others).

I express sincere gratitude to all authors and translators of the Magna Carta of Harmony and also to all the site authors. Our site became a unique collection of the information and documents about harmony from all continents of our Planet. This collection has no analogues in the world. It plays the very important peace role, attracting to itself not o­nly new ideas of harmony, but also uniting around of it the increasing number of people, which get quality of a new global community - community of harmony. The creation "Global Harmony Association" is the significant contribution to development of this global community. Many thanks to all members of this community and association, each of whom brought the contribution in the statement of global harmony and harmonious peace o­n the Earth.

Dr Leo Semashko,
Website Founder and President
October 17, 2007

The new authors:
Martin Luther King Jr., 1964 Nobel Peace Laureate
Elie Wiesel, 1986 Nobel Peace Laureate
Nelson Mandela, 1993 Nobel Peace Laureate
Pope Benedict XVI, http://www.vatican.va/holy_father/benedict_xvi/
Nicholas Roerich,  Russian artist and thinker
Ying Lian, journalist, China Internatiomal Radio, China, crieng@crifm.com, www.crienglish.com
Dr. Neelam Narayana, Retired Professor of Economics, Sri Venkateswara University,                  Address   :  Dr. N.V. Narayana, Plot-92, L.S. Nagar, Near SV Dairy Farm,                 TIRUPATI - 517 502 (AP) India
Natalia Shelaru, Administrative Director, TRANSCEND Peace University (TPU), Tel/Fax: +40 264420298, Tel: +40 729217096, E-m natalia.shelaru@transcend.org Web-site: www.transcend.org/tpu Mailing address: OP 1-CP 331Cluj-Napoca, 134 919, Romania
Jean Faullimmel, Ph.D. in Polymer Science, Environmental Expert, Address: 20,rue Champs, 67550 Vendenheim-Strasbourg, France; tel : 33(0)3 69228451; email: jean.faullimmel@evc.net
David Williams, BA MA MEd, PGCe MCIM, Peace Association Director, Oxford (UK) Excellence Chief Executive, Councillor of the Oxford Green Party; Address: 320 London Road, Oxford, OX3 8DN; tel: +44 (0)1865 765852; web: www.oxfordukexcellence.co.uk, email: mail@oxfordukexcellence.co.uk
Dongrong Sun, Ph.D., Philosophy teacher at the Graduate School of the Communist Party of Huainan, Beijing, E-Mail: sundongrong@163.com
Jan R. Hakemulder, Prof., D.Ed., Ph.D., Psy.D., D.Litt (Hon), International President of the Intercultural Open University; Holland,  http://www.iouedu.comiou@iouedu.com
Valery Guerguel, Ph. D. in history, researcher of the laboratory of Moscow Institute of Open Education, UN military observer in 1973-1976, director of the Museum of Peacekeeping Operations; Russia; director@un-museum.ru; http://un-museum.ru/
Irina Barchukova, teacher, Moscow, Russia
Olga Knyzeva, teacher, Moscow, Russia, knyasevao@rambler.ru
Zaharov V., peacemaker, Moscow, Russia,
Isaenko A., peacemaker, Moscow, Russia,
Komlyakov E., peacemaker, Moscow, Russia,
Hong Tao-Tze, Ph.D., Zhang-men-ren of Tai Ji Men, President of Tai Ji Men Qigong Academy, President of Federation of World Peace and Love; Federation of World Peace and Love (FOWPAL) 545 Meridian Ave., Suite D, san Jose, CA 95 126, USA; e-mail: info@fowpal.org ; http://fowpal.org
John Hallam, Nuclear Flashpoints, Sydney, +61-2-9810-2598, foesyd4@ihug.com.au,
306/99 Lilyfield Road Lilyfield NSW Australia 2040
Kamran Mofid, PhD (ECON), Founder, Globalisation for the Common Good Initiative
www.globalisationforthecommongood.info, Co-editor, Journal of Globalisation for the Common Good www.commongoodjournal.com, England, k.mofid@btopenworld.com
Lama Gangchen, T.Y.S.,  L.G. World Peace Foundation UN NGO, Italy: http://www.lgpt.net/, gangchen@micronet.it
Netugba Wesseh, Secretary Liberian National Commission for UNESCO, Ministry of Education; Addres: P.O. Box 9012, Monrovia, Liberia; Home address: Peugeot Garage Freeport of Monrovia Bushrod Island Monrovia, Liberia Cell: 231-7-474-522/231-6-474-522 Email: netugbawesseh@yahoo.com 
Mussie Hailu,  Chairman of African Diaspora Foundation, Board Chairman of Interfaith Peace building Initiative, and Regional Coordinator of URI for Africa;
Address: P.O.Box 7785, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia; Email: mussiepeace@yahoo.co.uk
Helene F. Klingberg, Poet, Journalist, Norway, hele-kli@online.no
Kae Morii, Poet, Japan, moriikae@ybb.ne.jp
Gershon Baskin, Journalist, Israel
Yoshika Tatsuya, Peace Boat, Director, Japan, www.peaceboat.org, pbglobal@peaceboat.gr.jp
Kushuchi Mari, Peace Boat, Head of Tokyo Office, Japan, www.peaceboat.org, tokyo@peaceboat.gr.jp
John Perkins, Economist, USA
Lars Sande, Norwegian poet and musician
Mark Bochkis, peacemaker, USA, www.fireflykids.org, mbochkis@fireflykids.org,
Eugenia Ermolaeva, peacemaker, Russia, zhenya@eii.spb.ru,
Kosta Makreas, peacemaker, USA, gmakreas@sanbrunocable.com

The new pages:
1-3-4. From Ode to Joy towards Harmony Hymn: to the new poetic and musical imagination
1-6-11. Kamran Mofid: Globalisation of the Common Good as Global Harmony
1-14-2-1. June 1 as Protection and Children Priority Day
1-14-10. A new quality of the fight for peace
3-14. International Save the Children Alliance
4-1-2. Nicholas Roerich about harmony and children
4-1-3. Valery Gergel. History of the Museum of the UN Peacekeeping Operations and movement of the young peacemakers
4-1-4. Sobornaiy Russia is  harmonious Russia: way for social healing
4-6-2. China and Russia: aspiration to harmony. 2007 Year of China in Russia
4-6-3. China - Taiwan: peaceful reunification through traditional culture of harmony
4-6-4. Dongrong Sun. The Chinese woman of harmony
4-7-1. Pope Benedict XVI: discover life meaning to the great cosmic harmony
4-12-1. Destruction of an industrial civilization as corporate empire
5-2-6. We call the world poets to create peace from harmony (appeal in six languages)
5-2-7. Michael Holmboe: Norwegian Writer and Encyclopaedist of harmony
5-4-1. Songs of harmony
6-4. Video in Internet. Peace from harmony: 1000 films
7-2. Rudolf Siebert: Golden Rule of Peace from Harmony in religions and society
7-3-3. Address to Esperantists of the world
7-4-4. Jan R. Hakemulder: the Intercultural Open University for Harmony
7-4-5. Hong Tao-Tze: The Education of World Citizens: A Harmonious Life and the Principle of Yin and Yang

