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International Save the Children Alliance


The Save the Children Norway SCN is a non-governmental member organisation which is party-politically and religiously neutral. Our values are built upon the UN Declaration o­n the rights of the Child and the Human Rights Declaration. The National member congress is the highest authority and meets every second year. The main task of the executive board is to ensure strategic development, reasonable administration and organization of its work.


The Save the Children Alliance has 27 members working all over the world. What sets us apart Save the Children is the world’s largest independent organisation for children, making a difference to children’s lives in over 110 countries.


From emergency relief to long-term development, Save the Children helps children to achieve a happy, healthy and secure childhood. Save the Children listens to children, involves children and ensures their views are taken into account. Save the Children secures and protects children’s rights – to food, shelter, health care, education and freedom from violence, abuse and exploitation.


2005 was a year marked by natural disasters, such as the tsunami in South Asia, hurricanes o­n the American continent and the earthquake in Kashmir. In all these places, and in several others where a fast humanitarian response was required, Save the Children Norway (SCN) was at work attending children’s needs within hours. In total, SCN brought emergency relief and long term aid to 2,6 million children in 24 countries. Never before have so many Norwegian children contributed to this help. A total of NOK 6,5 million was raised by children and young people.




Eglantyne Jebb and her sister Dorothy Buxton founded the first Save the Children organization in May 1919, in London, United Kingdom.


Shocked by the aftermath of World War 1 and the Russian Revolution, they were determined to secure improvements to children’s lives. Their goal was to create a powerful international organisation, which would extend its ramifications to the remotest corner of the globe. This was soon achieved – and Save the Children continues to build o­n this success.


Eglantyne Jebb was the first to press for worldwide safeguards for children. The UN Convention o­n the Rights of the Child, adopted by the United Nations in 1989 and now ratified by nearly all countries worldwide, has its roots in her pioneering work


Save the Children Norway (SCN)


1946: Save the Children Norway was founded o­n April 16th 1946.


1948: Austrian and German children arrives Norway o­n summer vacation escaping the difficult post-war situation for a couple of weeks.


1959: The UN General Assembly passes the Declaration of the Right of the Child o­n the 20th of November. It becomes the foundation for Save the Children’s work.


1961: Save the Children Norway starts its first planned project with a duration of various years in Tanzania against leprocy. This is a joint effort between Save the Children Norway and Save the Children Sweden.


1963: Save the Children Norway receives funding for the student campaign “Operasjon Dagsverk” (Operation o­ne day´s work). The collected fundings are spent o­n building schools in Algeria.


1975: The Campaign “Ethiopia is starving” o­n the Election Day in October gives NOK 5 million and is at this point the most successful fundraising campaign ever for Save the Children Norway.


1976: An earth quake in Guatamala takes more than 25 000 lives. The catastrophe leads to a pioneer co operation between several Save the Children organisations. It also leads to new ways of working and a whole new international organisation: The Save the Children Alliance.


1978: Save the Children Norway has their first Telehon at the major TV channel NRK. The results are NOK 44 million, 3,500 new individual sponsors, 800 news members and 750 friends.


1989: The UN General Assembly passes the UN Convention o­n the right of the Child o­n the 20th of November, and Save the Children from now o­n defines itself as a Child rights organisation.


1990: Save the Children has its second Telehon. The results are NOK 139 million, 12,000 new individual sponsors. The world first summit o­n children is held in New York.


1995: PRESS- Save the Children youth organisation starts its first group.


2003: Save the Children Norway has their third Telethon. Result: NOK 158 million.






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