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Valery Sagatovsky (Russia)
Philosophy of developing harmony Extracts from the books (En, Ru) October 16, 2006

Lars Sande (Norway)
Song: Distant Sound (En) 2007

Laxminarayana Sarma (with co-authors) (India)
Magna Carta of Harmony. Telugu translation Document (En, Ru, Es, Sp, Fr, Ch, Ar, Ro, Te) 2008

Hillel Schenker (Israel)
Trying to Mobilize Global Political Will in Helsinki. Article (En, Ru) September 20, 2005

Hillel Schenker (with co-authors) (Israel)
Esperanto and international Bilingualism for Children and Social Harmony. Discussion (En, Ru) 2005

Helena Schepanovska (Russia)
About my daughter Story (Ru) October 22, 2006

Siana Schepanovska, 12 years (Russia)
"Summer harmony", "Cottage peace", "Harmony of a nature" and "Kareliya Peace" Drawings (En, Ru) 2006

Albert Schweitzer (Germany)
A Declaration of Conscience Article (En, Ru) April 23, 1957

Bernard Scott (UK)
Response to the Open Letter from Leo Semashko to President of Russia Mr. Putin from September 1, 2005 in connection with the tragical Beslan anniversary. Letter (En, Ru) September 11, 2005
To: Leo Semashko about letter to President of Russian Federation Mr. Vladimir Putin in connection with the tragical Beslan anniversary. Letter (En, Ru) September 11, 2005
Bio. Photo (En, Ru) February 5, 2007
Response to the Open Letter from Leo Semashko to President of Russia Mr. Putin from September 1, 2005 in connection with the tragical Beslan anniversary. Letter (En, Ru) September 5, 2005
The Role of Sociocybernetics in Understanding World Futures Abstract (En) 2009
Facilitating Organisational Change: Some Sociocybernetic Concepts and Principles. Abstract (En) July, 2005

Bernard Scott (with co-authors) (UK)
Discussion about Competition “HERACL” Conclusions from discussion (En, Ru) October 20, 2006
Tetrasociology: From a sociological imagination through dialog to universal values and harmony. Book (En, Ru, Es) 2003
To a question about God, Social Harmony and Children’s Priority. Letters (En, Ru) November 11, 2005
Global Movement "Making Children a Priority in the World" for the Dubai International Competition "Best Practices - 2006". Project (En, Ru) January 30, 2006

Leo Semashko (Russia)
New star of harmony Article (En, Ru) November 10, 2006
To: President of Russian Federation Mr. Vladimir Putin about making Children a Priority in Russia (in connection with the tragical Beslan anniversary). Letter (En, Ru) September 1, 2005
To: Ada Aharoni and Nonie Darwish about making the children a priority for peace in Israel and Palestine. Letter (En, Ru) September 14, 2005.
To: Delegates of the 5th IFLAC PAVE PEACE INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE, Los Angeles, California - 3rd to 6th August 2005,
To: ADA AHARONI, Dr, Professor, IFLAC Founder and President, World Symbol of Harmonious Peace, Website "Peace from Harmony" Honorary A
Epistle (En, Ru) June 17, 2005
About International child’s magazines and Bahai’s faith Letter (En, Ru) September 25, 2006
To: Maitreyee Bardhan Roy and Subir Bardhan Roy about Plea to Prime Minister of India. Letter (En, Ru) October 3, 2005
About the beginning of Global Civil Movement "MAKING CHILDREN A PRIORITY". Appeal (En, Ru) May 31, 2005
June 1, 2008: Children Protection and Priority Day on the Harmonious Era Calendar of Global Harmony Association (En, Ru) 2008
Tetrasociology: some consequences for sociolinguistics. Article (En, Ru)
Human resources of Global movement "Making children a priority in the world ". Briefly: "Priority to children!" Appeal to be united! (Ru) May 2007
To the UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon about Harmonious Era Calendar Letter (En) January 25, 2007
Clinical approach to investigation and solution of international conflicts (short version). Article (En, Ru) 2005
Merit of the tetrasociological discoveries in comparison with merit of Marx's discoveries (En, Ru) 2008
Ways to harmony of the social-democratic countries of Scandinavia (En, Ru) May 2007
Statute of the Sphere Democracy Group in St.-Petersburg Parliament (1992-1993) Document (Ru) January 4, 2006
Children's suffrage executed by parents: institution for harmony. Book (Ru) December 20, 2004
Interview to Russian newspaper “Evening Petersburg”, March 14, 2008: The scientist - sociologist created the theory of a survival and harmony for humankind (Ru) 2008
Global Civil Movement "For Social Harmony in the World" (En, Ru) May 2007
The rescue of Russia is a priority of children. Article (Ru) April 8, 2006
To: Henry Skvortsov about creating technology of education. Letter (Ru) April 2005
Letters about China Disabled People’s Performing Art Troupe (En) 2008
The address to President Vladimir Putin and young leaders to start building a social harmony in Russia (Ru) May 2007
Congratulations on Global Harmony Day, June 21. Appeal (En, Ru) 2006
To: Henry Skvortsov about Tetrasociology. Letter (Ru) May 20, 2005
Epilogue of the editor of a site: about Abram Jusfin. Article (Ru) June 14, 2005
How to construct a harmonized social world? (En, Ru) 2007
Letter on cooperation to Nancy Roof. Letter (En, Ru) September 14, 2006
Response to Doug Ogilvie's "The anarcho-gnostic credo" (En) 2008
Children’s harmony lilt (Ru) 2007
International Art Competition "Heracl" on the Best Aesthetic Expression of a Harmonious Era Calendar (HERACL). Announcement (En, Ru) September 20, 2006
Sondage of World Public Opinion: Responses to the Open Letter to the President of Russia Mr. Vladimir Putin from September 1, 2005 in connection with the tragical Beslan anniversary. Epistle (En, Ru) September 15, 2005
Studio of harmonious development for preschool children (1985-1986) (Ru) May 2007
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