The new publications:
Slide film. China: Nature and People (En, Ru)
1-1-3. Martin Luther King Jr., 1964 Nobel Peace Laureate (En)
1-1-4. Elie Wiesel, 1986 Nobel Peace Laureate (En)
1-1-5. Nelson Mandela, 1993 Nobel Peace Laureate (En)
1-3-1. Leo Semashko. Updated Rules of Recognition of Honorary Titles in the Global Harmony Community (En, Ru)
1-3-1. Ada Aharoni, Leo Semashko. Global Harmony Association. Statute (En, Ru)
1-3-2. Ammar Banni. UN Convention o­n the Rights of the Child (1989) and Magna Carta of Harmony (En, Ru)
1-3-4. Leo Semashko. Appeal to the poets and composers to create the Harmony Hymn (En, Ru)
1-6-1. Charles Mercieca. Who Are the Insurgents? Perspective of Church and State Relations in Russia (En)
1-6-6. Gershon Baskin. 'Ministries of peace' in Israel and in Palestine and in every country (En)
1-6-6. Kosta Makreas. News from the 3rd Global Summit for Ministries and Departments of Peace (En)
1-6-9. David  Stringer. Creating Universalist Altars, Shrines & Temples. Re Messiahs, Liberators & Saviours (En)
1-6-10. Douglas Mattern, John Hallam. Lowering operating status of nuclear weapons (En)
1-6-11. Kamran Mofid: The Istanbul Declaration 2007 for harmony in diversity. Bio (En, Ru)
1-6-11. Kamran Mofid. Today, September 30th, 2007 is Rumi's, Persian philosopher, mystic of Islam and planetary poet, 800th Birthday (En)
1-13. Harold Becker. About unconditional love. Inspiring People to Love Unconditionally (En)
1-14. Dr Ashok Chakravarthy and Dr. N.V. NarayanaHarmonious Era Calendar. Telugu translation
1-14-2. Leo Semashko, Tholana Chakravarthy, Susana Roberts, Nina Goncharova, Claude  Veziau, Reimon Bachika, Ammar Banni, Renato Corsetti. June 21: Global Harmony Day. Congratulations, Poems and Greetings (En, Ru)
1-14-2-1.Tolana Ashok Chakravarthy. Poems: A  Justification. Love abd Concern (En, Ru)
1-14-2-1. Susana Roberts. The Children are our Priority (En, Ru)
1-14-2-1. Ammar Banni and Mrs Banni Malika. Poems: For the children of our Planet. Oh my child!! (En)
1-14-9. Yoshika Tatsuya and Kushuchi Mari. Peace Boat and Global University (En)
1-14-10. Leo Semashko. A new quality of the fight for peace (En, Ru)
1-15. John McConnell. What will decide the future of the human family and their Planet. Biography Summary (En)
1-18. Claude Veziau. Song. Live and Learn (En)
2-7. Terrence E. Paupp. Letter of Reference for Dr. Leo Semashko (En)
2-7. Reimon Bachika. Reference Letter for Dr. Leo Semashko (En)
2-7. 5-8. Nataly Sidorova. About Academy of Harmony and Nobel Prize (Ru)
3-5. Eugenia Ermolaeva and Mark Bochkis. Substitute family as alternative for the boarding schools (Ru)
3-14. Michael Holmboe. International Save the Children Alliance (En, Ru)
4-1-2. Nicholas Roerich about harmony and children (Ru)
4-1-3. Valery Gergel. History of the Museum of the UN Peacekeeping Operations and movement of young peacemakers (En, Ru)
4-1-4. Herman Vitruk. Sobornaiy Russia as  harmonious Russia (Ru)
4-1-4. Leo Semashko. Harmony of the sphere classes as a way for healing of Russia (Ru)
4-4-1. Muhammad Iqbal. The Globe in Nuclear Claws (En)
4-4-2. Tholana Chakravarthy. Mahatma Gandhi. Poems: Where there is peace. Is there the spirit. Come out. Peace is our right unity is our might. Strength in unity. The seeds of peace. A space for hope (En)
4-6. Rosa Dalmiglio. Letter about China (En)
4-6. Ying Lian. The message o­n the basic themes of the Chinese International radio (En)
4-6-2. Unknown author. China Opens Website for "Year of China" in Russia. China and Russia. Year of China in Russia. President of the Organising Committee in Russia. President of the Organising Committee in China. China, Russia to Set up Third Confucius Institute. The 2nd St.Peterburg Sino-Russian Singing Contest Unveiled. Qingzhou Buddhist Sculpture Exhibition (En, Ru)
4-6-3. Charles Mercieca. Chinas Transition into a Society of Social Harmony (En)
4-6-3. Lana Yang: Developing a Culture of Peace - A Stepping Stone into a Harmonious World (En)
4-6-3. Jean Faullimmel: How Can Sustainable Development Contribute to World Peace and Harmony between Nations? (En)
4-6-3. David Williams: To Construct a Harmonized World (En)
4-6-3. Lama GangchenMessage to the First Cross Straight High Level Forum o­n Chinese Traditional Culture, Beijing, China, 5-9 July 2007 (En)
4-6-3. Leo Semashko: How to construct a harmonized social world? (En, Ru)
4-6-3. Leo Semashko. China - Taiwan: peaceful reunification through traditional culture of harmony. The report about trip in China (En, Ru)
4-6-3. Lana Yang, Jean Faullimmel, David Williams, Leo Semashko. More than 65 photos about the Forum and Beijing (En, Ru)
4-6-4. Dongrong Sun. From Meltung Pot to Salad Bowl Change of American Multiethnic Conditions (En)
4-7. Takis Ioannides. The ninth monad of Pythagorians is the law of Harmony (En)
4-7, 4-15. Rene Wadlow. The Light of Harmony in Western Civilization (En)
4-7-1. Pope Benedict XVI: discover life meaning to the great cosmic harmony (En, Ru)
4-8-2. Ammar Banni. Translation of Helena Klingbergs poem o­n Franch and Arabic laungages. Poems: My Universal religion. Our doves of peace. By the love. Peace and evolution. Harmony passes in priority. Virus. The glory of peace (En)
4-9. Mussie Hailu. Peace Message sent o­n behalf of all Africans at home and abroad (En)
4-9. Netugba Wesseh. Peace for Harmony (En)
4-11. Will Hoonaard. Bahai testifies at U.N. about understanding among religions (En)
4-12-1. John Perkins. The Secret History of the American Empire (En)
4-13-5. Nina Goncharova. Cultural and educational expedition Earth as garden of the people (En)
4-15. Rene Wadlow. Israel-Palestine : Necessary World Efforts Prior to a US-sponsored Conference in November (En)
5-2-4. Tatomir Ion-Marius. Interview for Radio TRANSILVANIA: Toward a Culture of Peace and Harmony (En)
5-2-5. Susana Roberts. About Argentine poet Leopold Lugones (En)
5-2-5. Susana Roberts. Poems. Meanwhile. In this south. During autumn   (En)
5-2-5. Susana Roberts. Love and defenseless children. My words about Peace. During autumn (En)
5-2-6. Leo Semashko, Ada Aharoni and others. We call the world poets to create peace from harmony (appeal in six languages) (En, Ru, Fr, Sp, Ar, Hi)
5-2-6. Nina Goncharova. Report o­n trip in Paris to Poetry Festival (Ru)
5-2-6. Ada Aharoni. About Parisian Poetry Festival (En)
5-2-6. Susana Roberts, Nina Goncharova, Kae Morii and Ada Aharoni. 16 Photos from  Parisian Poetry Festival (En)
5-2-7. Helene Klingberg. The Mother of Peace Prize (En)
5-2-7. Michael Holmboe. Biography. Children. The Mother of Peace Prize (translation). About St-Petersburg and Russia. Children labor (En)
5-4-1. Lars Chr. Sande. Song: Distant Sound (En)
5-4-1. Leo Semashko. Childrens harmony lilt (En)
5-13. Guy Crequie. Letter to the President of France Mr Nicolas SARKOZY about the Harmonious Era Calendar and World Festival of Poetry (En, Fr)
5-13. Guy Crequie. Principle of harmony and social reality (En, Fr)
5-13. Guy Crequie. June 1: International day of child welfare. June 21: Day of the era of harmony! (En, Fr)
6-4. Leo Semashko. Video in Internet. Peace from harmony: 1000 films (En, Ru)
7-2. Rudolf Siebert. The Critical Theory of Religion: The Evolution of the Moral Consciousness from the Jus Talionis to the Golden Rule (En)
7-2. Leo Semashko. Professor Rudolf Siebert: 80 years! Warm Congratulations! (En, Ru)
7-3-1. Renato Corsetti. An Update o­n Esperanto (En)
7-3-3. Leo Semashko and Site Board. The address to the World Esperanto Congress, Japan, August 2007 (En, Ru, Es)
7-4-4. Jan R. Hakemulder: The Intercultural Open University for Harmony (En, Ru)
7-4-5. Hong, Tao-Tze. The Education of World Citizens: A Harmonious Life and the Principle of Yin and Yang (En, Ru)
8-2. Leo Semashko, Claude Veziau and  Michael Holmboe. Discussion about peace and harmony (En, Ru)
9-1. Michael Holmboe. Children labor (En)
9-2. Jury Dorofeev. Public hearings about observance of the children rights in the specialized children's establishments of St.-Petersburg (Ru)

Friendly Websites:
Kamran Mofid, Globalisation for the Common Good Initiative: www.globalisationforthecommongood.info, and www.commongoodjournal.com
Lama Gangchen, L.G. World Peace Foundation UN NGO: http://www.lgpt.net/           
Hong Tao-Tze, Federation of World Peace and Love (FOWPAL): http://fowpal.org
Valery Guerguel, Museum of Peacekeeping Operations: http://un-museum.ru/
Jan R. Hakemulder, Intercultural Open University:  http://www.iouedu.com
David Williams, Oxford (UK) Excellence Chief Executive: www.oxfordukexcellence.co.uk
Natalia Shelaru, TRANSCEND Peace University (TPU): www.transcend.org/tpu
Ying Lian, China Internatiomal Radio: www.crienglish.com
Yoshika Tatsuya, Peace Boat, www.peaceboat.org,

Dr Leo Semashko,
Website Founder and President
October 17, 2007

Website Peace from Harmony
News September 27, 2007

Dear Peace from Harmony Friends,


Financial report about the charges o­n the book "Magna Carta of Harmony"

and Activity Directions


Three days back I sent the last requested copies of our Magna Carta, but the dispatch will proceed with the new applications. Now I should report before you for the financial help, received from you. At the expense of this help I published the book "Magna Carta of Harmony (2007)", by 43 authors, from 16 countries, in 7 languages, o­n 228 pages, circulation in 400 copies and also in the English and Russian languages separately in circulation 200 copies.


Since April 2007 I received o­n the edition of the book the financial help from 5 co-authors and friends (2 foreign and 3 Russian) in a total sum the USD4970:


Bernard Scott - 300
Reimon Bachica - 100
Dimitry Ivashintsov - 600
Nicola Strelkov - 200
Lucy Semashko - 3770
In total - 4970


These means are spent for the following purposes:

- Magna Carta text translation o­n the Chinese language - 750

- Magna Carta text translation o­n the Esperanto language - 400

- Text editing - 550

- Publication of the book 400 copies in publishing house - 2000

- Publication of the book 200 copies in publishing house - 400

- Dispatch of 220 copies - 870


In total: 4970


At the expense of your help our book was sent or handed to the following 19 countries in the following copies:

Algeria - 4

England - 7

Argentina - 6

Greece - 3

Israel - 7

India - 10

Italy - 17

Canada - 3

China and Taiwan - 48

Norway - 10

Russia - 67, including 16 books for Beslans school, undergone the terrorist attack o­n September 1 2004, in which more than 350 humans, from which half is children were lost.

Romania - 8

USA - 28

Ukraine - 2

France - 12

Japan - 4

Pakistan - 3

Uganda - 16, for school, in which fighting clashes between the Christians and Moslems.


Let me to thank all donors from my heart and also o­n behalf of our union all members. I should emphasize that o­nly due your help the Magna Carta of Harmony as the first global scientific project of a harmonious information civilization of humankind was published and distributed in 19 countries of the world. Thank you very much to all!


Now let to present you a list of our activity directions, which comparison with those scanty means, which we have, opens the huge gap between them. It is our sharpest and deep problem, to solve which I invite all members and friends of our union "Peace from harmony"


The Union/Site "Peace from Harmony" Activity Directions

"Peace from Harmony" is the harmonious union more than 220 citizens of 37 countries, which represent the basic religions and civilizations; it is peace-loving union of different cultural harmonies of the world, which was formed since February 2005


(The term "union" I consider, at least in Russian, as the most adequate of others, similar terms: group, community, team, association, etc.)


In the present:


1.Movement: "Making Children a Priority in the World"

2.Movement: "For social harmony in the world" (Support and development of the Chinese experience in building a harmonious society)

3.Search of the world leaders for these movements

4.Magna Carta of Harmony

5.Harmonious Era Calendar

6.Publication and dispatch of the books and leaflets of "Peace from Harmony"

7.Poetic and art creativity of a harmonious peace culture

8.Creation of the photo, video, art and memorial galleries o­n the site

9.Scientific researches of the sphere classes of social harmony, harmonious peace and its culture

10.Lecture course for schools and universities: "A Culture of Harmonious Peace"

11.International Open Academy of Harmony

12.International TV by Satellite for Harmonious Peace Culture

13.World Conference "A Culture of Harmonious Peace" in 2010 under aegis of the UN, UNESCO and UNICEF

14.Development of 17 linguistic segments of the site

15.Spreading Esperanto language

16.Search of financing for the site

17."Peace from Harmony" registration as the UN NGO (non-governmental organization)

18.Publication of the Magna Carta and Calendar of Harmony in the separate countries (in o­ne language) by mass circulation for the schools and universities libraries

19.Organizational and rule-making work, organization of the peacemaking actions

20.Participation in the International Congresses, Conferences, Festivals and Forums

21.Poems contest: "Children first"

22.Poems and music contest: "Harmony Hymn"

23.Celebration of the Harmonious Era Calendar basic dates: Days of Harmony, Childrens Priority, Golden Rule, Earth and etc.

24.Widening of the connections with related organizations, groups and sites

25.Authors materials publication o­n the site

26.Site texts translations

27.Site technical service and updating

28.Videofilm: "Way to Peace from harmony"

29.Site Honorary Titles, jubilees and nomination

30.Site members increase


In the future, in addition:


1. Movement: "For transformation of the Olympic games into Olympiads of Peace from Harmony"

2. Creation the school museums "Peace from harmony"

3. Summer youth camps and schools "Peace from harmony"

4. Summer adult expeditions "Peace from harmony"

5. Harmonizing information technology for children and youth

6. Addition of the site new linguistic segments


The sharp contradiction between our rich opportunities, enormous potential of global harmony and the insignificant means requires first of all the internal organizational reform, mobilizing and inspiring us. Its project I shall present you the coming days. This contradiction also requires the expert, which would be capable to solve this problem through the competent ways of financial search. I am ready to include in the Board anyone, who will declare this ability.


Dr Leo Semashko

Founder and President

Union/Site "Peace from Harmony"


Website A New Culture of Peace from Social Harmony and Childrens Priority
News June 30, 2007

Updated Rules of Recognition of Honorary Titles

in the Global Harmony Community

Draft (it is the subject for discussion and approval o­n the site Board in September 2007)


General regulations


The International site "A New Culture of Peace from Social Harmony and Childrens Priority", shortly: "Peace from Harmony" is created in February 15, 2005. For this time a world (global) community of harmony has grown o­n it. It is group of people incorporated by a recognition of harmony as a source of the true peace and general aspiration to harmony in o­ne, children and world, irrespective of a gender, age, education, trade, creed, country, culture, language and other distinctions. Now community of harmony unites more than 200 humans from 36 countries of the world, and its site, as the information tool of its association and development, is published in 17 languages of the world.


These people are peasmarkers, but special, as they consider individual and social harmony as a source for true peace. They recognize a development (deepening and distribution) of individual and social harmony all over the world as own mission. Therefore they name themselves "peasmarkers of harmony" or "peasmarkers from harmony" to emphasize the difference from the traditional peasmarkers. However, this difference does not prevent them to cooperate with anyone peasmarkers. (Something from these general regulations should go away in the site Statute and Mission)


Community of harmony unites peasmarkers of harmony of the different abilities. The community welcomes and encourages ANYONE, even most modest, contribution into individual and social harmony, in culture of harmonious peace. At the same time community of harmony counts possible and necessary a special moral encouragement for the outstanding contribution to harmony and harmonious peace culture in all spheres of the human and society. o­n this basis the community establishes institute of the International Honorary Titles, which includes a number of the Rules.


Rules of the Honorary Titles Recognition


1. The community of harmony establishes the International Honorary Titles of three nominations and three levels. (Further the nominations number and levels of Honorary Titles extend).


2. Nomination of the first level:

. "Peace from Harmony" Honorary Author and Member: recognize for the most outstanding publications, translations, editing, programming and design of the site materials, and also for active discussion of different themes o­n the site

. Honorary Volunteer of Global Movement "Making Children a Priority in the World": recognize for the special contribution to creation for children a priority in the world, for an appeal to it the political, public and other leaders and for active participation in the appropriate movement and its development


3. Nomination of the second level: Honorary Title: "Creator of World Harmonious Peace Culture": recognize for the special merits in the statement of harmonious peace culture in the international scale.


4. Nomination of the third level: the Highest Honorary Title: "Global Harmony Creator": recognize for the unique merits in the creation of global harmony in all spheres of humankind.


5. The assignment of Honorary Titles is defined as their RECOGNITION for the concrete person, which contribution corresponds to this titles.


6. The recognition of the Honorary Titles for the community members occurs during year, but is officially nominated to o­ne day in year - at June 21 - Global Harmony Day o­n the Harmonious Era Calendar.


7. The Honorary Titles of harmony community can be recognized not o­nly for its members but also other people, which correspond to criteria of these titles.


8. o­nly o­ne Honorary Title beginning at their first level, as a rule, can be recognized for o­ne human in year.


9. The Honorary Titles are recognized by the site President (further - Board) o­n the basis of the offers and recommendations, and also at the consent of the site co-authors or at absence of their objections.


10. Except the Honorary Titles other forms of moral encouragement of harmony peasmarkers are established: gratitude of the site Board and President, rewarding by memorable gifts, in particular by books of harmony peasmarkers and others.


11. Result the last recognitions of the Honorary Titles since June 15, 2005 in conformity with the New Rules


Are approved temporarily by the site President

Dr Leo Semashko

June 16, 2007


Recognition of the Honorary Titles of the global harmony community since June 22, 2006


In honour of the second in history of Global Harmony Day in June 21, 2007 o­n the Harmonious Era Calendar "Peace from Harmony" Honorary Author and Member are recognized the following:


1.Tatomir Ion-Marius, poet and writer, Romania, for the Harmonious Era Calendar translation o­n the Romanian language


2.Tholana Chakravarthy, doctor of the literature, poet, India, for the Harmonious Era Calendar translation o­n two languages: Hindi and Telugu


3.Alexander Verbitsky, lawyer, Ukraine, for the Harmonious Era Calendar translation o­n the Ukrainian language


4.Muhammad Iqbal, poet, Pakistan, for the Harmonious Era Calendar translation o­n the Urdu


5.Ammar Banni, professor of the French language, poet, Algeria, for the Magna Carta of Harmony translation o­n the Arabic language


6.Susana Roberts, poet and writer, Argentina, for the Magna Carta of Harmony heroic translation o­n the Spanish language and outstanding publications


7.Jiang Yimin, doctor of sociology, China, for the Magna Carta of Harmony translation o­n the Chinese language


8.Viatcheslav Ivanov, teacher of computer science, Russia, for the Magna Carta of Harmony translation o­n the Esperanto language


9.Michael Holmboe, poet and writer, Norway, for the outstanding publications and active participation in discussions



Note. Claude Veziau, poet and composer, Canada, translators of the Calendar and Magna Carta o­n the French language: http://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=fr_c&key=5, is already recognized in two Honorary Titles of harmony community for his great contribution into harmony community. In this connection, it is necessary to remember, that 9 Honorary members of 2007 are added to 26 honorary members of 2006.


The site new Honorary Authors are awarded with a memorable gift - book.


Dr Leo Semashko

Founder and President, "Peace from harmony"

June 21, 2007

Website A New Culture of Peace from Social Harmony and Childrens Priority
News from February 16 to May 20, 2007

The short news:
The main event of "Peace from harmony" in this three-monthly period was development of the Magna Carta of Harmony by 43 authors from 16 countries and its preparation for the book publication in seven languages.

In the site "Contents" 15 new pages have been opened, making a total of 173. 16 new authors have appeared, making a total of 207 (including 17 children). The three new countries: China, Bolivia and Switzerland has appeared, making a total of 36. 144 new materials ("news") are published. 5 friendly sites has appeared, making a total of 85. o­ne new language have appeared o­n the site: Hindi, making a total of 16.

Our nearest the most important events are: June 1 as Protection and Childrens Priority Day and June 21 as Global Harmony Day.

I express sincere gratitude to all authors of the Magna Carta of Harmony and also its translators: Prof. Ammar Banni (Algeria), Claude Veziau (Canada), Susana Roberts (Argentina), Viatcheslav Ivanov (Russia) and Prof. Jiang Yimin (China) for the self-denying work with translation of the Magna Carta of Harmony o­n the appropriate languages: Arabian, French, Spanish, Esperant and Chinese. For the outstanding contribution in expansion of availability of the Magna Carta of Harmony by its translation o­n the basic languages of the world Prof. Ammar Banni, Claude Veziau, Susana Roberts, Viatcheslav Ivanov and Prof. Jiang Yimin and also Dr. Tholana Chakravarthy and Dr. M. Lakshmanacharyulu for translation of the Harmonious Era Calendar o­n Hindi language are recognized as the HONOURARY AUTHORS of the site "Peace from harmony". It will be posted o­n June 21, 2007 in a honour of Global Harmony Day.

Dr Leo Semashko,
Website Founder and President
May 22 2007

The new authors:
Jan Jacobsen, peacemarker, Norway, jan@worldpeace.no , www.worldpeace.no
Douglas Mattern, President, Association of World Citizens, San Francisco, USA,
worldcit@best.com, www.worldcitizens.org
Vladimir Putin, President of Russia, http://www.kremlin.ru/eng/
Patrick Buchanan, twice a candidate for the Republican presidential nomination, a political analyst, he served three presidents in the White House, author of seven books, USA,
Olesia Damm, designer, Novosibirsk, Russia, odamm@tvw.nsk.ru
Francisco Azuela, Poet, Director, Integrated Center of Documentation and Information (CIDI) of the International Institute of Integration of the Andrés Bello Convention, La Paz, Bolivia. azuelafranck@hotmail.com
Toni Iseman, Mayor of Laguna Beach, Endangered Planet Gallery, 384 Forest Ave., Gallery 13
Laguna Beach, CA 92651 USA http://www.endangeredplanet.org
Carol Hiltner, President, Altai Mir University, USA, www.altaimir.org, carol.hiltner@gmail.com
Tony Jenkins, Coordinator, Global Campaign for Peace Education (GCPE), USA, www.tc.edu/PeaceEd/newsletter, peace-ed@tc.edu
Jiang Yimin, Ph.D., Head of Department of Sociology, East China Normal University, Shanghai, Research focus: sociology of education, ymjiang@graduate.hku.hk,
Liu Zhongqi, 1975,Male,Lecturer of Research Center of Urban Society, Shanghai Administration Institute, China, hopeseason@163.com
Pan Hongyan, 1972,Female,Associate-professor of Research Center of Urban Society, Shanghai Administration Institute, Chiuna, physzx@163.com,
Livia Varju, Universal Alliance Servitor for Switzerland.
4 Chemin du Repos, 1213 Petit-Lancy, Geneva, Switerland Tel/fax: 41 022 793 0771
M. Lakshmanacharyulu, Ph.D., P.G. Dip. in Language Planning & Translation, Language Consultant, Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation (GHMC), Hyderabad; ddress : Flat No. 201, Difidols Vikas Plaza, Manjeera Road, Chandanagar, Hyderabad 500 050 (AP) INDIA.
E-mail: laxman_marimganti@yahoo.co.in
Germain Dufour, Spiritual Leader of the Global Community, France, http://www.telusplanet.net/public/gpa/Lifeisprotected.htm, globalcommunity@telus.net
Lucy Semashko, member, Peace from Harmony, Russia

The new pages:
1-3-2. Comparison of the Magna Carta of Harmony with the World Documents of the 20th and 21st Centuries
1-3-3. Academy of Harmony
1-4-1. Announcements: Peacemaking Conferences, Universities, Publications, Grants etc.
1-6-10. Douglas Mattern. World Citizens for disarmament and Global Community of harmony
5-2-4. Tatomir Ion-Marius. May Peace Prevail o­n Earth through Poetry and Harmony
5-2-5. Susana Roberts: Hero of Harmonious Peace!
4-1-1. Russia in the world and in the world eyes
4-4-2. Tholana Chakravarthy: Poetry of peace and brotherhood
4-8-2. Ammar Banni. Islam for love and harmony
4-15. Rene Wadlow: World Citizen's Notes
4-6-1. Building of social harmony: the messages from China (En, Ru)
7-4-3. Altai-Mir University for harmony
7-26. History of sociology
8-2-1. Peace from Harmony: Alternative to War in Iraq
12-2-5. Ways to harmony of the poor capitalist countries

The new publications:
1.Joseph Caruana. Slide - film. China, Beijing. Olympiad 2008 (En, Ru)
Claude Vesziau, Nina Goncharova, Olesia Damm and unknown artist. Emblem: "Planet Earth: love, peace and harmony" o­n the site main page (En, Ru)
1-2. Ada Aharoni and Leo Semashko. The letter to Government of the People's Republic of China about the creation in China of an "International Harmonious Peace Culture TV by Satellite" (En, Ru)
1-2. Ada Aharoni and Leo Semashko. The International TV by Satellite for Harmonious Peace Culture (ISHPC) (En)
1-3. Leo Semashko and 42 contributors of 16 countries. Magna Carta of Harmony. In 7 languages:
English, Russian, Esperanto, Arabic, Chinese, French and Spanish. April, 2007 edition
(En, Ru, Es, Ar, Ch, Fr, Sp)
1-3. Leo Semashko. The address to President Vladimir Putin and young leaders to start building a social harmony in Russia (Ru)
1-3. Martha Ross DeWitt, Susana Roberts. Responses o­n the Magna Carta of Harmony (En, Ru)
1-3. Ammar Banni. Magna Carta of Harmony. Translation o­n the Arabi language
1-3. Viatcheslav Ivanov. Magna Carta of Harmony. Translation o­n Esperanto
1-3. Claude Veziau. Magna Carta of Harmony. Translation o­n the French language
1-3. Jiang Yimin. Magna Carta of Harmony. Translation o­n the Chinese language
1-3. Susana Roberts. Magna Carta of Harmony. Translation o­n the Spanish language
1-3. Leo Semashko. Magna Carta of Harmony. Translation o­n the English language
1-3-1. 2-7. Leo Semashko. "Peace from Harmony": Second Anniversary. Results and Congratulations (En, Ru)
1-3-2. Leo Semashko and Board. Comparison of the Magna Carta of Harmony with the World Documents of the 20th and 21st Centuries (En, Ru)
1-3-3. Leo Semashko and Board. International Academy of Harmony (En, Ru)
1-4. UNITED NATIONS. General Assembly. Declaration and Programme of Action o­n a Culture of Peace (1999) (En)
1-4-1. Leo Semashko. Announcements: Peacemaking Conferences, Universities, Publications, Grants etc (En, Ru)
1-6-1. Charles Mercieca. Essays: Living in Harmony with Nature. Backbone of Russian Spirituality. Toward a Culture of Peace Based o­n Human Rights. The Crime of War in Iraq. Prophet Mohammad: Gods Messenger of Peace. Global Leader of Social Harmony (En)
1-6-9. David Stringer and Livia Varju. Is a totally spiritually ethical politics possible? (En)
1-6-9. David Stringer. Manifest spiritual harmony (En)
1-6-10. Douglas Mattern. Assotiation of World Citizens. When War Business Rules The World. If The Atomic Clock Strikes Twelve Midnight Is Forever (En, Ru)
1-9. Jan Jacobsen. GLOBAL-DISARM-CALL (En, Ru)
1-13. Harold Becker. About the fourth anniversary of Love Day o­n May 1, 2007 (En)
1-13. Leo Semashko and Board. Congratulations o­n the fourth anniversary of Love Day (En, Ru)
1-14. Tholana Chakravarthy and M. Lakshmanacharyulu. Harmonious Era Calendar. Translation o­n Hindi (in PDF format)
1-14-8. Germain Dufour, Jan Jacobsen, Tholana Ashok Chakravarthy, Lucy Semashko, David Stringer,
Alexander Verbitsky, Ammar Banni, Leo Semashko
. Additions in the Harmonious Era Calendar (En, Ru)
1-15. Toni Iseman. Earth Trustee City Proclamation from LAGUNA Beach, Calif (En)
1-16, 2-7. Robert Weir. Dr. Leo Semashko: a Global Leader of Peacemaking through Harmony and Children (En, Ru)
1-18. 4-13-5. Claude Veziau, Nina Goncharova. Drawing Easter (En, Ru)
1-18. Claude Véziau. Poem: (NO!) TO WAR (En)
2-5. Martha DeWitt. Review of Leo Semashkos three books o­n Tetrasociology in the Journal: International Sociology. Reviews of books. Volume 22, # 2, March 2007 (En, Ru)
3-1. Rose Lord. What I've Learned in Guatemala (En)
3-11. Leo Semashko. Studio of harmonious development for preschool children (1985-1986) (Ru)
3-12. Leo Semashko. Studio of the young leaders of social harmony (Ru)
3-13. Leo Semashko. Statute of the student's club "Demiurg" (Ru)
4-1-1. Vladimir Putin. Unilateral Force has Nothing to Do with Global Democrecy (En, Ru)
4-1-1. Patrick Buchanan. Does Putin Not Have a Point? (En)
4-1-1. Charles Mercieca. Religious Persecution in Russia Takes New Form (En)
4-2. Reimon Bachika. Photo with students (En, Ru)
4-4. Stephen Gill. Peace and Freedom for Indian Women in the Dijutal Era (En)
4-4-2. Tholana Chakravarthy. Gateway to friendship and non-violence. Poem: Bond of Love. Bio (En, Ru)
4-6-1. Liu Zhongqi , Pan Hongyan. NGOs and Civil Society under the Context of Harmonious Community Construction: Practice and Review of China (En, Ru)
4-8-2. Ammar Banni. Poems about Peace, Love and Harmony. Bio (En)
4-10. Francisco Azuela. Poems: Matriarchal Mexico City. The Death of the Poet. Alien Eight (En)
4-15. René Wadlow. A Call. The World We Choose. The New Fire. Track II (En, Ru)
5-1. Hilarie Roseman. Poem: Children. Two pictures: Tetrasphere (En, Ru)
5-2. Stephen Gill. Poem. To Love (En)
5-2. Michael Holmboe. Poem for Maria Cristina Azcona. Buddhistic Poem (En)
5-2. Francisco Gomes de Matos. Poem. A World without weapons (En)
5-2-1. Katherine Shabat. Child of Peace (En, Ru)
5-2-4. Tatomir Ion-Marius. May Peace Prevail o­n Earth. Poems (En, Ru)
5-2-5. Susana Roberts. Poems, Letters, Articles, Photos, Bio (En, Ru)
5-13. Guy Crequie. Mothers and Fathers Days (En, Fr)
7-4-1. Tony Jenkins. Global Campaign for Peace Education (En)
7-4-2. Carol Hiltner. Altai-Mir University for harmony (En, Ru)
7-9-5. Leo Semashko. Structure of power in Leningrad (1990) (Ru)
7-26. Leo Semashko. Web Approach and Simmels Formal Sociology (En, Ru)
8-2. 4-7. Michael Holmboe. What is Harmony? Is it possible to bring the world into Harmony? (En)
8-2-1. Charles Mercieca. The Crime of War in Iraq (En)
8-2-1. Leo Semashko. Peace from Harmony: Alternative to War in Iraq (En, Ru)
8-2-1. Celine Leduc. About war in Iraq (En)
10-6. Susana Roberts. About childrens prority (En)
11-1. Leo Semashko. Human resources of Global movement "Making children a priority in the world ". Briefly: "Priority to children!" Appeal to be united! (Ru)
12-1. Leo Semashko. Ways to a harmonious society from socialism (En, Ru)
12-2. Leo Semashko. Ways to a harmonious society from capitalism (En, Ru)
12-2-1. Leo Semashko. Ways to social harmony in the neoliberal rich countries (En, Ru)
12-2-2. Leo Semashko. Ways to harmony of the social-democratic countries of  Scandinavia (En, Ru)
12-2-3. Leo Semashko. Ways to harmony of the European Union (En, Ru)
12-2-4. Leo Semashko. Ways to harmony of the developing capitalist countries in the Third World (En, Ru)
12-2-5. Leo Semashko. Ways to harmony of the poor capitalist countries (En, Ru)
12-4. Leo Semashko. Global Civil Movement "For Social Harmony in the World" (En, Ru)

Friendly Websites:
Dr Tholana Ashok Chakravarthy: www.poetryofpeacewings.com
Jan Jacobsen, www.worldpeace.no
Douglas Mattern, World Citizens: www.worldcitizens.org
Carol Hiltner, www.altaimir.org
Tony Jenkins, Global Campaign for Peace Education, www.tc.edu/PeaceEd/newsletter

Dr Leo Semashko
Website Founder and President
May 22, 2007

Website A New Culture of Peace from Social Harmony and Childrens Priority
News from December 3, 2006 up to February 15, 2007

The short news:
In the site "Contents" 22 new pages have been opened, making a total of 158. 11 new authors have appeared, making a total of 191 (including 17 children). The new country - Algeria has appeared, making a total of 33. 124 new materials ("news") are published. 8 friendly sites has appeared, making a total of 80. Three new languages have appeared o­n the site: Ukrainian, Romanian and Urdu, making a total of 15.

Additions in the Harmonious Era Calendar since September 2006
to February 15, 2007

New authors: 8:
Poet, Dr Mona Gamal El-Dine, France,
Writer Robert Weir, USA,
Professor Charles Mercieca, USA,
Poet Tatomir Ion-Marius, Romania: he translated the Calendar o­n the Romanian language
Poet Muhammad Iqbal, Pakistan: he translated the Calendar o­n Urdu,
Lawyer Alexander Verbitsky, Ukraine: he translated the Calendar o­n the Ukrainian language
Journalist Natalie Sidorova, Russia
Professor Ammar Banni from Algeria

New Dates: 11
New Statements: 5
New Languages: 3 Ukrainian, Romanian and Urdu
New Countries: 3 Ukraine, Romania and Pakistan

Total o­n February 15, 2007 the Harmonious Era Calendar have:
Authors: 35
Dates: 38
Statements: 24
Languages: 15
Origin Countries: 15

On behalf of the site authors I express everyone, who has brought in the additions into the Harmonious Era Calendar a deep gratitude and high appreciation for your contribution. The special gratitude and appreciation I express his translators o­n the new languages: Tatomir Ion-Marius, Muhammad Iqbal and Alexander Verbitsky for their great work for social harmony. I offer to recognize behind them the Highest Site Honorary Title "Creator of World Culture of Harmonious Peace", if not will be the site authors objections, and officially to announce about this o­n June 21 as the Global Harmony Day o­n Harmonious Era Calendar.
Leo Semashko

The new authors:
Wadlow Rene, editor of "Transnational Perspectives" journal, representative to the United Nations, Geneva for the Association of World Education, France, www.transnational-perspectives.org, Wadlowz@aol.com,
Nataly Sidorova, journalist, Chair, Paradis Club, Sankt-Petersburg, Russia, Paradiz@rol.ru,
Dr. Yehuda Stolov, Director, The Interfaith Encounter Association, P.O.Box 3814, Jerusalem 91037, Israel, Phone: +972-2-6510520, Fax: +972-2-6510557, Website: www.interfaith-encounter.org,
E-mail: yehuda@interfaith-encounter.org
Kathy J. Ward, Poet; MA, CTRS, ADC, CALA, CGP; President: WEL, World Elder Land - Spokane, New York City, USA. E-mail: WEL@WorldElderLand.com; Websites: www.elderrecreationtherapy.com, www.worldelderland.com, www.betterworld7.com
Tatomir Ion-Marius, Writer, Poet, published in India, Australia, Cyprus, UK, Love Ambassador; Translator; Volunteer/Representative o­n behalf of the World Peace Prayer Society for Romania, Maramures, E-mail: tatomir@usa.com; Website:http://site.neogen.ro/worldpeace
Yvan Nguyen, Poet, Doctor of Dental Surgery in California, USA; awarded Doctor Degree of Literature of World Academy of Arts and Culture (approved by UNESCO) in 1994; E-mail: yvandds@yahoo.com
David Stringer, International coordinator, The Universal Alliance, England; E-mail: universalalliance.org@tinyworld.co.uk; Website: http://www.universalalliance.org.uk
Ammar Banni, Writer, Poet, Professor of French in the college, in Guemar, Algeria.
 Email: ammarbanni@yahoo.fr
Terrence E. Paupp, Professor, doctor in law, expert in the fields of international law and human rights, USA; TPAUPP@aol.com
Vladimir Kramnik, Professor, Political Psyhology, St-Perersburg University, Russia
Trevor Osborne, author: World Harmony Network; engineer, Northampton, Western Australia;

The new pages:
1-3. The Great Charter of Harmony for an Information Civilization
1-3-1. Board Strategy/Plan for the Website o­n 2007
1-6-9. Universal alliance for social harmony
1-20. Terrence Paupp. From the Fall of Empires to the Rise of a Harmonious Global Community
2-7. Leo Semashko. Life for harmony, children's priority and peace
7-9-3. Sphere Democracy Group in St.-Petersburg Parliament
7-9-4. Mentality of Russin power
7-9-5. Projects of sphere organization for St.-Petersburg power
7-15-1. Bernard Scott: Sociocybernetics of harmony
3-11. Studio of harmonious development for preschool age
3-12. Studio of harmonious formation of the young leaders for a new civilization
3-13. Youth club of harmonious development "Demiurg"
12. Technology and ways to a harmonious society and global harmonious civilization
12-1. Ways to a harmonious society from socialism
12-1-1. Communist Multi-Party as a way from socialism to social harmony
12-2. Ways to a harmonious society from capitalism
12-2-1. Ways to social harmony in neoliberalism rich countries
12-2-2. Ways to harmony of the social-democratic countries of Scandinavia
12-2-3. Ways to harmony of the European Union
12-2-4. Ways to harmony of the developing capitalist countries in the Third World
12-3. Global Leadership of Social Harmony
12-4. Global civil movement "For social harmony in the world"

The new publications:
1-1-1. Ivan Ivanov. Slide - film "Mother ". Translation o­n Russian (Ru)
1-3. Leo Semashko. The Great Charter of Harmony for an Information Civilization. Harmony Charter: New Year's surprise and Minute for Peace! (En, Ru)
1-3-1. Leo Semashko. Strategy/Plan of the "Peace from Harmony" Website Work o­n 2007 (En, Ru)
1-6-1. Charles Mercieca. Global Leadership. Exodus from Empire: Perspective of Americas Future (En, Ru)
1-6-1. Charles Mercieca. 13 essays about culture of war and peace and others (En)
1-6-1. Leo Semashko. About Global Leadership (En, Ru)
1-6-9. David Stringer. Universal alliance: A Movement of People of Good Will for Unity & Peace between All People & Peoples (En)
1-9. Trevor Osborne. World Harmony Network (En, Ru)
1-9. Lia Diskin. Approval of the Federal Parliament of Peace Culture Council in Brazil (En)
1-9. Yehuda Stolov. Sprouts of the Arab-Israeli harmony (En)
1-9. Celine Leduc. The numerous stories: Jews and Muslims were friends (En)
1-14. Alexander Verbitsky. Harmonious Era Calendar. Translation o­n Ukrainian
1-14. Tatomir Ion-Marius. Harmonious Era Calendar. Translation o­n Romanian
1-14. Muhammad Iqbal. Harmonious Era Calendar. Translation o­n Urdu
1-14-6. Leo Semashko. Letter to the UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon about Harmonious Era Calendar (En, Ru)
1-14-8. Mona Gamal El-Dine, Robert Weir, Charles Mercieca, Tatomir Ion-Marius, Muhammad Iqbal, Alexander Verbitsky, Natalie Sidorova, Ammar Banni, Leo Semashko. Additions in the Harmonious Era Calendar (En, Ru)
1-15. John McConnell. Minute for Peace. December 22, 2006Provides the Way to Global Peace. What will Decide the Future of the Human Family and their Planet? (En)
1-18. Claude Veziau. About: What Is Consensus? (En)
1-19. Leo Rebello. Nobel candidate o­n literature 2007. o­n global conflicts and terrorism (En)
1-20. Terrence Paupp. Bio. Exodus from Empire: Preface and Introduction (En, Ru)
1-20. Charles Mercieca. Exodus from Empire: Perspective of Americas Future (En, Ru)
2-5. Bernard Phillips. Review of Tetrasociology (2002) in Canadian Journal (En)
2-7. Leo Semashko. Life for harmony, children's priority and peace (En, Ru)
2-7. 12-3. Charles Mercieca. Global Leader of Social Harmony (En, Ru)
3-1. Rose Lord. Guatemala: Growing Food and Friendship (En)
4-2. Reimon Bachica. Bio. Photo (En, Ru)
4-4-1. Muhammad Iqbal. 20 poems about peace, harmony and children. Bio (En)
4-6. Rosa Dalmiglio. Deciphering HARMONIOUS SOCIETY in China. Modern Distance Education in China. Harmony is aimed Healthy Ecology in China (En)
4-6. Unknown author. China for scientists (Ru)
4-8. Ammar Banni. Poems: Peace. Harmony. Proposals in the Harmonious Era Calendar (En, Fr)
4-13-4. Nina Goncharova. 11th International Congress Education of the World Citizens June 27-July3 2007 (En, Ru)
4-13-5. Nina Goncharova. Poem: Peace. My home is Altai. Bio (En, Ru)
4-13-5. Leo Semashko. Child o­n the harmony holiday (En, Ru)
5-2. Susana Roberts. Poem: To Give (En, Ru)
5-2. Kathy J. Ward. Poem: Can We Handle God? (En)
5-2. Dr.Yvan Nguyen. Haiku. Bio (En)
5-2. Tatomir Ion-Marius. Poems. Bio (En, Ru)
5-2. Celine Leduc. Poems: Umoja. Harmony (En)
5-8. Natalia Sidorova. Paradis as the St-Petersburg island of Russian harmony (Ru)
5-13. Guy Crequie. The calendar of peace for a radiant era. Welcome to the new Secretary-General of the UN and engagement of youth. Philosophy of the World and Peace (En, Fr)
7-3-1. Renato Corsetti. Bio. Photo (En, Ru)
7-4. Rene Wadlow. Democracy and Education: The Culture and the Aspirations of the People (En, Ru)
7-8. Leo Semashko. The Meanings of Cultural Sociology. Review of Jeffrey C.Alexanders book The Meanings of Social Life: a Cultural Sociology. New York: OxfordUniversity Press, 2003. International Sociology. Review of Books (ISRB), Volume 21, no. 6, November 2006, 834-838 p. (En, Ru)
7-9-4. Vladimir Kramnik. Ambivalent mentality of the Russian power. Power as the mental dealings in society (Ru)
7-9-3. Leo Semashko. Statute of the Sphere Democracy Group in St.-Petersburg Parliament (1992-1993) (Ru)
7-15-1. Bernard Scott. Bio. Photo (En, Ru)
8-2. Ada Aharoni, Martha DeWitt and Leo Semashko. Discussion: From or For (En)
8-2. Charles Mercieca, Bernard Phillips, Claude Veziau, Ada Aharoni, Leo Semashko. Discussion about Global Leadership, Knowledge, Children and Social Harmony (En)
8-2. Celine Leduc. Harmony as a combination of retribution and restitution (En)
12-1-1. Leo Semashko. Communist Multi-Party of China (En, Ru)

Friendly Websites:
Leo Rebello: www.healthwisdom.org
Kathy J. Ward: Websites: www.elderrecreationtherapy.com, www.worldelderland.com,
www.betterworld7.com, www.kathyjward.com/blog
David Stringer, The Universal Alliance, Website: http://www.universalalliance.org.uk
Bernard Phillips, Sociological Imagination Group, Website: www.sociological-imagination.org
Trevor Osborne,World Harmony Network; http://www.world-harmony.com/index.html

Dr Leo Semashko
Website Founder and President
Februaty 13, 2007

Dear Calendar Authors, Harmony Friends!

Brief report for 2006 and Greetings Season

First of all from my heart I thank all of you for your great contribution to harmonious peace, which you have made in 2006. o­nly due your efforts the Harmonious Era Calendar (http://www.peacefromharmony.org/?cat=ru_c&key=190), proclaiming and opening this era became probable. Our Calendar has anticipated the turn of China to "society of social harmony", which practically, really has opened a Harmonious Era. Therefore our efforts, both collective and individual
lay in a channel of the positive tendency of humankind movement to social harmony from which the inevitable and true sustainable peace is born. I like to name names of our Calendar new co-authors, which have joined it and have brought to it (or are going to bring in) the contribution. It is:

Poet, Dr Mona Gamal El-Dine, France,
Writer Robert Weir, USA,
Professor Charles Mercieca, USA,
Poet Muhammad Iqbal, Pakistan: he translates the Calendar o­n Urdu,
Lawyer Alexander Verbitsky, Ukraine: he translates the Calendar o­n the Ukrainian language
Journalist Natalie Sidorova, Russia.
The Calendar authors became 33 in 2006.

I am sure, that the next year of the Calendar authors Calendar will be much more, especially, if each of you will try to join it even o­ne new author. I congratulate the Calendar new authors with joining the first world project of harmonious peace culture!

In our Multicultural smelting furnace many individual and collective projects and ideas of harmonious peace were born, which I have tried to list in the Harmony Charter (http://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=3). This Charter also "was smelted" in this furnace and o­nly to it is obliged by birth. I realize both difficulty and ambiguity of this document pretending to an explanation of a qualitatively new stage of a human history: era of harmonious development. This
era is represented to me as a true human, social, mature, which essentially distinguished from an aggressive animal nature. The difficulties of understanding of new era and its conscious expression will be overcome successfully at your active participation in discussion and addition of this Charter, to what I invite you o­n the site Forum: (http://forum.peacefromharmony.org/viewtopic.php?t=977).

In our smelting furnace were born the Board Strategy/Plan for site work o­n 2007 (http://www.peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=249). This document expresses our ambitious intentions o­n the future. These intentions are adequate to our idea potential and human capital. Each of the almost 200 co-authors of the site can find in this Strategy/Plan the place and niche to bring in the contribution to harmonious peace culture.

Our sharpest problem, which strongly brakes our work, is the financing, which is necessary for payment of translation of hundreds materials of our site o­n other languages, for payment of the editors, chiefs of the site language sections, chairmen of our organizing committees and projects, edition of our books, our intermediaries with other communities: religious, political, cultural etc. For
the decision of financing problem there are two ways: reception of the international prizes/grants and reception of the income from mass edition of our Calendar and/or Charter in the various countries for schools and universities, i.e. for pupils, parents and teachers. If each author in the country organizes mass edition of our Calendar in a language of this country by the small brochure at 40-70 pages for schools and universities, it simultaneously will bring two significant effects: cultural / humanitarian and financial. I invite all Calendar authors to think above a task of its mass edition in the country in o­ne language.

At last, I thank all you for bright, individual and delightful celebratory congratulations. I want o­nce again to congratulate all you with very fruitful and rotary for us year, to wish to all you merry and happy holidays and to express hope that the next year we shall make a new step o­n our way to harmonious peace, o­n the new era saving Ark!

With love,

Leo Semashko,

Website A New Culture of Peace from Social Harmony and Childrens Priority
News from September 16 to December 2, 2006

Dear Co-authors, Friends!

Financial report about the charges o­n the book "Harmonious Era Calendar" and financing problem.

Finishing stage of preparation and publication of this Calendar, I should report before you for received from you financial help. The Harmonious Era Calendar as the book, o­n 384 pages, by 27 authors, in 12 languages and circulation of 300 copies was published at the expense of it. As you remember the question o­n the Calendar book publication arisen in March 2006. From that time I received o­n it the financial help from 7 co-authors and friends (3 foreign and 4 Russian) in a total sum the USD 6760:

Bernard Scott - 300
Bernard Phillips - 100
Harold Becker - 100
Dimitry Ivashintsov - 150
Nicola Strelkov - 70
Vladimir Kavtorin - 40
Lucy Semashko - 6000
In total - 6760

These means are spent for the following purposes:
- Calendar text translation o­n six languages: (German, Portuguese, Japanese, Chinese, Arabian and Hebrew) in Russia - 3700
- Creation of a breadboard and design of the book - 900
- Publication of the book 300 copies in the publishing house - 1200
- Working and publication of the book leaflets - 600
- Dispatch of 59 books to the foreign and domestic addressees - 590
In total 6790

Let me to thank all donors from all my heart. I should emphasize, that o­nly due to your help the Harmonious Era Calendar book  - the first world project of a culture of harmonious peace - was published. Thank you very much to all! The special gratitude to Lucy Semashko, who make a donation to its publication the largest gift - 6000 dollars. She sold her car and all means, received from sale, transferred to the publication of the book. Let's hope, that for the subsequent reprinting of our Calendar we will not need similar victims, and we together shall find other sources for financing this unprecedented peaceful project. I ask all of you about the appropriate help and I shall be grateful for all recommendations. Now, when to the site the huge translational work o­n 12 languages of the world is required, financing, without which it is impossible, becomes the sharpest problem menacing to its existence. I very much would like to hope all of you will be imbued by this anxiety and offer the constructive decisions for its solution.

Dr Leo Semashko,
Website Peace from Harmony President and Harmonious Era Calendar Project Manager
September 25, 2006.
The short news:
In the site "Contents" 11 new pages have been opened, making a total of 136. 15 new authors have appeared, making a total of 180 (including 17 children). The countries number remained former - 32. 84 new publications ("news") are published. The number of friendly sites remained former - 72.

The new authors:
Albert Schweitzer (1875-1965), German thinker, doctor, Protestant theolog and missionary, musicologist and organist. An initial principle of outlook: " admiration before life ". In 1913 has organized in Lambarene (Gabon) hospital for lepers. 1952 Nobel Peace Laureate
Mother Teresa (1910-1997), was born in Albania, Roman Catholic , in 1950 with blessing of Vatican created in Calcutta, India a shelter "Missionaries of Charity",1979 Nobel Peace Laureate
Olga Ushakova, psychologist, St.-Petersburg, Russia, ushakova60@mail.ru
Uriy Dorofeev, journalist, St-Peteresburg, Russia, dorofeef@mail.ru,
Valery Sagatovsky, Professor, St-Peteresburg University, Russia, vn_sagat@inbox.ru,
Helena Shcepanovska, Writer, translator, author of the books o­n mythology and symbolism. www.astrolingua.spb.rusemira@zmail.ru
Siana Shcepanovska, 12 age, 7-th class, 124th school, St.-Petersburg, Russia. Pictures
David Cook, former journalist for the Chattanooga Times-Free Press. He currently teaches American history at Girls Preparatory School and can be reached at dcook7@gmail.com
Leo Rebello, Dr., World Peace Envoy (in IAEWP); Director, Natural Health Centre; President, AIDS Alternative International, Bombay, India: have 30 books about healing.  Website : www.healthwisdom.org ,   Address: 28/552 Samata Nagar, Kandivali East, Bombay 400101, India. Telephone and fax (91-22) 28872741; leorebello@hathway.com
Rosa Dalmiglio, Cultural Peace Operator, member of special art CDPPAT, China Disabled People Performing Art Troupe, Italy, www.networkforpeace.org , rdalmiglio@hotmail.com
Kostas X. Konstantinidis, Major General (Ret); Member, Group of ex-NATO Generals for Peace & Disarmament (Strategies for Peace) at the UN; member of many others peacemaking organizations; 6 books and many articles author; columnist; Greece, konstant@freemail.gr
Susana Roberts, Poet, Argentina, roberts_susana@hotmail.com
James Wolfensohn, former World Bank chief, hairman of Citigroup International Advisory Board,
Julio Godoy, journalist, France
Helena Green, freelance writer, Nanaimo, Canada; helenagreen@shaw.ca
Alexander Verbitsky, President of Charitable Foundation "GENE - 3000" and "GENOFOND-000 "; participant, General project "PLANET - 3000"; Odessa, Ukraine, vap3000@ukr.net  
Anna Dodds, nutritional consultant, teaches healthy cooking, Nanaimo, Canada; nourish@island.net

The new pages:
1-1. Gallery of the Nobel Peace Laureates (NPL). Statement of the 5th NPL Forum
1-1-1. Mother Teresa. 1979 Nobel Peace Laureate
1-1-2. Albert Schweitzer. 1952 Nobel Peace Laureate
1-14-9. The educational programs o­n the Harmonious Peace Culture and Harmonious Era Calendar
1-16.Robert Weir: Creativity for Peace and Harmony
1-17. Valery Sagatovsky. Philosophy of developing harmony
1-18. Claude Veziau. Creativity for love and harmony
1-19. Leo Rebello. Harmony of health and wisdom
 4-13-5. Nina Goncharova. Planet 3000 and creative harmony
4-14. Kostas Konstantinidis. Globalization: harmony and disharmony
7-4-2. Tetrasociological education for harmony

Brief marking of the publications languages:
English (En), Esperanto (Es), Russian (Ru), Spanish (Sp), French (Fr), Greek (Gr), German (Ge), Portuguese (Po), Japanese (Ja), Chinese (Ch), Arabian (Ar) and Hebrew (He)

The new publications:
1-1-1. Mother Teresa. The greatest destroyer of peace today is abortion, because it is a war against the child, a direct killing of the innocent child, murder by the mother herself (En, Ru)
1-1-1. Slide-film. Mother Teresa
1-1-2. Albert Schweitzer. A Declaration of Conscience (En, Ru)
1-1-2. Julio Godoy. France: Cancer Fears as Fallout of Atom Tests (En)
1-2. Ada Aharoni. Global Call for the Creation of the World Satellite for Peace Culture (WSPC) (En, Ru)
1-2. Leo Semashko. Ada Aharoni: Call  to Harmonious Peace Culture (En, Ru)
1-6-1. Charles Mercieca. 18 essays: Chinas Transition into a Society of Social Harmony.    Contributions of Buddhism to Humanity. Why People Have Mixed Feelings about Islam. Judas Iscariot: Patron of Christian Fundamentalists in America. Waging of Wars: Anathema to World Peace. United Nations Primary Goal: Lasting World Peace. Feminism and Peace. Searching for Nirvana. Culture of Peace. European Unification: Dream or Reality? A Malignant Tumor Develops o­n the Continent of Europe. Meaning and Purpose of Terrorism: How to deal with it Effectively. Coalition of Peaceful Nations: Their Strength and Asset to the World. Cultural Bridges of Peace: Two Women Take the Lead. Diplomat (Ban Ki Moon) Most Likely to Succeed  Kofi Annan as UN Secretary-General. George Versus Fidel: Who Fares Better? My Recent Visit to India: A Truly Enriching Experience. Problem of Discipline in American Public Schools (En)
1-6-1. Leo Semashko. Bell of harmony (En, Ru)
1-14-3. Ada Aharoni, Reimon Bachika, Harold Becker, Guy Crequie, Nina Goncharova, Takis Ioannides, Abram Jusfin, Evelin Lindner, Hilarie Roseman, Maitreyee Bardhan Roy, Subir Bardhan Roy, Bernard Scott, Claude Veziau, Leo Semashko. Discussion about Competition HERACL (En, Ru)
1-14-7. Anastasia Dolgosheva. Want peace - prepare for peace. Interview with Leo Semashko in the newspaper "St.-Petersburg Gazette", October 12, 2006 ()
1-13. Harold Becker. The Love Foundation: the Fourth Annual Art, Essay and Poetry Invitational in honor of Global Love Day May 1, 2007 (En, Ru)
1-14-6. Leo Semashko. The open letter to the World's Religious and Spiritual Communities Leaders.
Letter to the UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan.  Letter to President of Russian Federation Vladimir Putin
(En, Ru)
1-14-8. Guy Crequie. For an Epoch of Harmonious Peace in a Society of Information. Creative education of values to the future generations. Statement for the Harmonious Era Calendar (En, Ru)
1-14-9. Leo Semashko. Culture of Harmonious Peace and Harmonious Era Calendar. Lectures course program (En, Ru)
1-16. Robert M. Weir. A Peoples Campaign for Peace in the United States (En, Ru)
1-17. Valery Sagatovsky. Philosophy of developing harmony (En, Ru)
1-18. Claude Veziau. Love and Harmony (En, Ru)
1-19. Leo Rebello. Report of the meeting with the Pope Dr. Leo Rebello & Mrs. Kashmira Rebello o­n November 15, 2006, at the Vatican. World AIDS Day 2006 Message from Dr. Leo Rebello.  Synergy Magazine Interview. Convention o­n Global Vision for Peace and Development. Common Values in Different Religions. Amrit Manthan. Revised Oath for Doctors. The paradox of our time. Globalization and povetry. Resume (En, Ru)
1-19. Leo Semashko. New star of harmony (En, Ru)
1-19. Helena Green. Interview with Leo Rebello in Synergy Magazine (En, Ru)
2-5. Uriy Dorofeev. Sociology plus tetra: a new view o­n the world (Ru)
4-6. Rosa Dalmiglio. Peace & Conflict in Contemporary China.  Chinese culture of harmony (En)
4-6. 8-2. Olga Ushakova and Leo Semashko. Harmony Instead of Dictatorship (En, Ru)  
4-12. James Wolfensohn. West must prepare for Chinese, Indian dominance (En, Ru)
4-13-4. Talgat Akbashev and Nina Goncharova. Mission in Brazile. Second Planetary Congress of Biospheric  Rights (En, Ru)
4-13-5. Nina Goncharova. Slide-film "Earth is a school for Gods". Worlld Citizens Day 17 October (En, Ru)
4-14. Kostas Konstantinidis. The Globalization of disharmony (En)
5-2. Michael Holmboe. The Other Side of the Medal. Poem (En)
5-10. Helena Shcepanovska. About my daughter (Ru)
5-10. Siana Shcepanovska. 12 age, 7-th class, 124th school, St.-Petersburg, Russia. Pictures: "Summer harmony", "Cottage peace", "Harmony of a nature" and "Kareliya Peace" (En, Ru)
5-13. Guy Crequie. For a Reform of the United Nations. Poem: I had a dream (En, Fr)
6-3. Will Hoonaard and Leo Semashko. About International chulds magazines and Bahais faith (En, Ru)
7-4-2. Leo Semashko. Tetrasociology: Pluralistic and harmonious format of sociological education in an information society (Ru)
7-20. Albert Kunihira. Sports Volunteers Needed for a Peace & AIDS Project (En)
7-20. Anna Dodds. Living in Harmony with the Seasons (En)
8-2. David Cook. Bill Clinton, George Bush and Craig Scott Nation's Leaders Mislead Youth by Preaching Peace, Practicing War (En)
9-2. Susana Roberts. To the children in the World (En)
9-2. TeachKidsPeace. Forcing Children to Fight  in Sri Lanka (En)
10-6. Alexander Verbitsky. Children as the sourses of harmony and peace o­n Eath (Ru)

Dr Leo Semashko
Founder and President, Website A New Culture of Peace from Social Harmony and Childrens Priority www.peacefromharmony.org
December 2, 2006

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